NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hey guys, I’m Miu.  I go to Pompallier Catholic College.  It’s been eight months since we started our lives in NZ.  I can’t believe how fast time flies.  It’s getting warmer and changing to spring, but it’s sometimes still very cold.  I have experienced so many things which are all precious to me.  I’ll tell you some things that I’ve done so far.

First of all, I’ll tell you about my school.  I’m in year 10 here.  There are three year 10 classes and we take all the classes with my classmates except two optional classes.  I’m taking French, textiles, math, English, science, social studies, religious studies, PE, health, and ESOL.  French and textiles are optional classes for this term and I took Drama and Food as optional classes in term one and term two.  I especially like math because it’s easy for me, so my classmates always ask me how to solve questions.  I’m not good at explaining things even in Japanese, but I always try to explain math problems to help them understand.  I feel so happy when they understand my explanation.  At school, I was surprised that there are a lot of students from many other countries.  In fact, I have friends from Korea, China, Philippines and Kiribati in my group.  We sometimes talk about our countries, so I have discovered so many interesting things from their stories.  Also I really like their jokes.  We always laugh together, so I’m so happy to be with them.

Now, I’ll tell you about the hard times that I had.  I couldn’t talk very much with my friends at first, so I was just listening and smiling.  I knew it wouldn’t make any changes to improve my English and that I had to change the situation.  I tried to talk as much as I could.  However, I couldn’t make them understand what I was saying.  Therefore, I was not able to speak confidently.  I wanted to know why my English wasn’t understandable, so I started to observe how people spoke.  The point I’ve found is that people speak with their mouths opening wider than I do and I see their teeth when they talk.  After I started to talk like them with my mouth opening wider, the number of the times when I was asked to say things again decreased amazingly. I also found that my accent made it difficult for other people to understand me.  I saw many people from other countries speaking with their own accent, but people understood their English while they couldn’t understand my accent.  Such an experience made me feel very sad, so I’ve been trying to speak without a Japanese accent.  It’s still very hard because I have spoken English with a Japanese accent until now.  Anyways, I really feel my English is much better than before.  I couldn’t understand what people said on the first day, but I can now, and people understand what I say.

My main aim of my studying in NZ was to improve my English.  However, I’ve found another problem that I had to solve and I think I’ve overcome it.  I used to think about everything too deeply and nervously.  Because of that, I missed so many opportunities that I should have had.  To be honest, I don’t really know why and how I thought about everything so seriously now.  I’ve become pretty calm and able to take things positively.  I mean I try everything when I’m interested.  I don’t want to regret not trying something.  It is much better to regret something after I’ve done it.  I always keep that thought in my mind.

Next I’ll tell you about Kapa Haka, which is Maori’s traditional performance of dances and songs.  I was very glad to be able to join the Kapa Haka club.  I missed the chance to join it in term one, but fortunately, there was another chance to start joining Kapa Haka from term two.  I definitely wanted to do it.  Practicing Kapa Haka was very hard for me at first because people around me had been practicing since the beginning.  Moreover I didn’t know any songs or dances, so I had to memorize everything that the other students had already known.  I think Kapa Haka was the busiest club because we practiced so hard for the competition, which Pompallier Catholic College was going to participate in for the first time.  I had a very tough time, but I didn’t give up.  I’ve decided to accomplish whatever I started until the end.  I did my best, and at the end, I was chosen to be in a front row for the competition.  I was so impressed with our performance.  Also many people praised me after the performance.  It was an extremely remarkable time.  Actually, Kapa Haka was the best experience that I could never do in Japan.  

I’ve got so many amazing opportunities through the experience of living in NZ.  I’ve recognized the importance of my family and people who support me.  I appreciate them all.  Thanks to them, I am spending a precious life, so I want to cherish the rest of my time in NZ.  I want to proudly say “Tadaima” when I see my family in November.  I’m going to make more and more memories in the rest of my time here and I’m looking forward to talking about everything to you all!  Thank you for reading my essay :)

Miu Sakamoto



まず、学校についてお話します。私はYear 10のクラスに所属しています。Year 10のクラスは3クラスあり、2つの選択授業を除いては、クラスメートと同じ授業です。私は、フランス語、裁縫、数学、英語、科学、社会、宗教、体育、保健、ESOLの授業を受けています。今学期はフランス語と裁縫が選択授業で、1、2学期は、ドラマとフードの選択授業を受けていました。私は特に数学が好きです。私には簡単だからです。そのため、クラスメートがいつも問題の解き方を私に質問してきます。私は、日本語ででも説明をするのは得意ではありませんが、みんなに分かってもらえるように数学の問題の解説をしようとしています。みんなに分かってもらえると、とても嬉しいです。私の学校には他の国からの生徒がたくさんいて、びっくりしました。実際、私のグループには、韓国、中国、フィリピン、キリバス出身の友達がいます。私たちは自分の国について時々話をするので、たくさんの面白い発見があります。みんなの冗談も大好きです。いつも一緒に笑っていて、友達といるのがとても楽しいです。







Hi guys!  I'm Mirai.  I'm living in Waipukurau, which is a very small but very peaceful city.

Now I’m on a school holiday between term 2 and term 3.   I usually enjoy playing with my host mother's grandchildren.

It has already been 6 months since I came to New Zealand, so I'm surprised to realize how fast the time has passed.

I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College with my lovely partner Moka.  I love this school so much because the students are very friendly and nice to me :)  In my school, there are 4 house groups called Grey, Cobham, Hobson and Freyberg and they do battles in every event such as Kapa Haka, triathlon, and athletic day.  I like this system.  Also, everyone cheers for each other even though they are opponents in each event, so I like this school’s students.

Now, I'd like to tell you about Kapa Haka.  Kapa Haka is New Zealand’s traditional dancing and singing performance.  We speak Maori when performing it.  The pronunciation of the Maori language is very similar to that of Japanese, so it was not hard for me to pronounce Maori except “r”, but remembering Maori words was difficult.  I couldn't remember some of the words in the song.  My house group Grey got the 3rd place but I really enjoyed performing Kapa Haka.  I had wanted to do it since I was in Japan.  I had such an amazing experience which I can't experience in Japan, so I'm very glad that I was able to experience it and I want to do it again!

Actually my life here isn't always happy.   Especially in term 1, I couldn't understand what the teachers and my friends were talking about.  Sometimes, I couldn’t even understand the activities in class.  I often didn't talk at all during interval and lunchtime.  I couldn't even understand the conversation among kiwi friends.  I wanted to change myself, but I couldn't.  I knew I shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes, but to be honest, as I was afraid of making mistakes, I sometimes hesitated to talk.
However, I got an opportunity to change myself.  I saw my Japanese classmates for an April camp after term 1.  We got together and talked about our own problems and the troubles in our lives.  We gave a lot of advice and encouragements to each other.  Then, we cried a lot.  It was an amazing time for us and I realized that I had to change myself.

Thanks to the discussion with my classmates, I've changed my attitude since the beginning of term 2.  I definitely talk more than I did in term 1 and am enjoying my school life.  Of course I talk with my friends at break time.  My friends’ group is quite big so it is still hard to think of a topic to share with all of them.  When I can't talk with many friends, I usually talk with some friends who are sitting close to me.  I’ve got more friends and I'm having better relationships with my friends.  Although sometimes I still can't understand English, but I can ask now.  I'm not afraid of making mistakes any more.

Term3 is going to start soon.  I promise that I'll have more confidence in my English and I'll talk more with my friends so as not to regret my life here!

Thank you for reading my essay.

I miss my family and my friends Teina, Nao, Yumi, Non, Nichika and others!!

Big love,






私は素敵なパートナーの萌加と一緒に、セントラルホークスベイカレッジに通っています。生徒たちがとてもフレンドリーで親切なので、私がこの学校が大好きです。私の学校には、Grey、 Cobham、Hobson、Freybergという4つのハウスグループがあり、カパハカやトライアスロン、体育祭などの学校行事のたびに競争をします。私はこの制度が好きです。この学校の生徒は、学校行事があると、違うグループの人であっても互いに応援しあうので、私はこの学校の生徒が好きです。







私の家族や友達(Teina, Nao, Yumi, Non, Nichika)やその他の人々に会えなくて寂しいです。




Hi guys!  How have you been?  This is Yuko from Hastings Girls’High School.  It has been more than five months since I came to NZ, so I’ve already spent more than half of my time of studying abroad. Time has gone so quickly. It was summer in NZ when I came here, but the temperature in NZ is getting lower. Now, I'm going to tell you about my NZ life.

Firstly, let me tell you about my host family.  I live with my host parents Cheryl, Grant and a cat named Rosy. My host mother is good at cooking.  I always look forward to having dinner. The dinner which my host mother makes is very delicious, so I tend to eat too much. My weight is going up in inverse proportion to the temperature in NZ…  My host father is a teacher and he teaches me English pronunciation. Thanks to him, my English is improving.Whenever we have time together, we often go out. We went to a farmers market, the sea, the hills, the other cities and so on.  My host family takes me a lot of places.Thanks to them, my weekend is not boring and I’ve gained new experiences!

At school, I take biology, stepping stone, in which we learn Maori culture, chemistry, multi technology, in which we make something with felt or wood, math and ESOL.  I enjoy all of the subjects. I also take singing lessons. It’s a one on one lesson, so I can ask questions easily and the teacher gives me a lot of advice.  In the lesson, I learn not only professional music knowledge but also English pronunciation. The songs which I sing have fast tempo, so it’s difficult for me, but I practice a lot. The teacher often says‘“Your singing skills are improving!”I’m so delighted.

Until now, I’ve written about my NZ life.I really want to tell you more about my life, but I have one more thing that I really would like to share with you more than that.  It is about my interaction with people from other countries.
In my school, there are a lot of students from different countries like Germany, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Macedonia and Japan.The other day, we talked about traditional music from our own countries. By the way, speaking of Japanese music, what do you remember? I told them about“gagaku.”They were impressed with its history.  I was especially interested in Macedonian music.Macedonian music has special elements and feelings.It's complex and has deep rhythms. It's also has irregular beats like a seven-eight beat, so it's difficult to make a rhythm. It was so interesting for me to learn about that. We talked for a long time.

I didn't think that I would be able to learn about Macedonian music in NZ.  It's a shame, but before I met the person from Macedonia, I didn't even know where Macedonia is. If I had not come to Hastings Girls’ High School, I wouldn’t have met her and learned about Macedonian music. I'm very glad that I've come here and had the opportunities to interact with a lot of people from different countries.  I’ll cherish the opportunities I’ve got. I really would like to thank all those who let me have a lovely time in NZ and who have been supporting me.  For the past five months, I have reflected on myself.  For the next half of my study abroad, I have decided to go my own way.  I'm going to try many things and make more wonderful memories. I will grow up more, so will my weight. lol

Thanks for reading.

Big love,
Yuko Yanagi










Hi guys!  How have you been doing?  It’s Yuika here!

Now, let me introduce myself.  I live in Whanganui and go to Cullinane College.  I’m known as a foodie, which means someone who loves eating, by my friends.  Actually, it’s true.  One day, when I was not hungry, I said,“ I’m not hungry, so I don’t want to eat.”  One of my kiwi friends said,” What?!  You are not Yuika!  Where is the real Yuika!” :)  It is one of my funniest memories.
Anyway, I’d like to tell about my New Zealand life!  First, I’d like to tell you about my school!  As I told you, I go to Cullinane College.  Cullinane College is one of the Catholic schools in New Zealand, so many religious ceremonies are held at school.  I think basically Cullinane College is similar to Jin-ai Girls’ High School.  By the way, I take religious education, English, music, tourism, food, ESOL and math classes.  Also I have health and career classes every other week.  My most favorite class is music because we can play any instrument as we like.  During the class, I always practice playing the piano.  Speaking of the piano, I’m going to play the piano accompanying a year 13 student!  It’s going to be a good experience for me!  Also teachers and students here are very kind to me.   At first I couldn’t understand what teachers said and what I should do, so I always desperately asked the teachers or the students sitting next to me.  Then they taught me kindly!  In addition, I made friends through asking questions.  Understanding classes is still hard for me, but everyone supports me, so I’m not afraid of classes now.

Second, I’d like to tell you about my host family!  My host family has two dogs, one cat and three chickens!  My host mother Toni and her partner Keith are crazy about cars, so they often take me to car events on weekends!   In fact, I didn’t know about cars at all.  However, I’ve gradually come to understand about cars, so everyone says, “You will be an expert on cars!” :)  Also I have two host brothers, both of whom go to Cullinane College.  They are very kind to me and very funny.  The older one is Conner.  He is good at cooking, so he can cook many things by himself, and he often gives me ice cream!  Also, he pedals a bicycle very, very, very fast, so he can go home quickly from school.  I’m so jealous!  (haha)  The younger one is Hamish.  He loves playing games, so he introduces a lot of games to me.  I often clean up the kitchen with him, but it often takes very long because we start playing a game.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, though.  Don’t you think so?  My host family helps me have many experiences.  For example, my host mother takes me to piano lessons once a week.  I didn’t think I would take piano lessons in New Zealand, but I’m very, very, very happy to be able to take piano lessons!  Also, the piano is in my room!  The piano was in another place but they moved it to my room.  I cannot thank them enough.   

Finally, I’d like to tell you an important thing.  I have tried to be a very cheerful girl since I was a first grader at Jin-ai Girls’ High School.  And now, thanks to my smile, I’ve made a lot of friends.  I think it is important to have a friendly atmosphere because everyone speaks to me easily.  Of course, speaking to people from myself is also important, but if I looked serious all the time, people wouldn’t speak to me.  I’ve noticed that smiles are important through staying in New Zealand.

Now, I have to finish writing this essay.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

I’m going to continue being happy for my host family, teachers in NZ and Japan, my family in Japan, and myself!

Big love

Yuika Tono











Hello, this is Moka from Waipukurau, Central Hawke’s Bay.  It has already been four months since I came here.  I’m living with my host family, Kerri and Tammy and Devyn.  Kerri is good at cooking and I love her cooking.  Tammy is a police officer and I often watch TV with her.  Devyn is a very bright girl and I teach her Japanese.  We have three dogs, Ziya, Brun and Wolf and one cat, Pumba.  They are lovely and they make us laugh.

At school, I take drama, maths, hospitality, ESOL, geography and PE.  I like PE the best because we can play whatever sports we want.  I’m also involved in stage challenge now, which is great fun for me.  My job is to put makeup on heaps of dancers, so it’s not easy.  I’ve experienced many things that I had never done before.

I have been enjoying my NZ life very much, but I’ve often had a sad and hard time because of not understanding the language and how I am supposed to act.  At first, when I asked questions to my friends and classmates, they could not understand me.  I knew that would happen.  However, I felt sad because I was best at English in all the subjects when I was in Japan. The more often that happened, the less confident I became.  When my kiwi friends were talking to each other, I, of course, wanted to join them, but I could say nothing.  I just smiled, pretending as if I understood what they were talking about.  One day, when I was introduced to some students by a girl who is in my drama class, I was very frustrated because she said I was a quiet girl.  I know the reason of these sad experiences.  It was because I was not brave enough.  I know who caused those sad situations.  That’s me.  I looked back what I’d done and found something.  It was I who caused these situations, but I was definitely bitterly disappointed.  Why?  It’s because I knew what to do, but I couldn’t.

I suddenly remembered a saying which was said by Emma Watson, who I love and respect the best in the world.  That is “I am inviting you to step forward to be seen and to ask yourself, if not me, who?  If not now, when?”  This encourages me to be brave and step forward.  I think I was stupid and made mistakes.  However, I don’t think I wasted time.  It’s because I’ve learned what to do from now on thanks to those experiences.

Term 2 started on 1st of May.  I’ve become used to my life here, listening to English and speaking English.  I talk more than I did in Term 1.  As I talk with my friends, they talk with me as their friend.  I try to listen to them and they try to listen to me.  When I ask questions, they absolutely answer me.  I was afraid of what they would think of my English, but no one makes fun of my English when I try hard.  That’s what I have wanted to do.  Now I know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Making mistakes and regretting is not very bad if we make them into a process of making things successful.  I keep trying and I’ll enjoy my rest of  time here.

Thanks for reading

Big love
Moka Morida