NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。



I'll talk about ANZAC DAY!

Hello! This is Airi Hori.
Am I the first girl who was sent this kinda mail to you guys!?!?
3 months have past and it's school holiday now! ( It's gonna be finished soon though...)
Anyway! Life in NZ is AWESOME! I'm really enjoying being here. As you know, kiwi foods are very yummy(I KNOW they are quite FATTY) and I've put on weight just "a little bit".

I met my classmates in Auckland this week. My friends and I were just really excited because we hadn't spoken Japanese for a long time. We talked about school, friends, and host family until the sun rose up. It was a great opportunity to exchange our feelings.

By the way, do you know what ANZAC stands for? No? (...I learned it today myself.) ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
It's Anzac Day today. It's a day to honour members of Anzac who fought at Galipoli in Turkey during World WarⅠ. I went to the community hall which is in my town. We sang songs, and some people gave speeches there. Now, there is a movie about the World War on TV. I learned about war at school in Japan and watched many war movies and dramas, but I'm feeling very strange now because the movie is from the "other side". I'd never thought about the tragedy of war from the other side. But both sides have the same understanding that war is horrible, sad, the worst! I just thought we shouldn't do these horrible things again EVER!! I feel sorry for all the victims of war, not only the Japanese but also New Zealanders, Australians, Germans, Italians, English and Americans.
  I think I am really lucky to live in peace, in these international times. It was a day to step forward on the way to becoming an internationally-minded person.

私はANZAC DAYについてお話します。



Sorry I'm late to reply.I'm so good and I've never felt concerned since I've been here!I've already taken about 100 photos with my NEW camera that my homeroom teacher brought me. Guess what!!

I went to Sunrise Hut with international students, my ESOL teacher, and her friend yesterday! Do you know where it is?It's like a mountain, probably it's a mountain! Lol. And I went to the top of the mountain with my strong legs!Haha, I was dying but I couldn't give up, because it was too scary for me to wait for other people by myself!! And I thought it was my challenge, so I didn't want to give up.What a good girl! Anyway, I have sore bum!lol.I couldn't run at P.E class today.Haha, and I fell down (><) OMG I'm a poor girl. Ah.?
Honestly I'm not looking forward to going camp. Because I'm trying to forget Japanese now.If I meet my friends, I must talk Japanese but I think I can have fun!

I can't believe it was a year ago to do that, like changing a card, introducing myself, and so on. I was really pure then. lol I mean I didn't know everyone and I was so nervous.?
Are new students clever? I don't want to write a letter for them if they are clever. lol Just kidding!

I'm writing something for them here:

Hey! I'm Moe.
Are you excited to go to NZ? I was so excited before I came here because I thought I didn't have to study in NZ!Don't tell any teacher about it!! (Just kidding!) The real reason is that I thought I could have lots of experiences here.
I've been here for about 3 months and I 've already got heaps of experiences! Some of them were not good experiences for me. But now I think they were challenges because one of my kiwi teachers told me that I've overcome a great challenge! I don't know if she was honest or if she was just trying to make me happy. I was glad then and now I want to try everything that I can't do in Japan!
Are you worried about your life in NZ?If someone is worried,I want to say,'You don't have to worry!"NZ is a really nice place and all of the Kiwi people I've met are so kind!! You might hear about the problem of bullying some day. I was really worried about it before I came here. After the first couple of days at my new school I was still worried about it?
because I heard about it from my seniors.But I've never been treated badly by Kiwi students because they are so nice and friendly!

Anyway, I'm really doing well and I really want to tell you that NZ is a great place!I don't want to go back to school life in Japan will be hard but you can enjoy yourself for 11 months in NZ after your hard work, so do your best and have fun in Japan!!
I can't say 'do your best' only to you because I have to do my best,too. I'll do my best with you! See you in December.




Hello, Everyone,?
I'm Suzuka Yamada. I go to Hauraki Plains College and I'm living in (a town called) Paeroa which is 30 minutes from my school. Now about 8 months have already passed. Time flies so fast! I'm enjoying in my life in New Zealand now.

At first, many hardships awaited me. I had homesickness at times.... It was terrible. I often cried when I was homesick. Although I was spending many difficult days, my Japanese friends and Kiwi friends helped me. I was happy that I could get over the state. I thought I was depending on many people. It is important to learn something, but I have to do things by myself. Also I need to have more confidence in my action.

On the other hand, I could get some great experience during terms 1, 2, and 3. In term1, I represented Hauraki Plains College in Athletics. I participated in the 'senior girl's long jump'. In term2, I took part in badminton club at school. Also, there was a badminton competition held in term3. I got a lot of experiences in these sports events. During the time I played each sport I could speak English and make friends day by day. It was a good experience for me!!

I'm deeply grateful to my family who support me. I could make one of my dreams come true because there are a lot of people who support me. I hope my English gets even better and I become a "great girl" like our senior students(in the Eiryu Course). Please cheer for me and our Study Abroad Course at Jin-ai Girls' High School!!

こんにちは皆さん。山田涼花です。私はHauraki Plains Collegeに通っていて、そこから30分ほど離れたPaeroaに住んでいます。(ニュージーランドに来て)もう約8ヶ月が過ぎてしまいました。時の経つのはなんて早いのでしょう。今私はニュージーランドの生活をエンジョイしています。
一方、1・2・3学期を通していくつかの素晴しい体験をすることができました。1学期は体育大会でHauraki Plains Collegeの代表となりました。私は幅跳びのシニアガールズ部門に参加しました。2学期は、学校のバドミントンクラブに参加しました。また、3学期はバドミントンの試合が開催されました。私はこれらのスポーツイベントでたくさんの経験をしました。それぞれのスポーツをするうちに英語が話せるようになり、日に日に友達が増えました。私にとってとても良い経験になりました。



I have been in New Zealand for about 4 months. Time files so fast, and at school.Term2 has already started. In Term1, I struggled to get used to my school. Its structure and customs are different from schools in Japan, so I was at a loss about what to do, at first.
At OHS(Otamatea High School),my?New Zealand?school, there are Year 7 to 13 students. I thought that all NZ schools were organized the same way, so when I heard about my friend's school, I was surprised because it is different from my school. In many other schools, there are only Year 9 to 13 students.

During Term 1, I joined the KapaHaka group. It is traditional Maori songs and Haka(like fierce dances) that many NZ students learn, particularly Maori students. I practiced in the activity time once a week and I had weekend practice, too. The weekend practice, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., was very hard, and I didn't like it because some students didn't come to the practice. I had to work very hard on formation, but when the students who had been absent joined the group again at activity time, the formation was changed. The songs and the movement was also hard to learn.
On the 16th April, I went to the Tai Tokerau Festival at which all schools in North Land perform KapaHaka. I wore the Otamatea KapaHaka uniform and put on make-up. The performance was superb. We all performed in unison. It was the best KapaHaka that I have ever done. Our principal, Mr. Hutching was very pleased.
Through belonging to the KapaHaka group. I learned Maori culture and, as well, I've made friends with group members. The practice was very hard, but I am glad that I've had such a wonderful experience.

When I came to?New Zealand, there were delightful things and hardships, too. Honestly, at times, I thought that I wanted to go back to Japan. But thanks to people who help me, I am beginning to cope and to enjoy life in?New Zealand. And I'm deeply grateful to my family who support me.
While I'm here, I'm doing my best to improve my English.

4月16日に私は、Tai tokerau Festival 行ってきました。そのフェスティバルでは、ノースランドにある学校がカパハカを発表しました。私はオタマティアのカパハカ衣装を着て、メイクもしました。私たちのパフォーマンスはとても素晴らしかったです。私たちは一致団結して踊りました。それは、私が今までに踊ったカパハカの中で一番の出来でした。私たちの校長、ミスター ハッチングもとても感動していました。カパハカグループの一員を経て、私はマオリ文化を学んだと同時に、グループのメンバーと仲良くなりました。練習はとても厳しかったけれど、私は素晴らしい経験ができてうれしかったです。



Hello. My name is Reina Nakamu. I live in Waipukurau where is one hour from Napier. I have been living in NZ for about two months. At first, I was always at a loss what to do because NZ's life was completely new to me. However, I'm getting used to new ways of living little and enjoy my life in New Zealand.
It has been only two months since I left in Japan, but I learned many things. My purpose for studying abroad in New Zealand's is to learn English, but now, I have learned something more important : I owe the people around me very much. Family, friends, teachers and so on. I realized I was always supported by a lot of people and I wanted to be complemented all the time when I was in Japan. I am deeply grateful to my parents for giving me a great chance such as study abroad in New Zealand. From now on, I might have some hard time, but I'll never give up and I'll do my best.
Reina Nakamu

こんにちは。私の名前は中務玲衣奈です。Napier から1時間ほど離れたWaipukurauというところに住んでいます。New Zealandの生活は私にとって全く初めての経験だったので、最初の頃はとまどってばかりでした。でも少しずつですが、新しい生活にも慣れ、New Zealandの生活を楽しんでいます。
私が日本を出発してからたったの2ヶ月ほどしか経過していないけれど、たくさんのことを学びました。New Zealandに留学しにきた私の目的は英語を学ぶことでしたが、ここにきてそれ以上に学んだことがありました。 それは自分の周りの人のありがたさです。日本にいた時、自分がいつも多くの人に支えてもらっていたこと、いつも誰かに頼って甘えていたことがよくわかりました。私はこのようなすばらしいチャンスを与えてくれた両親に心から感謝しています。これから、まだまだ辛いこともあると思いますが、あきらめずに頑張りたいと思います。



My experience in New Zealand?
Hello, everyone!! I am staying in a small, but nice and friendly town called Katikati now. Two months have passed since I left Japan and I am getting accustomed to my new surroundings. Although I have been here only 2 months, it is not too much to say that this is the best experience I have ever had. Of course I felt homesick and I had a lot of anxiety at first. I think it is natural for us to feel homesick or to have worries because we can not speak perfect English and because everything is absolutely new. I thought I was alone and I was the only person who had a lot of anxiety. Thinking in this way made me really sad, and I could not get motivated. One day, I had a chance to talk with a friend from my class in Japan, and I heard she also had worries. Then, I noticed that everyone was trying to cope with and overcome their fears and I thought I was not alone. I have also realized that I am always surrounded by people who give me a helping hand or watch out for me. When I was in Japan, I did not notice the importance of having these people because I had never felt such loneliness or anxiety before. I am very happy staying here now. I think it is because of the people around me. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here.




Hello, everyone!! Are you interested in studying abroad?? Come and join us!! Don't be afraid of it!! It is such a valuable experience!! You may be scared and yes, it is a hard life compared with the normal high school life. It is really, very hard to be different from the others, but after the study abroad, you will be much more independent and grown up and also have a huge outlook about everything. I would say those three will be what you definitely develop through this study. In my case, this made me reconsider what it is to be an Asian.
Have you ever considered it?? I had been always wanting to be a European in Japan. Why, they're so beautiful with their blond hair and have the lovely figures. Of course, one of the reasons that I decided to come to NZ is to develop my English, but I also wanted to make lots of European friends. Well, as soon as I started to go to school here, that opportunity seemed to be lost. Everyone was unfriendly to Asians and being mean for no reason. All Asian students were gathered in one particular place and just hung out together without speaking English. For me, it was a huge shock. What on earth is the use of this study abroad??! It is just a waste of time and money, I thought. I didn't want to be like them so I tried to stay away from my Asian friends, but then, there were a lot of discrimination against Asians. It was really understandable why others stay with just Asians. It is their problem that they don't try at all, but kiwi students don't give them any chance to try. I guess it is too hard to understand it for people who have never had such an experience. Even in ESL(English as a Second Language) classes, some European exchange students have a lot of prejudice against Asians. They think they are much more intelligent than Asians. Even if we study very, very hard and have a high English knowledge, they still have the prejudice just because their own languages are similar to English. Kiwi students accept European students easily, but we, Asian students are different from them (for some reason...). We are never accepted as the same. I really don't see what makes kiwi students think Asians are annoying. Is that because of our black hair styles, different faces or our figures?? It is so ridiculous.
However, it is not all students. I looked around me very carefully and could see a lot of friendly, nice kiwis and not always the girls. I tried to talk to them again and again. Even if the chat stopped, I still tried to make the conversation. Sometimes I failed. Sometimes I succeeded. It didn't matter to make a mistake. I just needed to try and try!! It really is unfair that a lot of kiwis accept Europeans more than Asians, but I realised having the disadvantage makes me stronger so I started to think I was lucky to be an Asian. There is no use complaining about that because there is nothing to do with it. You cannot be a European, can you?? Since I changed my mind, I started to enjoy my everyday life. How easy is that?? A lot of friends greet and smile at me everyday. Even in my science class that I used to hate, I've got many friends. In my school bus?? No worry!! Most friends are very nice to me. I even made a best friend at school. When I'm sad, she always cheers me up. When I don't have my own lunch, she buys me one. When she finds me in the crowd, she runs to me with her big, pretty smile and gives me a big hug and she always helps me to make some more friends as well as having a lot of fun. Without her, my NZ school life might no longer be as happy as this.
I'm sorry that this is getting longer and longer, but I want to tell you some more!!
Last term, there was an event called "Culture Week." My Japanese friend and I decided to represent Japan. We wore YUKATA and made ourselves up nicely. On the stage, we behaved in a traditional way. We sat nicely and bowed slowly and elegantly. We were expecting the students to show bad manners and behaviour, but unexpectedly, a lot of students bowed with us and they gave us a huge cheering. Afterwards, many people came to us and said "You guys were awesome!!" "I loved your dresses very much," "Honestly, I love Japan," and so on... We were full of joy. I will NEVER forget it!! Next day, because of all this excitement, I caught the flu so sadly I couldn't enjoy the rest of the week.
I suppose this is how I've changed enormously in NZ. I had never been attracted by Japanese culture in Japan. I had never liked my black straight hair style. I had never been confident to be an Asian. There will be still a lot of discrimination in my life when I go and work in a foreign country, but I will never be less-confident to be an Asian and of course to be Japanese. I thank my parents, who gave birth to me as Japanese. I now do love the way I am. I'm much more confident than before!!
Through this program, you will be quite likely to come across a lot of hard times rather than happy times, but the harder problems you get over, the more you grow up and learn inner strength and character. Studying English is the same. Without getting through the wall of language at school, I wouldn't have learnt much like this. Well, of course, I've still got a lot to work with. I'm sure there is no one who cannot enjoy it. I believe that each of us has unlimited possibility. You can do it!! Now, let's enjoy studying English together with us!! I'm longing for you to join us soon!!!
Thank you for reading it. That will be my pleasure if it helped you to make your decision or imagine how studying English over here is like.

いままでに自分がアジア人であるということについて深く考えたことがありますか??日本にいたとき私はいつでもヨーロッパ人になりたがっていました。だってヨーロッパ人はブロンドの髪をもっていてすごく美人で、おまけにスタイルまでいい!! (そうじゃない??)もちろんこっちに来た理由の1つは英語力をうんと伸ばすこと。でもヨーロッパ人の友達をたくさん作るということもまた1つの理由でした。でも、学校に行き始めてすぐに、そんな目標は打ち消されたようでした。ニュージーランドの生徒はみんなアジア人に友好的ではなく、理由なしに嫌な態度をとっていました。アジア人の留学生はみんな1つの場所に集まって、ただその狭い世界の中で英語を使わずにアジア人同士でつるんでいました。私にとって、それはおおきな衝撃でした。一体何が目的でここで英語を勉強してるの??こんなのただの時間とお金の無駄遣いじゃない!!?私はそんなふうに1年を無駄にしたくなかったので、アジア人のいないところにいるように努力しました。でもそこで出会ったのはアジア人に対する偏見や差別ばかりでした。私の友達がアジア人だけでかたまっているのも理解できることでした。トライしない私たちアジア人もアジア人ですが、その機会を与えてくれない生徒も生徒です。このような経験をしたことがない人たちには理解しがたいことなのかもしれません。またESLクラス(留学生のためのレッスン)の中でさえも、ヨーロッパからの留学生は、アジア人に対してのたくさんの偏見をもっています。自分たちは私たちアジア人よりもよっぽど頭がいいと思っているのです。私たちがどんなに一生懸命勉強して、高い英語力をもっていたとしても、それでもその偏見から逃れられることはできません。ただヨーロッパの留学生の母国語が英語に似ているという理由だけからです。同じようにニュージーランドの生徒もヨーロッパからきた留学生を簡単に受け入れますが私たちアジア人はちがいます。私たちが彼らと同じように受け入れられることはまったくありません。何が彼らをアジア人はうっとうしいと思わせるのか私にはまったくわかりません。黒いまっすぐな髪のせいなのか、違った構成の顔なのか、それとも、私たちの体型なのか。こんなの納得いかない!!ばかげてる !!
ところが、これは全ての生徒というわけではありません。まわりをよくみてみるとたくさんのフレンドリーで優しい生徒もみえてくるのです。でもそれはいつでも女の子というわけではありません。何度も何度もたくさんの人に話しかけました。たとえ会話が止まっても、自分から会話を作り出す努力をつづけました。それが友達に発展しないときも、発展したときももちろんありました。失敗することなんて気にしなくてよかったんです。ただ何度も何度もトライすればよかったんです。こっちの生徒はアジア人よりもヨーロッパ人のほうがよく受け入れるなんて本当に本当に不公平。でも不利な条件があることが私をもっと強くするということに気がついて、アジア人でいることが幸運であると思うようになりました。アジア人の自分を変えることなんてできないんだから、不公平だって文句いってたってなんの得もないでしょう??考え方を変えてからは、毎日の生活を楽しめるようになりました。本当に簡単じゃない?? 今では、毎日たくさんのニュージーランドの子が声をかけてくれたり、笑顔で挨拶してくれます。前は大嫌いだった理科のクラスでも、今ではほとんどの子が友達!!スクールバス??全く問題なし♪ほとんどの子が優しくてフレンドリーです。そしてなによりも親友までできました!!私が悲しいときは励ましてくれるし、私がお昼ご飯をもってないときは買ってくれるし、人ごみの中で私を見つけると、かわいい笑顔で走ってきて私に抱きついてきます。最近では2人で(ランチタイムに)楽しむのはもちろん、私の友達作りを手伝ってまでくれます。彼女なしでは、私のニュージーランドでの学校生活はこれ以上楽しくならなかったかもしれませんね。



Hello. My name is Yukako and I am living in Feilding, New Zealand. I appreciate coming here, and I am really thankful to my parents, who gave me such a precious opportunity.
Even though I came here to study English, I also enjoy learning about Maori culture at school. In Maori class, I had a chance to join the Kapahaka group, which is a Maori's cultural dance group. I performed the dance on stage as a member of the Kapahaka group at a concert. It is one of my most enjoyable memories in NZ.
I suppose most people would be afraid of leaving their own country for a year. However, studying abroad for a year offers you a wonderful experience. I have improved my English and learned a lot of important things that I wouldn't have been able to learn at school in Japan. Therefore, I strongly recommend staying in NZ for a year. I'm sure that you will experience many things.
Your success in a foreign country depends on your determination to learn. I decided to come here with a strong will to learn. I think that I could not have improved myself by just coming here without eagerness.
I am very lucky since I have a very nice host family, good friends and teachers in NZ. Also I am pleased to have met my Jin-ai friends. My friends encourage me when I am depressed and upset. They understand how I feel because they are experiencing the same things as me.
I hope I can meet the new students who are thinking of studying in NZ next April at Jin-ai.




Hello, girls! My name is Chikako. I'm a student on the Study Abroad Course of Jin-ai High School. Now, I have been in New Zealand for about half a year and I am enjoying my stay in NZ. I am going to tell you about studying abroad and Study Abroad Course at Jin-ai High School.  If you read this, you will be interested in learning English. I hope that what I'm going to tell you could be a good suggestion for those who are thinking about learning English.
What do you think of studying abroad? Does it sound fun? It may sound a bit scary because it means you will live in another country where you have to speak English all the time. Also, you will have to look after yourself, being away from your family and friends. However, please imagine staying abroad. Don't you think it is a good opportunity to try things all by yourself and that it makes you a more attractive person? I did think so when I decided to study abroad. I guess you will find it hard to study abroad, but I'm sure you will be able to have your own special experiences by learning English in this awesome country, New Zealand. The purpose of studying abroad is not only to learn English. Actually, I have been inspired by a lot of people who live in NZ. Don't you think it is really cool? If you think so, I can say you will make a new family and friends here in New Zealand as well!
 If you really think about going overseas and learning English, there is no school like Jin-ai High School, which provides you an extremely good environment to prepare for studying abroad in Fukui. For example, there are four native English speakers at our school. It means you can speak English with them whenever you want. I'm sure they're willing to talk with you in English. If you want to learn English grammar as well, there are experienced teachers who teach you English from basic to advanced. However, I must say the most essential thing you need is your eagerness and effort. I mean it is how much you love learning English and how much you want to use it to talk with millions of people in the world that you haven't met yet. If you already have such a strong will, there is no problem. All you need to do is to enter the Study Abroad Course of Jin-ai and to go to NZ! Then, you will be able to find your new way to the future.
Here are some recommendations of how to study English. Of course, the best way to study English is to speak it as much as possible. However, I don't think it is easy to do so. This is not only because Japanese people are too shy but also because we lack important vocabulary in order to communicate with each other smoothly. Then, you will see what you need to do. You need to enrich your English vocabulary as much as you can! You must wonder how you will be able to have a large vocabulary. Please try to remember the words you find in the textbook or the words that you encounter when studying English by yourself. You don't have to memorize many words a day. Five or ten words ( or less than that ) is enough. Then, please go over what you've learned after school or on weekends. Reading English books is also quite a good way to build up your vocabulary. You may start with picture books written in easy English. If you think they are too easy for you, then you can read books for children. Please don't rush. It is important to study little by little. If you want to improve your listening skills as well, I recommend watching movies in English with English subtitles. You can catch the words you already know from conversations and see how English speakers use the words in sentences. I think people in the movies speak English very fast. You may find it difficult to follow what they're saying but don't worry about that. No one can understand everything at first. When you talk with native English speakers, they speak more slowly than people in the movies do. (Of course they sometimes speak very fast, especially when they're angry!!) Also,even native English speakers make mistakes! Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Please make mistakes and ask someone who can teach you English why your English is wrong. Otherwise, you will never get what you don't understand.
Enjoy studying and speaking English! I hope you will see the most beautiful sky in the world in NZ.




Hello. I'm Miho Nishide from Ago Junior High School. Since I came to New Zealand, more than 3 months have already passed. Now I live in Waihi, which is located on the North Island. Waihi is a great city, and famous for its beautiful beachs.?
I enjoy going to Waihi College everyday. The students are cheerful and kind. At first, I had a lot of anxiety because there were no people that I knew. However,  I've made a lot of friends at school. Some students say "Hi" to me when we meet around school. I eat lunch with my Kiwi friends in the library. Although it is still hard for me to understand what they say when they are talking, I'm trying to listen carefully and catch the words in their conversation, not just listening.
I have realized that a "big smile" is really important in our life. Smiling makes everyone happy and it makes it easier to make friends. I'm trying to keep smiling as much as I can, even if I don't feel good.
I keep my diary in English everyday. It is because I think it is a good way to improve my English writing ability and I don't forget my memories in New Zealand.
It depends on our own effort if we can be successful in studying abroad. I'll try my best and enjoy myself a lot for the coming 7 months!!?
I love New Zealand very much!!


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