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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2018/07/10

Hi guys!! How are you doing? I’m Himawari. I attend Otamatea High School. I live in Mangawhai Heads which is a really good place. In my case, I can go to the beach by walking from my house, so we go there to swim even when it’s cold. We are crazy.(haha) Anyway, I want to share my NZ life with you.

First, I’m going to introduce my wonderful host family. My host family members are host father, host mother, younger host sister, one big dog and one parakeet. My host father was a chef, so the dishes and desserts made by him are very tasty and I’m looking forward to dinner every day. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting fat. My host mother is a teacher at primary school. She teaches me English and I sometimes ask her some questions about English. When I say something, if my sentence is wrong, she tells me the correct sentence because I’m poor at grammar. My host sister is funny, so it’s fun to be together and she teaches me English as well. Especially, I like to walk the dog with her because I can talk about various topics with her. Also, she is interested in Japan, so I am asked about Japan by her. They are so kind to me. Thanks to them I can spend a great time in New Zealand. Then, I had one more host sister who is from Germany. She went back to Germany at the end of June, so I really miss her.

Second, I want to write about my classes. I’m taking music, P.E, tourism, Sports Leadership, math, ESOL, and English. My favourite class is Sports Leadership which is similar to P.E but I think it is harder than P.E. For example, we do tramping, training and so on. However, we are usually playing sports and I can play them which I can play only in New Zealand, so some of them I had never seen before. Also, sometimes I’m scared when I’m playing because most of my classmates are boys which means so violent but it’s good because everyone is playing hard and I’m enjoying them.

Third, I noticed some important things, so let me write about them. At the beginning I couldn’t say anything from myself anywhere and in addition, I had thought that people didn’t want to talk to me and I didn’t want to be spoken to by them. However, I felt that situation was painful because I knew that I had to say something from myself and it couldn’t go on like this in my mind but it was very hard for me to summon up the courage. Those time were so hard. I didn’t want to go to school because even if I went to school, I didn’t have any happy times. That period wasn’t ever short. It happened to make me aware of an important thing. It was not a big thing. When I had the ball while playing basketball in class I heard ” Go!! Himawari!!” from my classmate. When I heard it, I was so glad. However, I had never talked with him before. At that time, I noticed that I was building the emotional barrier by myself. It was good incentive for me. Then, I became positive to talk little by little. Even now, talking is not easy but that’s especially why I have to talk more, so I’ll do my best from now on, too.

Finally, I’m happy to have come to New Zealand. I have a very good host family, friends and teachers. It’s thanks to my teachers and my family in Japan that I’m living a privileged life, so I’m thankful for my family and my teachers in Japan. Thank you for supporting me from Japan. I’ll have lots of issue from now on as well but I have to overcome them and I want to grow up. “I won’t give up on myself!”.

Thank you for reading my essay through to the end.

All my love, Himawari Azechi