NZからのメッセージ ニュージーランドへ留学中の仁高生から届いたメッセージをご紹介いたします。メッセージは英語と日本語で掲載しております。



Hello everyone. How are you? This is Yuka. I have already spent 7 months in New Zealand. Time flies, doesn't it?

I'm living in Napier. It's by the ocean and beautiful city. In summer, Napier is really hot and many people gather on the ocean beach. Napier is also famous for buildings called "Art Deco". Art Deco are European style which were built in the 1930s.In 1931, a big earthquake happened in Napier. Many buildings collapsed in the earthquake. After that, most of the buildings were rebuilt in the Art Deco style. Nowadays these buildings are famous all over the world. A lot of tourists visit Napier. Even the McDonald's building was built in the Art Deco style and it is so beautiful!:)

I go to Napier Girls' High School. NGHS is on a hilltop in the centre of town. The view from school is awesome! We can see both the city view and the ocean. NGHS was founded 126 years ago. Last year NGHS had a celebration for their 125th anniversary. All the students formed a pattern which read "125."

There are about 900 students, from Year 9 to Year 13. I go to school as Year 11.
NGHS has many International students. There are 17 students including me. Many of them are interested in Japan so I talk about Japan and teach Japanese during morning tea and lunchtime. On Friday at lunchtime, there are Korean and Chinese lessons from my friends too.

NGHS has a time called "Form time" after the 2nd period. During that time we have Assembly, singing and so on. All students gather in the hall and sing all together. I like singing so I'm looking forward to Form time.

I'm taking singing lessons every Tuesday. It is difficult to sing in English and remember the songs, but I'm enjoying the class. I'm also a member of the school choir. In June, there was a big competition and I spent a lovely time there.

Of course, classes are really nice. My favorite class is Japanese. I'm taking the Japanese class as Year 13. In the Yr 13 Japanese class there are only 2 people including me. So it's a joint class with Yr 12 but still there are just 6 people. Everyone always studies hard. They ask me and my teacher lots of questions. For example "Is 'budou' written in hiragana or katakana?" "What does 'sakuban' mean in English?" "What's that kanji?" It takes me long to answer these questions. Sometimes I correct the Japanese teacher's Japanese. Also I often translate a long passage or sentence in the Japanese textbooks into English when the students don't understand. By the way, in this class we use "pasta." What for? In the Japanese class, they have a jar for each grade. And when a student speaks Japanese, the teacher puts 1 pasta into the jar. When the jar become full of pasta, we can get muffins! Everyone speaks Japanese everyday for pasta and says "Pasta! Pasta! Please, Ms!" I've been taking the Japanese class for quite a long time but the jar hasn't filled yet. When can we get muffins?

Next, I'd like to talk about my host family. In my host family, there are 3 people. Host mother, host brother and host sister. They live in harmony with each other. My host mother is really good at cooking. I love her food very much. When I was in Japan, I had so many likes and dislikes in food but now I eat all of her food. I like her pumpkin soup especially. My host brother started playing basketball lately. He is reliable, funny and a good boy. I often play with my host sister. We are doing Origami, writing and make different hairstyles. Sometimes I help her with homework. On the weekend, we make cake or help to make dinner. They are really cheerful so I have no time to become bored in this house. I'm really happy living with this family!

Dear my juniors. I suppose you are so busy with your studying. But all your work is useful for your New Zealand life. If you get over your suffering, wonderful experiences are waiting for you in New Zealand!!
The time I have left in New Zealand is less than 2 months. I want to have more experiences in New Zealand and then go back to Japan. See you later!

Yuka Sakaiya

NGHSには2時間目のあとに「Form time」と言われる時間があります。その時間の間に集会があり、歌を歌ったりします。すべての生徒がホールに集まり、全員一緒に歌を歌います。私は歌が好きなので、「Form time」を楽しみにしています。
境谷 優花



Kia ora, everyone!! How's it going? I'm really fine. I spend really nice days in New Zealand. I go to Otamatea High School in Maungaturoto. O.H.S is a very small school. About 500 people, from year 7 to year 13 students study together. When I came here, one thing surprised me. Next to the school ground and in front of school, there are farm!! I always see cows and sheep. Sometimes sheep are crossing the road and cars are waiting for them. It's not a joke! I say it seriously!!! Maungaturoto is really rural. People here are in an expansive mood and we don't need to hurry like in Japan. I like it very much. I can do anything I want. Recently I've started to do cross stich and play the piano. It is quit fun!!

I met and became friends with nice people. First of all, my host family is very nice. I'm always smiling when I talk and spend time with them. They like to talk and they are interested in Japan so I explain about Japan. Also I learn about New Zealand from them. I can know the difference between Japan and New Zealand from them. It's really interesting. Also they take me to a lot of places and this house has a farm so I can look after animals. They have 8 chickens and 10 cows. I can eat fresh eggs everyday.:D I'm so happy to meet them. Second, my friends are nice, too. I made a lot of kiwi friends. I always hang out with three friends. They are very nice and interesting but sometimes crazy, though. No, just kidding, haha I want to be a friend with them forever and I can spend nice days thanks to them.

School system is really different from Japan. I can choose whatever classes I want to learn. I take English, math, science, geography, history, ESOL, and fashion. All classes are interesting. However history is really difficult. I always feel that I need to study English more. My favorite subject is geography. I learn mostly about New Zealand but last unit was about Asia. I knew about Asia more than the teacher so I'm proud of it. haha While I study here, I can know how people in other countries see Japan and what a big influence Japan has. It is the most interesting point, I think.

In the last term, Kana, who is my partner, and I worked as interpreters just one day. Do you know Kauri tree? It's famous as New Zealand native tree. Tane mahuta, tallest kauri tree, and jyoumon sugi (縄文杉),the plant in Yakusima Japan, are sister trees. My city has a kauri museum. Tourists from Yakushima came there to conclude sister tree treaty. When people from Yakushima visited museum, we interpreted between the guide and them. When I heard about this work, I thought I would be able to do it because I didn't have confidence in my English. However I could be an interpreter! It made me happy and I have confidence now but also I feel I need more vocabulary to tell more correctly. I think I want to study English more. This experience was very valuable for me. I'm going to go to a primary school to tell about Japan this term. I want to realize some new things there and I hope students will be interested in Japan by my speech.

I've had a lot of experiences during my stay here. I can feel a lot of things which I can't feel in Japan. I can do these things thanks to my parents. I have 4 months left.I want to enjoy the rest of my life in New Zealand.

Take care!!?
best wishes, Maiko Doseki
こんにちは、みなさん!!いかがですか?私はすこぶる元気です。ニュージーランドで本当に素敵な毎日を過ごしています。わたしはマウンガツロト(Maungaturoto)にあるオタマテアハイスクール(Otamatea High School)に通っています。オタマテアハイスクールはとても小さな学校です。500人ほどで、7学年から13学年までの生徒たちが一緒に勉強しています。私がここに来たとき、あることにビックリしました。学校のグラウンドの横と学校の前が牧場なのです!ときどき羊が道路を横切るとき自動車がそれを待っています。ジョークではありません。真剣な話です。Maungaturotoは本当に田舎の地域です。ここは広々とした雰囲気で、日本のように急ぐ必要はありません。私はそれがとても大好きです。やろうと思うことは何でもできます。最近、私はクロスステッチをとピアノを始めました。とても面白いです。



Hello ! My name is Yui Sakai. I have been staying in New Zealand for about 5 months and I attend Pompallier Catholic College in Whangarei.
My school is really big! It has many classrooms and quite big fields. The teachers and students are very nice. When I ask some questions, they answer in a way that is easy for me to understand.It's really good help for me and they are really nice people. Every Wednesday we have an assembly.We listen to teachers stories, practice songs and so on. Sometimes we have religious events.Our school in Japan is Buddhist so it's quite interesting to join Catholic events. But, I don't know what to do during that time, so it makes me confused. Anyway, it's a nice experience to do something different. At lunch time I sometimes go to the canteen. They sell many kinds of food and drinks. They are very yummy and cheap! In the summertime it's really hot and dry! Now it's winter so it's cold, windy and rainy. We need warm clothes!
My host family is very nice. They are very kind and they talk a lot to me! This is the best point for me. I can talk about myself and they can talk about themselves. If I make a mistake they never laugh. They teach me gently. They know I came New Zealand to study English, so they say" don't be afraid to make a mistake. We are not perfect either. Don't stop talking and say it loudly!" They will understand and answer us! If you use gestures it's going to be better. It's difficult to explain things in English, but it's really nice practice for us and we can have more fun times together!!!
I think grammer is important, too. If you can write a diary in English everyday, it will be very nice! It doesn't have to be really long. Just write what you did and how you felt, like that. It's not so difficult. The most important thing is to keep doing and keep trying! I think it's the best thing.

こんにちは!私の名前は酒井唯衣です。ニュージーランドに5ヶ月ほど滞在し、Whangarei (ファンガレイ)にあるPompallier Catholic College(ポンパリエ カソリック カレッジ)に通っています。



Hello everyone! I'm Sayaka Takezawa. I go to Dargaville High School. It has been about four months since I came here. I'm getting used to life in New Zealand now. I miss my family, my Japanese friends, Japanese TV programs and Chinese noodles!!! lol
To begin with, I'll tell you about my school life. I have six classes; Japanese, Maths, Hospitality, ESOL, Art and free study time. In Hospitality class, we mainly do cooking and at ESOL class, it is learning English for exchange students. I like ESOL class the best, because I can talk to other exchange students about many things. Everyone is very kind to me and everyone has different characters.
At break time, I usually stay with a Taiwanese girl and a Colombian girl. They are lovely girls and very kind to me!! When I couldn't communicate well with my host family or when I need someone's help, they always help me. I am thankful for their kindness everyday. The Taiwanese girl's name is Anthy. She has a very cheerful disposition. One day, she said to me, "When you are talking to someone, you have to try to smile!" I noticed I couldn't communicate with anyone until then, because I didn't smile enough. I have tried to smile since then. Now, I can talk to some people more and more because of it. Anthy is interested in Japan, so we talk about Japan sometimes.
The Colombian girl's name is Juanita. She is a funny character. She is very interesting and she is good at making some accessories to wear. They live very close to my house, so sometimes I go to their house after school. Now I like English, it's thanks to them. I respect them. Sometimes, I play card games with young Kiwi friends at lunch time.
Second, I'll talk about my host family. I have a host mum, two host brothers, two host sisters and a dog. The host brothers' names are David and Nathan. David is eighteen years old. He is not staying with us, but he often comes back to my home on the weekend. He is so funny. He knows some Japanese words like "Arigatou", "Kakkoii!", "Yanki-!" and things like
Nathan is thirteen years old. He is younger than me, but he is reliable!! The host sisters' names are Sarah and Lisa. Sarah is twenty years old. She is not staying with us either, but she often comes to my home as well. Lisa is fifteen years old. She and I are the same year in the school. They are very kind to me. I think they are just like real brothers and sisters!! My host mum is working at school. She has a cheerful disposition and she's always smiling! She always helps me when I need help. She and I often talk about dieting, lately! I like her smile. The other day, I became seventeen. So my host family made a cake for me and I got some presents from them! I was so glad. Now, I'm thinking they are a second family for me!
Dargaville is a small town. It hasn't got many shops, so I'm playing with some cows on the holidays! No,....Just kidding lol On the weekend, I'm usually talking a lot with my host family, helping with housework, playing Wii......etc Oh! I joined a netball team and a badminton club, so I've been going to some games lately. New Zealand's time is slow, so it's very comfortable for me.

Dear Juniors/
Hello! How's Eiryu? I couldn't keep up with class at this time last year lol I think studying is so hard, but don't give up! If you try to study hard, a wonderful life is waiting for you. I'm trying to study hard too!!

See you later.
From Sayaka




Hello, How are you? My name is Akari Taniguchi. I live in Waiuku in New Zealand now.

I'll talk about my life in New Zealand. It has been four months since I came to New Zealand. I think time has passed very fast. I go to Waiuku College every day. At first, I was shocked at the school in New Zealand, because the school system is very different from the one of Jin-ai High School. It was hard to get used to school life for me. I felt it is difficult to make some friends. At first, I was too shy to speak with some students, so I had spent morning tea time and lunch time by myself at the beginning of February. I wanted to go back Japan. But now, I have some friends to spend lunch time with.
I take six classes. Out of the six classes I take two with my partner,Nami, So, we have some different friends each other. We eat lunch separately. We try to talk with each other in English in Japanese class. At first, I didn't like it, because I was embarrassed and it took a longer time than speaking in Japanese. But it's not good for us to speak Japanese. So, I try to talk with her in English sometimes.
I like NZ's system, because it's very easy. School starts at 8:45 a.m. and finishes at 3:15 p.m. everyday. We have only five periods. Especially, I have only four classes on every Wednesday. We have interval(morning tea time), lunch time and don't have cleaning time. We have to spend break time outside. So, I hate rainy days... Anyway, I'm getting used to school life in New Zealand.

I'll talk about my host family. There are four people in my host family. My host dad, my host mom, my host brother Jonty, and me. We have two dogs and three cats. They are really nice. My host mom is a very good cook. So, I eat a lot of food everyday. I'm getting fatter. I don't have a scale, so I don't know how much I am putting on, but I have more resistance and immunity to bacteria, so I'm more health than in Japan. It's very a good thing!!! I changed that point for my view. haha... I talk a lot with them everyday. I think it is very important for my English to get better. I talk with them about my family in Japan, Japanese culture and myself etc... I think my English has improved a little bit thanks to them. I like my host family very much.
I want to say "Thank you "to my parents in Japan, because it is a very valuable experience to study abroad. I don't want to waste my life in New Zealand, so I keep trying and don't give up. I have to make more friends. That is my target in Term2. I don't want to regret after going back Japan, so I'll try more and more. "Don't be shy" is very important to me.

Dear my new juniors,
Hello, How are you doing? Are you studying hard now?? I think you have to study hard this year. But, don't give up!!! Because a happy life is waiting for you in New Zealand. You may have too much free time. I don't study harder than Japan...(Just kidding!)Anyway, I'm going to study hard too! I'll do my best. So you do your best too! Please don't give up. I'm looking forward to meeting you in November. I think I will be able to speak English well when I go back Japan. Hopefully...?
from Akari

ホストファミリーについてお話します。私のホストファミリーは4人家族です。お父さんとお母さんとホストブラザーのJonty、そして私です。2匹のイヌと3匹のネコを飼っています。彼らは本当にナイスです。お母さんはとても料理が上手です。それで、毎日私はたくさん食べています。私は太ってきています。体重計がないのでどれだけ増えたかわかりませんが、細菌に対する抵抗力と免疫力がつき、日本にいたときよりもずっと健康です。それはとても良いことだと、(太ってきてきることに対する)自分の受け取り方を変えました。ははは... 私は毎日ホストとたくさん話をします。私の英語が上達するのにとても良いことだと思います。日本の家族のことや日本の文化、自分自身のことなどなど...ホストのお陰で自分の英語力が少し上達したように思います。私はホストファミリーがとても大好きです。



Hello everyone! How do you do?
This is Nami, Waiuku college student.
Having been here for three months, I have got used to life in New Zealand. I have a lot of things to tell you guys. So let me tell you step by step.

To begin with I will tell you about my host family.How are they? I absolutely have to say they are great because I am so happy here and so grateful to them. They understand me and why I am here so they let me have a lot of experiences and talk with me a lot. I love the time spent with them, especially weekends because we go to lots of places, see lots of new people and do lots of fun stuff. I have been horse riding, to see Taranaki(5 hours drive!), a balloon festival, family celebrations and lots of other things.So I look forward to each coming weekend every time and then each coming Monday as well because I can tell my friends how my weekend was.

Speaking of friends, I have a lot of kiwi friends at my school. They are awesome. Usually I hang out with a girl called Jane and several other friends in the group. They are so nice to me. That's why I love the time of morning tea and lunch so we can catch up. These days I can catch almost all of their conversation. I love chatting with them so much. I also have a kiwi friend called Jamie-lee. I spent a lot of fun times on weekends and holiday' with her, going shopping, ice skating and seeing a movie. In the Drama class, I have a lots of friends as well.

Speaking of school, I like Drama class the best of all six subjects, history, art, math, Japanese, ESOL and drama. Since it is so fun to make a drama and perform and it is also good English practice for me because we discuss a lot and remember a lot of lines. It is not in Japan, is it? I really enjoy it. And after school, I have sports clubs three days a week. I play soccer and badminton. It is my first experience to play soccer. The training is so hard but playing games is so fun. It is also good exercise for me as I have got a bit curvy! I'll be careful not to become like a balloon.

Finally, I will write what I do at home to improve my English. I started reading the English book, Harry Potter. Its thickness is about 5 cm! It is so thick, isn't it? Though I can't read it without searching a dictionary now, I want to be able to read it smoothly by the time I leave here. And also I am trying to search using an 'English to English dictionary'. I spend heaps of time with my host family, talking with them heaps, watching TV, cooking, exercising and being a family! And I also keep a diary in English and Japanese. That's why my host family said that my English has improved a lot!

In conclusion, I am enjoying life in NZ with my host family and kiwi friends. And I think talking with as many people as possible is the best way to improve my English. I am grateful to my parents for their support and giving me the opportunity to come to NZ. We have only seven months left. It is such a short time for me. So I have no time to waste! Just keep learning English and become a good English speaker!
Wait and see, guys!

Dear Juniors,
Every thing you are studying in Jin-ai must be helping your coming to NZ to study. Don't be lazy to study. Your big experience whether you get good things or not is up to your efforts in what you're doing now. However the most important thing is having dreams and thinking over what you want to do coming to NZ. I am making an effort to get closer to my dream now as well. Your turn is coming soon!

Best wishes from Nami




Hello everyone. How are you? I am Miho Naito. I go to Te Awamutu College. It has been almost 4 months since I arrived in New Zealand. I am getting used to New Zealand life and am having a great time here. I've never felt homesick in New Zealand because I'm tough lol! The truth is that my host family is nice. They are very kind to me. I don't want to go back to Japan!!! But I sometimes miss Japan and my family. I thank my parents now because I am having a nice time and am trying new things. It is a precious time for me.

Now, I will tell you about my days off from school. I go to SPCA with my host family. Do you know SPCA? It stands for "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". There are many poor cats and dogs. I clean the cat cages and give them some food there. It was so hard at first because there were too many cats and it was not easy to clean their cages. It made me tired. But those animals didn't choose to be there. I think there are some reasons, for example their masters couldn't take care of them. So I do it now. I don't want to stop doing it because the cats are so cute. I hope to become an aid with the cats with the SPCA staff.
One day my host sister, Courtney bought a SPCA cat. The cat is a boy and has black fur. His name is Macavity. When he came to my house, he ran all around my house. Then Courtney said, ''He never ran in SPCA''. SPCA's cages are not big and the cats don't have enough space to run. I wish the cats in SPCA could run. I hope that all the cats will be happy.

Dear Eiryu 1nensei
Welcome to Eiryu. How are you? Eiryu is a very good course. Please enjoy talking English with John, David and Natasha. New Zealand is a lot of fun. Do everything you can do now. Don't miss out an opportunity. Don't be too scared to try new things and keep practicing English:) I'm very looking forward to meeting you guys. Thank you for reading. I'll see you soon.
From Miho

皆さん、こんにちは!初めまして。内藤美穂です。私はTe Awamutu College(テ アワムツ カレッジ)に通っています。私がニュージーランドに着てからもう4ヶ月が経ちました。だんだんニュージーランドの生活にも慣れつつあり、充実した時間を過ごしています。私はニュージーランドで一度もホームシックになっていません、なぜなら私はタフだからですlol!本当は私のホストファミリーがとてもナイスだからです。彼らは私にとても親切です。私は日本に帰りたくない!!!しかし、ときどき日本や家族を恋しく思います。私は今、私の両親にとても感謝しています。それは、充実した時間を過ごしたり、新しいことにトライしたりすることができているからです。それは、私にとってとても貴重な時間です。
From 美穂



I've been here about 2 months. At first I was homesick so I cried a lot but now I'm getting used to living in New Zealand. I can't speak English well and can't listen either. If I can return to last year, I want to talk with John, David and Natasya more and more and I want to study TOEFL more earnestly. TOEFL was a very important subject for studying abroad.

Now, I'm living in Whangarei with my hostfather, hostmother, 2 dogs and cat. They are very kind to me. I went to the sea to do sailing and swimming. The sea was very beautiful and I took many pictures. And I was walking the dogs with my hostfather. It's good exercise for me and it's really fun!
I go to Whangarei Girls' High School now. This school is very big and there are many students. I haven't made friends yet, but students are kind to me. Now I usually stay with two Korean girls. One girl likes Japanese animation and Japanese singers so I talk about them with her. There are many international students but everyone can speak English well so I think I have to try hard and keep trying.

Sometimes I miss Japan because I miss my family, friends and so on. But I think when I can make friends, I will enjoy my New Zealand life more. I don't know how I will grow up in 1 year, but I hope when I go back to Japan, I'll be more grown up than now.


私は今Whangarei Girls' High Schoolに通っています。この学校はとても大きくてたくさんの生徒がいます。私はまだ友達をつくることでできていませんが、生徒達はとても親切です。今私は、いつも2人の韓国の女の子といます。1人は日本のアニメや歌手が好きで、私はよく彼女とそれらについて話をします。ここにはたくさんの留学生がいて、みんなとてもうまく英語を話すことができるので、私は一生懸命努力し、努力し続けなければなりません。



Hello Everyone. Long time no see! How are you doing? I'm good!
I want to write about my life in New Zealand. I have never been to NZ before. NZ has wonderful scenery.

I stayed in Rotorua for 2 weeks, and a month and half have passed since I came to Kerikeri to stay.I'm a lucky girl because both my host parents are good to me.

I am learning about life in New Zealand. There are some differences between New Zealand and Japan. I think the time schedule is the most different point. I have lots of time at night, so I communicate with my host family. It's important for me to have that. But I get homesick sometimes. I miss my family and friends in Japan. I enjoyed Rotorua with my friends in 1-12. We went to town. I had a good time with them. When we finished the short-stay program, I felt sad. But I'm staying in Kerikeri with my buddy, Yumiko, and I feel more secure!

When I arrived in Kerikeri, I felt it's hotter than in Rotorua. I met my new host family at the airport. They are kind and the kids are cute. I met my host grandpa and grandma. That night, they told me, "This house is yours and you are our new grandchild! We are happy!" It made me so happy. Their words eased my tension. My host father and my host brother like fishing. I have been fishing with them and their friends. I woke up early. Fishing was a first for me. My father has a big boat. It is red. So cool! The boat that he drives is a lot of fun! The wind and waves are fabulous! I caught a snapper.
When we eat it, my father fillets it and my mother makes dinner. Cooked fish is my favorite! I actually did not like fish before that:)

I'll tell you about Kerikeri. Here is a small town. There are not many shops. But my school is a big school with 1400 students. In the school, the class system is different from Japan. I got used to it quickly. One period is 55 minutes long. The moment the bell rings, the students leave the room. It's interesting! If there are students like them in Japan, they would pay attention to the teacher. Funny..;D And at Kerikeri High School there are marvelous teachers like Jin-ai. The students are kind. I was worried about making friends but now I don't worry about it! They are friendly. I like my school!

I enjoy living here for the above reasons. I'll grow up from now on. Whether I succeed or not depends on my effort! I'll write again another time. My English will have improved by that time. Take care. See you then!


こんにちは 皆さんお久しぶりです お元気ですか 私は元気です。
Rotoruaで私はニュージーランドの生活について学びました。日本とニュージーランドでは違うところがあります。私が思うに時間のスケジュールが一番違います。夜に時間がたくさんできます そのときにホストファミリーとのコミュニケーションをとります。私にとって大切な事です。でも時々日本の家族や友達が恋しくなります(ホストファミリーが良くても)。Rotoruaを1の12の仲間と楽しみました。タウンへ行ったりして良い時間を過ごせました!Rotoruaの時間が終わったらみんなと離れて寂しいと思っていました。でも私にはKerikeriを共に過ごすゆみこちゃんが...!それはそれは心強いです!
Kerikeriに着いてRotoruaに比べて暑いと思いました。空港で新しいホストファミリーに会いました やさしくて子供はかわいい-! ホストの祖父母にも会いました。"ここはあなたの家 あなたは新しい私達の孫 私たちは嬉しい"と言ってもらってその言葉で私も嬉しくなって緊張がとけました。ホストファーザーとブラザーの趣味がフィッシングで早起きをして一緒に行きました。初めての経験でした!
Kerikeriは小さな所で店が少ないです。でもKerikeri High Schoolは大きな学校で、1400人の生徒がいます。授業は日本と違っています。55分授業でベルが鳴ったら生徒は教室をとびだします。おもしろいです!けれど日本にそんな生徒が居たら先生に即怒られます。Kerikeri High Schoolの先生は仁愛の先生みたいです。いい先生ばっかりです。生徒もやさしいです。友達作りを心配していたけれど今は全然心配なしで学校が好きです!



Hey, guys!! How are you?
I'm Asami. I'm a Jin-ai High School student and a Pompallier Catholic College student.?
I've been in New Zealand for half a year. I'm having a good time here. Nice to meet you★!
I'll talk about my life in New Zealand.
My life in New Zealand is quite good for me because I always have plenty of time to relax. My school is 8:45 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. and my house is very close to Pompallier Catholic College, so that I'm at home at 3:20 after school. Listening to music on TV, cross stitch, cooking, and (of course) eating are my hobbies at present.?
I'm afraid I didn't cook food for myself in Japan because my mother made breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. But I sometimes make dinner with my host family. My host sister taught me how to cook bacon & egg pie, so I can make it by myself now.?
I'm trying to make lots of different kinds of food, so I can cook them for my family one day! When I cook something with my host family or Kiwi friends at HSP(hospitality) which I'm taking at school, I can talk with them.?
That's one of my reasons why I became interested in cooking. I also like cross stitch. I had never done it in Japan, so I tried it. I thought what fun!!! I'm making a Maori girl's one. It's getting near completion day by day.?
I realised that I can learn new words when I start new things. It's a very good way for people studying English, isn't it!?
I want to try new things more and more. Anyway, I can have many good experiences here, but I have many worries as well. For example, English (speaking, listening, writing and understanding), making friends, my weight and so on. Going overseas and studying there aren't so easy.?
In my case, I got shocked about the big differences between my imagination and fact. I thought I could have fun without worries. It wasn't true. Never mind!! But time has helped me.
I have no idea whether my English has improved or not. However, I have 4 months left and have many chances to improve my English. Ill try harder to study and do my best from now on. By the way, I think New Zealand is my second home especially?
Whangarei where I'm living now and my host family is a real family. When I go back to Japan, I'll miss them.
Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience, my family and Jin-ai HS. I'm proud of coming and spending time here.
Dear our juniors,?
I'm looking forward to meeting you at school one day back in Japan.
Thank you for reading my letter.
See you.
Best wishes, From Asami.

目下のところ、私の趣味は、テレビで音楽番組を見たり、調理をしたり、もちろん食べたりすることです。残念なことに、私が日本にいる時には自分で料理をすることはありませんでした。それは母が朝食をはじめ、学校へ持参するお弁当も、夕飯も全て作ってくれたからです。先日ホストシスターは私にベーコンエッグパイの作り方を教えてくれましたので、私は今それを独力で作っています。 様々な異なる食べ物に挑戦していますので、いつかホストファミリーに手料理をもてなしたいと思います。私が学校でとっているホスピタリティの授業でホストファミリーやキウイの仲間と調理する際には、みんなと愉快に会話もできます。それが私が料理に関心を持った理由です。

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