NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Are you enjoying middle of autumn in Japan?
Hi, guys! It’s Nana. I go to Waiuku Collage with my great partner, Yo-yo(Yu). I gave her this nick name. It’s cool, isn’t it? I can’t believe that I’ve been here for 9 months. Looking back on the past, I’ve spent many kinds of times- happy enjoyable, struggling….  To be honest, I wanted to go back to Japan during rough times when relationships with my friends and family weren’t going well. However, now, I realized they are good memories because everything turned out well in the end.
Well, let me talk about what I found and experienced through my study abroad.
You know that NZ is a multi-cultural country, right? Not surprisingly then, my host family is multi-cultural as well. My host family consists of my father, mother, little brother and grandmother. In order from the left, they are South African, Thai and Indian except my little brother. Did you realize? Yes, my little brother is quarter. His name is Atom. I think you are imagining Astro Boy, Atom, right now. At first, I did the same thing as you. haha. Anyway, it may seem hard to live together due to different cultures, but it is not. They respect each other’s culture and try to know about each other. Before not being close to them, I didn’t know what to talk about with them, so spending time with them was uncomfortable for me. At the same time, I had been struggling about my friends as well, so I couldn’t afford to think about both matters. But I really wanted to make the situation better, so I tried to solve the problem about my host family first. 
Although I didn’t care about their multi-cultural background, I used to make an invisible wall between them and me somehow. I think I didn’t want to show them my true self. I got advice from my teachers and friends, also I tried to find a solution by myself. And then, I found I was just thinking too much about the topics for talking with them. At that time, every time I talked with them, I was saying to myself, “I must talk. I must talk” in my mind. I put a lot of pressure on myself and that made me feel bad. I should have relaxed and talked with them even when the story was trivial. After that, I tried to relax when talking. For a while, I was clumsy, but I was getting used to it little by little. Now I enjoy talking with them about nonsense things, such as about fortune-telling. My host father never believes it, but I believe it. I don’t want to agree with it, so we start having an argument. And then he requires me to prove it, but I can’t do and I lose. 
Experiencing this hardship was good opportunity to know an important thing. I even regretted not having talked much with my family in Japan. I will treasure conversations with my family from now on. 
By the way, sadly, my host family except my grandmother is going to Thailand this week, and I can’t see them anymore before leaving NZ.  I’m really happy to have been their child. They told me, some day they will come to Japan. I’ll improve my English more before then because I want to talk more deeply with them. It was nice being with them and I hope they will come to Japan as soon as they can.
As I said before, I didn’t use to get along with my friends, either. I was scared to talk with them because I didn’t have confidence in my English. Because of that, my feelings got negative. But one day, I started to think that even though they are my friends, they are my teachers as well. Moreover, I thought they are the best tools to improve my English. It sounds vicious, but the thought was helpful for what I was then. Getting close was good, but first, I had to remove my scared emotion. I kept trying to talk to them and we became closer not as teacher-students, but as friends. On my birthday, they organized a secret party for me. It made me feel I want to be much closer to them. Thanks to them, my school life is awesome. 
 (my host brother and cousins)
After having things go well with my family and friends, I wanted to try some new things. So, I started to take clarinet lessons at school. Every time the teacher gives me a new harder music sheet, so it’s quite difficult. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the lessons because there is only one lesson every Monday and it’s for only 20 minutes. Then, I started to join an orchestra in the next town, too. It’s really amazing. I think sharing something without words is wonderful, and this time, it is music for me.  I used to belong to a brass band club and perform with all Japanese people, so this was new to me because everyone is a foreigner to me.  Normally in Japan, brass band clubs practice for a  contest, and when I was a member of that type of group, sometimes I felt stress and didn’t feel like playing. On the other hand, in NZ, the orchestra doesn’t play in order to win a contest, so I can enjoy music purely. I didn’t expect that I could spend such a great time with music in NZ.
Lastly, I have only one month before going back to Japan. I tell you now, I got fat, so don’t be surprised at me when you see me in Japan, haha. Anyway, but for the support from my family, teachers and friends…everyone, I couldn’t have been spending such a wonderful time in NZ. Thank you so much, all of you guys. I’ll bring back many stories of my study abroad, so please wait for me with your ears open. :-) See you soon guys.
Big love,