NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。




Hello, everyone!  I’m Eri.  I go to Otamatea High School.  My town is called Maungaturoto , and it is in the countryside.  There are a lot of farms and I love to see the animals.  Recently, a lot of cute baby sheep have been born.  My host family has 14 chickens as their pets, and 2 baby chickens were born the other day!!  I used to hate chickens, but I can touch the babies now!  I’m still scared of adult chickens…
First, I’m going to introduce my host family.  My host mother is Teresa.  She works at the office of my school.  She is very good at cooking, and I love her meals!  My host father is Paddy.  Paddy works at a school in Auckland as a music teacher.  Also, he is a musician.  He plays the drums in his band.  He lives in Auckland to work and he comes back home just on weekends.  There is a big drum set in the music room of my house.  I played the drums when I was a junior high school student, so I sometimes play the drums now.  He is very kind and when I have worries about my friends, he listens to my stories and gives me many pieces of good advice.  I have a host sister named Kate.  She is Year 11 student at Otamatea High School.  Also, she is my nice friend, too.  She loves watching movies and TV drama on a TV in her room.  She knows many interesting movies and we often watch movies together.  Watching movies with her is really fun!  We have a cat, three rabbits, a cockatiel and 14 chickens.  I love playing with the animals!
Next, I’ll talk about my school.  I take English, math, science, cooking, fashion and drama.  My favorite class is fashion.  I did sewing in Japan, but I couldn’t make clothes.  I can make my own clothes now!  I have made many clothes in the classes and finally I joined a fashion show in a school festival which is called “OTA Art Festival.”  I wore my dress which I made and walked like a fashion model in front of many people.  It was my first time to do that, so I was very nervous before the show started.  My fashion teacher introduced me and my dress while I was walking on the runway.  It was a very special experience for me.  In drama class, I performed “Puss in Boots” with my drama classmates.  It was very hard to remember my lines in English.  My character was a maid of the princess called Lavena. We performed the drama four times.  I didn’t make any mistakes!  When someone made mistakes, other members covered them and I was impressed!  All the members’ hearts were united through the hard practices.  I love my drama classmates!  After the show, some audience members talked to me. They said “You were beautiful!”, ”You were really good!” and “Good job!” to me.  I was very glad to hear those comments.
Finally, I’m going to talk about myself.  When I was in Japan, I didn’t know how difficult it would be to make friends with Kiwi students.  Some kiwi students are friendly to me, but there are many students who are not.  When I was trying to make friends, I talked to a girl.  I spent some time with her, but one day, I saw her in front of the hall talking with her Year12 sister.  They didn’t notice me.   I overheard them talking accidentally.  Her sister said “How’s Eri?” and then, she answered,“ I don’t like her because she’s not funny.”   Then, her sister noticed me and I ran away.  I was very shocked.  I went to see my other Kiwi friends.  I talked about what the girl said and my feelings.  I said, “Nobody likes me because I’m not funny!”  Then, one of my friends, Gabriela, said, “I like you!  I’m your friend!  You are such a lovely girl.” and she gave me a hug.  I couldn’t stop crying because I was so glad!  I found the true meaning of” friend.”  I’ve made fantastic friends in NZ.  I’ll never forget about them.  I’m really happy to come and stay in NZ for a year.  I have spent such a wonderful year!  I love my host family, friends, teachers and this country, New Zealand!!  Thank you for reading.
Big Love,
まず始めに、私のホストファミリーを紹介します。ホストマザーの名前はトリーザです。彼女は私の学校で事務員として働いています。彼女はとっても料理が上手で、私はトリーザのご飯が大好きです。ホストファザーの名前はパディといいます。パディはオークランドの高校で音楽の先生として働いています。そして、彼はミュージシャンでもあります。彼はバンドを組んでいて、ドラムを叩いています。パディは仕事の都合で平日はオークランドに住んでいて、週末だけ家に帰ってきます。私の家の楽器部屋には大きなドラムが置いてあって、私は中学の部活でドラムをしていたので、ときどきドラムを叩かせてもらいます。彼はとても優しくて、私が学校の友達のことで悩んでいた時も私の話を聞いてくれて、多くのいいアドバイスをくれました。私にはケイトというホストシスターがいます。ケイトはオタマティア高校の高校1年生です。彼女は私の大切な友達の一人でもあります。  ケイトは彼女の部屋にあるテレビで映画やドラマを見るのが大好きです。彼女はおもしろい映画をたくさん知っているので、私もよく一緒に映画を見ました。彼女と映画を見るのはとても楽しいです。家には猫が1匹、ウサギが3匹、オカメインコが1羽、ニワトリが14匹います。私はペットたちと遊ぶのが大好きです。 
次に、学校について話したいと思います。私は国語、数学、理科、クッキング、ファッション、ドラマの授業をとっています。私の好きな授業はファッション(裁縫)です。日本でも裁縫は趣味でしていましたが、自分の服を作る事はできませんでした。しかし今では自分の服を自分で作れるようになりました。私はこの授業でたくさんの服を作って、最終的には「オタマティア アートフェスティバル」という学校の行事でファッションショーに出演しました。私はたくさんの人の前を自分で作った洋服を着て、モデルのように歩きました。そんな経験は初めてだったので、ショーの始まる前はとても緊張しました。私が歩いている間、ファッションの先生が私の事と、私の作った洋服について観客に説明してくれました。このファッションショーはとても特別な体験になりました。 ドラマの授業では、ドラマのクラスメイトと「長靴を履いた猫」の舞台をやりました。英語でセリフを覚えるのはとても大変でした。私は、お姫様の世話係で「ラビナ」という名前の役でした。私達はその舞台を4回上演して、私はセリフを忘れたり、間違えたりしませんでした!誰かがセリフを飛ばした時には、周りのメンバーでそれをカバーしていて、とても感動しました。きつい練習を共にして、クラスメイトの心が一つになったと思います。私はドラマのクラスメイトが大好きです!公演が終わった後、何人かの観客が私に「あなた綺麗だったね!」「すごく良かったよ!!」「お疲れ様!」 などと話しかけてくれました。私はその感想を聞いてすごく嬉しくなりました。 





Kiaora!  I’m Haruhi Kurokawa and I go to Te Kuiti High School in NZ.  I have only less than a month before we go back to Japan.  I feel that time passes very quickly.  I’ve gained a lot of precious experiences here.  I have never had experiences like these in Japan.  Let me introduce my amazing experiences.  I want to write about my host family, my school events and my holiday. 
First, I’ll introduce my great host family.  I live with my host father, my host mother and a pretty cat in a town called Te Kuiti.  My host parents have three sons.  They live in other places in NZ.  Two of them come back home almost every weekend and the oldest son sometimes comes back home.  My host mother is a teacher at Te Kuiti High School. ?She teaches sewing and cooking.  My host father is a farmer.  My host family has a big farm and many farm animals such as bulls, cows, sheep, roosters and farm dogs.  I sometimes go to the farm and help with some jobs.  My host father moves about 250 sheep and 100 cows to the field every day.? It is amazing.
Secondly, I’ll tell you about my school life and school events.  I take English, ESOL, Math, Science, Textile, Hospitality and Early Childhood Education.  My favorite is Textile.  My school held the school ball in September.  I made my own dress for it in Textile class.  It was very hard work, but I could learn how to make a piece of clothing.  I love making clothes, so I am making a shirt and pants at home.  When I have a problem, I can ask my host mother, so this is a good opportunity to speak English.  I joined some school events too.  The most impressive event was a field day.  I did the javelin and ran 800m.  I did the javelin for the first time, so I couldn’t do it well, but I won the second place in 800-maters dash.  I was very happy.  I enjoyed all the school events.
Next, let me tell you what I did on school holidays.  I went to many places with my host family on holidays.  My host family has a motorboat, so we often went to the lake, where we enjoyed fishing and water snowboarding.  Water snowboarding was very hard for me.  My arms were very sore after I did it.  My family loves hunting too, and they use guns.  My host brother told to me how to use a gun but I couldn’t hit a target.  It was a very good experience because I can’t do it in Japan.  I went to many tourist sites too. 
I could experience many things that I cannot do in Japan.  Of course I study English very hard and my English has improved.  In addition, I have a feeling that I have mentally matured.  It is very important for me.  All things considered, I am very glad that I could come to New Zealand. There is only a little time left, but I want to enjoy every remaining day and show my gratitude to the Kiwi people who have been supporting me.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan in a few days.
Thank you for reading!






Hello :-)  I’m Hikaru.  I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College.  It has been about nine and a half months since I came here to New Zealand.  Time flies so fast!  I have been really enjoying my stay here, so I’m going to tell you about my New Zealand life.
I live with my host father, host mother and two host sisters.  They are very kind to me.  My host sisters are always full of energy.  We went to Auckland, which is the biggest city in New Zealand, on our family trip at the end of October.  We watched a circus show.  The name was ''TOTEM''.  I had never watched a circus before, so I was so excited.  I was impressed with the show.  It was awesome!  I bought a booklet for my memory, so I will show it to you when I get back to Japan.  I also went up the Sky Tower.  The Sky tower is like the Sky Tree in Tokyo.  We can see Auckland scenery and the sea from there.  It was beautiful.  We stayed there about for an hour.  We had a nice time in Auckland.
I have joined some clubs here.  I joined touch rugby, netball, badminton and rowing.  Being able to belonging to many clubs was a good experience for me because I can't play these sports in Japan.  I joined a touch rugby team as a summer sport.  I didn't know how to play it and I couldn’t throw a rugby ball properly.  It was difficult, but I didn't give up.  My host mum told me how to throw a rugby ball, so I practiced at home and I participated in after school practice at school.  I also got used to playing in a game.  I had games on Thursdays after school with my teammates.   One day I could make a touchdown thanks to my team mates!  I was so happy :-)  I want to play touch rugby with my classmates in Japan as well!  
Next, I joined the netball team as a winter sport.  Netball is similar to basketball.  The difference is that when a player gets a ball, she has to stop and pass the ball to another teammate.  I had played basketball before and also my teammates told me its rules, so I could play netball well.  We had games every Saturday.  I often played defence.  I sometimes misplayed, but I did do my best, so I got a trophy for my great improvement.  I was so happy :-)  When I played touch rugby and netball, I had a hard time, but I didn’t give up and I got over difficulties.  I have realised that if I don't give up, I can learn or obtain something new and important.
I think New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries.  This country has a lot of nature, clear air, beautiful mountains and lakes.  I went to the south island on a trip at the beginning of October.  When I went there, I was surprised that everything was huge.  I took a lot of photos.  I felt happy to be able to see such beautiful sceneries.  New Zealand is awesome.  I want to take my family to New Zealand in the future. 
I have started knitting here.  My host grand mum can knit, so she showed me how to knit when I went to her house.  I made a phone case, gloves, slippers, a cowl, beanies and so on.  It is easy and fun to make things.  I need some patterns to make, so I often go to the library or use the Internet to find patterns.   I want to try to make a jersey.  It may take some time to make it, but It will be fun.
I'm going to go back to Japan shortly.  I'm excited about going back home and seeing my family and friends, but at the same time, I feel sad to leave New Zealand.   I will treasure this remaining hort time and appreciate my host family and my kiwi friends.
Thank you for reading my essay :-)





Hello!  How’s everything going?  I am Kurumi Nomura.  I am staying in Te Kuiti, New Zealand.  I have been studying at Te Kuiti High School with Haruhi.  Te Kuiti is a quiet town which is smaller than Fukui.  However, I love Te Kuiti because people in this town are friendly to me.  Moreover, Te Kuiti has an interesting festival called Muster Festival.  Many sheepdogs run after a lot of sheep on the main street of Te Kuiti.  I had never seen such a spectacle before.   And then, the world championship of shearing is held in Te Kuiti.  This is a very famous festival, so a lot of people gather here to see the festival. 
I will introduce a bit of my life to you.  My host family is really active.  My host father, Alan, is my school math teacher and a boy’s rugby coach.   He plays rugby, cricket, hockey and more.  I often watch his games with my family in Hamilton.  My host mother, Ardana, likes baking, so I sometimes help her to bake cakes or sweets.  And she also likes sports and the other day she competed in the marathon in Tauranga.  My host sister, Amber, is one and four months years old and she always walks and runs around the house.  They have taken me to many places such as Taupo, Auckland, Mt. Ruapehu and Waitomo Caves.  I was able to experience many things; climbing some mountains, swimming in the sea, caving, fishing, skiing and shopping. 
 When we went to Mt Ruapehu, while my host parents enjoyed snowboarding, I enjoyed skiing.  Since I had had an experience of skiing in Japan, I rented ski poles and ski boots there.  It was such a beautiful day and I could see amazing scenery.  I did not fall down, and I was able to ski well because the snow was good.  It was like powder.  I think snow in New Zealand is better for skiing than that in Japan.   I would like to come back to New Zealand to ski with my family.
Te Kuiti High School is a cheerful and comfortable school.  I take seven subjects; Math, English, Chemistry, Visual Art, Hospitality, P.E. and ESOL.  My favourite subject is Hospitality because we can cook or bake in every class.  I made fish-and-chips, grilled chicken, some bread, cupcakes and more.  I enjoyed decorating the cupcakes because I had never used cream of various colours.  My friends were using purple and blue cream.  The vivid cupcakes looked absolutely exotic.  And it was surprising for me to cook “tempura” in Hospitality class, because I had never cooked it even in Japan.   Next week, Haruhi and I will teach our classmates in Hospitality how to make sushi. I am looking forward to doing it! 
P.E. classes at my school are really interesting to me because we play many sports that I had never played before.  For example, I played rugby, boxing, squash, hockey and more.  In term 1 and 2, we played golf.  Of course, we went to a golf course by bus.  I blushed whenever I made an air shot…
These things are just a part of my life in New Zealand.  I would like to talk more about my life with you after I get back to Japan. 
To be honest, studying abroad is not always fun.  It was really difficult for me at first to understand what people around me were saying and what to do.   I wondered if I would manage to stay here for eleven months.  However, I came to understand what other people said little by little since my friends and teachers always helped me.  Many people were always kind to me.  Thanks to a lot of help from many people, I have been able to live a full life in Te Kuiti.  I love my host family, my friends, my teachers and Te Kuiti High School.  I want to say “THANK YOU” to all of them.  Of course I would like to thank people who have always been supporting me in Japan, such as my teacher Tomoki, my family and friends.
Thank you for reading.  See you very soon!!



Hello, everyone.  I’m Ai Niwamoto.  I go to Bream Bay College as a year11 student.  I have already been in New Zealand for about nine months.  I can’t believe I’m going back to Japan in a month.  I have experienced many interesting things, so let me tell you about them.
First, I’ll introduce my host family.  There are four people in my host family.  My host father, Mike, works in Auckland and he loves rugby and racing.  My host mother, Fiona, is a maths teacher at BBC and my host sister, Zoe, is a year11 student at BBC.  Both of them are good cooks and I love their meals.  My host brother, Jackson, is 2 years old and he is so cute. During the school holiday, I sometimes stayed in Waiheke Island because Fiona’s parents’ house is placed there.  This is my favourite place because this is a really beautiful island! 
Second, I’ll write about my school life.  I take seven classes, which are English, maths, science, fabrics, hospitality, P.E. and ESOL.  My favourite class is hospitality.  In this class, we often cook yummy food such as some cakes, scones, pizza, gnocchi, soup, lasagna, mock tail, smoothie… I can’t tell you all of them!  The other day, my hospitality teacher gave me a chance to cook a Japanese meal.  I chose tonkatsu and cooked it with all students in this class!  Now, I’m making a recipe book.  I am posting all the recipes I have cooked on the book so that I can cook NZ meals in Japan as well!  In P.E. class, we play many kinds of sports.  I have played basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, golf, paintball, baseball, surfing and so on.  At first, I didn’t like this class actually because it was so hard to understand what to do.  I also have to play sports with many boys, and even girls are so strong.  But now, I can join the class more easily since I’ve made some friends who I can play with.  In addition, at an assembly in March, I got an opportunity to wear and show my yukata in front of all the students.  I sewed this yukata when I was a first grader.  I’m a very shy person, so I was so nervous at the assembly.  The principal explained about my yukata and I twirled and showed my yukata.  Some students said, ‘’I like your dress!’’ and it was a good adventure for me.
Next, let me tell you about some new things I have tried.  In term 2, I started playing basketball and the guitar.  I joined the girls’ basketball team at BBC.  We practiced every Wednesday and we had games every Friday.  I like both watching and playing basketball, but I couldn’t play it well.  However, my teammates were so kind and when I didn’t know how to play well, they showed me how to do it.  At first, it took me a while to get used to practicing not only with girls but also boys!  It is unthinkable in Japan, eh?  New Zealand girls are so tough that I often fell down during the games, so my legs were awful.  Ha ha. The training has finished because Year13 students have left and there are not enough players in the girls’ team.  I really liked this team and my teammates so much!  Through guitar lessons, I have learned some chords and notes.  I had never played the electric guitar, and it was so difficult to remember the chords.  But when I could play some chords, it was so fun.  My teacher plays the guitar really well like a professional guitarist!  My guitar mates were two little boys.  They were so funny and I enjoyed every lesson.  I have stopped taking guitar lessons because I’m going back to Japan soon.  However, my sister in Japan has an electric guitar, so I’ll start playing it again.  There is one more thing I have begun.  It is knitting. While I was staying at my host mom’s parents’ house in Waiheke, I learned how to knit from my host mom’s mom.  She is really good with her hands.  I had been interested in knitting, so it was a good opportunity for me.  I was confused at first because it was really complicated, but I was finally able to make a scarf!  She praised me and suggested that I make another one for my sister.  So I’m making one by myself.  It is really fun to make things, and it has become my new hobby! 
Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who supports me both in Japan and in New Zealand.  I would not have experienced these wonderful things I have written above without them.  I really appreciate their help.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Japan.  See you soon! 





Hello, everyone!  I’m Ririko.  I’ve already been here for nine months and I’ve got just a month to go.  I’ve led a full life so far and time has passed in a flash.  It seems as if it was only a month ago or so that I came here, but actually it was nine months ago.  This year, 2014 has been the fastest year and one of the most wonderful years of my life.  I’ll tell you about my amazing life in New Zealand. 

I’m living in Whangarei, which is located in the northern part of the North Island.  It was winter until recently and it was cold.  It wasn’t as cold as Fukui’s winter though.  It rained pretty much every day, but now the weather has become much warmer and better!
I’m living with my host father, mother and a cat.  They’ve hosted many students from abroad for a long time so they always tell me various stories of the students they’ve had.  I also heard they used to run a lodge and they like moving houses.  It’s fun to listen to such interesting stories.  My host mother’s good at cooking and my host father’s good at gardening.  They have lots of friends and we often have dinner with them.  Our cat is called Missy and is friendly.  I’m lucky to have met such nice people!
I go to Pompallier Catholic College and take ESOL, English, Math, Science, Religious Study, Sports, Hospitality and Music.  The first five are compulsory subjects.  My favourite is Sports. I like the class because I can make friends and because I enjoy playing sports I’d never played in Japan.  I found hockey an exciting sport!  I want to play it in Japan as well! There are lots of opportunities to cook in Hospitality class compared to Japan.  In Japan, before we actually cook in a class, we have a class to check a recipe and what ingredients we need.  However, here, we get a recipe just before starting to cook.  We sometimes have cooking assessments and we have to make a dish assigned by the teacher individually. Sometimes it’s tough for me because I didn’t really cook in Japan, but actually I’ve made lots of dishes so far so I’m sure I can cook better than I used to.  The subjects I struggle the most with are Religious study and Science.  There are many technical words, and I didn’t have any knowledge of Catholic ways at all, so it is hard for me to keep up with the classes.  However, my friends and teacher have always taught me kindly so I’ve been trying to work hard. 
I have three memorable school events, which are the school ball, running in cross country and a dance contest.  The school ball was like a formal dance party and we all dressed up and danced! Everyone looked stunning in their dresses.  I wish we had a school ball in Jin-ai.  In cross country, we ran 4 km.  The day was awful because it was pouring with rain and there were lots of hills and mud.  I was exhausted, but it was a funny memory.  In the dance contest, we got into groups and each group choreographed, and then we performed in front of other groups.  I was nervous, but I really enjoyed dancing with my group members. 
very single thing that I’ve done has been wonderful and unforgettable.  I have been able to study English in New Zealand thanks to my family, my teachers and my friends.  All of them have been supporting me a lot.  I can’t thank them enough.  In the rest of my time here, I’ll do my best so that I won’t regret not having achieved what I can do here. 
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in a month.  I hope you’re looking forward to seeing me whose face has become rounder!   Ha ha!  See you soon!
Thank you for reading my essay:-D!!
私は3つの忘れられない学校行事を経験しました。それらは、スクールボール、クロスカントリー 、ダンスコンテストです。スクールボールはダンスパーティーのようなもので、みんなドレスを着て踊りました。ドレスを着たみんなはすごく綺麗で、仁愛にもあったらいいのにと思いました。クロスカントリーでは4キロ走りました。当日は土砂降りでたくさんのぬかるみがあって酷かったです。すごく疲れましたが、楽しい思い出です。ダンスコンテストではグループに分かれ振付をし、他のグループの前で発表しました。とても緊張しましたがすごく楽しかったです。


Hello!!  How have you been?  I’m Natsumi and I go to Otamatea High School (OHS) in NZ.  It has already been about nine months since I came to NZ.  How fast time flies…!!  I cannot believe that, actually.  Anyway, today, I’ll tell you what I’ve done through these nine months!!
First, in July, there was a school ball, which is a dance party for Year11, 12 and 13 at OHS.  As you know, there is not such a dance party in Japan, so I was so excited about attending the school ball then.  Guess what?!  I made a red dress for this school ball by myself in my sewing class!  My dress is 60’s retro style.  Some people know that I’m not good at tiny work like sewing.  Hahaha!  To be honest, I had not used  a sewing machine for many years to make something.  So it was quite a huge challenge for me to make a dress.  My sewing teacher helped me when I was stuck while making a dress.  Without her help, I could not have finished making my dress before the school ball.  I really appreciate her help.  On one of the days of the last week of term2, I was sitting in front of a sewing machine to finish making my dress in Period1, Interval, lunch time and Period5.  It means that I used the sewing machine for three hours and 15 minutes in total on that day!!  I’m pretty sure the sewing machine which I was using is my best friend!!  Hahaha ;-)  At the school ball, many students and teachers said to me, “How nice your dress is!  Where did you get it?”  I answered, “Thank you!  I made this dress by myself!!” with my smile.  They all were surprised to hear that.  It was quite fun to see their surprised faces!  About the school ball, the atmosphere was just fantastic… Kiwi students looked much cooler and much more beautiful!!  I think we should hold a school ball at Jin-ai Girls’ High School!  It must be exciting!! XD 
By the way, about three weeks after the school ball, I appeared on a school newsletter.  The article about my school ball dress and a picture of one of my kiwi friends and me in the dress were in the newsletter.  The newsletter was handed to all students who go to OHS.  So I’m a famous person at OHS!!! Hahaha!!  I’m just joking.
Second, I take drama class at school, and in September I performed in a play, which was part of my drama assessment.  The name of the play was “Puss in Boots.”  I acted as one maid who serves for the princess.  The princess never laughs because one bad monster casted a spell on her…. So my role was to try to make her laugh when someone makes a joke.  Before the show, the students who take drama class including me had many practices.  I didn’t mind practicing at all even after school and on Sunday..!!  We practiced the same scene over and over so that we could make the right atmosphere for each scene, understand what was going on and make sure which position each of us should stand in.  In addition, I had to understand every line of mine.   For example, I highlighted my lines and looked up the words whose meaning I didn’t know in my dictionary.  Otherwise, I could not have expressed the character’s feelings with confidence.  I practiced my pronunciation with my friend at school and with my host family at home every day until the show.  Thanks to continuous practice, in the show, when I finished saying my longest line, applause burst from the audience!!  It made me happy and I thought to myself, “It’s great that I haven’t given up until today…!” Now, it is my special memory!!
These events mentioned above are my main memories and experiences.  Actually, I wish I could write about more events and experiences which I’ve done.  However, I’ve already told you too many things in this essay, haven’t I?  So I’ll write about other events next time!! XD
Unfortunately, it won’t be long before I go back to Japan.   I’ll enjoy the rest of my life in NZ!! 
At last, I just want to thank people who are supporting me, such as my family, teachers and friends. Thank you so much!  Thanks to them, I can do my best here.  I’m not alone even when I feel lonely.  It is because they are always in my heart!!<3
Thank you for reading!!                   
                                                                                                          Lots of LOVE xxx





Kia ora!  Hello guys.  I’m Shiho and I go to Kerikeri High School.  I can’t believe that I have already stayed here more than half a year.   Everything here is amazing for me and I definitely enjoy my life in NZ.  Please let me introduce my amazing life in Kerikeri.


First, let me introduce my lovely host family.  There are four people in my family, my host father, host mother, host brother and me.  And also we have two little cute dogs and one pussy cat as well.  My host family likes to look after people.  There are many people who are from Vanuatu in Kerikeri. They are here to work for their families back in their home country.  My host parents told me that they need to earn money for their kids to go to school and it’s pretty difficult to find jobs in their country.  We often have lunch or dinner with them in our house on weekends and they are so lovely. 
At school, I take six subjects, which are music, advanced PE, DVC, hospitality, ESOL and math.  Each subject is more professional than that of Japan.  I like all subjects that I take.  Have you ever heard of the subject called DVC before?  It’s an abbreviation of “Design and Visual Communication.”   We use an architecture program on a computer to create 3-D house and then we build a miniature sized house model.  My DVC teacher’s drawings are amazing.  When I saw him draw for the first time, it was like a magic because his hand moved fast.  In the twinkling of an eye, a drawing of a modern house was created on the paper.  I was just speechless with surprise.  It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  In music class, we compose music and I have already made four pieces of music.  My teacher told me how to create music.  She told me to see a picture in order to compose music.  She said to me, “Can you think of a melody when you see a picture? “ It was pretty difficult for me to make music from a picture.  I was like OMG.   I had no idea what she was talking about. LOL.  However, now I can understand what my teacher says.   Besides composition, we have to do solo performances and group performances as well. I played the piano two times as solo performance and I played the bass guitar with my friends as group performance.  Music class is pretty exciting for me because everyone in my music class can play an instrument and they can play it very well. 
I joined a tennis club in my town until June and now I take Zumba lessons and play badminton.  I’m a member of the badminton club in school now and about 15 people are in the club.  Fortunately, since I have played badminton before, I can play it well and it isn’t hard for me to keep a rally.   Even when I rally with a person who I don’t really know, I can naturally talk with the person.  Even during the rally we call out to each other.  I was glad when I won the practice game with my badminton friend:)
At last I am deeply grateful to the people who support me in Japan and in New Zealand.  What I am sure is that the time which I spend here will be an unforgettable experience.  Everything was tough for me at the beginning.  However, I think I’ve overcome so many difficulties and that I’ve grown and will keep growing even more as a person :) 
Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in November!
Thanks for reading.
学校では、音楽、上級体育、DVC、ホスピタリティー、ESOL、数学の6つの授業をとっています。どの教科も日本のものより専門的です。私は、自分がとっている教科全部が好きです。DVCという教科を知っていますか。それは、「Design and Visual Communication」の略です。コンピュータで建築用のプログラムを使って3Dの家を設計し、ミニチュアの家の模型を作ります。DVCの先生が描く図は驚くほどすごいです。先生が設計図を書くのを初めて見たとき、あまりにも手が早く動くので、魔法のようでした。一瞬のうちに、紙に現代的な家の絵が描きあがりました。私はびっくりして声も出ませんでした。すごくないですか。音楽の授業では、作曲をし、私はすでに4曲作りました。先生がどうやって曲を作るのかを教えてくれたのですが、曲を作るには絵を見るように言われました。先生は「絵をみるとメロディーが浮かんでこない?」と聞いてきました。でも私には絵を見て作曲するのは難しかったです。「そんなの無理!」って感じで、先生が何を言っているのか全くわかりませんでした。しかし、今ならわかります。作曲の他に、個人での演奏やグループでの演奏もしなければいけません。私は個人でピアノを2回弾き、グループ演奏では、私は友達とバスギターを演奏しました。音楽を受けている生徒はみな楽器をとても上手に演奏できるので、授業はとても刺激的です。





Hi, guys!  I’m Misaki.  I go to Dannevirke High School and I live in a town called Norsewood, which is located next to Dannevirke.  I’ll tell you about my life in New Zealand. 

First, I’ll tell you about my homestay.  I live in Norsewood with my host father and host mother.  Norsewood is a very small town.  A grassland stretches as far as I can see around my house.  My host mother is a teacher at Dannevirke High School.  She teaches sewing and cooking.  She is a good cook!  Her scones are very very yummy!!  My host father is a farmer.  They have a lot of sheep, cows, horses and dogs.  I’ve given milk to lambs.  My host father likes Japan.  He can speak a little Japanese.  I was surprized when he said “arigatou gozaimas.” 
Next, I’ll tell you about my school life.  I take ESOL, Biology, Mathematics, Home Economics, English and Music.  ESOL is an English class for international students. New Zealand’s classes are very different from Japanese ones.  For example, in Music class, we can choose some musical instruments to play so we don’t have to sing songs if we don’t want to.  I’ve chosen the tenor saxophone and the piano.  On a music assessment, we have to perform a solo performance and a group performance and have to compose music.  I got certificates of excellence for my solo and group performance!!  Now, I’m composing music for tenor saxophone.  It’s too difficult for me!!  I have no idea…  Come to think of it, the other day, I had a speech test at English class.  I talked about Japan.  I was very very nervous but other students understood what I said so I was very happy!!  They were surprized to hear about Japanese school life, especially, about the amount of homework… In New Zealand schools we don’t have lots of homework. 
Finally, I’ll tell you about my holiday.  During the last holiday, I went to Wellington, which is the capital city of New Zealand.  At first, I visited a big museum called “Te Papa Tongarewa.”  Te Papa Tongarewa shows us about New Zealand’s nature, history and culture.  There are a lot of exhibitions such as the specimen which is the biggest squid in the world, Maori’s traditional dress, accessories and art.  It was very exciting!!    After that, we went shopping!!  There are a lot of shops in Wellington.  When I was at an electric store, I found a lot of Japanese animation DVDs.  Of course these are dubbed in English.  Japanese animations are not famous in New Zealand but sometimes I hear the word “Kamehameha.”  I bought “Attack on Titan”:-) 
In conclusion, New Zealand’s life is very enjoyable.  Now, I have just three more months so I want to enjoy more and spend more time with my host family and friends. I’ll tell you more about my life in New Zealand when I get back to Japan!  See you soon!!:-)    
Misaki Muranaka





Hi, guys!  I'm Kae and I go to Dannevirke High School as a Year 12 student.  I have already lived here for about seven months.  I feel that time passes quickly.
Now, I live with my host mom and two big cats in Dannevirke.  My host mom's name is Glenys and she is a music teacher at my host school.  She likes to talk, so she always talks about a lot of things with me.  Of course, I talk with her every day.  However, at first I couldn't talk with her like I can now and I abstained from talking with her because she seemed very busy and tired every day, but now I’ve found that even though she is a very busy lady, she likes to talk and I need to talk with her for my English, so I don't have to hesitate to talk with her.  In addition, as I mentioned, there are two big cats in my home.  They are so friendly and they always sleep on my bed, so I can't sleep from time to time, Haha:)
At school, I take six subjects which are English, Biology, Math, ESOL, Star Sports and Sports Science.  Although there are some compulsory subjects, I chose most of the subjects.  Some subjects deals with technical contents, so it's difficult for me to understand the classes.  Now, I can understand half of the classes, but I always had to ask my teachers and friends at first when I didn’t understand what the teachers were saying.  I think asking questions is very important.  When you can't understand something, you have to ask someone.  They will answer and explain in an easy way for you.
Now, I'm playing hockey as it is one of the winter sports.  I had never played it before, so I didn't know its rules.  However, my hockey teammates taught me everything.  We practice hockey every Monday and we have games every Tuesday at Palmerston North ,which is another town near Dannevirke.  I'm really enjoying every game.  Also, I can learn the enjoyment of team play through hockey.  Actually, I hated team play before I came to New Zealand because I sometimes saw a scene where someone put the blame on another person when the result was not good.  Hockey is a good sport for me because we need to communicate well to win.  If we can't pass the ball well, we can't shoot.  We always practice passing the ball correctly and quickly.  We always think about our own position and ask our teammates whether we will win or lose in the next game.  I think I’ve made a lot of progress in working well with my teammates.  Besides hockey, I’ve tried some other team sports such as basketball and cricket since I came here.  I played basketball, but there weren't enough girl players, so we couldn't make a team.  Cricket is one of the summer sports, so it finished in March.  As you know, the seasons are reversed in NZ.  I enjoyed playing cricket.  At first, I couldn't play it at all.  Everyone taught me how to play it like my hockey teammates did.  I can enjoy sports and learn English through many sports.
From August 3rd to August 8th, I joined OPC.  OPC means "Outdoor Pursuits Centre of New Zealand."  20 students from my school joined it and we went to Tongariro.  I don't know exactly where it is, but it took about five hours to reach from Dannevirke.  We were divided into two groups, Group1 and Group2, and I was in the Group1.  I could experience lots of things such as snowboarding, caving and mountaineering.  I had never done them before, so every activity was very interesting for me.  I especially enjoyed mountaineering.  We walked through the bush for about four or five hours and we finally found a lodge, where we stayed overnight.  The photo above was taken at the lodge when we arrived there.  The people in the picture are my good friends.  At the lodge, there wasn’t  any electricity or gas so we lit a candle and used a gas ring burner.  I didn’t feel so cold because we talked and played cards a lot.  It was a wonderful day.  The next day, we climbed a snow-covered mountain.  It was freezing cold outside, but when we climbed to the top of the snow-covered mountain and looked around, the scenery was so beautiful!!  I'll never forget this view and I think OPC is the best memory for me because I really enjoyed it.
In New Zealand, I can see very, very beautiful stars almost every night.  Also, I can see many sheep, cows, horses and other animals.  I tried riding a horse in Wanganui.  It was a good experience for me.  In addition, I have made a lot of good friends.  Everyone is very kind to me and they are so funny. I have a surprising story.  Everyone didn't know until quite recently that my name is Kae.  They thought my name was Kai.  I couldn't help laughing when I heard this story.  Kai is one type of Maori food, by the way.  Everyone says it's tasty, so I want to try kai now.  Thanks to many people, I have been enjoying my New Zealand life.  I want to lead a full life from now on as well.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan in November, but maybe you can't recognize me easily :)
Thank you for reading.  I hope you have enjoyed reading my essay.
Kae Inoue
8月3日から8日にかけて、私はOPCに参加しました。OPCはOutdoor Pursuits Center of New Zealand(ニュージーランド野外活動センター)の略です。私の学校からは、20人の生徒が参加し、トンガリロに行きました。私は、トンガリロがどこにあるのかは正確には分かりませんが、ダニーバークからは5時間ほどかかりました。私たちは、14班と2班の2つに分かれ、私は1班でした。スノーボードやケイビング(洞窟探検)、マウンテニアリング(登山)など、たくさんの活動を経験しました。それまでこのような活動をしたことがなかったので、どの活動も私にとってはとても面白いものでした。特に、マウンテニアリングが楽しかったです。4、5時間藪の中を歩き、ようやくロッジに到着し、そこで一晩過ごしました。上の写真はそのロッジに着いたときに撮ったものです。写真に写っているのは私の友達です。ロッジには、電気もガスもなかったので、ろうそくを灯し携帯用ガスコンロを使いました。たくさん話したりトランプで遊んだりしていたので、寒さはあまり感じませんでした。楽しい夜でした。次の日は、雪で覆われた山を登りました。外は凍えるほど寒かったですが、頂上についてあたりを見回したときの景色はとてもきれいでした。この景色を忘れないでしょう。OPCはとても楽しかったので、私の一番の思い出です。

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