NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。



Kia ora! My name is Asae Sakai, from Kanazu Junior High School. I've been staying in NZ for about three months. I am enjoying my life so far with my nice host family and great kiwi friends, but of course, there were some sad, frustrating days.

Now, I go to Katikati College and take English, math, biology, Maori, P.E., and drama. There are about 1000 students here in Katikati. It's quite big for a small town, isn't it??
I am trying hard to keep up in class. To manage that, I review what I have learned after school, ask questions to my teachers, and so on. It is hard for me to learn new words and to use them. Every time when I hear or see a word which I don't understand, I write it on a piece of paper, then check it in my dictionary, and write it in my vocab notebook. I think it is a good way to learn English by myself.

Al so, I am trying hard to keep a conversation going longer with my host family and friends. It is important to keep asking questions, otherwise I change the subject myself.

I have advice for you who have entered this study abroad course; learn lots and lots of words!! Can you say every word you use daily in English?

Best wishes, Asae




My Life in New Zealand

Kia ora! I'm Etsuko!!
Seven months have already passed since I came to NZ. I still remember clearly when I left Japan because I was pretty excited.
For a while, I had a really hard time getting used to the life in NZ. Everything was new to me and what was most difficult for me was to catch up with classes, especially English class. I have written heaps of essays so far and I gave a speech for the first time, right in front of my classmates. However, my teachers and friends helped me a lot so that's why I can enjoy my school life though I have to work hard.?
The life in NZ taught me lots of things and of course my English has been improved but I think that's because of my fabulous friends and my host family. Fortunately, it wasn't that hard to make friends for me. I realized that making foreign friends such as Koreans and Germans is very interesting as well as making Kiwi friends. I have been learning Korean from my friends. In NZ, we can meet so many people who are not originally Kiwi because many people immigrated to NZ and that made me realize what kind of country NZ is.
Actually, I have been concerned about how to get along with my host family. I know it's really hard to solve problems by myself but I learned that to be honest is quite important in NZ because it's up to us whether or not we succeed in our life in NZ.
I reckon I've become a bit independent and strong through the life in NZ. I realized how precious and important my real family is and how delicious Japanese food is!!!
I really appreciate my parents and Jin-ai high school. It's really worth it to be in NZ for one year.
Finally, I have a goal; that is to enjoy the rest of my time in NZ entirely. That's my job!!
I hope my juniors at Jin-ai will also be able to enjoy their life in NZ next year like me!!!!!




Dear first year students,

Hello! My name is Yuriko Seki. I go to Gisborne Girls' High School in Gisborne, which is in the east of the North Island.?
My school life is like a battle for me. When I first came here, I couldn't understand my classes at all. Now I can understand English much better than before. My school has an International Room, where I often stayed and talked with Japanese students in Japanese during term1. I thought it was not good for me to stay there, because I had not come to New Zealand to make Japanese friends but to learn English and make Kiwi friends. So I decided to leave the room. Now I spend time with my Kiwi friends during interval and lunch time though I sometimes find it hard to follow the conversation with my Kiwi friends and I feel lonely.?
I take math, food technology, drama, music, ESL, and Junior International English (JIE). I enjoy these classes, especially drama. I didn't like drama at first because I was afraid of acting in English. It was one of the hardest subjects, but now I am enjoying acting in English owing to the drama teacher. He has been so nice to me. I like all the teachers very much at Gisborne Girls' High.?
I have some advice for you. First, learn by heart as many words as you can. I have had a very hard time speaking because of my small vocabulary. Memorizing new words is not so interesting, but it will be very useful for your life in New Zealand.?
Second, learn how to pronounce English words correctly. Local people sometimes cannot understand what I say because of my bad pronunciation. At school, some girls mock my pronunciation and intonation in English. At first, I hated it and I got angry with them, but now, I ignore them.?
Third, don't worry too much about your future life in New Zealand. You may be told to imagine your life in New Zealand and get ready for it by your teachers, but it would be almost impossible. I think the most important thing is try to do whatever you have to do now and enjoy your life in Japan everyday.?
I will enjoy my life for the next six months. Please make sure to look forward to your life in New Zealand!?

See you soon,
Yuriko Seki

こんにちは。關 有里子です。私は北島東部のギズボーンという町にあるギズボーン・ガールズ・ハイスクールに通っています。
關 有里子



I arrived in Te Aroha 3 days ago. This town is small and I can see many cows from my room. My host family is nice but my host brother and host sister always cry.
In 2 days, I will go to Te Aroha College. I have decided my classes and I bought my uniform and school supplies. My host mother told me that you would have a hard couple of weeks, but I will become used to school life soon.
When will you come to New Zealand? I am not homesick now. However, I become homesick when I have a hard time.?
I will send email again. Good bye!!




Hi! This is Kei. How are you? I'm good.

I'm in Waipukurau which is located in Hawke's Bay and go to Central Hawke's Bay College. Waipukurau is very small but people are friendly and warm, so I like living here. Also I like my host family. They are really nice. I have a very big dog and I enjoy walking her sometimes.

By the way, Rose, Reika and I took part in Chamber Music Contest as "Central Trio" on 10th of June and we were selected by judge in 8 from among 77groups. We went to the semi-final and we were awarded "Highly Commended". We were very pleased. I still can 't believe it. That was the first time a College group has progressed through to the finals.

At school, everyone is friendly and I am really enjoying school life and talking in English with friends. I joined the badminton club and netball club. Also, I have a piano lesson on a Thursday night. When I was in Japan, I was very afraid of have mistakes but now I am not. I realized the most important thing is "just ?try". I know it's far better than regretting.

So, just ?try even it's something you've never done before. This experience has given me the etermination to be successful. I 've met with lots of things that I couldn't if I were in Japan. It also makes me realize how important my friends and family are. I can 't thank them enough.

I've also learned how to use money, to go shopping and decide what to buy.

Anyway, I enjoy staying NZ and I'm very glad that I am in Central Hawke 's Bay College which is really, really cool!

I want to thank my family and teachers for supporting me.?
Actually, I 'm sad sometimes because I do miss Japan very much. But this year will be my best year in my life because I have had a valuable experience which I couldn 't have had if I were the other people. Enjoying studying English and Keep trying!

Lots of love, Kei

こんにちは! 慧です。みなさんお元気ですか?
日本にいる頃は間違いをするのがとても怖かったのですが、今は違います。一番大切なことは「やってみること("Justtry")」だと気づいたのです。後悔するよりずっと素晴らしいことです。だから、たとえ一度も挑戦したことのないことでも「やってみて("Justtry")」下さい。こうした経験で、私は物事を上手に進めることのきっかけをつかみました。 また、日本にいては巡り会えなかったようなことにもたくさん出会ったことで友達や家族の大切さにも気づくことができました。みんなに感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。それに、お金の使い方や買い物も仕方、何を買うか決めることを身につけたのも大きいことです。



Hello, everyone!! How's it going? Are you studying hard to enter high school? I'm really enjoying studying English in New Zealand now. I liked English, but my English wasn't so good when I was a junior high school student. I wanted to go to another school last year actually. However, I changed my mind when I visited Jin-ai High School at the end of November.

When I arrived in New Zealand, I found many different things compared with Japanese things. They made me confused at first, but they made me grow up mature very quickly. By the way, have you ever washed your clothes, washed dishes and made a meal by yourself? To my shame, I had never washed my clothes by myself. Although I had washed dishes and done some cooking, I didn't do them often. However, I have often done housework since I came here!! I cooked once a season when I was in Japan, but I cook something once or twice a week now. Can you believe it?!

I go to Central Hawkes Bay College in Waipukurau. It is quite a small town. It is more rural than Fukui, I guess. Many people are kind to me, so I could make many friends easily at school. I always spend time with them. I didn't think that my English was good before I came here, but now I can be proud of my English. I got a distinction award, which is the highest grade, in an English speech exam for speakers of other languages. This award made me stronger.

I have changed my life a lot. I don't have any regrets. I'm very happy to meet my great host family and lovely friends!! I recommend those students who are interested in studying abroad, who like English and who want to change their life to enter this course. Why don't you spend your time and have a great experience in New Zealand? I hope I can meet many new students next year.

English will make us stronger....................!!

Lots of love,?

私はWaipukurauという所にあるCentral Hawkes Bay Collegeに通っています。ここはとても小さな町です。福井よりも田舎だと思います。多くの人が親切にしてくれるので、学校ではすぐに友達もできました。いつも友達と過ごしています。ここに来るまでは、自分の英語が上手いとは思っていませんでしたが、今は自分の英語力を誇れます。他の言語を話す人のための英語スピーチ試験では、最も優れた成績の「優」をもらいました。この成績で私はもっと自身をつけました。



To junior high school students;

Hi, there. I am Miki Tsujioka from Harue Junior High School. How's your school life? Are you busy studying for exams? I was, but I didn't study very hard (not at all?). So take it easy!

By the way, I have stayed in New Zealand for about 10 months. The sky in New Zealand is amazing. It is more beautiful and bluer than the sky in Japan. There are many many shiny stars in the summer sky. ( The sky is beautiful all the time. But I like the summer sky best.) When I was a first grade student at high school in Japan, I was very busy studying and preparing for this year. So I had no time to look up at the sky. However, the sky in New Zealand has impressed me. I tried taking photos of the sky and stars for my family and friends in Japan, but I couldn't get good photos at all. The stars seemed to say, "Bring your family and friends here!"

My school in New Zealand is not so big, but the playground is very big!! (I guess it is as big as Angel Land in Harue.) We can play rugby, soccer, tennis, and cricket all at the same time. It's great, isn't it? This school is in the country, and there are only two Japanese students here: Hiroko from Meido Junior High School, and me. I have nothing to do sometimes, but Kiwis ( New Zealanders) are very friendly. And most of the people know me.?
The "Fish and Chips" shop in my town is good! Fish and Chips are yummy and they are one of my favorite foods in New Zealand. You can often eat them if you come here.

This message would be longer if I talked about other things, so I'll let them drop now. But finally, let me say one important thing, English or another culture makes us stronger. We can have good experiences with new things. Even if we have bad experiences, they might help our next experiences. I think my experiences here have made me a little bit stronger. Anyway, I want to spend my precious time in my own way. I don't want to be lazy but I don't want to work too hard, either.

From New Zealand
Miki Tsujioka




My host family makes me very happy and I've never felt lonely or homesick.

I think they are my real family and they think of me as their real daughter. They sometimes admonish me to do or think things in a different way. I'm always pleased to listen to what they tell me because I think admonishing me is a sign of their thinking of me as their daughter. If I didn't live with them, I couldn't know if I am doing right or wrong. Even my host sister, who is much younger than I am, tells me many things that I don't know.

I can't believe that I will have to leave them in December. I want to stay here with them as long as possible.




Seven months have passed since I came to NZ. I really feel there are many differences between Japan and NZ even now. At first I was surprised at many things. I can't understand some of them, but others have touched me.

The thing which made me happiest in New Zealand is hugging. In NZ, people hug each other to show their happiness or to cheer their friends up. When I first came to NZ, no one cuddled me, but in the middle of term 2, when I taught one of my friends how to play the piano, she cuddled me to show her thanks. I could feel her thanks better than only through the words of "thank you." The girl who hugged me is one of my best friends now. We hug each other whenever we meet.

Hugging is really important for Japanese who can't express their own minds well. I'm really glad that I have learned the best way to show my feelings, hugging. After I go back to Japan, I will be able to express myself to my family and friends better than other people because of this experience.




Hello, all my new Jin-ai mates!!! My name is Erina. How are you doing at school? You must be enjoying school life. ( I hope so.)

At any rate, I'll tell you about my life in New Zealand. I go to Otamatea High School in Maungaturoto. It is right in the country. However, the town is certainly rich with nature because I can see creatures from my bedroom window!!! Sometimes a herd of cattle walk down the school road and often a flock of sheep is herded past my house. New Zealand's beaches are sooooo beautiful! The sky is blue, the sea is blue and the sand is white. It's simply marvelous! At school, I join the Kapahaka group and I'm enjoying it very much. Kapahaka is a group where we learn traditional Maori songs and dances. I've made many friends and I'm learning about New Zealand culture. I recommend that you also join a school activity in New Zealand.

Are you studying English hard now??? I regret a little that I did not study English very hard last year. I should have spoken more English with the ALTs because my first problem was that people couldn't understand my English! However, I didn't give up. Therefore, even if you think your English is not good, don't worry, but don't lay down! If you work hard now, your New Zealand life will be much better! Next year it's your turn. I have confidence that it will be an important time in your life although it will be sometimes difficult because of homesickness, discrimination and so on. Try your best!!!

Right then, enjoy your school life!


では、私のニュージーランドでの生活を紹介します。私はMaungaturotoにあるOtamatea High Schoolに通っています。とても田舎です。しかし、自然がいっぱいです。なんと、私の寝室の窓から動物が見られます。ときには学校の内の道を牛の群が歩いていたり、よく羊の群が家の前を移動したりもします。ニュージーランドのビーチはとてもとてもきれいです。青い空、青い海、白い砂!とてもすてきです。学校では、私はKapahakaグループに参加し、とても楽しんでいます。Kapahakaとは、マオリの伝統的な歌とダンスを学ぶグループのことです。たくさんの友達もでき、ニュージーランドの文化を学んでいます。ニュージーランドでは、学校の課外活動に参加してみてください。

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