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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2018/10/05

Hello, How have you been? It’s Riko here. I can’t believe seven months have passed in New Zealand. I want to tell you about my life here.
I live in Wanganui and go to Cullinane College. My school is not a big school. Thanks to that most of the students know each other. I take English, Health Study, ESOL and Religious Studies as compulsory subjects. Also I take Drama, Food, Maths and Photography.

My favorite class is Drama. To be honest, I didn’t want to take the Drama class because I’m not good at acting. However I really wanted to challenge myself. We normally do some games as exercises before we start our work. At first , I didn’t participate at all because I didn’t have enough confidence to do anything in front of everyone. One day, my friend said to me, “Have a go, Riko!” I thought, “Don’t say that. It could be an awkward situation!!!” Then, I tried. After that I knew how much fun it is to participate in the game. I really appreciate my friend encouraging me to do it. I used to assume that I couldn’t do things before I even tried.

Through this experience, trying everything, it was my first step to find my new self. Now I have the confidence to say, “ I’m a part of the drama class.”
On the other hand , I still struggle with some classes. New Zealand’s education system is really different from Japan’s. Here, we need to write essays to get credits. In Japan, we normally don’t do that so I still struggle. But I always ask friends or teachers so I manage to get credits, haha .
After school ,I play badminton and sing in a choir. I love both of them. This term, we have a badminton competition every week. My opponents are always strong and smash the shuttle cock, so I always lose. I’m sure my skill is improving though… My goal is winning before I leave. As a member of the choir, we have had concerts twice so far. At the last concert , I did a solo!!! I sang “Three little Maids from School” with my friends. That was the first time I have sung a solo part in my life. That was so much fun.

Next, I will talk about my family. I live with my mom, her partner Keith, and her son ,Hamish. Mom and Keith really like vintage cars, so we often go to events or rallies with their vintage car. They named their car. One of mom’s cars is called “Grasshopper”because he is bright green and light enough to hop.(according to mom, her car is a boy.) That’s why I said “he”. My mom is a teacher at Cullinane. Hamish goes to Cullinane as well. Keith is a builder. I like my brother. I don’t have any siblings in Japan , so this has been a new thing for me. Sometimes, we have quarrels. Don’t you think it’s because we are like actual siblings? Also it’s good practice to think of English words quickly to argue back with him.

Now I have adapted to my new life in New Zealand. However, I had a lot of difficulty. “ If I can speak English fluently, it’s so much easier to make friends” “If I can speak English well, I can…..” I was really impatient to be able to speak English well. But one day, I noticed I always assume all of it is because of my English skills. I changed my mind and tried harder at everything. Thanks to trying hard I have many good friends and I love my school days. I used to be stressed by my housework as well. For instance, I cook once a week at least, I hadn’t cooked anything before in Japan. At first I took such a long time to read a recipe because I don’t want to cook an awful dinner because of misunderstanding. I never stop trying. So now I know a lot of words for cooking and I can cook anything!!!

I learned a lot of things through my stay in New Zealand. I reckon my English skills are improving. Also I have acquired skills to live on my own. In Japan, I relied on my mom and dad so much. So it made everything worse. However, my mom and dad are always on my side and support me. That’s why they let me study abroad. If I didn’t study abroad, I would not have changed at all. I can’t thank my parents enough. This time, I have to repay the favor to my parents and people who supported me. All I can do is never give up until the last moment of my stay. I will carry on trying hard and have a meaningful time.
Thank you for reading this all.

Lots of love
Riko Yamada.


こんにちは、元気ですか??莉子です。 ニュージーランドに来て、7ヶ月が過ぎたなんて、信じられません。 ここでの生活について、話したいと思います。

私はワンガヌイに住んでいて、カリナンカレッジに通っています。カリナンは、大きい学校ではないので、ほとんどの生徒を知ることができました。私は、必修科目として、英語、保健、ESOL そして宗教の授業をとっています。また、ドラマ、フード、数学、写真の授業もとっています。

ドラマの授業は私のお気に入りです。実を言えば、ドラマの授業はとりたくありませんでした。なぜなら演技をするのが苦手だからです。しかし、自分を少しでも変えたいと思い、とることに決めました。私たちは 課題を始める前に いつもいくつかのゲームを準備体操のような感じでします。最初は、自分から全く参加しませんでした。クラス全員の前で、演技をするほどの自信がなかったからです。

ある日、友達が、「莉子!!行けーーー!!!」と言いました。「そんなこと言わんといて! 絶対気まずくなるやん!!!」と思いながらも、やってみました。その後、私はゲームに参加するのがどれだけ楽しいかを知りました。勇気付けてくれた友達に本当に感謝しています。このようにかつて私は、なんでもやってみる前に、自分はできないと決めつけていました。今では、自信を持って、「ドラマのクラスの一部」と言うことができます。



運動神経は良くなってきていると確信しているのですが、、、帰国する前に勝つことが目標です!!!笑笑 聖歌隊としては、今までに2回コンサートをしました。このあいだのコンサートでは、なんと、ソロをしました!!友達と「スリーリトルメイドフロムスクール」と言う曲を歌いました。ソロをするのは人生で初めてでした!!!とっても楽しかったです。

次にホストファミリーについてお話しします。私は、マザーとマザーのパートナーのケイス、弟のハミッシュと暮らしています。マザーとケイスは、ヴィンテージカーがとても好きなので、よく車のイベントに連れて行ってくれます。彼らは、車に名前をつけています。マザーの車の1つは、「グラスホッパー」(日本語でバッタ)と呼ばれています、なぜなら 彼は明るい緑色で、ポンポンッとよく跳ねるからです。(マザーによると、グラスホッパーは男の子だそうです笑笑)

マザーは、カリナンの先生で、ケイスは、大工さん、ハミッシュはカリナンに通っています。日本では、私は兄弟がいないので 自分にとって新鮮でした。私は、ハミッシュがとても好きです。たまに、口喧嘩をします。でもこれは、本当の姉弟のようだからこそだと思いませんか⁇ 彼に言い返すために、とっさに英語を考えて、言葉に出すことは、とてもいい訓練にもなっています笑笑