NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hi guys!  How have you been?  This is Yuko from Hastings Girls’High School.  It has been more than five months since I came to NZ, so I’ve already spent more than half of my time of studying abroad. Time has gone so quickly. It was summer in NZ when I came here, but the temperature in NZ is getting lower. Now, I'm going to tell you about my NZ life.

Firstly, let me tell you about my host family.  I live with my host parents Cheryl, Grant and a cat named Rosy. My host mother is good at cooking.  I always look forward to having dinner. The dinner which my host mother makes is very delicious, so I tend to eat too much. My weight is going up in inverse proportion to the temperature in NZ…  My host father is a teacher and he teaches me English pronunciation. Thanks to him, my English is improving.Whenever we have time together, we often go out. We went to a farmers market, the sea, the hills, the other cities and so on.  My host family takes me a lot of places.Thanks to them, my weekend is not boring and I’ve gained new experiences!

At school, I take biology, stepping stone, in which we learn Maori culture, chemistry, multi technology, in which we make something with felt or wood, math and ESOL.  I enjoy all of the subjects. I also take singing lessons. It’s a one on one lesson, so I can ask questions easily and the teacher gives me a lot of advice.  In the lesson, I learn not only professional music knowledge but also English pronunciation. The songs which I sing have fast tempo, so it’s difficult for me, but I practice a lot. The teacher often says‘“Your singing skills are improving!”I’m so delighted.

Until now, I’ve written about my NZ life.I really want to tell you more about my life, but I have one more thing that I really would like to share with you more than that.  It is about my interaction with people from other countries.
In my school, there are a lot of students from different countries like Germany, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Macedonia and Japan.The other day, we talked about traditional music from our own countries. By the way, speaking of Japanese music, what do you remember? I told them about“gagaku.”They were impressed with its history.  I was especially interested in Macedonian music.Macedonian music has special elements and feelings.It's complex and has deep rhythms. It's also has irregular beats like a seven-eight beat, so it's difficult to make a rhythm. It was so interesting for me to learn about that. We talked for a long time.

I didn't think that I would be able to learn about Macedonian music in NZ.  It's a shame, but before I met the person from Macedonia, I didn't even know where Macedonia is. If I had not come to Hastings Girls’ High School, I wouldn’t have met her and learned about Macedonian music. I'm very glad that I've come here and had the opportunities to interact with a lot of people from different countries.  I’ll cherish the opportunities I’ve got. I really would like to thank all those who let me have a lovely time in NZ and who have been supporting me.  For the past five months, I have reflected on myself.  For the next half of my study abroad, I have decided to go my own way.  I'm going to try many things and make more wonderful memories. I will grow up more, so will my weight. lol

Thanks for reading.

Big love,
Yuko Yanagi