NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。


Hello! How have you been? I'm Aika Ishida. I go to Pompallier Catholic College with my best partner, Ayaka. I just can't believe that I've already stayed here for 4 months. Time flies so fast, doesn't it?
First, I want to introduce my host family. My host mother, Donna, likes listening to music, and gardening. My host brother, Gabriel, is 5 years old and he likes playing soccer, swimming, and running.  Also, both of them love dancing. So, I sometimes dance with them. It's so fun. :- ) Gabriel is very naughty but he makes us laugh. I'm glad to stay with my lovely host family:D 
Second, I will write about my school life. I take math, English, P.E, sport, ESOL, drama, music and religion. My favorite subject is drama. Drama is very fun. The show is to be next week. My lines are quite short but I can learn pronunciation, so I like this subject. Religion is the hardest subject for me. This is a required subject because our school is a Catholic school. The other day, we had an assessment. We read a thick bible and wrote about who Jesus is. It was too hard. We pray every morning like I chanted “Konnichi ichinichi no tsutsushimi” at Jin-ai in Japan. 
Next, I will write about my hobby. I'm a member of a dance team called Kani Krew. We got 1st prize at the regional competition, so we could go to the next stage, “New Zealand National Street Dance Championship”. It was held from 25th to 27th in April. This time, I was asked to choreograph House and Whack part. Honestly, I was anxious because I wasn’t sure if I could teach the dance to my mates well. But, I thought this would be a good chance for me!!  So, I tried my best as a dancer and also as a choreographer. There were preliminaries and finals at the championship. I heard that only 8 crews out of 19 crews can go through to the final every year. But, this year, 12 crews could pass to the final because there were lots of good crews who showed great skills and performances. It made me happy. In the preliminaries, the results were called from 12th place. I thought we'd be 7th or 8th, but the names of different crews were called. I felt so nervous thinking we wouldn’t be called ever. Then, the MC said, "The 2nd crew is Kani Krew!!" I couldn't believe it. We were so happy that we cried out for joy. And, at last, we danced at the finals on Saturday. We had to show our best dance because there was no great difference between our crew and 3rd crew. We competed as a group. After dancing, I felt really good. I was relaxed and even enjoyed talking with my friends. Finally, the moment came. The result of the finals was announced. We wished for our victory hand in hand. Then, we got the 2nd prize! It means we are the 2nd best dance group in New Zealand. It was an awesome experience. After that, my teacher got feedback from the judges. I heard that the house part which I choreographed was the best part of the all dances in our group. I felt like I was in a dream. I’m proud of my crew. I could get confidence of myself and get along with my friends through this experience. 
I can learn English from dance. Actually, I could learn new words when I taught my choreography to my mates. So, here is my advice to you. Please find something you can get excited about in your life. If you have it, and pursue it, you can make many friends and experience wonderful things. 
I must still improve my English. I’ll try much harder from now on so that I won’t have any regrets when I go back to Japan.
Thank you for reading:-D
Aika Ishida





It's been a long time. How's everything going? I'm Ayaka Itahara. I live in  Whangarei. It's one of the cities in NZ :-) We are on holiday for Easter right now :D! I'm happy if you enjoy reading my short report : -p
I've been in New Zealand for two months already. I’ve gotten used to staying here. My hostmother is Laura. She has two kids. They're Talia and Mitchell. Their family is very different from my real family but they're soooo lovely!! Laura speaks so fast, so I was surprised at first. However, I knew it's good for me to improve my English. I'm getting used to hearing her English little by little. The kids were shy at first, but now they're very friendly and sometimes become naughty. They like to play with me. Especially, Mitchell loves to dash toward me.
I go out every weekend with my hostfamily. I've been to Auckland, Paihia and Kerikeri. Especially, we often go to Kerikeri to meet and stay with their grandma, grandpa and Milo(cat). They're also very nice to me and their house is huge! 
A few weeks ago, Laura invited two families of her friends to the house. I heard they were in South America. In each family, there are two kids. So, my house was full of kids!
I was the oldest. Actually, the friends I made outside of my school are all kids under five. Lately, I sometimes feel like “how about being a kindergarten teacher in the future:p? “. When the kids gather, they like to play with LEGO blocks, Barbie dolls, trampoline and making a railway for Thomas. To tell the truth, it is me who always cleans up their toys. My housework is mainly looking after kids, looking after kids and then, looking after kids! The kids go to bed at 7:30, so after they go to sleep, I also do dishes, fold laundry, and etc.. I think I’ve been doing house chores more often than when I was in Japan.
In my free time, I like to watch DVDs and magazines. Also, I've got some Japanese food from my mummy, so even looking at them is one of my hobbies because they remind me of Japan. Laura is good at cooking, so I like to bake with her. We make cakes, cookies, and buns so often.
I go to Pompallier Catholic College with my best partner, Aika. There are nine international students this year: four Japanese, two Germans, two Chileans and a girl from Czech. We've already had awesome experiences! For example, we went to the Bay of Islands (around Paihia and Whaitangi) and did sandsurfing. We even met the mayor and went surfing recently!             
My teachers and friends are lovely, so I could get used to my school life in NZ very long ago. Speaking of friends, I had a small problem. Most of my friends who hang out with me at school have "J" at beginning of their names. It was hard for me to remember them, For example, Jaime, Josh, Jeadan, etc... 
Actually, sometimes I feel alone even now.  Especially, when I can't join their conversation and can’t laugh at the same topic. So, my goal is to improve my speaking and listening skills, and laugh with them when we talk. They invite me to their group during interval(morning tea time) and lunch time. I think these are my chances to talk with them. I mean to make a desperate effort to enjoy the time with them and, of course, keep the conversation moving.
Through these great experiences at home and school, I have awesome days every day! I've already felt I don't wanna go back to Japan. However, at the same time, I think about Japanese news and my actual family and friends in Japan. I know they're doing good and I hope they won't be sick. ( Although, I don't know whether they miss me or not : -p )
Thanks for reading ; -)  I hope my writing, speaking, listening and reading skill will be better in the future! 
 Ayaka Itahara





Hello, everyone! How have you been? I'm Ayumi Nagao who commute Dargaville High School. I've here for 9 months.  Time flies, isn't it ? I 'm sorrounded by nice people and enjoying my days here. Honestly, I don't wanna go back to Japan(sorry for my family and friends!) Anyway, everyday in NZ is fantastic and these days make my horizon broad:) I'll make my essay about "my English" and "gratefulness". I've already read my friends essays and  I feel little nervous because my friends' were awesome! I'll do my best:) 
My aim to come to NZ is "brush up my English skills" and "make my horizon broad". As I got to NZ, many problems about my English stood in front of me. I couldn't tell my feelings to my HF and friends. My host family tried to understand my English. I tried to tell my feeling in English as much as I can. At school, my friends asked me many things, but I didn't understand what they said, even easy questions such as "how are you doing?" "what have you been?" and when I talk in English, no one understand my English. At class, it was very difficult for me to understand what teachers said. Even I couldn't catch dairy notices. The most difficult class was science. Science is a struggle for me. It needs all my English skills. I realized I need to know large vocabularies and correct grammar. I had many mock exams and assessments and almost of them needed to describe. I failed some but I achieved some. I was so happy and that feelings helped me a lot. By the way, I do five things everyday to improve my English. Studying vocab and grammar, doing my homework, writing my diary, read English books and reading aloud something. Dairy journal is very good for my English. I can use some new vocabularies and grammar. Do you read aloud a lot? It's one of the best ways to improve your pronunciation. I read aloud with some aims. My host mum told me many Japanese people are not good at pronouning L and R. I'm practicing it now. She always correct my English. The more I practice, the better I can do it.  Studying English is very important for my future. I can talk with many people, not only New Zealander. My HS has a number of international students and I can talk with them in English even if we have different first language. That's very nice thing I suppose: D I'm gonna keep making every effort and make my English grow up!
As for gratefulness, I wanna tell heaps of things to tell everyone around me. As I told you, I' m blessed with nice people. I thank to everyone, both in NZ and JPN. I'm sure that I can't live without them. I especially thank to my family, HF and friends. They help me a lot. My friends cheer me up so much, and my NZ friends are helpful and make my life happy. I wanna be friends with them forever. My host family is awesome! Actually I'm very sad to leave here. They have helped me to describe what is the best way for me to be happy here. Nice meals, warm hospitality... Everything is great here. However, I really thank to my family in Japan. They spent huge money for me, cheer me up from warm message, nurture me ... Who can do for me like them?? No one can. I suppose enjoying my staying in NZ and studying hard are the best things I can do for them. I'm looking forward to seeing them in Nov and tell Thank You.
I spent 9months in NZ and has learnt many things. I wanna improve my abilities and grow into a wonderful woman. I'll make my left days meaningful and enjoy my days. Thank you for reading: D See you soon!
皆さん、こんにちは!お元気ですか?私は Dargaville High Schoolに通っている永尾あゆみです。私はここに9ヶ月います。時間の経つのは速いですよね。私はここで素敵な人々囲まれて毎日を楽しんでいます。正直に言って私は日本に戻りたくありません(家族と友人たちにはごめんなさいですが!)とにかくニュージーランドでの日々は素晴らしく、私の視野を広くしてくれます。私は「英語」と「感謝」についてのエッセイを書こうと思います。私はすでに友人たちエッセイを読みました。友人たちのエッセイは素晴らしいですが、あまり気にしないでおきます!自分のベストを尽くします。
私がニュージーランドに来た目的は「英語力に磨きをかけること」と「私の視野を広くすること」です。 私がニュージーランドに来たとき、私の英語力における問題が私の前に立っていました。私は自分の考えをホストファミリーや友達に伝えることができませんでした。ホストファミリーは私の英語を理解しようとしました。私は精一杯自分の考えを英語で話そうとしました。学校で、友達が私にたくさん質問してきましたが、私は「調子はどう?」「どこにいたの?」というような簡単な質問しか何を言っているのか分からず、私が英語で話して誰も私の英語が分かりませんでした。授業で先生が何を言っているのかを理解するのが、私にとってとても難しかったです。一番難しい授業は理科でした。理科は私にとって本当に苦しいものでした。私の英語力の全てを必要とします。私は語彙を知って、文法を修正する必要があることに気づきました。たくさんの模擬試験と評価があり、そのほとんどは記述する必要がありました。いくつか失敗しましたが、いくつかは合格しました。私はハッピーで、その気持ちが大いに私を助けてくれました。ところで、私は英語を上達させるために毎日5つのことをします。語彙と文法を勉強すること、宿題をすること、日記を書くこと、英語の本を読むこと、声を出して何かを読むことです。日記は英語力をつけるのにとても良くて、いくつかの新しい語彙と文法を使うことができます。みなさんは大きい声を出してたくさん英語を読みますか?それは発音を改善する最も良い方法の1つです。私はいくつかの目的で声を出して読みます。私のホストマザーが多くの日本人が苦手にで私が今練習しているLとRの発音を教えてくれました。彼女は常に私の英語を修正してくれます。もっと練習すれば、それだけもっとうまくなれます。英語を勉強することは私の将来にとってとても重要です。ニュージーランドだけではなく、多くの人々と話をすることができます。私たちの学校にはたくさんの留学生がいて、たとえ母語が違っていても、英語で彼らと話をすることができます。とても素晴らしいことだと私は思います。私は英語を上達させるためにあらゆる努力を続けようと思います。
感謝について、私は周りのみんなにたくさんのことを伝えたいです。お話したように、私は素晴らしい人々に恵まれています。ニュージーランドと日本両方のみんなに感謝します。彼らなしでは生活することができないと確信しています。特に、私の家族、ホストファミリー、友達に感謝します。みんなが私をとてもよく手助けしてくれます。友達はすごく私を元気づけてくれ、ニュージーランドの友達は親切で、私の生活をハッピーにしてくれます。私はみんなと永遠に友達でいたいです。ホストファミリーはすばらしいです! 実際、私はここを離れるのがとてもに悲しいです。彼らは私がここで幸せに生活するのにベストな方法を教えてくれます。おいしい食事、温かいもてなし…ここでのすべてが最高です。しかし、私は日本の家族に心から感謝します。私のためにたくさんのお金を使ったこと、暖かいメッセージで励ましてくれたこと、育ててくれたこと…。そんなこと誰ができますか??誰もできません。ニュージーランドの生活を楽しむことと、一生懸命勉強することが私が家族のためにできる最良のことだと思います。私は11月に家族に会えるのを楽しみしています。そしてありがとうと伝えます。





Hello. How are you? I am Yuka Ogata. I go to Otamatea High School whichi s in the countryside. There are a lot of paddocks (it is a meadow for putting cattle, sheep, horses and so on) around our school and house. I live in Waipu with my host family. Waipu is a little bit (?) far away from my school so it takes half an hour to go to school by bus. On the way to school there are green and green and GREEN and animals...., so sometimes I become sick of this. It is too inconvenient, but I love to stay in Otamatea. People are really nice and kind. I feel really sad now because I must say goodbye to them soon. I don't want to leave now. 
Through my life I have learned a lot so I want to tell you about them. The most important thing that I realized is how important people around me are, especially my family. I learned that from my host family. My host family is really nice. They treat me as a part of their family and I have a lot of valuable time with them. I have host father, host mother and four siblings. I spent most of time with the youngest sister, Rachel. She is really nice sister. She is funny, cheerful, adventurous, and kind.
On the other hand, she also has bad habits and they bear to mine. In Japan I was really naughty to my mother. When she scolded to me, I ignored her soon and kept silent. Every time my mum said, "Don't do that! It is really bad. You can't do that in New Zealand. ", Even though I kept ignoring. Now I understand that she said that for me.
One day, Rachel did the same thing. She was scolded by her mother about her chores. She didn't finish her chores on that day. She was always smiling, but her face turned to a blank look and she started keep silent since mum started getting angry. After that we spoke to her, but she didn't say anything and just moved her head. I felt really sad and angry. I thought her attitude was rude and then I realized I did the same thing to my mum in Japan. I took terrible attitude. Learn wisdom by faults of others.・I have learned my bad habit from my host sister's action. After Rachel recovered her good humor, I told about that to my host family. Then my host mother said, "Oh. really ? We didn't know that because you had never been so rude to us since you came here so it means you changed. You came to New Zealand to study English of course, but I think you came here to learn something like that, too. You learned really important thing today." They
also said to me, "When you go back to Japan, you must tell this story and your feeling to your family." I want to say thank you to my family as soon as possible after I go back to Japan and also to my classmates and teachers at Jin-ai. When I lost my heart, their presences reassured me. Thank you for all!!
I must go back to Japan in one month so I want to tell my gratitude to my host family. I don't want to regret like this 
Thank you for reading and see you soon!
こんにちは。お元気ですか?私は小形結香です。私は田舎にある Otamatea High Schoolに通っています。我々の学校と家の周りにたくさんのパドック(牛、羊、馬などがいる牧草地)があります。私はホストファミリーと一緒に Waipu に住んでいます。Waipu は私の学校からほんのちょっと(?)離れているので、バスで30分かかります。学校に行く途中は、緑、緑、緑、そして動物たち…。これには時々にうんざりにします。あまりにも不便ですが、私は Otamatea での生活が好きです。人々は本当に素敵で、そして親切です。もうすぐさようならを言わなくてはいけないので、本当に悲しく感じます。 私は今帰りたくありません。
私はここでの生活を通して多くを学ぶことができたので、皆さんにお話ししたいと思います。私が実感した最も重要なことは私の周りの人々、特に家族がどれほど大切かということです。私はホストファミリーからそれを学びました。私のホストファミリーは本当に素敵です。彼らは私を家族の一員として扱ってくれます。そして私は彼らとたくさんの貴重な時間を過ごしています。ホストファーザー、ホストマザーと4人の子どもたちがいます。私は最も多くの時間を一番下のレイチェルと一緒に過ごします。彼女は本当に素敵な子です。 面白くて、朗らかで、大胆で、そして本当に親切です。


Hello! My name is Reika. I go to Central Hawke's Bay College which is in Waipukurau. I just can't believe that I'll go back Japan next month. Time flies so fast!
I have four people in my host family. I have my host mother, father and 2 younger sisters. They are so awesome host family. I can enjoy my life in New Zealand because they really help me to have great time.
They often take me to the many places. Last weekend, they took me to a beach called Porangahau beach. They have a beach house there. Although I didn't swim at all I had really good time. It was too cold to swim. I walked along the beach and ate the shells and fish which were caught from the sea and river. I'd not been to the beach since I was 11 or 12 years old so I was happy that I could visit there. They took me there before about 3 or 4 times. My host family loves to go to the beach and now I like to go to the beach.
As I told you, I have 2 host sisters. I was the youngest person in my family in Japan so I was confused when I started living with them. They are so powerful and energetic! They love to play, so they often ask me to play together. Sometimes they make me tired but also they make me smile. They are so lovely! :)  At first, it was hard to communicate with them because they speak so fast and I couldn't understand it. Now, I can talk with them well though sometimes I can't understand. I ask them again if I can't understand it. They explain it to me. It's so good for improving my English. They also teach me how to pronounce some words. When I had to do a speech for my English class they helped my practice. I enjoy staying with them playing and studying together.
At school I take 6 subjects which are English, Math, Sewing, Drama, Cooking and ESOL. ESOL is a subject for International Students. I enjoy them because I can't take these classes in Japan! Although the classes are hard for me, my friends help me to understand it. Oh, listen! I got an excellent mark from the Math exam another day. My friends and teacher said to me 'Well done Reika' I was so glad. School is fun and also it's hard.  I don't know how many times I worried about my friendship! It was hard for me to make kiwi friends. I had to find the place and friends to eat lunch together. I tried to eat lunch with kiwi students and talk with them. Sometimes I just sat there and did nothing. Sometimes I felt that it was so boring and didn't know why I was here. I just tried to talk and gradually I started to enjoy spending time with my friends. I hang out with my friends some times. I watched movies or joined dance lessons or went to the youth group with them. The youth group is an event for young people. We play some games there. I like my kiwi friends. They are awesome.
My life in New Zealand is not fun all the time. Sometimes I have hard time. I still worry about my friends, study (my English) and so on. I think it's ok because I'm still learning many things in an awesome country New Zealand.
By the way, I love kiwi foods. They are so yummy! I love fish & chips , hokey pokey ice cream, salt & vinegar flavoured chips and so on! I gained my weight a lot! However I want to eat more kiwi foods before I go back to Japan so, I'll go on a diet later.
Thank you for reading my essay.
P.S. I love my family and friends, see you soon!  XOXO
こんにちは!私の名前はReikaです。私はWaipukurauにあるCentral Hawke's Bay Collegeに通っています。私は、来月には私が日本に帰るなんて信じられません。時間が経つのはとても早いです!
私のホストファミリーは4人います。ホストマザー、ホストファーザーと2人のホストシスターです。 彼らはとても素晴らしい家族です。私が素晴らしい時間を過ごせるように彼らが本当によく手助けしてくれたお陰で、私はニュージーランドでの生活を楽しめています。
私には2人のホストシスターがいます。私は日本の家族の中で一番年下だったので、彼女たちと一緒に生活を始めたばかりのときはとまどっていました。彼女たちはとてもパワフルでエネルギッシュです! 彼女たちは遊ぶのが好きです。それで彼女たちはよく私に一緒に遊んでくれるように頼みます。時々彼女たちの相手をしていると疲れますが、同じくらい私を喜ばせてくれます。彼女たちはとっても可愛いです! 最初、彼女たちがとても早口で話をするので、私は何を言っているのか分からず、彼女たちとうまくコミュニケーションをとることができませんでした。今は時々分からないこともあるけれど、彼女たちとうまく話をすることができます。私は、分からないことは繰り返し彼女たちに尋ねます。彼女たちは私にそれを説明してくれます。これは私の英語を上達させるのにとても良いことです。また彼女たちは、私に言葉の発音の仕方を教えてくれます。私が英語の授業でスピーチをしなければいけなかったとき、彼女たちが助けてくれました。
学校で私は6つの科目、英語・数学・裁縫・ドラマ・クッキングとESOLをとっています。 ESOLは留学生たちのための英語の科目です。日本ではこれらの科目をとることができないので私は楽しんでいます!私にとって授業は難しいですが、友達が私が理解するのを手助けしてくれます。ところで聞いてほしいことがあります!ある日私は、数学の試験で素晴らしい点数をとりました。友達と先生は私に「よくやったね Reika」と言ってくれて、私はとてもうれしかったです。学校は楽しいけれど、大変なこともあるところです。何回私は友達のことで悩んだかわかりません!現地の友達たちを作ることは大変でした。私は一緒にランチを食べる場所と友達たちを探さなればならなかったし、一緒にランチを食べて話をしようとしました。私は何もせずただそこに座っているだけのこともありました。とても退屈に感じ、なぜ自分がそこにいるのか分かりませんでした。私はとにかく話をしようと心がけ、少しずつ友達と過ごす時間を楽しめるようになりました。時々私は友達と出かけます。映画を見たり、ダンスのレッスンに参加したり、あるいはyouth groupに行ったりしました。youth groupは若い人たちのためのイベントです。私たちはそこでいろいろなゲームします。 私は現地の友達が好きです。彼らはすばらしいです。
ところで、私はキウイの食べ物が好きです。とてもおいしいです!私はfish & chips,hokey pokey ice cream,salt & vinegar flavoured chipsなどが好きです!とても体重が増えました!日本に戻る前にもっと食べたいと思うので、あとでダイエットをします。





Hello, everyone! How have you been? I'm Wakana. I go to Waiuku college which is located in a part of Auckland area in North Island. There are quite a few farms, and also you can find lots of beautiful nature everywhere in Waiuku. People in Waiuku are really friendly and nice. It has already been 8 months since I came to New Zealand already. TIME FLIES!!! I just can't believe that I've been here for such a long time. It's in the end of term 3 now. We have school holidays for two weeks from this weekend. It means that I've got just about 2months left before I go back to Japan. I'm wishing if I could stay here longer though. I'll show you how much I love staying here ;-)!!!!!_>
First of all, I'd like to tell you about an awesome event that made myself changed. In New Zealand school, you can have heaps of events in each terms. At my college, we had a week called "cultural week" in term 2. During the week, we had some events for learning cultures or languages, such as Maori. The biggest event during the week was a fashion show, which was held on the last day of the week. One day, one of my friends asked me if I would like to be a model for the fashion show.  She was making a dress to enter the competition, and looking for a person who wanted to be a model for her. When I first heard about it, I hesitated it because I thought it would be embarrassing to be in front of many students on the stage. Just no way, I thought to be honest. However, on the other hand, I thought it would be a big chance to discover myself! So the other day, I volunteered to be a model for her. On the day of the fashion show, I was staying in the hall from the morning, and practiced how I should walk on the stage with some other models. At lunch time when the bell rung, many students came to the hall to watch the fashion show. I was staying in the back side of the stage while they were coming. I was already extremely nervous at that time. I could hear my heart beating. I was keep cheering myself," Be myself and keep smiling! :)"  Finally, my turn came. I started walking on the stage with big smiles. I was introduced myself by a student and also about my dress that I was wearing. I could feel everyone was watching me curiously.  But I didn't really care. I couldn't really realize that I was really enjoying showing myself in front of lots of people. As we finished all the performance, everyone was burst into applause. I felt really happy and also got lots of confidence to be in front of people. I am not scared to be in front of many people any more even they are watching me! I've changed eh??;)_  
There is one more thing that I learnt really important. I learnt that to say my opinions clearly and also to get along with my friends. A couple of months ago, I had a big fight with one of my friends. It was caused because I didn't say my opinions clearly enough. My friend was keep saying her opinions, and was trying to involve me into her side. But I still couldn't say my opinions clearly to her because I didn't want to cause any other problems between us. It was so frustrating that I couldn't show my feelings well to her. So I started saying my opinions clearly to her. I realized how important to say opinions clearly at that time. We still have some arguing, but now I can insist when I think I should, even in front of kiwi students. _>
By the way, what do you know about New Zealand food? I really enjoy eating New Zealand food. There are so many yummy foods. Most of them are fatty, so not good for you though. haha I like L&P, which is kind of a fizzy drink, and tastes like sweet lemon. It was originally made in New Zealand. Last school holidays, I went to a place where L&P was made with my host family. It was really cool for me because I really love it!! There was a huge statue of L&P! Also, New Zealand 's got too many kinds of yummy chocolates! You can find it in every supermarket. They are quite sweet comparing to Japanese chocolates. I've tried many flavours! They are all too yummy! As you know, fish&chips are the most common take away food in New Zealand. Basically, they are fried potatoes and fried fish. Once if you tried it, I bet you would love it! ;) Trying different foods is really interesting! So that's why I put many weights since I came here...HAHA Don't laugh at me when you meet me next time though! haha_  
When it comes to  studying, I really like reading books now. When I first came here, my host sister borrowed me a book called 'Twilight". It has 500pages. I had seen the movie, so I knew most of the story lines, but I didn't think I could finish reading it before I go home. It's because when I first started reading it, I found it really hard because there were too many words that I didn't know. So I couldn't even understand the half of the page without using my dictionary. I took for ages to flip pages over. However I kept reading it even I couldn't really understand it well. I could feel I was getting faster to read, and getting easier to understand even not using my dictionary. Last month, I finally finished reading it. It made my confidence up.  I'm reading a new series that is called 'Breaking down'. I can understand the story easier than before. I'll continue reading it and try to read it as much as possible. _
 Lastly, I really want to say thank you to my parents in Japan and my host family in New Zealand. I couldn't have such a big experience if they weren't my parents.  I'm really grateful to them!! I'm sure I'm going to miss my host family so badly when I go back to Japan. _  
All I have to do in this precious two months is really easy. ' Try hard and enjoy' ! That's what I have to do! I really want to make the rest of the time here worthwhile !  _  
I still want to tell you a lots of things that I've done, but It's going to last forever, so I'll tell you when I go back to Japan! haha I'm glad if you can feel my life in New Zealand from my essay! Thank you for reading my essay!  See you in November!;) xxx_ _
P.S I have South Island trip with my class mates from this weekend. We are going to the place called "Wanaka". Isn't it funny that " Wakana" will be there? haha I'm so excited to meeting my awesome classmates!_
勉強のことになると、私は本を読むのが好きです。初めてここに来たとき、ホストシスターが「トワイライト」という本を貸してくれました。全部で500ページあります。映画を見たのでストーリーのほとんどを知っていましたが、帰国する前に読み終えるのは無理だと思っていました。初めて読み始めたとき、分からない単語があまりにもたくさんあったからです。なので、辞書なしではページの半分も理解することはできませんでした。ページをめくるのにたくさん時間がかかりました。でも、分からなくても読み続けました。そのうち辞書を使わなくても、読む速度が上がり理解できるようになっていました。先月ついに読み終えました。そのことで自信がつきました。今は"Breaking down"という新しいシリーズものを読んでいます。以前よりも話しを理解できるようになりました。これからも読み続けてできるだけたくさん読みたいと思います。





Hello. I'm Saki Kurinami and I go to Waiuku college. I can't believe that I've already stayed in NZ for about 6months and I've just got for about 5months until I go back to Japan. I really wanna tell everyone what I've done or how I've spent my time in NZ, but I'm gonna write about my host family first.

I have a host father, mother, sister and 8 dogs including 6 puppies. One of our dogs had puppies last month, so we always play with them. Anyway, my hostfamily is really nice and funny. They always make jokes, so I can't help laughing every day. I wanna tell you what happened to me a few weeks ago. One night, I was doing my homework in my room when dad came back home. He called me, so I came out of my room and asked him "What's up" Suddenly, he took out something from my shoe and showed me it. I screamed when I saw it because it was a mouse! Dad was laughing a lot because it was a toy. I felt relieved to know it was a toy.
My host family understand what personality I have, so I'm comfortable to stay. I wonder if I'm in my house in Japan. Why did I think like that? Because they take care of me like a real daughter. Once, mom told me she always takes care of me the same as my host sister. I remember that I was glad to hear that. I'm pretty sure I'll cry a lot when I go back to Japan.
Anyway, I have a problem. I'm getting bigger and bigger because my hostparents are good at cooking. Once, dad made butter chicken curry which is my favorite. It was so yum!! I can't stop eating everyday... I'm afraid to buy Japanese clothes when I go back to Japan. My host family always make fun of me that I'll be a sumo wrestler at the end of the year. haha! Don't worry! I won't be like them. Actually, I did Zumba, boxing and some exercising with my host sister. She became my sports trainer and she was strict with me at that time(Because I had to be a slim). haha! I'll start exercising again, maybe...
I really wanna say "thank you" to my family in Japan. Thanks to them, I could come here and I've done a lot of wonderful experience which I can't do in Japan. If I were in Japan, I couldn't meet my host family, my kiwi friends and teachers. I won't waste my time in NZ and I'm looking forward to seeing my family, friends, teachers and my classmates.
P.S  I took the photo with my funny hostmom and talkative my hostsister.
From Saki Kurinami(Kuriko)
栗波 咲季 より





Hi!  I'm Maaya Nakamura. How's your life going in Japan?  I go to Kerikeri high school in New Zealand.  I am really enjoying my stay. 

But when I just came here, I experienced a lot of hardship.  I couldn't make any friends.  In Japan, I can't stop talking because I have a sunny personality and I was  always talking and laughing even during classes.  And I always had good friends.  So I never worried about friends.
But in New Zealand, I couldn't behave myself in English, and I was shy in front of strangers. So I couldn't talk a lot.  I thought that everyone took me as a cool girl but I couldn't get along very well with Kiwi students.  One day, I stayed alone at lunch time. I felt sad but I couldn't speak to anybody.
A few weeks later, I was becoming myself in front of everyone. And I could speak to a lot of Kiwi students. Now I have my best friends.  She is funny girl so I always laugh while I talk with her.  I even can make a joke to her.  I'm surrounded by many lovely friends.
I could realise how important my friends are!!!!!  I'm very happy because I have a lot of lovely friends in Japan and New Zealand.  My Japanese friends are always cheering me.  Thanks to them, I could make an effort in New Zealand.
By the way, have you tried scuba diving?  I had never tried it before.  But I could try it in New Zealand.  It's one of my valuable experiences.  I want to write about wonderful dive memories.
In water, the world is pink because most of the corals were pink.  It was awesome!!!!!  I watched a big ray, a school of fish, an eel and big star fish.  I wanted to watch an octopus but I couldn't do it.  I cut a sea urchin and I gave it to a lot of fishes.  I could watch it in my face!!!!!! At my last dive, I caught three lobsters and I ate them after diving.  It was so yummy:) I thought I couldn't try diving if I didn't come to New Zealand.  I got a diving license!!!!  I want to try it in Japan.
These days, I experienced my first drama skit in front of the audience.  It was about anorexia.  My role was heart.  I prepared it for about a month with my group mates.
At lunch time, a lot of students and teachers came to the gym to watch our drama skit.  My friends came there, too.  I was so nervous from a week ago.  I could say my lines and did my role.  It was so much fun:)
After that, my friends said to me "Well done, Maaya.  It was awesome"  I was so happy:):)
At first, Drama class was so hard for me because I need to remember my lines and expressions.  I want to change the subject, but I always remember my ALTs.  They always said to us, "Drama is very good for your English ability.  You should take a drama class"  So I've decided to take a drama class since I was in Japan.  Now I really enjoy my drama class.  My class mates are nice and kind.  They always help me.  Drama is my favorite subject.  I'm really looking forward to next drama skit.
Soon, I'm going to join the school ball.  School ball is a kind of dance party held at  school.  It will be my first time to join it.  I'm really looking forward to it, too.
I could have a lot of experiences in New Zealand and I want to try more things.  6 months later, I will be special lady!!!!!!  I want to meet again with my family and friends with smile:)  Thanks for cheering me.  Don't laugh when you meet my big body!!!!  My life is getting happy so my body is getting big, too:)
See you soon!!!!  Please good take care of yourself.  Enjoy your day:)





Hello! My name is Yukimi Nanda. I live in Te Awamutu.
I will tell you my life in New Zealand.  My English skill is not enough.
But I’ll do my best:D
I go to Te Awamutu college. My school is big and has a lot of
students. I found some differences between NZ and Japan.
In NZ I can choose subjects I want. My school has many kinds of subjects.
I take science, math, drama, visual art ,tourism and ESOL. My favorite class is 
Tourism.  I like traveling. So I chose this class. This class is for people 
who want to be a flight attendant or a pilot. I study sightseeing in New Zealand.
My tourism book is special and different from other students.
My friends teach me when I find things I don't know. It's not easy to understand
what they said, so I'm trying to ask questions. Kiwi people are kind to me.
And Kiwi students are so friendly. I often see students who have changed hair color
or wear pierced earring!! There are no strict rules in New Zealand.
When I told kiwi students the school rules in Japan, they were so surprised!!lol
I stay with Bolland family. They are a family of four (and animals.)
I have host mum, dad, two young girls(5&9). .I get along with them.
I suppose I'm lucky:) I live in Life style block (It's small fame). So they have
dogs, cats, cows and chickens. They take cake of animals.
Recently kitten came to my house!! It's so pretty.
Actually I had never done housework in Japan. But I help my host mum do 
housework since I came to Te Awamutu.(My mum in Japan will be surprised!! lol)
My host mum teaches me how to do housework. Feeding chickens is my job!!lol
Speaking of food, I like hokey pokey!! It’s caramel crunch and we can eat with ice cream or something. It's so yummy!!
I sometimes eat it after dinner. I also like honey, too.  It's different with honey made in Japan.
I often use honey when I make lunch. (I make lunch myself every day!!)
And I?can eat?very delicious meat in NZ.
Now I have Easter holiday for about 2 weeks. I ate chocolate and bunny made of
marshmallow. (It's so sweet!) So I stayed at my host mum's mother's house for 5 days in Gisborne.
Gisborne is located in the west of NZ. I enjoyed hot springs, swimming in the pool, playing golf and so on.  I'm going to go to Auckland to meet my classmate next week. I'm excited about getting together!!:)
So you know about my life as foreigner studying English in New Zealand.
My parents pay a lot of money to study English for me.
I suppose I should say thank you. I know I have to make more efforts.
But I can say learning English is fun!!!
Thank you for reading:D
I wanted to write more!!!!!!!
I suppose



Kiora, everyone.  My name is Mana.  I commute to Napier Girls' High School in New Zealand.  One of my friends told me that quite a few of our classmates had written essays to put on the home page of Jin-ai Girls' High School.  She also told me the topic of the essay could be anything I want to write about.  So I'm going to write about my New Zealand life, including both my good experiences and bad experiences.  I hope my essay can help the first grade Eiryu students who are going to start studying in NZ soon.  However, I also hope you will not take what I say too seriously because it's only my personal experience.  Each of you may have different experiences in NZ. 

Firstly, I want you to try things actively and think positively, especially at the beginning!!!!!  On the first day of school, I went to school and no one talked to me.  When I talked to some students, some of them answered me, but other students ignored me and even discriminated against me because I'm an exchange student from Asia.  Since I didn't have any good friends, I had quite a hard time for the first few months at school.  However, eventually I could make friends with some kiwi students.  It was one of my accomplishments that I could make friends with them.  At the beginning, everything wasn't going well.  I really couldn't understand what other kiwi students were talking about at all.  I was just sitting with them and pretending I was talking with them.  Soon, I realized just sitting with them was not good.  So I tried to listen to them carefully first and then I tried to talk to them.  The next thing I realized was that I needed to improve my English if I wanted to talk to them.  I started to study English much harder so that I could talk with my friends more.  I also learnt lots and lots of things from my friends.  This is my advice to you, junior students.  There are many groups of friends having lunch together so you have to join one of them.  Be brave and just go find a good group and talk to one of them!!!!!!  At the beginning, I want you to try something you would be able to do.  A little thing is really fine!!!  If you keep waiting for someone to talk to you, you will never have friends. 

I struggled with my new life not only at school but also at home,  I had to change my host family eventually because we didn't get along very well.  I cried heaps of times and I was always thinking about Japan.  When I felt sad, my partner who goes to the same school as mine, Saki, helped me a lot.  She always listened to me very nicely.  I'm really pleased to have Saki as my partner.  I think I couldn't have lived a nice life here in NZ without her!!!   

As you can see, I had some problems, especially at the beginning.  It is true that I tried to solve my problems and that my partner Saki helped me a lot.  However, please remember that you can't always solve your problems by yourself.  I want to say that if you have any problems, you should talk with your Dean at school or the lady from the agency in NZ.  They helped me a lot and I'm sure they will help you. 

By the way, I played badminton as one of the representative players of our school because the coach of the badminton club had asked me to play on the school team.  I competed with all the members and then I managed to be one of the top four players at my school.  Badminton for me was a starting point for making other new friends.  They are very nice to me and I really enjoyed spending time with them.  Like me, I want you to join many activities even you haven't tried them before.  It makes quite a big difference.  Do not waste your precious time!!!!!
Good luck to you!!!

P.S.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and my friends in Japan.






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