NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hello, everyone. I'm Ami. It's been already almost three months since I came here! Even in this short period, I've had a lot of experiences, so now let me tell you some of them.
I go to Bream Bay College with my partner, Aika. I take English, math, hospitality, economics, ESOL, design and Maori. My favorite subject is Hospitality because I can make dishes individually. It's pretty hard to read a recipe in English, but it's also a good way to study English. Now, I've been practicing the speech for Maori. Maori sound is similar to Japanese sound like "a e i o u". That' why Maori is quite easier than I expected. I can speak three languages now!!
Next is about my homestay. I stay with my host mother and father. They are so kind that they listen to what I say properly. My host father makes dinner very well. I like fish dishes which he catches. I also have a good host sister, who works as a firefighter. She lives in Auckland, so I can't see her so much. However, when she comes home, she tells me about New Zealand and school.
Lastly, I'll tell you about the best memory I've had here. During Easter holidays, I went tramping to Tongariro with my host family and their relatives for four days. Tongariro Northern Circuit track is one of the most famous walking tracks in New Zealand. I walked 43 kilometers with about 9 kilograms pack!! Have you ever done that? Of course, I'd never done that. I carried my underwear, breakfasts, water, lollies and snacks for four days. I had only one set clothes each for walking and sleeping to make my pack as light as possible. On the first day, it started raining and the muddy way got very slippery. The lunch and some breaks were my blissful time. And then, I arrived at the hut. Hut is a kind of accommodations. It was a small place for about 30 people included us. The dinner was beef steak! I felt better than usual because I was very tired. On the second day, I woke up at six thirty. Thanks to that, I could see the beautiful sunrise. On the way, there were a lot of people even in the early morning. I saw some Japanese people, too! The way was not hard to walk, but it was so long. I walked 13 kilometers for 9 hours!! The mountain, which I climbed, used to be the volcano, so the smell was like egg. When I climbed the hill, lots of walking people looked like lines of ants. Haha. And then, I saw Emerald Lakes. I was really impressed with the beauty. The third day's track was not too hard and long. However, it was very cold, so I wore the jacket all the day. I walked through the grassland and a lot of lavas. It looked like one scene of drama. After the 7.5 kilometers walking for 6 hours, I arrived at another hut. While staying there, some of my host mother's relatives asked me some questions to practice to think "Yes or No." I talked about myself and Japan. It was really exciting. On the last day, I walked 14.3 kilometers for 6 hours. I could enjoy the view during walking. When I arrived at the end of the track, I felt the sense of achievement. And then, we dumped our packs on the ground and cradled with smiles.
For four days, I experienced a lot of things. For example, I slept all together, so snores were very noisy. I also had no shower. It was pretty stressful. However, that's also one of the amazing experiences. I was a little bit nervous before the tramping, but I realized that I gradually got to like tramping. I made special and incredible memories which I only could experience in New Zealand. 
I have only seven months to go now. I'll do my best not to regret and make more wonderful memories in the rest of the time. I'd like to thank my family, teacher and people who support me for letting me have a great time in New Zealand. I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with them. I'll enjoy my life here without worrying about my weight. Lol.
Thank you for reading.


Hello, everyone! I’m Wayumi. I’m a member of the fourteenth EIRYU course students. Now, I live in Wanganui and I go to Cullinane College with my partner, Aoi. There is a big river in Wanganui, also the view from a hill is really beautiful. I’m enjoying my NZ life :) It has been only a month since I came to NZ, but I would like to tell you some things that I have already experienced. 
For the first week, I stayed in Rotorua with my classmates. During the stay, I went to an attractive place, Agrodome. I could see a show of sheep there. I was surprised when I heard an announcement in Japanese. In Rotorua, I fought with many insects, but I got used to living with them, now. haha. Then, after the week, I came to Wanganui. 
Now, I will tell you about my host family. I live with my host mother, little host sister, a dog, and a cat. My host mother is kind and an honest person. When I had a stomachache, she took me to a lake to feel refreshed. The lake’s name is ‘Virginia Lake’. There were a lot of birds and that made me excited. However, I dropped my sunglasses into the lake! My host sister is five years old and a mischievous girl. My host mother always says to her, ‘Stop your engine!’ with anger, but she doesn’t stop. Of course, she is so lovely at the same time. Her smile makes people happy. :-) Every day is like this and I enjoy it. However, actually, there was a time when I felt hard to stay with my host family. During the time, I couldn’t get along with my host sister. I think she was jealous of me, because all of a sudden I came to her house and became close to her favourite mum. I know she is a little child, but I felt sad. Also, I became homesick and gradually started to stay in my room. But, I talked about my worries to my teachers, and they gave me good advice. After I followed them, the environment changed. Then, I realized that I shouldn’t stay inside and think only by myself. Now, I don’t stay in my room, and of course I spend a lot more time with my host family. 
Next, I will write about Cullinane College. The school really treasures Christianity. So a lot of religious events are held. There are many international students like me. For example, some come from Thailand, and others come from Germany. On the first day, a welcome party was held for new students and I did “hongi” with many people. “Hongi” is a traditional Maori greeting and we put our noses and forehead to each other. It was a new experience for me, so I was nervous. At school, I take ESOL, English, Math, Tourism, Geography, Textile, and Religion. By the way, I could make some kiwi friends. One of the girls said to me, ‘You are one of my best friends’. I was glad to hear that. But, still I have only a few real kiwi friends. Making friends are really difficult for me. When kiwi friends talk, I can’t understand many words. However, I believe my English is improving little by little. So, I am not afraid of making mistakes in English. 
I will experience a lot of other things that I can’t imagine. I often feel hard, but time goes quickly and I know I shouldn’t waste it. I think because of the hardship, I could come to appreciate my parents, teachers, and others who have supported me day by day. Most importantly, I learned that conveying my honest feelings to someone is really necessary. I will try harder. Of course, without forgetting my smile! 
Thank you for reading. 
Big love :)
Wayumi Tsuchiyama 


Kia ora everybody! It's me, Ramu. I go to Te Kuiti High School. Te Kuiti High Schoolis a small school and most of the students are Maori. Last month, I had a good time catching up with the Eiryu girls on the South Island trip. Then I talked about our life in New Zealand with 2 of my friends and I was surprised because having a Maori host family is completely different from having a Pakeha host family. I would like to write about Maori briefly for people interested in Maori and girls coming to New Zealand next year.
"Ko Tainui te Waka, Ko Ngati Maniapoto te iwi, ko Rora te hapu, ko Oparure te marae, Ko Ramu toku ingoa." This is my pepeha. Pepeha is the way to introduce yourself in Maori, to have a sense of belonging, and to be able to make connections with others. I think you wonder why I said my waka, iwi, hapu, Marae,and then my name. In Maori culture, where you come from is more important than your name. I've been learning Maori language as well as English since I came here. I took Te Reo Maori class at school and I learned how to write and speak in Maori. Did you know it's similar to the Japanese language? Every word in it is based on the vowels just like Japanese language. The vowels of Maori are A E I O U. It's exactly the same  sound as the Japanese vowels A I U E O. As I said before, I started learning the Maori language at the beginning of this year. I've come to be able to understand the basics. It's never too late to start learning it.
How well do you know about Marae? People used to think that a Marae is a building but it is not.  Marae is wharekai, wharenui and grounds that belongs to iwi, hapu or whanau. Wharekai means the place to eat and wharenui means the place to sleep. I've been there for parties, funerals, celebrations and kapahaka trainings. When there was a  birthday party, about 100 people dressed up like cartoon and movie characters. In the night, we all danced to a DJ's music. We all went to sleep in our costumes straight after the party. I think Marae is the best place to have a good time with the tribe. 
You may know that the relationship between Maori people and Pakeha people is not good. It is a fact that there is still racial discrimination against Maori people.  "Don't judge a book by its cover. You might miss out on an amazing story."  They may look scary but actually they are not. TV programs, except Maori TV, pick up on only the bad points of them.  Even the New Zealand government is not nice to them. Please look at their inside. They are proud of being Maori and love their tribe and family. Do you decide your book by its "color"? Don't you even check what the story is about if it's "brown"? 
I didn't write about my school life and host family in this essay. That's just because it would be a very long essay if I also write about those 2 things, haha. At school, I got friends and they said to me "you are one of my best friends". And I'm pretty sure my host family is the best of the best.  I will never forget when my host father and mother said to me, "We are unrelated by blood but it doesn't matter. You are our daughter". I'm going to go back to Japan in few days. I still can't believe it. Even though it has been a hard time for me, it was an absolutely wonderful year. Aroha nui ki a koutou.
Me to koutou aroha,
学校ではマオリの授業をとって、マオリ語での読み書きを学びました。みなさん、マオリ語は日本語に似ているということを知っていましたか?すべてのマオリ語の単語は、日本語のように母音が基礎を置いています。マオリ語の母音は、あ え い お う。日本語の母音、あ い う え お とまったく同じ音なのです。前にも言った通り、今年の初め頃からマオリ語を勉強し始めました。基本的なことは理解できるようになりました。なので今からマオリ語を勉強し始めることは、決して遅すぎはしませんよ。
みなさん、マラエについてどれくらい知っていますか?マラエは建物と思われがちなんですが、違うんです。ファレカイ、ファレヌイ、 その一族の土地のことをマラエといいます。ファレカイは食事する場所、ファレヌイは寝る場所という意味です。マラエではパーティー、お葬式、お祝いやカパハカのトレーニングをしました。誕生日パーティーがあった時に100人くらいがにアニメや映画のキャラクターに仮装しました。その夜は、みんなでDJの音楽に合わせて踊りました。パーティーの後は、私たち全員衣装を着たまま寝てしまいました。マラエは一族と過ごすのには最高の場所だとと思います。
知っているかもしれませんが、マオリと白人の関係は良くありません。マオリに対する差別が残っているのは事実です。"本のカバーだけで判断しないこと、素敵な物語を見逃しちゃうかもしれないから" マオリは怖そうに見えるかもしれないけど、実際はそんなことありません。マオリTV以外の番組では、マオリの悪いところだけを取り上げています。ニュージーランド政府でさえも彼らに対して良くはありません。彼らの中身を見てあげてください。彼らはマオリであることを誇りに思い、一族と家族を愛しています。あなたは"色"で本を決めますか?もしその本が"茶色"だったら、どんな物語なのか確かめもしないのですか?
このエッセイには学校のことやホストファミリーのことを書きませんでした。ただたんに文字数が足りませんでした(笑) 学校では、私のことを親友の1人だよ、と言ってくれる友達を持つことができました。そして私のホストファミリーは最高の中の最高だと確信しています!私のホストファザーとホストマザーが"血は繋がっていないけど、あなたは私たちの娘だよ"と言ってくれたことは絶対に忘れません。あと数日で日本に帰ります。まだ信じれません。辛いこともあったけど、本当に素晴らしい一年でした。私を支えてくれたみなさん、本当にありがとうございました。



Hi guys! I’m Risa. I live in a small town called Kerepehi in New Zealand with my host family. I can’t believe how many months have been already passed and I only have five days left until I go back to Japan. Anyway, I have had quite a few Kiwi experiences in New Zealand throughout this year and the other day, I had an experience that will always remain in my memory , so I would like to tell you guys some of them. I hope it means something to you!
I live with my host father, mother and sister. My host father is so funny and he often tells me jokes. I like it so much. My host mother is very kind, cares and looks after my host sister and me with her love. She has big gardens and looks after them very well. I often help her to plant some vegetables. I love gardening and I would love to have my own garden when I go back to Japan. My host sister, who is nine, is very amusing. She loves music, dancing, and some sort of stuff. I like singing and dancing with her. She is very cheeky but cute. 
I go to Hauraki Plains College with my best partner, Maho. However, I finished school last Thursday. I have made a lot of memories with my friends at this school and I am so glad that I could attend this school in New Zealand. Last Thursday, which was the last day of school, was the best and also saddest day I’ve ever had. I actually realised how very important my friends are for me and how much they have done for me. Honestly, it wasn’t that easy to make friends at first in other countries without speaking the countries’ languages very well. Some people might have different opinions to mine. However, at least, it was a big deal for me. I struggled with that and I tried my best to keep talking to know each other and smiling. I’m not quite sure if it worked or not, but I could make such amazing friends in New Zealand! I can’t say thank you enough for what they have done for me. I will miss them so much…
I had an experience that will always remain in my memory the other day like I wrote above. One of my friends gave me a letter when I left school. I couldn’t help crying when I read it. She is in my river (it’s like a class in Japan, but we only go there in the morning) and she always asked me if I needed help when I used my dictionary to understand some English words that I didn’t understand. I had appreciated it and respected her very much. And I had been wondering what I could do for her. The only thing that I could find to do for her was writing a letter and tell her how much I appreciated it. So I wrote it and gave it her. Then she gave me a letter to me afterwards. Why I couldn’t help crying when I read it was, because it said something I had never expected to hear. It said that, ‘helping you in river was the best feeling for me and it helped me to realise that helping people is something I want to continue to do throughout my life’. I’ve never realised that it meant something to her. I was so surprised and glad to hear it helped something for her. From this experience I learnt that we never know what people think unless we tell our feelings frankly. 
And the last, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this year. Especially, to my host family, friends, teachers, and my family in Japan. My host family, who is always taking care of me and thinking about my life, not only about my life in New Zealand, but about my future. My friends, who are always helping and encouraging me, and also made me happy all the time. My teachers, who are always supporting us students. And my family in Japan, who is always supporting and believing me from Japan, and gave me such a wonderful opportunity to come to New Zealand. Thank you so much for all your kindness.
See you guys soon!
Love Risa



Hi,guys! I’m Mana. I go to Kerikeri high school with my great partner, Nae. I have already lived here in New Zealand for about nine months. I really can’t believe that I have to go back to Japan soon. So I would like to write here about my studying abroad life!


My host family is father, mother, younger brother and two lovely cats. My host father works as a surveyor. He knows many things which I didn’t know before, so I really like listening to his stories. My host mother goes to university to be a kindergarten teacher in the future. So she seems very busy doing so much homework at the moment, but she often makes time for going out and having fun, not letting me get bored. My host brother is ten years old right now. He really likes surprising me. When I am in my room, he often comes in not to come to light and he says "Boo!!" suddenly. I enjoy playing with him. My host family is just awesome! I am thankful that I met them in NZ as a second family!
 I go to Kerikeri high school as I wrote above. I take hospitality, math, physical
education, outdoor education, ESOL(English for international students) and art at school. I love every subject! But if I have to select only one subject of these fantastic subjects, I will choose "hospitality"! Hospitality is sort of home economics. I can cook various foods in the class about twice a week. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it!? In class, I have to read cooking recipes which is written in English as much as possible by myself. I used to rely on my friends and teacher every time because I could not read them at all. It was quite difficult for me. But now, I enjoy cooking and even reading recipes! To be able to read it by myself must be a big growth for me. When I get back to Japan, I would like to try treating my family and friends to foods I have learnt in hospitality!
By the way, there are a lot of international students in Kerikeri high school, such as from Asia, South America, Europe and so on. In Japan, I didn’t have such a good opportunity that I can get along with people of various nationalities. So, I am so happy to be friends with them. One of a great things about making international friends is to share each others’ cultures. We often share each others’ languages together. For instance, one of my best friends in NZ came from Chile. She speaks Spanish, so I tell her Japanese and she tells me Spanish. Thanks to me, she has memorized "DEBU" in Japanese! Since I told her the word, she has come to me and said "DEBU" every time we see each other. So I have replied "DEBU" in Spanish. It is so funny, isn’t it? Anyway, I am so glad to go to Kerikeri  high school!!
 My studying abroad life is nearly over. At first, even if someone talked to me, I couldn’t figure out what the person said to me so I couldn’t make any friends. Because of it, I became massive homesick and then my best friend in Japan had passed away in April, actually. The news made me even more sad and homesick. So I had not been able to have fun at school and homestay house for a while. But thankfully, I am extremely enjoying my remaining days in NZ with my host family and friends now. It is all thank to my family, friends, teachers and many people who supported me when I was depressed. Thank you so much. Of course I am grateful to my friend who died..... Thank you!
 My studying abroad life is not just exciting and easy, but this unforgettable ten months, including good things and hard things, made me even stronger than before I came here. I will never forget this experience and I would like to come back to New Zealand with more growth one day!
 Thank you for reading!
 Big love, Mana


Hey guys! This is Tomoyo. How are you doing? I am doing very good in New Zealand! It has been 9 months since I came here. I can’t believe that time went by so quick! Let me introduce my school life in New Zealand to you.


I go to Waiuku College with my pretty partner, Erika! Waiuku is South of Auckland city, and it is a small town and the people are so nice! Waiuku College students are really good to international students. Before I came here, I had been wondering about making friends, but the students said “Hi” to me  the first time they met me. I was so glad I didn’t have to worry about that. At morning, at tea and lunch time, I spend time with my friends, and these days we play cards. When I had no idea how to play the game, they taught me until I got it. I enjoy playing cards with them, and I didn’t know that I’was really good at playing cards. 
I’m taking 6 subjects, ESOL, math, science, history, P.E, and Japanese. My favourite subject is of course P.E! We play a lot of sports. For example, volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton and so on. I had played these sports in Japan, but I have good time playing sports with my kiwi friends. At first, it was hard for me to understand what they think and explain what I feel, but when I realized it is really easy in Japanese, so I can do it. Playing sports is wonderful because we can share our feelings! I also could get other sports experience which I had never played in Japan! In New Zealand, netball, rugby and cricket are popular sports, and those are so fun to play! I hope to play them in Japan!
 I was a member of the girls football club in Waiuku College. (Now the season is over….) We had 2 teams, 1st girls and 2nd girls. I was a striker of 2nd girls team. Every Tuesday and Thursday were our practice days, and we were having a game on every Wednesday. At the end of September, we had a tournament week which was the biggest games for us. 15 girls could go to Taupo, and I was chosen as one of them. I was surprised and excited. Our coach told me she doesn’t want me to feel uncomfortable in tournament week. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all because my mates were supporting me. Every day in the tournament week, we had games and these games made us tired and stressful. We supported each other, so we didn’t give up until the end. Our result was 7th in the North Island (from 32 teams). We were so happy because this was the highest result ever for the school, and I was so glad to share this happy moment with them. During the tournament week, I also had a good time with them. We had dinner, enjoyed cooking, watched movies, swam in the hot pool and went shopping. I really enjoyed having the tournament week with them!
I like the moments when I meet new people!!! I feel so excited and think about what I can do with them. Through my stay in NZ, I met so many people and they are so important for me because they supported me a lot and I will not forget what they did for me. I am sure I’m going to meet many more people in my life, and I will try to make them happy like how they made me happy!
Thank you for reading this!!! See you guys very soon!!!    Big love from Tomoyo


“HATE LOSING” Do you wat to be a loser? I think most people don’t want be a loser and don’t like losing. Of course, I don’t like, no, I hate losing.
Hey guys! It’s Sanae. I go to Bream Bay College with my partner, Nonoka. Before I came to New Zealand, I had wanted to write about my new life in this essay like my seniors. Now, however, I really want to write about two big topics, so I hope I’ll have a chance to tell you about my life in a different way someday.
First, I started doing a new thing from the end of May. This is “Karate.” I’m learning Japanese culture from kiwis. I felt strange at first, but I’m interested in doing Karate and learning kiwis’ viewpoints now. I’m practicing punches, kicks, blocks, fights, and Kata with weapons and without weapons. It’s very hard for me, but it’s really fun. One day, my Karate teacher said to me, “Japanese culture is so interesting for me, such as bowing properly, making green tea, and folding clothes like you. You are always folding your uniform beautifully. I’m proud of Japan and Japanese. Also, you should be proud of your own country.” When I heard it, I was surprised and happy. That’s because I knew how Japan is seen by another country for the first time and the impression was very good. He also said, “If I teach Karate to my students in the Japanese style, they can’t continue doing it because Japanese Karate is stricter and more proper than New Zealand Karate.” I’ve never taken any lessons of Karate in Japan, so I can’t compare the differences, but if I didn’t do Karate now, I might not be able to hear this story. I think learning Japanese culture from the people of other countries is rare. I want to be proud of Japan and Japanese more through this experience. 
Second, as I stated above, I hate losing. However, I don’t think so if I lose without regrets. I think it is a shame if I  lose without trying. This is part of my character. We had exams and assessments at the end of the term. I took three English, Maths, two Science, Hospitality (Home economics in terms of Japan) exams, P.E., and Science assessments. All subjects’ teachers said to me and Nonoka, “This exam/assessment is very difficult for you guys because English is a second language for you, so you don’t have to be serious.” When I heard it, I thought it’s wrong because we came to New Zealand to learn English. We had already known learning “second language” is difficult. So, I studied for the exams and the assessments as much as I could. As a result, I got one Merit (the second best achievement criterion) in English exam, Excellence (the best achievement criterion) in Maths exam, two Excellences in Science exams, and Merit in Science assessment. I haven’t got the result of the exam of Hospitality and the result of the assessment of P.E. yet, but my teachers praised me for my efforts. I was really happy to get these results and praises from my teachers. Why was I able to work hard like this? This answer is very easy. The answer is I don’t want to be a loser (it might sound exaggerated). If I hadn’t studied a lot, I might have felt as if I had become a loser and I might not have received these good results. There are many people who have different characters in Japan. Now that I jumped out from Japan, I’ve met more people and they have various characters. Our characters are changed by ourselves toward a good direction or a bad direction. However, I don’t want to change this character. This character is the best for me.
In addition, I’ll write about difference of point of view between me and me host sister, Laura. I lived with her until May. She is a hard worker and she loves doing new things. When I lived with her, she took a fitness test in Auckland. This test is taken by many people, but almost all participants are men because it’s really hard for women. (This year, only five women participated.) Before she took this test, her behaviour was strange for me. That’s because she was always smiling and shouting suddenly. She didn’t look nervous. I asked her, “Aren’t you nervous?” Then she said to me, “Yes, a little bit, but I’m really excited now. I wanna take a test right now because I practiced a lot and I have been working hard for this test.” When I heard this answer, I thought I’ve never had this feeling before. If I were her, I would become nervous and I wouldn’t be able to make a smily face like her. However, when I took the exams and the assessments, I was able to understand what she said. I’ve been working very hard for them, so I got the same feeling as Laura. Laura had told me “The most important thing is the process.”  She prepared throughly for her test by herself, so she got a strong confidence. I’m really proud of her. I want to be a person like her, so I’ll make tough preparation for everything I need in order not to be a loser.
To be honest, I didn’t enjoy my school life in New Zealand at first. I wanted to go back to my host family’s house every day until recently. I also had been afraid of speaking my English to kiwis. My study abroad was quite different from my image before I came here. I was really disappointed in myself. However, now I have lovely friends and I want to talk with them a lot. I’ve got a big chance and grasped the chance tightly. I didn’t want to miss the chance again. I finally stood on the starting line of my study abroad at last now. I’ll keep running until I’ll reach my goal of my own study abroad. 
I don’t have any regrets about entering the Eiryu course. Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity. Also, I want to say, “Thank you very much for supporting me.” to my teachers, Eiryu girls, my kiwi friends, my host family, and my family. In the remained days, I’ll enjoy everything and I’ll come back to Japan to show how much I’ve grown up. Oh, it’s not how much I’ve gained weight. lol
Thank you for reading :) 
Sanae Kawae
川栄 彩奈絵


Hi guys! I’m Nao.  I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College with my best partner, Tsubura! I have been living in NZ for about 5 months. It’s the turning point of our study abroad. I feel  like I only came here a short time ago. I’m a little bit sad to think that the rest of my study abroad will also pass at such a fast speed…but I want to make the most of my stay!!  Now,  I will introduce my NZ life.
My host family is my mother, older sister, and younger sister. They have 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 rabbit and 2 birds as their pets. My host mother has many hobbies, for instance she does knitting, making sweets, and sometimes paints some pictures. My older host sister is living in Shiga in Japan now and she works as an ALT. She will come back to NZ in August, so I’m looking forward to seeing her! My younger host sister is so amusing and she likes to sing very much.  They have had many international students before, so when I tell them about my distress, they give me some advice and encourage me. They are also outdoorsy  people, so they take me to many places around NZ when we have a holiday! My host family is my second family!
Next, I’ll tell you about my life at school. NZ has a large number of subjects, so we can learn a lot of technical things! I really like cooking and music. In cooking class, we practice cooking twice a week, and we make a wide variety of food. I often make food in my host house, too! (I use NZ’s cook book!!)When I come back to Japan, I want to make food that I’ve learned in NZ for my family and friends.  In music class, it’s different from Japan. We write the lyrics for music, compose on our own, practice the musical instruments individually, make music by using computers... anyway it’s really high level!!! Also we can take musical instrument or vocal lessons in the school so I take the violin and flute lessons. Now I’m practicing a difficult song that I will play in a music contest at school in August. I want to be the best player!!   Also I joined the School Show as a flute player. They don’t hold it every year and it had been seven years since the last show. I was really happy that I could join the show.
Actually, I still can’t understand English well. Now, 5 months have passed but I’m still nervous. Before I came here, I’m sorry that I troubled my teachers in Japan a lot. I don’t know how many times I consulted with them about English…I’m deeply grateful to them for supporting me.When I came to NZ, I struggled with English. I cried almost every day. I talked to my dean, but I couldn’t erase my uneasiness. I didn’t have much confidence in my English. The matter affected my conversation with my friends. At first, everyone explained things to me with their best effort, but gradually they only talked to me when there were only a few people, because I didn’t understand the content of the conversations. Especially, when I talked to teachers, my friends or other international students with Tsubura, I experienced really painful feelings. They had never looked at me or talked to me. Then they finished talking and they said to the other international students, “Please tell Nao what we said in Japanese.” I was shocked by this.  However, I noticed that I didn’t do anything, I just worried. So I decided to change myself. At first, I didn’t know how I could do better, so I thought about it earnestly...Then, I realized that I needed to put my thinking into doing, so I tried everything I could do. “To start talking, I must make a topic of conversation, join the conversation positively and find some useful expressions.” Such things were natural to do when I was in Japan, but now I need to have the courage much more than my imagination. At first it was really hard for me and I worried a lot. However, I am gradually getting courage little by little. Now I have really great friendships with Kiwi students and we talk and tell each other jokes!  The other day, my friend said to me, “It’s really difficult to learn a foreign language! You are doing so great. If I were you, it would be impossible!!!! “I was so glad to hear it and now I’m more confident.
From now on, I think I will still have problems, but “I will have courage and try hard.” I will have great days of studying abroad and not regret even a single day!
Big love






Hello, everyone! I'm Tsubura and I'm living in a small town called Waipawa with my host father, mother, sister and two cats. I finished writing a letter about my new life in NZ. However one evening, while talking about different races with my host dad, I got interested in the topic and we talked about it for more than an hour. I really want to tell you guys about my life here, but now I’ve got other things that I really want to write about more than that, so I'll leave my story of New Zealand life till there is enough time to tell you someday.
Do you know how many races there are in the world? There is a lot of debate about this question. But it is definitely more than the number of the countries there is in the world. The more different races there are, the more differences there are, such as languages, religions, habits, ways of thought, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour… and sometimes it causes some sad struggles. New Zealand is called “The place of immigrants”, as there are lots of people from other countries. There are students from Germany, China, The Philippines, Canada, England, Australia, and Japan at my school. This is not a lot, compared with my friend's school, where student from other countries account for half of all its students. In NZ, there are indigenous people called Maori. A Long time ago, lots of immigrants from England came to NZ and now their descendants are living here together. It's a shame, but before I came here, I didn't know that their relationship is “not so good”. I heard that they've got a complicated past, which has made their relationship strained. I can't tell that story as I heard it from only one side and it can’t be said which side is right or wrong. It's sad. Generally they get on with each other but, politically their relationship is “not good”. Here is a quote from a member of my host family:
“When we hear about a Maori person, we don't always think so well of them, even if we have never actually met that person. Sometimes it seems like they don't like us so much and se don't like them so much. Even so, on a personal level, I do have my friends among them.“
It seems that there is a difference between the personal and political attitudes. It is strange that they don't match.
I related this to the relationship between China and Japan. As you know, the relationship between is “not good.” For example, the problem of the Senkaku Islands remains unsolved. On the internet, I saw a survey that asked Japanese what they thought of Chinese, and Chinese what they thought of Japanese. Over 80 % of both countries' results said “not so good” or “not good”. However, I have a friend from China here. He is in the same ESOL class as me and he is one of my important friends. (ESOL class is the English class only for exchange students) I do talk with him about the differences between our countries, his favourite things or whatever we can talk about. His thinking is the same as mine, he is one of my friends, and I think he thinks I'm his friend. Like this, it can't be said that “Chinese seem to be not good” by Japanese or “Japanese seem to be not good” by Chinese. It seems that these are opinions based not on personal experience, but rather on a political struggle. I can understand why some people allow political problems to make their relationship “not so good” but it is not right. Everyone can be friends.
When I first came here, I was just incredibly nervous as everyone speaks English super fast and I knew no one except Nao, another student from Jin-ai High School. However everyone has been very kind and friendly to me, so I'm getting used to living here and enjoying every day. Whenever I have difficulty with something, there are people who help me. If I have worry, there are people around me and they encourage me a lot. When I'm happy, I have someone to share it with from this experience. I really think races are irrelevant to making friends with anyone. All I needed was courage to step toward them. Now, I've got this experience of studying abroad and I truly believe this. To agree with someone's opinion like this, through reading their writing is very easy.  Having the chance to experience this has been very valuable, but it's not for everybody. I'm very glad I've come here and had the opportunity to interact with lots of people from different countries. I just really want to say thank you so much to whoever supports me and encourages me. My friends, teachers, and of course my family, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience here. I'd like to make the next half of my studying abroad much more satisfying and valuable, as once I get back to Japan at the end of the year, I don't want to have any regrets of what I could have accomplished during my time in New Zealand.
Thank you for reading :-)
Tsubura Sasaki


Hello you all! My name is Wakana Tsubota. I am one of the year thirteen class students. I go to Te Kuiti High School with my lovely partner, Ramu. I'm having a good time in Te kuiti. The reason that why I'm writing this essay this term is because I was helped by my seniors' essay when I was in trouble. I want to help junior students and also I don't want to forget me in this time. I am really happy if you read my essay :)
I live with host mother and father. I call them "Mom" and "Dad". Mom is a teacher in my school. She is adored by students and of course I know why. She is taking care of me as if I were her daughter! When I do something great, she praises me as hard as she can. When I do something wrong (such as eating cookies too much lol), she scolds me with her kindness. This is why she is adored by everyone! Dad works at  a garage and has his own work shop called "Grainger Motor". To my surprise, he has the second greatest garage in NZ! It's amazing isn't it?! Also I have a same age's host brother, Keegan, but he's in Demark to study like me. I probably won't meet him while I'm in NZ :( (I feel a little bit sad….). My house is really close to my school. Honestly, I am helped by this condition because I have a poor sense of direction lol. I often walk with my friends to school. Recently, I often go to my friends' house. Thanks to them, I've never become homesick! Hahaha.
Well then, let me introduce my exciting school life. I am a member of the netball as Goal Keeper!!! Netball is really fun! At school, I take English, Math, Art, Hospitality, PE, and Performing arts (Drama). Maybe things we do in each of our classes will be talked by my class mates, so I'll talk about Musical which will be held in June!!! Every year, this school holds a big performance. This year, we will perform "Hair Spray" (2007's American musical movie).The production's characters are comprised of Drama class members and students who were invited. I was looking forward to be a character because I've heard "I was OOO in the drama!!" by many of my seniors. But unfortunately, teachers had already decided who will be, so I couldn't be any character. Doesn't sound good does it?!  I didn't understand why the teacher didn't think about me even though I am a member of the drama class!! 
Actually, I'd never felt alone in performing arts because everyone is so kind. I was the only student who couldn't have a character, so it was first time for me to feel "isolation". I thought that I was working hard with mates, so I was disappointed. From that day, I was talking to myself "What else I can do?" in my heart again and again. Then, a good idea suddenly came to me. "I am good at dancing!! I can be a dancer!" One day, I took the plunge and told to the teacher that I am good at dancing. Then teacher said "Thank you for telling me! Actually I am thinking what I should do for you!" As a result, I couldn't get any character, but I could catch a job by myself. I will practice hard with people in “Hair Spray" :) 
Recently, I had a sad experience. And this caused a bad affect to me. One day, in ESOL class, we had an exam. And my result was “believe it or not” a C. And I was told "You’d better study harder." I lost every confidence because I had little confidence on studying because I was able to be rewarded for my efforts in Japan. Since then, I came to feel lonely and upset in ESOL class, although I didn't feel like this before. Moreover, I felt that I couldn't continue my motto "trying to talk with new people" although I was able to do it before it happened. I thought "What is wrong?" many times. I thought that taking bad results only means to fail. But now I think to fail is a chance to improve myself! Now, I am able to fight with myself and I can see everything with a positive feeling. Also, through this experience, I could be a more active girl. I couldn't go to boys and girls group before, but now I am trying to go there because nothing starts without finishing anything. Nothing starts and nothing ends without moving forward. It's a  waste of time if I am indecisive! In Hair Spray's practice, I am trying to talk with everyone. Maybe someone think of me "Is she a strange girl?" but I'll never stop this because this is "Wakana Tsubota!" Also, I have a lots of friends who admit me. My close friend, Cory and performing arts members hugged me when I got the bad result and they said "We know pretty well that you' re working so hard!". My motto of life is “DO NOT GO BACK ON MY WORD”. I want to be a genius of efforts by the end of the year. I can feel everyone’s support now. Thank you to my family for  giving me such great advice. Thank you Eiryu girls! You guys are my everything. Thank you to all my friends for supporting me. Thank you teachers! Please wait for us until the end!
P.S My special skill is volley ball(I've been playing it for 7years) and dancing, but unfortunately, Te kuiti doesn't have club like this! 
Kind regards
Wakana Tsubota
みなさんこんにちは。坪田若加奈です。最高のパートナーである来夢さんとニュージーランドのTe Kuiti高校に通う13年生です。Te Kuitiで素晴らしい時間を過ごしています。私がこの時期にこの作文を書いている理由は私自身が英留の先輩が書いたエッセーによって助けられたからで、同じように後輩のために力になりたいと思ったからです。今の自分の気持ちを忘れたくないからというのもあります。最後まで読んでいただけると嬉しいです。
私のホストファミリーはファザーとマザーで、「お父さん」「お母さん」と呼んでいます。お母さんは私が通う学校の先生で、沢山の生徒に愛されていて、私にはその理由が分かります。彼女は私を本当の娘の様に面倒を見てくれています。例えば、私が何か素晴らしい事をした時は全力で褒めてくれます。私が何かおかしなことをした時は(例えばクッキーを食べすぎたりとか 笑)、優しさを持って叱ってくれます。だから彼女は皆に愛されているのです。お父さんはGrainger Motorという修理工場で働いて、修理師をしています。驚いた事に、それがNZで2番目に大きい修理工場だそうです。凄いでしょ!?他にも、同い年のKeeganというホストブラザーがいますが、デンマークで留学中で、私がNZにいる間には会えないのでちょっと残念です。ホームステイ先は学校にとても近いです(実は私は方向音痴なので助かっています…)学校へはよく友達と歩いて通っています。最近はよく友達の家に遊びに行きます。皆のおかげで、ホームシックになった事はありません!笑。
では私の楽しい学校生活について紹介します。私はネットボール部に所属していてゴールキーパーをしていてとても楽しいです。授業は、英語、数学、美術、ホスピタリティー、体育、パフォーミングアート(ドラマ)を取っています。おそらく、普段の授業でどんな事をしているかは、他のクラスメイトが書くと思うので、私は6月に行われるミュージカルについて書きます。私の学校では毎年大きなパフォーマンスが行われます。今年はHair Spray(2007年のアメリカのミュージカル映画)を行います。私は留学前に、英留の先輩から「私は○○の役をしました。」と聞いていて楽しみにしていたのですが、先生がすでに役を決めてしまっていて、私は残念ながら役がもらえませんでした。ドラマの授業を取っているのに、なぜ先生が私を選んでくれなかったのか理解できませんでした。
最近悲しい出来事がありました。ESOLの授業でテストがあって、私はCを取ってしまいました。そして「もっと勉強しないといけない。」と言われました。日本では努力が報われていたので、私は自信を無くしてしまいました。その時からESOLの授業でも落ち込んでいました。私は「何がいけなかったのか?」を何度も考えました。悪い成績を取るという事は、「下へ落ちる事」だと思っていました。でも今は「落ちる」という事は「自分自身を成長させるチャンスだ!」と考えられるようになりました。今では自分と戦って、どんな時も前向きに物事を捉えられるようになり、より活発になりました。以前はNZの生徒のグループへ入っていく事ができませんでしたが、何かを終らせないと、何も始まらないからもったいない。踏み出さないと始まらないかr終わりも来ない。優柔不断でいると時間の無駄だ!と考えるようになったので、積極的にグループへ入っていくようになりました。Hair Sprayのパフォーマンスでは全員と話をするように心がけています。そんな私を「変な子だなぁ」と思う人もいるかもしれませんが、私はそれをやめません。なぜならそれが坪田若加奈だからです。私を認めてくれる友人も沢山います。仲良しのCoryやパフォーミングアーツの友達は私が悪い成績を取った時に、「若加奈が一生懸命頑張っているのは知っているよ!」と言ってハグしてくれました。私のモットーは「約束をやぶらない」です。私は努力の天才になりたいです。留学をさせてくれた家族や、英留のクラスメイトは私の全てです。私を支えてくれている友人に感謝しています。先生方ありがとうございます。帰国の日を楽しみにしていて下さい。
追伸:私はバレーボールを7年間していてダンスも得意ですが、残念ながらTe Kuitiにはこれらの部活はありませんでした。

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