NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。





Kiaora!  I'm Hitomi Aoike.  I go to Central Hawke's Bay College with Hikaru.  It has already been 6 months since my NZ life started!  Time flies!!! (I'm sure most of my seniors must have said the same thing!)  I definitely enjoy my life in NZ.  I have experienced lots of new things.  Let me introduce my NZ life to you guys!

I’ll tell you about my host family.  There are my host mother and my host sister in my family.  Also, they have three dogs and two cats.  One of our dogs is a cute puppy and she came to our house after I started to stay here!  Her name is Buttons and she's my host sister's dog.  I sometimes sleep with her.  My host mother is very kind and lovely!  She always listens to me and gives me advice.  My host sister is 14 and she goes to the same school as me.  She has so many friends!  She is a little bit cheeky, but she's my favourite!  I love them so much! 
Next, I’ll tell you about my school life.  I take Music, History, Art, Math, FTX, FNT and ESOL.  I like all of my subjects!  FTX is a sewing class and FNT is a cooking class.  In Music, I performed Japanese song called "9th of March" as a farewell song for an international student who is from Bolivia with other Japanese exchange students.  I’ve begun playing the flute and the trumpet!  I like to play the flute so much!  I had never played it before but my mum used to play it.  I take lessons at school and practice at home.  I've just started but fortunately I joined the school concert band the other day.  I’ll have a big musical house event called Fryer Cup in the next term and I'll play the flute solo and duet.  
In FTX, I made my ball dress.  I had never made clothes in Japan, so I was worried if I would be able to finish making it.  Thanks to my teacher's help, I finished making it beautifully.  I wasn't really good at sewing, but now I have the confidence to sew.  Also, I’ve begun started crochet!  Crochet is different from knitting in that we use only one hook when we crochet.  My host mum's friend teaches me how to crochet.  I made fingerless gloves and I'm making a blanket now.  
In FNT, we have a cooking practice once a week.  I'm pleased to have many chances to cook.  I didn’t cook in Japan but now I like cooking and baking very much!  I often make lasagna at home.  My international dean makes the best lasagna and she taught me how to make it.  It's not easy to make lasagna, but my host family always says "Yum!" so I can't stop making it!!! 
As you can see, there are many exciting things in my school life!  I’ve made good friends, so I want to establish better relationships with them.
My most favourite event I've ever experienced was the School Ball. It is a dance party and Year12 and Year13 students can come.  Everyone dressed up beautifully in the ball.  The hall was beautiful as well!  There were many colourful lights in the hall.  I wore the dress I made by myself!  I have many friends in Year13, so I enjoyed talking with them and dancing!  I didn’t like dancing, so I thought I couldn’t dance, but I definitely enjoyed dancing on that night!  I took many photos with my friends, too!  Japanese schools don’t have School Balls, so I was pleased to go to the ball in NZ. 
This is not about my school life, but I’ve started learning ballet.  I have wanted to learn it for a long time.  There is a ballet school in my town, so I go to that school on Mondays.  I'm in an adult class, and there are very nice ladies in my class!  I practice hard for the exam in August.
At last, I thank everyone who always supports me in Japan and in NZ.  Thanks to my family, teachers and so on, I'm enjoying my NZ life fully and doing my favourite things!  Thank you so much:-)  I’ll study English as much as I can in NZ. 
Thank you for reading!
こんにちは!青池瞳です。わたしはCentral Hawke's Bay Collegeにひかると一緒に通っています。私のニュージーランドの生活が始まってから半年がたちました。時間が経つのが本当に早く感じます。(私たちの先輩もきっと同じことを言ってきたと思いますが!) 私はニュージーランドでの生活をとても楽しんでいます。新しいことをたくさん経験してきたので、その一部を紹介します! 
次に学校生活について話します。私は、音楽、歴史、美術、数学、FTX、FNT、ESOLを取っています。どの教科も好きなので、1番は選べません! FTXは裁縫、FNTは料理の授業です。 音楽の授業で、私は他の日本の留学生と一緒にレミオロメンの「3月9日」をボリビアからの留学生のお別れソングとして演奏しました。私はニュージーランドで新しく、フルートとトランペットを習い始めました。私はフルートを吹くことが好きです。今まで1度もフルートを習ったことはなかったけれど、私の母が以前フルートを吹いていました。習い始めたばかりですが、学校のコンサートバンドに入りました。学校で週に1回レッスンを受けて、家で練習しています。3学期には「Fryer Cup」という大きな音楽のハウスイベントがあり、私はフルートをソロとデュエットで演奏するので、今、一生懸命練習しています。 






Hello.  I’m Erika Kawaguchi.  It’s getting colder in New Zealand.  However, we don’t get snow in my town, Hastings, so it’s much warmer than it is in winter in Fukui.  I go to Hastings Girls' High School.  Nearly half of a year has passed since I came here!  Time flies so fast!  I’ve faced a lot of exciting things and hard experiences….. So I’ll write about them.
At school, I’m taking seven subjects, which are ESOL, music, maths, sport studies, multi technology, geography and self-study.  Oh, needless to say, we can arrange our own timetable!  It’s really cool, isn’t it?  My favourite classes are music and geography.  My school has many instruments, so I’ve borrowed a violin.  I used to play the violin but I hadn’t played it for a long time.  However, I have started to play it again!  Sometimes, I have a chance to play it in the class, and I enjoy playing it and performing.  In geography class, we’re learning about a diamond.  To be honest, I didn’t want to take geography because I don’t like it at all and because this class is a year13 class which is a senior class.  There were complicated stories which eventually made me take it.  However, I find geography interesting!  Even if I have a negative idea at first, trying new things will be a nice opportunity to find some positive ideas!
A few weeks ago, I took part in a “Chamber Music Concert” as a violin player with my lovely group. This was a kind of musical competition in New Zealand.  One day, suddenly my name was called by a music teacher, and she just said “You can play the violin so please come to the music suite every Friday at 9.00.”  I was surprised and confused but I kept going there every week.  In my group, there were three violins, one viola, and one piano, and our group was called “B A TRIBUTE.”  At first, I didn’t want to practice because I didn’t even know why I was practicing.  Our music was not difficult so it was alright, but I was poor in musical knowledge, so it was hard for me to discuss everything in English such as what our performance was like and if our performance was good or not.  However, we had prepared ourselves for the concert for a long time and we were getting better.  Besides, we were becoming good friends with each other!  The concert went awesome.  Actually we performed at a public facility and in the assembly as well.  This photo was taken at the public facility.  Although the other girls in the picture are not from my group, they are my lovely friends.  I had great experiences.
By the way, have you read the previous essays which were written by my classmates, Natsuka and Manayo?  If you haven’t, I recommend you read them!  There are many interesting stories and discoveries :).   I was surprised because they have started to do something new such as fishing, composing music and rock climbing.  So, I’ve decided to start doing something new like them.  This is my goal for July!
Lastly, I have four months and a bit left to live here, but I am really looking forward to seeing my friends, family, and teachers in Japan :).   I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supports us. 
Thank you for reading. 
数週間前、私はバイオリニストとして素敵な仲間たちと「室内音楽コンサート」に参加しました。これは、ニュージーランドでの音楽の大会のようなものでした。ある日、突然先生から呼び止められ、「あなたはバイオリンができるから、毎週金曜日の9:00に音楽棟にきて。」と言われました。私はびっくりして戸惑いましたが、毎週そこに行きました。私のグループには、バイオリンが3人、ビオラが1人、ピアノが1人いて、グループ名は「B A Tribute」でした。初めは、なぜ自分が練習しているのかさえ分からなかったので、練習したくありませんでした。音楽そのものはそれほど難しくなかったので問題ありませんでしたが、私には音楽の知識がなかったので、自分たちの演奏がどうだったか、よかったのかどうかなど、英語で全てを話し合うのは困難なことでした。しかし、コンサートに向けて長い間練習し、だんだんうまくなっていきました。その上、互いに仲良くなっていきました。コンサートはとてもうまくいきました。私たちは公共の施設で演奏をし、集会でも演奏しました。この写真はその施設で撮ったものです。この写真に写っている女の子たちは、私のグループのメンバーではありませんが、私の大切な友達です。素晴らしい経験ができました。


Hello!  How is everything with you?  I’m Ayaka Shibuya.  About six months have passed since I left Japan.  Many things are still very hard for me to do but I’m enjoying my NZ life.  I’m going to tell you about my NZ life.
I’m introducing my host family.  My host family members are my host mother, my host father and my host sister.  They are Maori.  They’re really good.  Also, they have two cute kittens and six chickens.  They have big gardens.  I can have fresh vegetables every day.  I like my host mother’s food.  I especially like her lasagna.  I think that the lasagna she cooks is the best in NZ!!  My host mother will teach me how to make lasagna.  I often talk about many things with my host father.  He always corrects my English pronunciations and gives me advice about school.  He is a butcher.  I have watched his job once.  I think his job is really hard because they have to cut a lot of beef quickly.  My host sister is seven years old.  She is a very good girl.  She is really cute, friendly and cheerful, but sometimes she is willful.  She plays netball and hockey.  She is a good player.  She likes dancing and singing very much.  She often shows me her dances.  
My host family puts some mattresses in the lounge, and they sleep there every night.  It is similar to Japanese style!!  I was really surprised when I saw that for the first time.  I sleep with them only on the weekends.  I like to sleep like that because it makes me feel as if we are a real family!!  Maori’s way of thinking is very similar to the Japanese way of thinking.  They like sharing, laughing, being together as a family and so on.  I love my host family.
I’m going to tell you about my school.  My school is Hauraki Plains College.  I take English, Math, Science, Geography/History, P.E, Drama, ESOL and Maori culture.  I enjoy every class, but some classes are really hard for me.  I like Maori culture class because I can learn many things about Maori and I can talk about the class with my host family.  We drew traditional Maori pictures in that class.  When I designed a picture, everyone praised my picture.  I was so happy.  
Drama class is the hardest for me because I have to talk about how our group will act for the subject with my group members, and we have to act after that on the stage.  I often cannot understand what my group members are talking about.  Also, we often don’t use script.  We act impromptu.  I must understand English and talk while acting.  I sometimes lose heart, but I keep trying my best.
I have joined choir.  It is so fun!!  Our choir teacher is one of the best choir teachers in NZ!!  I enjoy every practice.  I look forward to going to the practice every time.  I had a choir competition on June 6th.  We had practiced hard for the competition.  We sang “Gloria”, “Weep no more” and “Yesterday.”  I was little bit nervous when we performed, but I enjoyed singing very much.  Although we could not get any prize, I was satisfied with everything.  Also, I have joined badminton club.  I could not play badminton well before, but I can play it better now than before like others because I have played it with strong players!!  Fortunately I met many new students there.
I have some kiwi friends.  They are really nice to me.  They always help me when we have the same classes.  However, I wonder if they are my real friends.  I know many good students who are nice to me, but making good friends is really hard.  I will do my best to become better friends with them.
Now I’ll introduce one of my memorable experiences.  I joined an event called “Stage Challenge”.  It was like a dance competition.  I had never heard about it before but I was interested in it so I joined it.  Actually, I had to audition for it!!  I didn’t think I would pass it because many girl students auditioned for it.  Fortunately I was able to pass the audition!!  The event was composed of a hip-hop group, a jazz group, a drama group and a ballet group.  I joined the ballet group.  I learned ballet for about two years in Japan but other members of my group were really good ballerinas so I was worried about whether I could dance well like others.  However, my group members were very kind to me, and they taught me how to dance.  I could make new friends.
On June 16th, we performed in Tauranga.  We had practiced hard for it.  I was really excited.  We put on makeup and got dressed up in beautiful costumes.  I had to do almost everything by myself.  It was very hard for me because adult people had done everything for me in Japan.  I could enjoy dancing when we were performing.  I was really sad that we could not get 1st prize.  However, I think this was a great experience for me.  I also could watch other schools’ great performances and talk with them.  I was so happy.  I am so happy to have been able to join Stage Challenge.
I am very thankful to my family, my friends and my teachers in Japan for helping me and watching over me fondly.  I have been having a really good time in NZ.  I have only about 4 months left until I go back to Japan.  I will be really sad to leave NZ.  I want to spend my life in NZ with no regrets.  I never forget “To be myself”, and I will enjoy myself and try everything in the remaining four months in NZ.
Thank you for reading.
私はコーラス部に入っています。とても楽しいです。コーラス部の先生は、ニュージーランドで一番いい先生です。練習はいつも楽しく、練習が楽しみです。6月6日にコーラスの大会がありました。その大会に向けて、一生懸命練習しました。”Gloria”と”Weep no more”と”Yesterday”を歌いました。歌ったときは緊張しましたが、とても楽しかったです。賞はもらえませんでしたが、満足の行く出来でした。バドミントン部にも入っています。前はうまくありませんでしたが、強い選手たちと練習してきたので、今は前よりもうまくできます。バドミントン部で新しい生徒に出会うことができたのも嬉しいです。




Hello!  My name is Hayaka Kifune.  I go to Hastings Girls' High School.  I’m enjoying my school life here.  It’s getting cold here, so I’ve got an electronic blanket from my host mother.  Term 2 will finish soon.  I feel it’s so fast.  In this term, I had some experiences with my band members, so let me tell you about my band.
I belong to the Concord Symphonic band.  This band is for the students who have played instruments for more than 3 years, and it is for Hastings Girls' High School students and Lindisfarne College students.  We practice at Lindisfarne College, which is located next to Hastings Girls' High School.  We practice from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on every Tuesday.  Our school finishes at 3:10 p.m., and I stay at school until 5:30 p.m.  I practice the trumpet or talk with my friends while I’m waiting. 
When I practiced with the band for the first time, I felt that it was a bit hard for me because I had to play without practice with the other trumpet players.  When I was in junior high school and joined the school band, I had to practice every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays.  I was so surprised that I only have practice once a week in this band.  However, everyone plays their instruments very well.  I want to practice more, so I play the trumpet at home after school. 
On Sunday May 25th, we held a concert and played with The University of Notre Dame Concert Band, which is very famous in America.  Our band played three pieces of music alone and after that three pieces of music with The University of Notre Dame Concert Band.  The concert was awesome, and I was glad to play some pieces of music with them.
From May 30 to June 1, I went to Auckland and participated in the National Festival.  It was like a competition. My band played on May 31st, and we played four pieces of music on the stage.  I was a bit nervous before I played, but I enjoyed playing with my band members.  I was so happy when we finished our performance and were applauded by our audience.  After that, we had our photo taken outside, and I found that I was the shortest in my band….. Anyway, I really enjoyed performing.  I could also get along with my band members, especially with the girls, more than before on those days. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay until the prize giving because we had to go back soon.  We actually went there by bus, and it took eight hours….. We heard that we got a GOLD prize on the way home on the bus.  We were so happy!  I had great time with them.
By the way, I’ve decided to join another brass band in Hastings.  I practice with the band  every Monday.  Last week, I went to practice with this brass band for the first time.  The members of the band are so kind to me.  I’m enjoying this band practice as well.  I’ll be a bit busier next term because I’ll have a concert on August 3.  I won’t be able to play the trumpet after I go back to Japan, so I want to enjoy playing it here! 


Hello!  I’m Manayo Yamada.  About four months have passed since I came to New Zealand.  Term 2 has started and I’ve made some goals for this term.  Term 1 was long enough for me to get used to my school life in New Zealand, but I couldn’t challenge myself.  I think Term 1 was the time for getting used to life and Term 2 is the time for trying something new, so I’ve started to compose music in music classes and joined the rock climbing club.  These are my new challenges.
In New Zealand, students have a two-week holiday between terms.  Of course I enjoyed my holiday, so I will write about it.  I travelled in Rotorua with my host family and my host sister’s friend. It is hard for me to write about all the things we did on the trip, so I’ll write about some of the most memorable things.  On this trip, the time that I was in a hotel was longer than the time that I went out for activities.  I soaked in spas at the hotel every day.  They were like Japanese baths, so I felt nostalgic.  One day, a Philippine family joined me and I talked with them in the spa.  They were from Auckland and they have lived in New Zealand for more than ten years.  They were so entertaining and very nice to me.  I found that English is fantastic because we could get through to each other with English even though I don’t know Filipino and they don’t understand Japanese.  To be honest, talking with Asian people is easier than talking with people who look European.  Before I came here, I didn’t like Asian people except Japanese because I knew only bad news of China, Korea and so on.  However, I found that each person is so nice and lovely through my contact with them.
On the fifth day of the trip, I tried rafting.  Rafting is going down a river on a boat.  Actually, I didn’t want to do it because it looked scary, but I decided to do it because I thought that it would be a good experience.  Fortunately, my group’s instructor was a Japanese man.  He said that he did rafting in Canada, Africa and somewhere else.  He seemed to enjoy doing something dangerous.  Before we rode a raft, he explained how to do rafting in English.  His English sounded perfect.  Going down the river, he also explained to me in Japanese.  I couldn’t help respecting him.  When we went over the biggest waterfall, our raft flipped upside down.  I couldn’t understand the situation and I thought that only I was thrown out of the raft.  I was helped by people who were riding on another raft and helped back to my group.  The Japanese instructor encouraged me.  Until the morning of that day, I had many small worries, but they were dispelled by meeting him.  
The day after I came back to my town, Waiuku, I went to Auckland for April camp.  I was looking forward to seeing my old classmates.  When I arrived at the building for the camp, almost all of my classmates had already arrived and were chatting.  The room had an atmosphere like my old classroom back in Japan, so I felt at ease.  No one slept until 3:30 a.m. and we talked all night with our friends.   I didn’t stay in touch with my classmates after coming to NZ, so I didn’t know how their life was going before I heard their stories.  Everyone had worries, some of which were the same as mine.  The three days of the camp went by quickly, but it has given me energy for Term 2.
Now, I’m making an effort to make a best friend and I’ve found a girl whom I want to be best friends with.  Sometimes I miss Japan, but I’ll do my best to enjoy my life in New Zealand.  I want to go back to Japan with a lot of confidence!





Hello, everyone.  How are you?  I’m Natsuka Yamamoto.  I go to Bream Bay College and I’m enjoying my life in New Zealand.  A month has passed since I left Japan.  In only one month, I have already had many interesting experiences, so I’ll tell you about them.
My classmates and I stayed in Rotorua for the first two weeks, and we commuted to John Paul College.   We learned about New Zealand, such as Maori culture, its geography, its history and sports.  It was during the holiday for kiwi students, so the classes were just for us.   In the morning, we studied in the classroom, then in the afternoon, we visited exciting places.  Among the places we visited, Te Puia was the most exciting place for me because I could see kiwi birds there.  Kiwi birds live only in New Zealand and they are an endangered species.  The house of kiwi birds was very dark because they are nocturnal, but I was able to find them.  They were so cute and I want to see them again!  In Te Puia, I also enjoyed seeing Maori culture and geysers.  I had a very good time there.
After we spent two weeks in Rotorua, I came to Ruakaka, where I live now.  At school, I take English, math, science, music, geography, hospitality and E.S.O.L.  I join the classes as a usual student.  It is hard for me to understand what my teachers say, but some subjects are easy for me because I have already learned the information in Japan.  My aim is to speak to kiwi students whom I haven’t talked to and to make friends.  It is not easy for me, but I’ll never give up.
I’ll introduce my host family.  There are only my host mother and a dog in my host family, but we enjoy our life.  We often go to the beach because we can go there in five minutes by car!!  The beaches in New Zealand are not crowded and the water is very clear!  A couple of weeks ago, I collected many shells at the beach and put them on the mirror which is hung on the wall in my room.  Decorated with the shells, the mirror looks so pretty.  My host mother talked to some neighbours about the mirror, and then they visited my room to see it.  The mirror is my favourite thing in my room.
The other day, I went fishing on a boat with my host mother and her friends.  Actually, I had never been fishing before, so I was worried if I would be able to catch fish.  However, to my great surprise, I caught five fish.  They were including the first one and the biggest one. On the other hand, my host mother didn’t catch anything. She and her friends praised me.  The next day, we ate the fish I caught as fish and chips for dinner.  It was so yummy.  Since the day of the fishing trip, I have begun to be called “fisherwoman” by some people who know my fishing skills.
As you can see, I experience new things every day, and I really enjoy my life in New Zealand.  I already don’t want to go back to Japan!! (I’m sorry for my family, teachers, friends and other people who are waiting for me to come back.) Anyway, I learn English and experience many things here.
Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me. 
Thank you for reading.
P.S. The picture is me with the first fish I caught.
P.S. 写真は私と一匹目の魚のものです。


Hello, everyone. How are you doing? I’m Yuria Matsuoka. I go to Bream Bay College. I can’t believe that I’ve stayed here in New Zealand for more 9 months already and I have only less than a month until I go back to Japan. I’ve experienced many things, and I want to tell you about some of them.
Around in April, I played the piano in an assembly in front of all of the students at school. I got this opportunity by being asked by my international dean. When I performed, I was soooo nervous and my whole body was shaking, especially my hands.  I played classical music, but in this school rock music is very popular, so I had thought that everyone would be not interested in the classical music and was worried that everyone would get bored during my play. But they listened quietly till the end. And after I finished playing, they gave me a big hand. After the assembly finished, many people who I passed by praised me by saying things like, “It was great!”, “How did you remember that song?” and so on. I think it was the first time for me to be praised by so many people. My friend told me that there was a student who even stood up and clapped his hands for me. I was so glad. I appreciate the teacher who gave me such an opportunity. 
About a month ago, we had another school music event called, Music Night, and I performed there as well with my best kiwi friend, Caitlan, and my partner, Kaori. We performed a Japanese song, “Eikou no Kakehashi.” Kaori sang, Caitlan played the guitar and I played the piano. We practiced it in music class, at lunch time and after school together. Playing music with others is fun! In music class when we did a rehearsal, people who were around us clapped their hands and some of them said they love the song. Even our music teacher seems to have liked it. He said “The song stuck in my head!” and he was even singing it. It was very funny. On the night of Music Night, even though there was a big audience, I wasn’t so nervous because I was with Kaori and Caitlan. But actually I was worried whether the audience would enjoy it because the song is Japanese. However, after we finished the performance, everyone showed enthusiasm and gave us a big hand. The next day, in classes and when I passed by, my friends and many people who I don’t know or even haven’t talked with praised us about the performance and my piano. They seem they like the song. I was really happy and felt a sense of achievement. And I thought music is universal all over again. 
Lastly, I’ll tell you about my host family. I live with my host mother, Rose and my host brother, Aidan now. I also have a host father, Paul, who is staying in Dubai for his work, and a host sister, Ciara, who is staying in Dunedin for her university. Sometimes they come back home. They are Philippine but have lived in New Zealand for a long time and speak English at home. My host mother’s cooking is very delicious, so I’m always looking forward to dinner every night. Now I’m getting along with her, but actually it was different in the beginning. 
When I first came to the house, I tried to talk to my host mother a lot to get along with her, but her reaction wasn’t something I expected. She is a quiet person, and didn’t talk much and didn’t smile often. She invites her Philippine friends to the house often. Of course, at those times, she talks in Philippino and I can’t understand the language at all, so often I exchanged only greetings and went back to my room. When I saw her with her friends, she talked a lot and always smiled, so I started to wonder if she doesn’t like me. Around in May, I still didn’t have a good relationship with her. Eventually, I stopped talking to her. I felt she talks in Philippino much more than talks in English in front of me. At that time, Aidan was still not getting used to me and often shut himself up in his room and played games alone. I was feeling alone even while staying with them. I couldn’t find what I was studying abroad for. Before coming here, I was actually determined not to change my host family, but I even started to consider changing it seriously. Then, I got an e-mail from my mom full of warm messages. I thought that even if I’m staying far away from my family and not seeing each other, they are always supporting me. And there was a message like, “Try to think positively and find a way to enjoy your stay instead of worrying about what happened in the past.” When I read it, I realized we couldn’t have a good relationship because of my behaviour and my negative way of thinking. I decided to try a little more. One day, my host mom’s friends came to the house, and one of them asked me what my special ability is. While I was thinking, my host mom said, “She plays the piano very well, her fingers move really smoothly”, and then she asked me to play. I was very surprised but felt happy to hear that. While I was playing, she and her friends praised me a lot. After that we talked and watched movies together. From that day on, when her friends come to the house, she calls me, introduces me and sometimes asks me to play the piano. I realized I had misunderstood her feeling about me. Now I like her. I talk with her a lot, and the other day we talked for more than an hour about her past history and my future recently. It’s a big progress, isn’t it? Aidan also got used to me, and we often play together. Sometimes, he gets really rough, though.. I really think it was a correct decision not to give up trying. 
I have experienced and learned many things here in New Zealand. I just have less than one month, but I want to talk and play with my friends and host family more, challenge many things, especially which I can’t experience in Japan, and use the remaining time meaningfully. Most of all, I want to enjoy my life in New Zealand not to regret anything after I go back to Japan. 
Finally I want to say thank you to my friends, teachers, host family, and my family. Thanks to them, I could have got so many wonderful experiences. To be honest, I don’t want to go back to Japan, but on the other hand I’m very looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan. 
Thank you for reading, and see you soon!


Kia Ora!
Ko Lisa toku ingoa. E haere ana ahau ki te kura o Otamatea. 
Hello everyone! This is a New Zealand's traditional Maori expression. It says, "Hello!
My name is Lisa. I go to Otamatea high school." Maori is a really interesting culture. I especially like Kapahaka which is their traditional dance. It’s so cool. Maori language looks difficult but very interesting to learn. So if you go to New Zealand, you should watch the Kapahaka dance and listen to some Maori songs!! I think you'll like them!!
Now, I’d like to introduce my home town, host family and friends here. First is about my school and town. The Otamatea High School area, where I'm living, is a countryside town. To be honest, I thought my school area would be less excited because I heard there aren’t many shops and it's very rural. But now I think this area is a very good place because we can enjoy really clean air, see beautiful mountains, and if we are lucky, we can see a lot of animals. We have a 4 Square which is a cute little super market, a yummy pie and pizza shop, cool cafes, a post office, a stationery shop, an electronic shop, and a park in the town. We can get what we need here, so I think it’s convenient enough to live.
Next, I want to introduce about my lovely host family. I live with the Hallissey family. I have my host mother, Teresa, my host father, Paddy, and my host sister, Kate. We also have a big fluffy white dog called Shaddle, a little brown cat called Kitty, a lamb called Honey, a bird and 7 chickens. Teresa is a gentle lady and she is a good cook. Every day at dinner time, I tell her what happened at school, and she tells me what she did during the day. She sometime tells me about big news events so I can know what's happening in New Zealand. My host father Paddy is a nice man and he is a talented musician. He is a music teacher in Auckland and also he plays drums in a band. At my host family's home, there is a drum set and on weekend, he practices them with loud music. When
I had a school ball, he came to my school to play the drums. It was so cool!!!! I liked it a lot. My host sister Kate is a 13 years old. We go to the same school. We didn't talk to each other so often before, but now we talk at school, on the way home and at home, so I'm spending much more time with her. I'm very happy about that! Shaddle is a very friendly dog. He doesn't bark at anyone, so he used to visit elderly people as a volunteer work so that they can have a fun time with him. He is so clever, so when someone knocks at the door, he runs to the door so we can realize that someone has arrived. Kitty is a very cute and clever cat. She knows that the bed is very comfortable and also knows where all the beds are. So if we keep open our bed room door even a little bit, she will open the door with her nose, go into our bedroom, and jump on the bed quietly like a ninja! I think I'm really lucky because I could have such a good family. Thanks to them, I could have lots of wonderful and happy memories, so I really want to do something in return. What I’ve gotten from them is not only “things” which we can see or touch but their warm “feelings”. I love them as a real family. I think the happiest thing which has happened to me in New Zealand is to have met my host family.
Lastly, I want to introduce my cute friend. She is in year nine and she rides the same bus with me. We first met at a Christian camp in April and we became friends then. We usually sit on the same seats and ate lunch together. But our relationship wasn’t always good. We even had a fight and in the end we broke off. We stopped hanging out after that. I was a little bit sad because I lost my good friend and I became a loner. One day in August, we met at a 4 Square. I was scared but became brave to talk to her. Then, we could talk a lot like we used to. I was so happy. We actually talked till 5:00 at a park. She's so funny and cute. Of course, sometimes I have some complains about her, but I think she is the one that I can talk all of my real feelings. I'm very glad that I could get such a cool friend. :-) And I want to take a good care of her as a friend. We still have a fight sometimes, though. I hope we can stay good friends from now on, too. 
Thank you for reading my story. :-)
P.S. Have you ever heard of a singer named "Jamie McDell"? She is a famous singer in America, but she's from Mangawhai which is in the Otamatea High School area. If you are interested in, please search her on the Internet. I think you will love her songs!!


New Zealand... the name conjures up visions of vast green places, kiwi fruit, different cultures, sheep, sheep and sheep...
Kia ora! I'm Kaho Ito. I'm living in a peaceful town named Kerikeri, which is in the northern part of New Zealand called The Bay of Islands. 'Keri' means 'dig' in Maori. Isn't it interesting? It's famous because there are many orchards growing kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons and many art exhibitions held by artists. I like this peaceful town and the kind people very much. I go to Kerikeri High School, which is a big high school in Kerikeri. There are many students from year 7 to year 13 in my school. I can't believe that more than nine months have already passed since I came to New Zealand. I still remember when I said good-bye to my friends and family in Japan. I feel that everyday passes so fast like a saying, “Time flies like an arrow”. I really understand the feeling now. If I could, I would like to tell you everything that I've done in New Zealand but it would take ages to write it all down so I’ll tell you about some parts of my life in New Zealand.
First, let me introduce my host family. I have a host mother, a host brother and a host sister in my host family. My host mother, Rachael works at KKHS as an ESOL teacher and she also teaches dance to young children. My host brother, Jamie, who is in Year 10, is very funny and likes playing games. And my host sister, Gabriella, who is in Year 8, is very pretty and she invites me to play with her every day. Both of them are at KKHS and very nice to me. They have two lovely cats and three free-range chickens. My host family is always busy enjoying different activities such as archery, kick boxing, guitar and dance, so I feel that they are a very powerful family! I have an older sister in Japan so I was the youngest one, but I'm the oldest one now. I try to imagine how my sister and I used to play when I see my host brother and sister fighting, but I can't remember it exactly... I’m happy to have a host sister or brother because I have to speak in English to them often, and if they don't understand what I said, they always ask me and I can find out the mistakes I made in my English or pronunciation. My family in New Zealand is very kind to me so I feel like they are my real family.
Next, I'll introduce my school. Kerikeri High School is putting a great deal of effort into the reception of international students, so there are many international students at my school. Also, the school has a lot of local students as well. One thing I find interesting is that the local students are not all from New Zealand. I'm not sure if it's only my school but there are many students from other countries so I was surprised at first. Many tourists come and visit Kerikeri, so I think Kerikeri is a very cosmopolitan town with many nationalities mixed in one place. 
In my school, we can choose six subjects of whatever we want if each subject doesn't clash on the time table. It's different from Japan. When I told my friends about it, they said, “We are lazy compared to Japanese people, so the NZ education system is a bit looser than the Japanese education system. But we feel thankful for our system”. I think it's interesting that something which is natural for us could be a strange thing for the people living in other countries. It's fun to find different things compared to Japanese culture here. 
What I was worried about most was if I could make friends in New Zealand. However, as I told you, now I have many friends, especially from other countries. They make me laugh sometimes by speaking some Japanese words which they've learned from other Japanese students. At first, I was surprised when I saw other international students because so many of them came to our school. Actually, I also didn't feel good about it because I felt my ability in English was poor compared to them. However, my opinion has changed through the relationships with them. We are in the similar situation. We are living in a foreign country away from our family and friends, and also we are studying English together. I realized this means we can help each other as the same group, “exchange students” and also we could be good rivals. And of course, I could make many friends from all around the world and learn about their cultures and countries. 
On the other hand, the good relationship with other international students caused another problem. I couldn’t try hard enough to make kiwi friends. At first, I did try to make kiwi friends but when I found that was difficult, I gave up. I ran away to international students and always talked with them to feel ' I have friends'. Of course, that was not a good idea at all for studying English. When I was thinking about it, I remembered my aim which I set upon at the beginning of this study abroad. It was 'taking active actions to make new friends'. Since then, I started to talk to local students on and on again to make friends. Of course, sometimes I felt a language barrier when I talked with them, but I always kept in mind the aim, 'to be active'. In the end, I could do it and now I have kiwi friends, too. So here is my advice for you; 'Go for broke', that is, we should not be afraid of failing. In the past, I didn’t invite my friends to hang out. I always waited for their invitations. Now I ask them first. I hang out with my good friends for watching movies, going shopping and doing baking together. My friends are really funny and make me feel I don't want to go back to Japan. Haha. Just kidding. My seniors in Eiryu course also said to me, “It's not easy to make friends but the important thing is 'keep trying and never give up talking to them'”. We can't know each other until we talk to each other and if we want to make friends, we shouldn't wait for other people to talk to us. 
I’ve experienced lots of things which I had never done in Japan, such as sailing, horse riding, golf, living without my family for a long time, seeing lots of cows, speaking in English every day and feeling so thankful to people around me. I think my juniors might be feeling giddy with their busy life as a student of the Eiryu course. I can't remember how many times I'd felt that 'If a day had more than 24 hours...' everyday, last year. Haha... But anyway, we have only 24 hours in a day, so I think the key point is how to do many things as efficiently as we can. I know it's not easy, but I'm sure the efforts will surely be rewarded! 
I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, teachers in Jin-ai High School and my family. Oh, and I want to say thank you to Miyu, who is my partner in Kerikeri. She helped me a lot, so I'm so glad to be her partner. Thank you, Miyu!! We are having a nice time in Kerikeri together. I became an easy-going person through my kiwi life. I really feel I have been changed by this study abroad experience in New Zealand. I hope my family will feel the same when I go back to Japan. It's my turn to help my family in Japan. I want to say “thank you” to everyone who has supported me and show how much I've changed in New Zealand to them in Japan. 
Thank you for reading.


Hello, I'm Ayame Sakai. How have you been? I go to Hastings Girls' High School in New Zealand. I've been here for more than eight months and I'm going back to Japan in one month and a few weeks. Everyone says that time flies so fast, and it actually does. Today I'm writing about my school life.
First of all, I'd like to talk about my lovely friends. I have a lot of chances to talk with them because we sit and have morning tea and lunch together. I used to feel like I was being left out because I couldn't join their conversation. However, as I have tried to join them, I could talk with them much more than before. I like that they sometimes teach me correct English. For example, I realized that the word "English" was a hard word to pronounce. It sounds like an easy word, but many Japanese people pronounce it wrong. I practiced it many times in front of them, and I can pronounce it correctly now. I'm happy that I have nice friends, and sure that I will miss them when I go back to Japan. I also have friends from Korea, Thailand, China, Germany and France. It's very interesting to share our cultures.
Now I’d like to tell you about my classes. One of the hardest subjects is English. We do a lot of writing. I like writing English, but it's still hard for me. A few weeks ago, I made a speech in English class. The topic was "Welcome to the World of ..."and I talked about Japanese earthquakes. Honestly, I didn't want to do it because I'm not good at making speeches even in Japanese. However, my friends and host family helped me a lot. Thanks to their encouragements, I realized that the important thing was just being confident. I tried to be confident, and it made my speech much better, and I got “achieved”! I try to speak English with confidence now.
One of my favorite subjects is Food Technology. I often cook something in this class. I didn't do cooking at all in Japan, so it was hard and I didn't know what to do at first. However, I enjoy cooking now. I sometimes cook lunch or dinner at home as well. I realized that I do like cooking although I'm not good at cutting vegetables. I want to keep cooking food after I go back to Japan too.
A few weeks ago, we had “Choir Festival”. It's like chorus contest in Japan. I like music, so I joined it. We formed four groups, each called a “house”. Each house has its house color; purple, gold, blue and green. I was in purple, and we practiced the songs during interval and lunchtime. The festival was held at night, and audiences paid money to watch our performances. We performed the songs with some dancing. Although my house didn't win, I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching other houses, and teachers' performances.
I'm going to South Island Trip with my Eiryu classmates this week. I'm really looking forward to it because I've missed two trips I could have taken because recently there were small earthquakes near the area. I hope this one won't be canceled. Also I'm really looking forward to seeing my Japanese friends and talking with them. It’s been a while to see them since we met last time.
I'm really really looking forward to seeing all of my family, friends and teachers in Japan soon. I want to tell them how thankful I am when I come back to Japan. 
See you soon.

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