NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Kiaora! Yu, Yoyo, will tell you a message from New Zealand. “Yoyo” is my important second name in New Zealand. My partner, Nana, who goes to Waiuku College with me, gave me the name. It’s because my name “Yu” makes kiwi people confused with the word, “You “. So, that’s why I’m Yoyo! My host family and my friends call me that. Of course I regularly use it as well. 
Then, let me introduce my kiwi friends and my host family a bit more. To start with, I’ll talk about my kiwi friends. My group which I always hang out with has 6 people including me. Reliable Pete, Baby Jade, Bunny Georgia, Cool Mackenzie and Clever Fin. I’m really feeling comfortable when I hang out with them. I thought if I were a kiwi student, I could stay with them forever.
Next, I’ll introduce about my host family. I can express about them using three words. They are so friendly, generous and have strong family love. My host family has 5 people. My host mother, Beck, who is similar to OSONO-SAN in MAJYO-NO-TAKKYUBIN in GHIBLI. She is generous, kind and attentive to the people around her. She is working as a host family coordinator as well. My host father, Chris, is American. He often dances, sings song and says jokes to me. He is hilarious, kind and his favorite word is “lovely”. My host brothers, Zack and Caleb, are actually shy, but they are really kind to me. They get along well with each other. Lastly, my host sister, Brie, is my second sister in New Zealand. Sometimes, she comes to my room from window. She is an active girl, right? She also loves adventure, so we went on an expedition in the farm. It was so fun! I’m really happy because they treat me as a member of the family. Through staying with my host family, whom I love, I’ve got good incentive for me to learn something for my growth. They give me some jobs, correct my incorrect English and say opinions directly to me. I really feel this situation is great for my growth. However, for a while at first, I used to feel discomfort at this house. I often said to myself, “Why is their life style quite different from those of other houses? Why are they thinking like that? I’m tired of doing housework as my job.” At that time, I felt stress building up. But I couldn’t explain my honest feelings to them because I was afraid about whether or not they would be hurt because of my words. I mean I hesitated, and I pretended not to care about it.
One day, finally I decided to tell my mind to my host mum. I really wanted to change my attitude! I encouraged myself and did it. But, it was too late to say that. She got upset and angry. Also, she said to me, “I didn’t know that!”. I was confused and I couldn’t explain clearly, seeing her. It was our first time to have a quarrel between us. After that, we were hurt by each other. I was almost giving up. However, I wanted to tell my feeling more clearly again and be honest with each other. I thought like that from the bottom of my heart, so I decided to write a letter to her. In the letter, I wrote what I was feeling and what I really wanted to tell. I wrote all of those things. I was really nervous when I was reading it in front of her. But, I tried to look at her eyes and tell her seriously. After I finished reading, Beck smiled at me and said, “Thank you. It’s sweet. I understand.” My host sister helped me to write the letter. So, she smiled next to me as well. I was really happy and I said, “Thank you” to her again and again. 
We often tend to grasp “quarrel” as something negative. However, in my case, I feel it was a chance for me to grow. I could tell my opinions and be honest. I’ve learned how important telling and saying my mind on the spot. Moreover, I could stop denying other’s sense of value with my sense of value which was normal just for me. It also became a good chance to be a person who can listen to other opinions through a different way of thinking. Then, to me now, “different life style” in every house means something positive that makes the house special and interesting. Without my present family, I could not have had this experience. Doing house work every day is to help each other as a member of the family. When I go back to Japan, I will help my mum. 
Everyone wants to have a happy and comfortable life. However, I noticed I can’t grow with just being comfortable. Actually, we grow up when we face and overcome some troubles and pains. I even think we can learn from those more than from staying comfortable. I really am thankful to encounter this family who have made me grown. Especially, I want to tell my appreciation to my host sister, who gave me ice cream and tissues when I was crying. My agent, Ms. Oi from Education Focus, and my host family coordinator, Ms. Amber helped me a lot to deal with my worries or problems throughout this program. Only one month of study abroad life is left. I’ve set the goal of telling my mind on the spot, so I’ll gather all my strength for it.
With lots of love and a hug,
Yu Tsujishin (Yoyo)