NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hi guys!  I’m Emika from Bream Bay College.  It’s been a month since I came to NZ.  Even in this short time, I have experienced a lot of things, so I would like to write about some of them.
Firstly, I went on a snorkelling trip with year 13 students to a place called Reotahi, which is a place that has a beautiful beach.  It took a while to get there by van from my school.  The water was so clean that I could clearly see the school of fish, shrimp and crab.  I was caught up watching the fish, so I accidently breathed from my nose and almost choked myself.  (Haha.)  Anyway, at lunch we had a little picnic.  I ate sandwiches, sausage rolls, pies and some cakes!  They were yummy.
Next, I will write about my host family.  I stay with my host father Kurt, host mother Michelle, two lovely host sisters Summer and Karli, a dog, a cat, 4 chickens, 3 ducks and 2 sheep!!  My host family often goes to the beach because my host father and Summer like surfing so much and my host mother likes to walk along the beach.  I went surfing with them the other day and I was able to stand on a surf board for the first time!  That was really fun.  Also, my host family likes to cook, so I often cook dinner with them.  The dishes we cook are always so delicious that I feel like eating a lot!  I sometimes bake some cookies with my host sisters to bring to school.  Three times a week, Karli goes to gymnastics in town.  While waiting for her to finish, I go to a grocery store with my host mother to buy some food. Going to the grocery store is very fun and interesting because I can learn many new words by looking around the store.  I think that going shopping is another good way of learning English.  The area inside the store is so huge that it would take ages to look around the whole place.  Spending time talking with them is fun and I’m enjoying my homestay so much!
Lastly, I will write about my school life.  As I wrote above, I go to Bream Bay College.  I take English, math, fabrics, art, hospitality, dance and ESOL.  I have always liked to dance, so when I knew that there was a dance class I was really excited about it.  In the dance class, I can learn many kinds of dance, so it is very interesting for me.  I also like hospitality because I can cook different types of dishes.  The best dish I made was frittata muffin.  It was delicious, so you should try it one day!  Now, I’m hanging out with a group of kiwi students at school.  They are very talkative and interesting people.  Talking with them is so much fun.  I can learn new words every day by talking with them and listening to their conversation. 
Time flies so fast that it will soon be March.  I’ll do my best so as not to have any regrets and to make more wonderful memories with my friends and my host family in NZ.  I would like to thank my family, teachers, and my friends who have supported me for letting me have a fabulous time in this country.  I will try harder with Emika Smile!!!
Thank you for reading my essay.
Big Love,
Emika Tsubota


Hi guys! I'm Miyu. I go to Taumarunui High School with my classmate, Kaho. It's spring now. Almost all of the cherry blossoms are gone and the weather in Taumarunui is wet. It rains on and off all day. I have 1 month left in NZ. I can't believe it. Anyway, I'm going to write about my NZ life.
First, I will introduce my host family. My host family is father, Don, mother, Margaret, and a cat, Sam. Don and Margaret have a radio station called, "Radio Hikurangi". On this radio show, they broadcast only old songs. He loves talking and he always talks to me about his experiences, his thinking about Taumarunui, and many other things, so I have learned a lot from him. Margaret always listens to me, so I can talk my problems, my happy times, school life, friends...everything. Sam always meows when he wants some food.
Next, I'll write about my school life. I study English, technology, science, ESOL and snow sports. From Monday to Wednesday, I have 4 subjects and on Thursday and Friday I have snow sports all day. Isn’t it very different from Japanese school style? I did skiing in term 3. On Thursdays, we had some free time for self-practice and on Fridays the ski coach gave us lessons. It has been two years since I last skied and NZ's snow is different from Japan's. So it took some time to get used to skiing here. Most students managed to ski very well and enjoy going down snow hills very fast. The first time was very difficult for me, but my coach taught me kindly how to do it. So I think I became a better skier than I was before. Besides skiing, my school has many other kinds of activities. They change with each season, so we can try various activities easily. In another season, I did mountain biking, too. I had never done it before, so it was very exciting for me to try the new activity. 
When I first arrived in NZ, I was not a very confident person. It had been quite usual for me to think about things in a negative way. But when I was in Japan, my homeroom teacher often said to me, "You should think about everything in a positive way". So I've been trying to think in that way since then. It may sound very easy but it is difficult for me because I was unconsciously thinking in a negative way. So I had to make a lot of efforts to think about everything positively.
At first, 10 months for studying abroad sounded like a very long time. During this last 10 months, I have not been able to see my family and friends in Japan. I have had to speak English every day, even though I didn't have the confidence to speak it for a while. I was very nervous!!! I think most of my classmates had the same thought, too. However, I realized that if I thought about my life in a positive way, it would become easier. I would be able to meet new people. I would be able to have the confidence to speak English. I would be able to do lots of new things. Right? By thinking with a positive attitude, I will become a positive person. So, I did and everything changed in my mind. I feel like I am a new person. Honestly, before coming here, I thought studying abroad was just to learn English but it wasn't. Of course, I am learning it but I have learned many other important things such as the way to be positive as I wrote above. Studying abroad has not been easy, but I have managed to keep trying. So I’m proud of myself now. I would like to try in this way even after I go back to Japan.
I have only few days left in NZ so I want to spend day by day treasuring the people and things around me. I want to say, "Thank you", to my family, host family, kiwi friends.... everyone who have supported me through my study abroad.
Thank you for reading my essay.
Miyu Ishimori
まず、ホストファミリーを紹介します。私のホストファミリーは、ファザーのドン、マザーのマーガレット、そして猫のサムです。ドンとマーガレットは「ラジオ ヒクランギ」という自分のラジオ局を持っていて、いつも昔の歌を流しています。ドンは話すことが好きで、彼のこれまでの経験や、タウマルヌイについてどう感じているか、などたくさんのことをいつも話してくれます。そのおかげで様々なことを彼から学ぶことができています。マーガレットは逆にいつも私の話を聞いてくれます。なので、困ったこと、うれしかったこと、学校生活について、友達についてなど、どんなことでも話すことができます。サムはいつも何か食べたいときに、「ミャー」と鳴きます。


Kiaora! Yu, Yoyo, will tell you a message from New Zealand. “Yoyo” is my important second name in New Zealand. My partner, Nana, who goes to Waiuku College with me, gave me the name. It’s because my name “Yu” makes kiwi people confused with the word, “You “. So, that’s why I’m Yoyo! My host family and my friends call me that. Of course I regularly use it as well. 
Then, let me introduce my kiwi friends and my host family a bit more. To start with, I’ll talk about my kiwi friends. My group which I always hang out with has 6 people including me. Reliable Pete, Baby Jade, Bunny Georgia, Cool Mackenzie and Clever Fin. I’m really feeling comfortable when I hang out with them. I thought if I were a kiwi student, I could stay with them forever.
Next, I’ll introduce about my host family. I can express about them using three words. They are so friendly, generous and have strong family love. My host family has 5 people. My host mother, Beck, who is similar to OSONO-SAN in MAJYO-NO-TAKKYUBIN in GHIBLI. She is generous, kind and attentive to the people around her. She is working as a host family coordinator as well. My host father, Chris, is American. He often dances, sings song and says jokes to me. He is hilarious, kind and his favorite word is “lovely”. My host brothers, Zack and Caleb, are actually shy, but they are really kind to me. They get along well with each other. Lastly, my host sister, Brie, is my second sister in New Zealand. Sometimes, she comes to my room from window. She is an active girl, right? She also loves adventure, so we went on an expedition in the farm. It was so fun! I’m really happy because they treat me as a member of the family. Through staying with my host family, whom I love, I’ve got good incentive for me to learn something for my growth. They give me some jobs, correct my incorrect English and say opinions directly to me. I really feel this situation is great for my growth. However, for a while at first, I used to feel discomfort at this house. I often said to myself, “Why is their life style quite different from those of other houses? Why are they thinking like that? I’m tired of doing housework as my job.” At that time, I felt stress building up. But I couldn’t explain my honest feelings to them because I was afraid about whether or not they would be hurt because of my words. I mean I hesitated, and I pretended not to care about it.
One day, finally I decided to tell my mind to my host mum. I really wanted to change my attitude! I encouraged myself and did it. But, it was too late to say that. She got upset and angry. Also, she said to me, “I didn’t know that!”. I was confused and I couldn’t explain clearly, seeing her. It was our first time to have a quarrel between us. After that, we were hurt by each other. I was almost giving up. However, I wanted to tell my feeling more clearly again and be honest with each other. I thought like that from the bottom of my heart, so I decided to write a letter to her. In the letter, I wrote what I was feeling and what I really wanted to tell. I wrote all of those things. I was really nervous when I was reading it in front of her. But, I tried to look at her eyes and tell her seriously. After I finished reading, Beck smiled at me and said, “Thank you. It’s sweet. I understand.” My host sister helped me to write the letter. So, she smiled next to me as well. I was really happy and I said, “Thank you” to her again and again. 
We often tend to grasp “quarrel” as something negative. However, in my case, I feel it was a chance for me to grow. I could tell my opinions and be honest. I’ve learned how important telling and saying my mind on the spot. Moreover, I could stop denying other’s sense of value with my sense of value which was normal just for me. It also became a good chance to be a person who can listen to other opinions through a different way of thinking. Then, to me now, “different life style” in every house means something positive that makes the house special and interesting. Without my present family, I could not have had this experience. Doing house work every day is to help each other as a member of the family. When I go back to Japan, I will help my mum. 
Everyone wants to have a happy and comfortable life. However, I noticed I can’t grow with just being comfortable. Actually, we grow up when we face and overcome some troubles and pains. I even think we can learn from those more than from staying comfortable. I really am thankful to encounter this family who have made me grown. Especially, I want to tell my appreciation to my host sister, who gave me ice cream and tissues when I was crying. My agent, Ms. Oi from Education Focus, and my host family coordinator, Ms. Amber helped me a lot to deal with my worries or problems throughout this program. Only one month of study abroad life is left. I’ve set the goal of telling my mind on the spot, so I’ll gather all my strength for it.
With lots of love and a hug,
Yu Tsujishin (Yoyo)




Kia ora everyone! I’m Seira. I go to Hauraki Plains College with my lovely partner, Maya. My town is called Ngatea and Ngatea is conveniently located to go to the city. There’re a lot of farms and a lot of cute calves were born recently. My host sister is starting to do a calf club and many kinds of calf competitions are coming up. I hope that she gets a good result. The season has changed to warm weather, but we’re still drinking hot drinks. I used to drink a hot chocolate every morning in New Zealand but I’m not drinking it now because I’m worried about my weight. haha I’m a good hot chocolate maker in my house, and my host family always asks me to make a good hot chocolate. So my host mother calls me “Hot chocolate queen!”.
Anyway, I would like to start with introducing my school life to you. I take English, Mathematics, Drama, Horticulture (Gardening), DTC (Computing), PE, Maori Cultural Studies and ESOL. Among them, I’m quite enjoying Maori Cultural Studies and Drama. 
In Maori class, we’re doing a lot of fun things. I made an original Maori design and traced a traditional Maori design, called “Koru”, on a piece of wood. After this, I painted the wood. My hands were shaking when I drew the design of Koru. It took me many days to finish my work. So, when I finished painting, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment. Also, everyone praised my painting like, “Your painting is beautiful! Awesome!” I was very happy to hear that. In addition, we’re learning “kapa haka”. I had to memorize all Maori songs and dances as soon as possible. It was very hard for me. I wanted to pronounce each Maori word clearly, so I asked my teacher and classmates how to do many times. Thanks to this, I had good communication with them and I can pronounce each Maori word properly now. We have Kapa haka festival at the beginning of November. I think it’s going to be my last Maori experience for me, so I want to enjoy doing the kapa haka and express my gratitude to my classmates and teachers through my behavior.
Also, I’m having a quite good time in drama class. I didn’t like acting in front of other people, but I took it because I wanted to change my personality. My drama classmates divided themselves into groups of five. I had to act in public for an exam and I picked a character, “Pantalone”. He likes money and is always angry. It was very difficult to get right into the character. We practiced hard, so after the performance we were full of self-confidence. My drama teacher said to us, “Well done!” Our successful performance actually strengthened our bonds of friendship. 
Besides classes, I have joined an activity of the Christian group at school as well. It is a gathering held every Monday during lunch time. When my friends invited me, I thought it would be good for me to learn a different culture. We often share stories of our daily lives and watch some movies together. Through this, I could have a golden opportunity to make a lot of friends.
Next, I would like to talk about my hardship in New Zealand. I have a problem with pronunciation of English. Especially, I’m not good at pronouncing L and R. Because of this, when I came to New Zealand, I couldn’t make myself understood in English. I confused many words because I couldn’t get my tongue around them. In Japan, I practiced pronunciation in English classes but honestly I didn’t work very hard for it. I didn’t realize its importance. So I didn’t care much about it in Japan and I had thought that vocabulary is more important than pronunciation. But, now I know that it was a big mistake. For example, when I left my work in the locker, I tried to explain about it to the teacher. But he couldn’t understand what I wanted to say because I couldn’t pronounce ”locker” correctly. I was very sad. Although I think my English skill has improved, I still can’t pronounce words as well as I wish. Sometimes a word that I want to say comes to my mind but I can’t say it, because I don’t have any confidence in myself. If I could pronounce words correctly, I’d be able to have a more lively conversation with kiwi people. Even to memorize vocabulary correctly, it is important for me to pronounce well. So I will keep trying in pronunciation until I go back to Japan. 
There’s a little time left until we go back to Japan. Before coming to New Zealand, I didn’t like standing in front of the people. Also, I was afraid of making mistakes and stayed away from facing my weak points. However, now I don’t mind standing in front of people and making mistakes. I want to try anything as much as I can. 
I deeply appreciate my family for letting me study abroad. I could change my personality through this experience because they have supported me from Japan. We can’t easily study abroad as a high school student. I want to carefully spend my remaining time here. 
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!!
Thank you for reading my essay.
Big love,
Seira Tabata


Hi, everyone!! It’s me, Maya Iwami!!! How are you doing? 9 months have already passed since I came to New Zealand. I can’t believe that!! When I came here, it was summer but now spring has come, and summer is coming soon again. I think that time is moving very quickly… 
I’m staying in Ngatea on the Hauraki Plains. It is a very small town, but it’s a lovely town for me!! I met my great friends, great host family and many kind people here. I’m having a really good time with them!!
I go to Hauraki Plains College with my partner, Seira. At first, I tried to talk to kiwi students but it was hard for me to speak English and understand spoken English. Also, the students had already made friend groups, so I couldn't join them from myself. I didn't have any confidence and guts to try to do by myself. However, if I kept thinking negatively like that, I wouldn't be able to change, so I decided to change my school life. Then, I joined some clubs to expand relations with new friends. I’m a member of the choir and I joined the girls’ soccer club and volleyball club. I’m going write about what I experienced in these clubs. 
I have been a member of the choir from the end of term 1. Choir is the same as the chorus club in Japan. When I first thought to join some clubs, my host mother and my host sister recommended this club to me. At the beginning, it was hard for me to know how to connect the lyrics and pronunciation of English in songs. So, I couldn't have any confidence to sing for some time. However, even if I join this club, if I didn’t do anything, it could be the same as not joining. Then, I made my motto: “ASK if I don’t know". I began to ask many questions to members or the teacher. I felt better because I went from not knowing to knowing, so it became fun to sing songs after that. Also, I talked more to them though asking questions. I am far from a good singer, but I have got my confidence, so I enjoy singing. I have participated in some concerts. In the concerts, we have sung not only English songs but also Spanish songs. I got nervous when I sang the songs in front of many people, but all the members looked grandly so I got grand naturally. At the end of this term, my school will hold a school concert. We are practicing new songs to perform at this concert. I think it will be a good memory for me, so I want to have fun singing there, too!! 
Next, I’m going write about the girls’ soccer club. I had joined this club from term 2 to term 3. When I was an elementary school student, I had joined a soccer team, but it was for boys. So, I decided to join the girl’s club before I came here. However, it did not always go well. Besides practicing soccer, I had to communicate with other teammates to play well. Though, at first, I didn’t even know their names, and I couldn’t even say, “pass”. Also, I didn’t know what to talk during games. I just could ask them “what I had to do”. However, one day, one of my teammates said to me, "Maya, you are a good soccer player, but you have to talk to us more during the game!! You don’t need to say difficult things. I can speak to you and help you!!" Then, I realized an important thing. I just need to start from what I can do without thinking too much about what I can’t do. It’s necessary to think using my head. But others can’t understand what I’m thinking if I don’t show it with my action. From then on, I have begun speaking about small things, and I could talk more than at the first. I could communicate during the game with my teammates as well. I have scored three goals this season. When I made a shot, they hugged me and said, “Maya!! Nice goal” or “Good job, Maya!!” Then, I was really glad. After I finished this year’s soccer season, we don’t meet together every day. But when my teammates see me at school, they talk to me every time. I feel I met the best soccer members in this country. I was really happy playing soccer here.
Though coming to New Zealand, I could have awesome experiences. Also, I got awesome friendships with many people. I may never have such a valuable experience in my life again. Thanks to my family, I was able to come to this study abroad. So I really appreciate my family. My family, my friends, my classmates, my Japanese teachers, my New Zealand's teachers, my host family, and people I have engaged in this study abroad…, I want to express my appreciation to all of you from the bottom of my heart. 
I can stay in New Zealand only for a short time, but it hasn’t finished yet!! I keep trying to complete “My Happy New Zealand Life” until the very end of my stay!!
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you for reading my essay.
Maya Iwami


Are you enjoying middle of autumn in Japan?
Hi, guys! It’s Nana. I go to Waiuku Collage with my great partner, Yo-yo(Yu). I gave her this nick name. It’s cool, isn’t it? I can’t believe that I’ve been here for 9 months. Looking back on the past, I’ve spent many kinds of times- happy enjoyable, struggling….  To be honest, I wanted to go back to Japan during rough times when relationships with my friends and family weren’t going well. However, now, I realized they are good memories because everything turned out well in the end.
Well, let me talk about what I found and experienced through my study abroad.
You know that NZ is a multi-cultural country, right? Not surprisingly then, my host family is multi-cultural as well. My host family consists of my father, mother, little brother and grandmother. In order from the left, they are South African, Thai and Indian except my little brother. Did you realize? Yes, my little brother is quarter. His name is Atom. I think you are imagining Astro Boy, Atom, right now. At first, I did the same thing as you. haha. Anyway, it may seem hard to live together due to different cultures, but it is not. They respect each other’s culture and try to know about each other. Before not being close to them, I didn’t know what to talk about with them, so spending time with them was uncomfortable for me. At the same time, I had been struggling about my friends as well, so I couldn’t afford to think about both matters. But I really wanted to make the situation better, so I tried to solve the problem about my host family first. 
Although I didn’t care about their multi-cultural background, I used to make an invisible wall between them and me somehow. I think I didn’t want to show them my true self. I got advice from my teachers and friends, also I tried to find a solution by myself. And then, I found I was just thinking too much about the topics for talking with them. At that time, every time I talked with them, I was saying to myself, “I must talk. I must talk” in my mind. I put a lot of pressure on myself and that made me feel bad. I should have relaxed and talked with them even when the story was trivial. After that, I tried to relax when talking. For a while, I was clumsy, but I was getting used to it little by little. Now I enjoy talking with them about nonsense things, such as about fortune-telling. My host father never believes it, but I believe it. I don’t want to agree with it, so we start having an argument. And then he requires me to prove it, but I can’t do and I lose. 
Experiencing this hardship was good opportunity to know an important thing. I even regretted not having talked much with my family in Japan. I will treasure conversations with my family from now on. 
By the way, sadly, my host family except my grandmother is going to Thailand this week, and I can’t see them anymore before leaving NZ.  I’m really happy to have been their child. They told me, some day they will come to Japan. I’ll improve my English more before then because I want to talk more deeply with them. It was nice being with them and I hope they will come to Japan as soon as they can.
As I said before, I didn’t use to get along with my friends, either. I was scared to talk with them because I didn’t have confidence in my English. Because of that, my feelings got negative. But one day, I started to think that even though they are my friends, they are my teachers as well. Moreover, I thought they are the best tools to improve my English. It sounds vicious, but the thought was helpful for what I was then. Getting close was good, but first, I had to remove my scared emotion. I kept trying to talk to them and we became closer not as teacher-students, but as friends. On my birthday, they organized a secret party for me. It made me feel I want to be much closer to them. Thanks to them, my school life is awesome. 
 (my host brother and cousins)
After having things go well with my family and friends, I wanted to try some new things. So, I started to take clarinet lessons at school. Every time the teacher gives me a new harder music sheet, so it’s quite difficult. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the lessons because there is only one lesson every Monday and it’s for only 20 minutes. Then, I started to join an orchestra in the next town, too. It’s really amazing. I think sharing something without words is wonderful, and this time, it is music for me.  I used to belong to a brass band club and perform with all Japanese people, so this was new to me because everyone is a foreigner to me.  Normally in Japan, brass band clubs practice for a  contest, and when I was a member of that type of group, sometimes I felt stress and didn’t feel like playing. On the other hand, in NZ, the orchestra doesn’t play in order to win a contest, so I can enjoy music purely. I didn’t expect that I could spend such a great time with music in NZ.
Lastly, I have only one month before going back to Japan. I tell you now, I got fat, so don’t be surprised at me when you see me in Japan, haha. Anyway, but for the support from my family, teachers and friends…everyone, I couldn’t have been spending such a wonderful time in NZ. Thank you so much, all of you guys. I’ll bring back many stories of my study abroad, so please wait for me with your ears open. :-) See you soon guys.
Big love,


Hello, guys. I'm Hanna. I go to Otamatea High School with my classmate, Ruka. I've been here for over eight months and have experienced so many things. I'll tell you guys about what I’ve experienced and learned here, in New Zealand.
One of my purposes of this overseas study was to improve my English, but what I really wanted to change was myself. I am not a flexible person and when I was at Jin-ai last year, I was often pointed it out by some people around me. I'd realized my flaw at that time, but I didn't understand in what ways this trait was manifesting itself. As I spent some time at school here, I found many things that I couldn’t be satisfied with and didn't really understand. For example, I couldn't deal with how some kiwi students spent their time in classes at school because it was totally different from the way I was used to. I even got upset about it sometimes. At that time, I hadn't realized that “this” was the answer I'd wanted to know. However, now I know that I was just judging others only in my way. Those students, whom I mentioned above, did what they had to do in whatever style they could. Some even finished their work at their home, so they looked more relaxed in classes. That only meant their styles were just different from mine. That is how I really understood my inflexibility and it became an important moment for me.
Kiwis think communication way more important than we, Japanese. Sadly, I was a person who wasn't interested in communication that much at first, and didn't really care about it. I even thought that people could live without communicating with others. That's why I didn't tell much about myself to anyone, even though I was an international student and had many things I could tell. As you would expect, this idea and attitude caused a problem. Especially, my host family wasn't really happy about it. Since I wasn't paying attention to the situation, I didn't realize how people around me had thought about my behaviors. I remember that when I realized “that” had made my life in New Zealand smaller and closed, I became extremely disappointed in myself.  Then, I started to take action and it bettered my life. I forced myself to communicate more with those around me and it made my life in New Zealand easier and more enjoyable. Currently I think communication is indispensable if we want to grow and better ourselves because there are heaps of things we can learn through communication with other people.
I had difficulties as you have read above. However, I can say that because I had difficulties, I have experienced more valuable and important things. One of the most memorable experiences I've had on this exchange has been taking part in Duke of Edinburgh, normally called DOE. For DOE, we needed to complete all of the following: tramp, service, physical recreation, and skills sections. For the tramp which was the main thing to do for DOE, I went tramping with my group members three times. For the skills section, I did Kapa Haka and for the service section, I did volunteer work at the school café. I think what I did at the café was interesting, so I'm going to write a bit about it.  For the service section, we had to do whatever volunteer work we chose for an hour once a week and keep it up for three months. I chose to help at the school café. Firstly, it's rare that a school has its own café, don't you think? The café provides nice and delicious meals and drinks, and students can even take barista classes there. I helped in the café by making sushi. Before I actually started doing it, I was worried that there would be heaps of leftovers because I didn't know just how popular sushi actually was. However, I remember being so surprised on the first day of sushi-making as students lined up to buy it. Even teachers came to buy some. I had a strong sense of achievement. Overall, through DOE, I learned the importance of attempting to do new things.  
On reflection, I'm really pleased to have been given this opportunity. So many people have supported me in so many different ways. Actually, we'll never know how many people are always involved in making things happen. For example, for DOE, it was my dean who encouraged me to take the opportunity to participate in DOE and the café's owner who offered me a place to complete my work. Moreover, the opportunity was given to me because I could come to New Zealand as an overseas student. Without my family, classmates and teachers, I couldn’t have come here. So I cannot thank them enough.
Shortly after I finish term 4, I'll go back to Japan. I want to stay here longer. Similarly, I want to go back to Japan to know how much I've improved through this study abroad opportunity. I greatly appreciate all the people who have supported me and wish to thank them all very much.
I'll see you guys very soon.
Thank you for taking the time to read my essay. I hope you enjoyed it.


Hey guys! How have you been? For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Miyu  and I go to Central Hawks Bay College with my great partner, Hitomi   It’s getting very hot here during the daytime but still cold in the morning and the night. Spring has finally arrived! I’m so excited since I’ve been sick of those freezing days. I never expected that I would be snuggling up with a hot water bottle every single night. Without further ado, let’s get onto the subject. 
I’m living with my host father, mother, and little brother. They are from Chile but they have lived here in New Zealand for over 20 years. There is also a kiwi girl living with us. She doesn’t go to my college but she still helps me a lot. To be honest, I used to have complains about my host family because they are non-native English speakers. I found my situation very complicated at that time. My host parents need to speak Spanish to get their son immersed in a Spanish environment so that he’ll be able to speak both English and Spanish. What’s more, my host sister studies Spanish very hard and tries to talk in Spanish as well. I’d thought I was the only one who wanted to speak English in this family and felt as though I was excluded from them when they talked in Spanish. However, as time went by, I got used to living with them, which made me think over my situation.  Nothing had changed in our relationship those few weeks, and I realized, ‘What am I waiting for?’ I had no idea how to answer to this question. I’d been waiting for ‘something’ that can change my life but the ‘something’ did not even exist, so what was the point to wait for nothing? This was when I literally admitted that I was wrong. It was always “my own action” that could change my life. Then I started to think positively about my environment and tried to look for their good points. In fact, once I disregarded thinking negatively, loads of interesting experiences came up constantly. 
We are, what is called, a multi-cultural family and each of us has different language, culture, and even common sense. We often ask each other how we say some words in our own language and we also make each other our traditional foods for dinner. We can expand one topic into three different views from Chile, Japan, and New Zealand. Although there are heaps more that I could talk about, I’ll stop here as it’s countless. All I can say is that I’m really enjoying staying with them now and I think they are the “best” host family for me. I’m so blessed that I could have this precious opportunity. I could never experience such a global life without them.
Next, I’ll be talking about my school life. We’re allowed to take 6 classes and I do ESOL, Geography, Math, Drama, PE, and FNT(Food Nutrition Technology).  Most of my friends say Drama is a fun class but it is absolutely difficult for exchange students like me. This class is basically different from the ‘class’ we have in Japan. There’s no desk nor chair to sit at because what we do in this class is ‘performing’ which includes speaking and listening. I used to hate Drama. You know how you feel when you have no idea what’s going on in the class and then you’re suddenly put in front of everyone. Yes, I was humiliated by this situation so many times. Some activities don’t even let us have any scripts and instead we have to quickly create a short story, practice how we move, what we say and then act it out to the class straight after. Surprisingly we have to do this within 20 minutes. At first, I didn’t understand what the story my friends made was like and what to say during the acting.  I was such a troublemaker in the activity... Despite this hard work, however, I still recommend you to take Drama because it brings you a number of opportunities to grow up markedly. You can learn the skills of listening, negotiating, communicating, and you would get your self-esteem and confidence.
There’s only a short time left for me to stay in New Zealand. I wish I didn’t have to leave but sadly I’m going to.   This past 9 months have gone incredibly fast and I’m not even ready to go back!  I’ve been involved in as many school events as possible and I have travelled to so many places with my college friends. I’ve spent such memorable days with great people. I want to tell my mother BIG thanks for letting me have this great experience in New Zealand.  I’m pretty sure this year will be a milestone in my life, well it’s already is though 
See you guys very soon xx
Miyu Nishimoto


Yui Sano01.jpg
Have you heard this phrase before? It means a place where you can feel as comfortable, happy, or relaxed as your own home. It is also called the second home. NEW ZEALAND, is the place for me. Isn’t it great to have such a place overseas? 
Kia Ora everyone! It’s Yui. How have you been? I hope you all have been doing well. Over 8 months have already passed since I came to New Zealand. I feel that time certainly flies fast. Most of our Eiryu students say exactly the same thing, don’t we? Anyway, I have a heap of things that I’d like to tell you, but unfortunately, I think I’d better pick out a few of them. So basically, I’ll be telling you about what I have ever struggled with. I hope it will be enjoyable to read and serve someone in some way.
As I mentioned above, New Zealand is my home away from home in Japan. But honestly, I just started to feel like that a few months ago. What do you think is the reason for this change? It is because I have taken concrete actions courageously after I found my real weaknesses and faced myself including those at the root of it. To me, these were definitely not easy things.
Here is when I started to go to Pompallier Catholic College in term 1. While I just felt nervous to do anything at school, I had quite much courage to do them. I think to begin something new often excites people and encourages them to try harder. So, even on the first day at school, I started to talk to some students to know them at lunchtime or in class. From that day, I usually spent break time with several different people in February. It seemed incredible to me, but I actually did it because I knew no one except Saki at first and really wanted to make kiwi friends to enjoy my school life. Gradually, I found some good friends and got along with them. I tried to talk as much as I could in those days because I understood that if I do not say anything or just wait for them to ask me something, our relationships would not go well at all. I also tried to be bright and social so that people might at least get a bit of a good first impression of me (I hope!). Term 1 passed so quickly. I did my best almost every day. The best events in term 1 were going surfing for the first time and joining the Swimming Competition, by the way :-)
Then, in term 2, I got used to going to school. I was able to understand what to do in class. I’ve got nice friends. Here is where you may guess what was going on then though. Well, to tell the truth to you, I stopped trying something new or even things which I used to be able to do in the previous term such as talking a lot without being afraid of making mistakes in English, making more friends, trying some activities, and so on. Somehow, I started to lose confidence. That’s why, needless to say, I did not feel happy at school and enjoy my limited New Zealand life much. I got afraid of changing something that I got used to around that time, even though I knew what I should have done. I finally realized my real weaknesses, so I needed to come to terms with the fact that I had ignored to face myself. That was the toughest struggle I have ever had here. During the July holidays, I reflected on the matter properly. I strongly decided to change myself and restart to try something new with courage. Of course, I talked about my worries with people around me. They responded with care to my concerns. All their kindnesses and advice have meant a lot to me.
I did totally change my mind from term 3. Since then, a lot of things have been going far better. I’ve been doing what I actually want to try. For example, I have joined the Badminton Competition, been a member of textile club, hung out with my friends many times, made many more new kiwi friends, talked a lot with people, and many other things. I’ve been having so much fun at school especially since term 3. Best of all, hanging out with my friends for 4 weekends in a row has been one of by far my best memories in friendship. Moreover, they asked me out each time. I was so pleased with it. I’m on the October holidays now and am really enjoying catching up with my friends. Some of them say to me, “I really want to hang out with you” or “I really enjoyed spending time with you today”. Don’t you think it is a great step forward as compared with my past self?
Yui Sano02.jpg
Through these experiences, I can say that plucking up your courage and starting to try even each single small thing will strengthen yourself and change your life. You will realize how important people around you are, too. I cannot do or enjoy heaps of things without the people who have helped me. I have met absolutely amazing people such as my host family, friends, and teachers in New Zealand. My host family gives me huge love every day, so I think we might be a real family. My friends and teachers help me have so much fun at school. I am pretty sure I will miss them a lot. All the people who have been supporting me from Japan such as my family, teachers, and besties are my rock as always. I am thankful to have such inspiring people and lots of fabulous memories in my life so that they always help me take it up a notch. I cannot thank them enough. I will enjoy my New Zealand life to the fullest till the very end.
Arohanui (Lots of love)
Yui Sano


Study abroad….. away from your family, friends and home… definitely hard for everyone. But definitely worth it for everyone, too.
Kia ora! (Hello in Maori) What have you been up to? It’s me, Kokoro Yamanouchi. The picture is MY baby lamb, named Kokoro after me!!! I spend time with Kokoro every morning, evening, and sometimes in the afternoon. That’s why he’s named Kokoro. He is adorable, isn’t he!?
I live in a lovely city, Hastings. Winter has just about finished, and here it’s all warm and spring now. I can’t believe that I’ve been here for 9 months already! Days go so fast unfortunately….Anyway, I am absolutely enjoying my life in NZ with my fabulous friends, fabulous host family and a lot of animals! Actually, my host family has got 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 cows, and 16 sheep!!!!! It would never be believed in Japan, don’t you think? I love to pet them! I have also experienced not only pleasant events but also some struggles. I will introduce some of my experiences in NZ to you guys. I hope this means something to you.
First of all, I’ll write about my school life. I go to Hastings Girls High School with my partner, Miki. I take 6 subjects; ESOL, English, Math, Biology, Maori, and Textile. I enjoy all of the subjects. Especially, Textile is really fun for me because I can make anything I want. I’m making a handy bag at moment. I can learn not only how to make things but new English words because I have to make in accordance with the instructions. I also enjoy Maori. It’s the traditional language of NZ. At the beginning of class, the grammar and words were completely new to me, so it was really complicated. However, pronunciation of Maori is quite similar to that of Japanese. I think it is a very good chance to learn about NZ culture through Maori. Moreover, I started learning the guitar and joined the choir. Starting new things is stimulating for me, so I have been enthusiastic to find things I haven’t done before.
 Another challenge I enjoyed is volunteer works, which are helping abandoned animals at SPCA and going to kindergartens. At all the places where I went to, I enjoyed talking with other people who work there and who came to do volunteer work there. Particularly, when I went to a culture festival at a primary school, I had a wonderful time with kids who were 5-year-old. At kindergartens, I made many Origami to give the kids and taught them several easy ones to make together. The hardest part was to instruct them to fold papers attracting their interests. I tried to talk slowly for them to understand and praise them a lot. Fortunately, they loved Origami, especially making a shuriken and plane. Unlike Japan, there are many children from different countries in schools there. So they naturally learn various cultures from their friends from their childhood, which is really good. I was so happy to have an experience to teach some Japanese culture to the children and know this difference between Japan and NZ.
Next, I’ll introduce about my life with my host families. I had to change my host family twice because of the school rules. I was supposed to change only once but unexpected things happen any time. I loved all my host families. I still keep in touch with my previous host families sometime, too. However, at first, I found it difficult to get used to the new HFs and every time I moved, I missed the previous HF. I wanted to build a strong relationship with HF, so I couldn’t help thinking it’s not fair for me to move so many times. Gradually, I started to see the negative sides of this matter, which was no way to solve. However, when I talked about this problem to my teacher, I realized that seeing its positive sides might make me feel better. And I decided to think that this would be a good chance for me to improve my communication skill because each family has different characters or hobbies. Now I am enjoying NZ life with my present HF; my funniest host father, and my loveliest host mother. There is full with smiles every day with many animals. 
I am sure you will also find difficulties when you start to stay at a new place or even try something new. While some of them could be what you expected, others could be what you couldn’t expect. But you don’t have to be panicked or feel really sad, because there is always a bright part behind everything. If you know this, all the difficulties will make you stronger surely. So please don’t be afraid, and try many things not to regret. Of course, I will, too, for the rest of days in NZ.
Thank you for reading my essay. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in November.
With Big Love,
Kokoro Yamanouchi

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