NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。



I've been here about 2 months. At first I was homesick so I cried a lot but now I'm getting used to living in New Zealand. I can't speak English well and can't listen either. If I can return to last year, I want to talk with John, David and Natasya more and more and I want to study TOEFL more earnestly. TOEFL was a very important subject for studying abroad.

Now, I'm living in Whangarei with my hostfather, hostmother, 2 dogs and cat. They are very kind to me. I went to the sea to do sailing and swimming. The sea was very beautiful and I took many pictures. And I was walking the dogs with my hostfather. It's good exercise for me and it's really fun!
I go to Whangarei Girls' High School now. This school is very big and there are many students. I haven't made friends yet, but students are kind to me. Now I usually stay with two Korean girls. One girl likes Japanese animation and Japanese singers so I talk about them with her. There are many international students but everyone can speak English well so I think I have to try hard and keep trying.

Sometimes I miss Japan because I miss my family, friends and so on. But I think when I can make friends, I will enjoy my New Zealand life more. I don't know how I will grow up in 1 year, but I hope when I go back to Japan, I'll be more grown up than now.


私は今Whangarei Girls' High Schoolに通っています。この学校はとても大きくてたくさんの生徒がいます。私はまだ友達をつくることでできていませんが、生徒達はとても親切です。今私は、いつも2人の韓国の女の子といます。1人は日本のアニメや歌手が好きで、私はよく彼女とそれらについて話をします。ここにはたくさんの留学生がいて、みんなとてもうまく英語を話すことができるので、私は一生懸命努力し、努力し続けなければなりません。



Hello Everyone. Long time no see! How are you doing? I'm good!
I want to write about my life in New Zealand. I have never been to NZ before. NZ has wonderful scenery.

I stayed in Rotorua for 2 weeks, and a month and half have passed since I came to Kerikeri to stay.I'm a lucky girl because both my host parents are good to me.

I am learning about life in New Zealand. There are some differences between New Zealand and Japan. I think the time schedule is the most different point. I have lots of time at night, so I communicate with my host family. It's important for me to have that. But I get homesick sometimes. I miss my family and friends in Japan. I enjoyed Rotorua with my friends in 1-12. We went to town. I had a good time with them. When we finished the short-stay program, I felt sad. But I'm staying in Kerikeri with my buddy, Yumiko, and I feel more secure!

When I arrived in Kerikeri, I felt it's hotter than in Rotorua. I met my new host family at the airport. They are kind and the kids are cute. I met my host grandpa and grandma. That night, they told me, "This house is yours and you are our new grandchild! We are happy!" It made me so happy. Their words eased my tension. My host father and my host brother like fishing. I have been fishing with them and their friends. I woke up early. Fishing was a first for me. My father has a big boat. It is red. So cool! The boat that he drives is a lot of fun! The wind and waves are fabulous! I caught a snapper.
When we eat it, my father fillets it and my mother makes dinner. Cooked fish is my favorite! I actually did not like fish before that:)

I'll tell you about Kerikeri. Here is a small town. There are not many shops. But my school is a big school with 1400 students. In the school, the class system is different from Japan. I got used to it quickly. One period is 55 minutes long. The moment the bell rings, the students leave the room. It's interesting! If there are students like them in Japan, they would pay attention to the teacher. Funny..;D And at Kerikeri High School there are marvelous teachers like Jin-ai. The students are kind. I was worried about making friends but now I don't worry about it! They are friendly. I like my school!

I enjoy living here for the above reasons. I'll grow up from now on. Whether I succeed or not depends on my effort! I'll write again another time. My English will have improved by that time. Take care. See you then!


こんにちは 皆さんお久しぶりです お元気ですか 私は元気です。
Rotoruaで私はニュージーランドの生活について学びました。日本とニュージーランドでは違うところがあります。私が思うに時間のスケジュールが一番違います。夜に時間がたくさんできます そのときにホストファミリーとのコミュニケーションをとります。私にとって大切な事です。でも時々日本の家族や友達が恋しくなります(ホストファミリーが良くても)。Rotoruaを1の12の仲間と楽しみました。タウンへ行ったりして良い時間を過ごせました!Rotoruaの時間が終わったらみんなと離れて寂しいと思っていました。でも私にはKerikeriを共に過ごすゆみこちゃんが...!それはそれは心強いです!
Kerikeriに着いてRotoruaに比べて暑いと思いました。空港で新しいホストファミリーに会いました やさしくて子供はかわいい-! ホストの祖父母にも会いました。"ここはあなたの家 あなたは新しい私達の孫 私たちは嬉しい"と言ってもらってその言葉で私も嬉しくなって緊張がとけました。ホストファーザーとブラザーの趣味がフィッシングで早起きをして一緒に行きました。初めての経験でした!
Kerikeriは小さな所で店が少ないです。でもKerikeri High Schoolは大きな学校で、1400人の生徒がいます。授業は日本と違っています。55分授業でベルが鳴ったら生徒は教室をとびだします。おもしろいです!けれど日本にそんな生徒が居たら先生に即怒られます。Kerikeri High Schoolの先生は仁愛の先生みたいです。いい先生ばっかりです。生徒もやさしいです。友達作りを心配していたけれど今は全然心配なしで学校が好きです!



Hey, guys!! How are you?
I'm Asami. I'm a Jin-ai High School student and a Pompallier Catholic College student.?
I've been in New Zealand for half a year. I'm having a good time here. Nice to meet you★!
I'll talk about my life in New Zealand.
My life in New Zealand is quite good for me because I always have plenty of time to relax. My school is 8:45 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. and my house is very close to Pompallier Catholic College, so that I'm at home at 3:20 after school. Listening to music on TV, cross stitch, cooking, and (of course) eating are my hobbies at present.?
I'm afraid I didn't cook food for myself in Japan because my mother made breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. But I sometimes make dinner with my host family. My host sister taught me how to cook bacon & egg pie, so I can make it by myself now.?
I'm trying to make lots of different kinds of food, so I can cook them for my family one day! When I cook something with my host family or Kiwi friends at HSP(hospitality) which I'm taking at school, I can talk with them.?
That's one of my reasons why I became interested in cooking. I also like cross stitch. I had never done it in Japan, so I tried it. I thought what fun!!! I'm making a Maori girl's one. It's getting near completion day by day.?
I realised that I can learn new words when I start new things. It's a very good way for people studying English, isn't it!?
I want to try new things more and more. Anyway, I can have many good experiences here, but I have many worries as well. For example, English (speaking, listening, writing and understanding), making friends, my weight and so on. Going overseas and studying there aren't so easy.?
In my case, I got shocked about the big differences between my imagination and fact. I thought I could have fun without worries. It wasn't true. Never mind!! But time has helped me.
I have no idea whether my English has improved or not. However, I have 4 months left and have many chances to improve my English. Ill try harder to study and do my best from now on. By the way, I think New Zealand is my second home especially?
Whangarei where I'm living now and my host family is a real family. When I go back to Japan, I'll miss them.
Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience, my family and Jin-ai HS. I'm proud of coming and spending time here.
Dear our juniors,?
I'm looking forward to meeting you at school one day back in Japan.
Thank you for reading my letter.
See you.
Best wishes, From Asami.

目下のところ、私の趣味は、テレビで音楽番組を見たり、調理をしたり、もちろん食べたりすることです。残念なことに、私が日本にいる時には自分で料理をすることはありませんでした。それは母が朝食をはじめ、学校へ持参するお弁当も、夕飯も全て作ってくれたからです。先日ホストシスターは私にベーコンエッグパイの作り方を教えてくれましたので、私は今それを独力で作っています。 様々な異なる食べ物に挑戦していますので、いつかホストファミリーに手料理をもてなしたいと思います。私が学校でとっているホスピタリティの授業でホストファミリーやキウイの仲間と調理する際には、みんなと愉快に会話もできます。それが私が料理に関心を持った理由です。



I'll talk about ANZAC DAY!

Hello! This is Airi Hori.
Am I the first girl who was sent this kinda mail to you guys!?!?
3 months have past and it's school holiday now! ( It's gonna be finished soon though...)
Anyway! Life in NZ is AWESOME! I'm really enjoying being here. As you know, kiwi foods are very yummy(I KNOW they are quite FATTY) and I've put on weight just "a little bit".

I met my classmates in Auckland this week. My friends and I were just really excited because we hadn't spoken Japanese for a long time. We talked about school, friends, and host family until the sun rose up. It was a great opportunity to exchange our feelings.

By the way, do you know what ANZAC stands for? No? (...I learned it today myself.) ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
It's Anzac Day today. It's a day to honour members of Anzac who fought at Galipoli in Turkey during World WarⅠ. I went to the community hall which is in my town. We sang songs, and some people gave speeches there. Now, there is a movie about the World War on TV. I learned about war at school in Japan and watched many war movies and dramas, but I'm feeling very strange now because the movie is from the "other side". I'd never thought about the tragedy of war from the other side. But both sides have the same understanding that war is horrible, sad, the worst! I just thought we shouldn't do these horrible things again EVER!! I feel sorry for all the victims of war, not only the Japanese but also New Zealanders, Australians, Germans, Italians, English and Americans.
  I think I am really lucky to live in peace, in these international times. It was a day to step forward on the way to becoming an internationally-minded person.

私はANZAC DAYについてお話します。



Sorry I'm late to reply.I'm so good and I've never felt concerned since I've been here!I've already taken about 100 photos with my NEW camera that my homeroom teacher brought me. Guess what!!

I went to Sunrise Hut with international students, my ESOL teacher, and her friend yesterday! Do you know where it is?It's like a mountain, probably it's a mountain! Lol. And I went to the top of the mountain with my strong legs!Haha, I was dying but I couldn't give up, because it was too scary for me to wait for other people by myself!! And I thought it was my challenge, so I didn't want to give up.What a good girl! Anyway, I have sore bum!lol.I couldn't run at P.E class today.Haha, and I fell down (><) OMG I'm a poor girl. Ah.?
Honestly I'm not looking forward to going camp. Because I'm trying to forget Japanese now.If I meet my friends, I must talk Japanese but I think I can have fun!

I can't believe it was a year ago to do that, like changing a card, introducing myself, and so on. I was really pure then. lol I mean I didn't know everyone and I was so nervous.?
Are new students clever? I don't want to write a letter for them if they are clever. lol Just kidding!

I'm writing something for them here:

Hey! I'm Moe.
Are you excited to go to NZ? I was so excited before I came here because I thought I didn't have to study in NZ!Don't tell any teacher about it!! (Just kidding!) The real reason is that I thought I could have lots of experiences here.
I've been here for about 3 months and I 've already got heaps of experiences! Some of them were not good experiences for me. But now I think they were challenges because one of my kiwi teachers told me that I've overcome a great challenge! I don't know if she was honest or if she was just trying to make me happy. I was glad then and now I want to try everything that I can't do in Japan!
Are you worried about your life in NZ?If someone is worried,I want to say,'You don't have to worry!"NZ is a really nice place and all of the Kiwi people I've met are so kind!! You might hear about the problem of bullying some day. I was really worried about it before I came here. After the first couple of days at my new school I was still worried about it?
because I heard about it from my seniors.But I've never been treated badly by Kiwi students because they are so nice and friendly!

Anyway, I'm really doing well and I really want to tell you that NZ is a great place!I don't want to go back to school life in Japan will be hard but you can enjoy yourself for 11 months in NZ after your hard work, so do your best and have fun in Japan!!
I can't say 'do your best' only to you because I have to do my best,too. I'll do my best with you! See you in December.