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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2018/07/11

Hey guys, have you been well? I am Yuuna. I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College. I live in Waipukurau which is a small town but people are really kind and funny so I’m happy to spend time with them. Five months have passed since I came here. The cold wind is blowing every day so I cannot live without a fire place. Today, I’d like to share with you my life in New Zealand.

I want to write a lot, but I’ll focus on my school life. At school I am taking Math, geography, music, PE, ESOL and English. All of them are one hour classes and we take five subjects every day. However, only Thursdays, we have an assembly so we have four classes. In Geography, I went on a trip with my classmates and thanks to it, I’ve talked with them more than before. Honestly, I sometimes cannot understand what we are doing in class, but I ask my classmates and they can teach me in detail about it. Before, I could understand calculation questions in Math because they were easy for me, so I helped my classmates. I think it is a good way to solve lots of questions with them and an opportunity to build good relationships, too.

However I was really worried about my school at first, because I did not have any confidence about my English and myself. My English is poor, I couldn’t continue talking with my friends well so I thought it was a nuisance for students in New Zealand. Also I assumed that I was a very bashful girl. I always ran away from talking with them and a couple of months passed quickly. I really thought it is not good and I cannot leave this condition as I am.

Then I took some action. I used lots of time but I talked to my friends. Actually, I joined April Camp with my half of classmates after Term 1. Then I noticed all of us had our own troubles and we have to solve them using our own ability. When I talk with my friends in New Zealand, I always ask some questions. All of them are easy questions but I’ve tried to continue our talking. At first, I got nervous so my legs were shaking uncontrollably when I talked with them. However, now I enjoy talking and laughing with them. I have now got a little bit more confidence to talk with my friends.

I realized that I was too worried about my failures. Honestly, we must have a lot of failures and troubles in our study abroad life in New Zealand. I actually had them many times. I knew what I should do, but I didn’t take any actions. Then I always deeply regretted my inactions. I forgot to laugh and enjoy myself heartily. However, I lead my happy life in New Zealand now because I’ve found the best way for me to change my being shy. I really appreciate my friends, teachers and family who are supporting me gently. Also I’m so happy to spend time with my nice host family. I’ll do my best with my big smile. I believe if we try hard at everything, we’ll be able to have awesome experiences and memories in New Zealand. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,
Yuuna Nishikawa