NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hi guys!  How have you been doing?  It’s Yuika here!

Now, let me introduce myself.  I live in Whanganui and go to Cullinane College.  I’m known as a foodie, which means someone who loves eating, by my friends.  Actually, it’s true.  One day, when I was not hungry, I said,“ I’m not hungry, so I don’t want to eat.”  One of my kiwi friends said,” What?!  You are not Yuika!  Where is the real Yuika!” :)  It is one of my funniest memories.
Anyway, I’d like to tell about my New Zealand life!  First, I’d like to tell you about my school!  As I told you, I go to Cullinane College.  Cullinane College is one of the Catholic schools in New Zealand, so many religious ceremonies are held at school.  I think basically Cullinane College is similar to Jin-ai Girls’ High School.  By the way, I take religious education, English, music, tourism, food, ESOL and math classes.  Also I have health and career classes every other week.  My most favorite class is music because we can play any instrument as we like.  During the class, I always practice playing the piano.  Speaking of the piano, I’m going to play the piano accompanying a year 13 student!  It’s going to be a good experience for me!  Also teachers and students here are very kind to me.   At first I couldn’t understand what teachers said and what I should do, so I always desperately asked the teachers or the students sitting next to me.  Then they taught me kindly!  In addition, I made friends through asking questions.  Understanding classes is still hard for me, but everyone supports me, so I’m not afraid of classes now.

Second, I’d like to tell you about my host family!  My host family has two dogs, one cat and three chickens!  My host mother Toni and her partner Keith are crazy about cars, so they often take me to car events on weekends!   In fact, I didn’t know about cars at all.  However, I’ve gradually come to understand about cars, so everyone says, “You will be an expert on cars!” :)  Also I have two host brothers, both of whom go to Cullinane College.  They are very kind to me and very funny.  The older one is Conner.  He is good at cooking, so he can cook many things by himself, and he often gives me ice cream!  Also, he pedals a bicycle very, very, very fast, so he can go home quickly from school.  I’m so jealous!  (haha)  The younger one is Hamish.  He loves playing games, so he introduces a lot of games to me.  I often clean up the kitchen with him, but it often takes very long because we start playing a game.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, though.  Don’t you think so?  My host family helps me have many experiences.  For example, my host mother takes me to piano lessons once a week.  I didn’t think I would take piano lessons in New Zealand, but I’m very, very, very happy to be able to take piano lessons!  Also, the piano is in my room!  The piano was in another place but they moved it to my room.  I cannot thank them enough.   

Finally, I’d like to tell you an important thing.  I have tried to be a very cheerful girl since I was a first grader at Jin-ai Girls’ High School.  And now, thanks to my smile, I’ve made a lot of friends.  I think it is important to have a friendly atmosphere because everyone speaks to me easily.  Of course, speaking to people from myself is also important, but if I looked serious all the time, people wouldn’t speak to me.  I’ve noticed that smiles are important through staying in New Zealand.

Now, I have to finish writing this essay.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

I’m going to continue being happy for my host family, teachers in NZ and Japan, my family in Japan, and myself!

Big love

Yuika Tono