NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hi guys!  I'm Mirai.  I'm living in Waipukurau, which is a very small but very peaceful city.

Now I’m on a school holiday between term 2 and term 3.   I usually enjoy playing with my host mother's grandchildren.

It has already been 6 months since I came to New Zealand, so I'm surprised to realize how fast the time has passed.

I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College with my lovely partner Moka.  I love this school so much because the students are very friendly and nice to me :)  In my school, there are 4 house groups called Grey, Cobham, Hobson and Freyberg and they do battles in every event such as Kapa Haka, triathlon, and athletic day.  I like this system.  Also, everyone cheers for each other even though they are opponents in each event, so I like this school’s students.

Now, I'd like to tell you about Kapa Haka.  Kapa Haka is New Zealand’s traditional dancing and singing performance.  We speak Maori when performing it.  The pronunciation of the Maori language is very similar to that of Japanese, so it was not hard for me to pronounce Maori except “r”, but remembering Maori words was difficult.  I couldn't remember some of the words in the song.  My house group Grey got the 3rd place but I really enjoyed performing Kapa Haka.  I had wanted to do it since I was in Japan.  I had such an amazing experience which I can't experience in Japan, so I'm very glad that I was able to experience it and I want to do it again!

Actually my life here isn't always happy.   Especially in term 1, I couldn't understand what the teachers and my friends were talking about.  Sometimes, I couldn’t even understand the activities in class.  I often didn't talk at all during interval and lunchtime.  I couldn't even understand the conversation among kiwi friends.  I wanted to change myself, but I couldn't.  I knew I shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes, but to be honest, as I was afraid of making mistakes, I sometimes hesitated to talk.
However, I got an opportunity to change myself.  I saw my Japanese classmates for an April camp after term 1.  We got together and talked about our own problems and the troubles in our lives.  We gave a lot of advice and encouragements to each other.  Then, we cried a lot.  It was an amazing time for us and I realized that I had to change myself.

Thanks to the discussion with my classmates, I've changed my attitude since the beginning of term 2.  I definitely talk more than I did in term 1 and am enjoying my school life.  Of course I talk with my friends at break time.  My friends’ group is quite big so it is still hard to think of a topic to share with all of them.  When I can't talk with many friends, I usually talk with some friends who are sitting close to me.  I’ve got more friends and I'm having better relationships with my friends.  Although sometimes I still can't understand English, but I can ask now.  I'm not afraid of making mistakes any more.

Term3 is going to start soon.  I promise that I'll have more confidence in my English and I'll talk more with my friends so as not to regret my life here!

Thank you for reading my essay.

I miss my family and my friends Teina, Nao, Yumi, Non, Nichika and others!!

Big love,






私は素敵なパートナーの萌加と一緒に、セントラルホークスベイカレッジに通っています。生徒たちがとてもフレンドリーで親切なので、私がこの学校が大好きです。私の学校には、Grey、 Cobham、Hobson、Freybergという4つのハウスグループがあり、カパハカやトライアスロン、体育祭などの学校行事のたびに競争をします。私はこの制度が好きです。この学校の生徒は、学校行事があると、違うグループの人であっても互いに応援しあうので、私はこの学校の生徒が好きです。







私の家族や友達(Teina, Nao, Yumi, Non, Nichika)やその他の人々に会えなくて寂しいです。