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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2018/11/09

Hi guys! How are you doing? Do you remember me? Anyway, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Miyu. I go to Hastings Girls’ High School (HGHS) in New Zealand. I have only 2 weeks left. In April, I wrote an essay about the six classes I took. In this essay, I’ll write about what I learnt from my study abroad.

Just 2 years ago, I decided to enter Eiryu-course in Jin-ai Girls’ High School to go to NZ. When I was in Japan, I was thinking everyday it was going to be very exciting, and the time studying abroad would be fulfilling. My senior students said “It was a great time of my life!” and I thought, “they can speak English well because they went to NZ. So, I’ll able to speak English well too.” However it was a big misunderstanding. In fact if I don’t work hard here, the days will be just as they were in Japan. However, I do not want it to be like that. My family also hopes it goes well, especially my parents. So I tried lots of things here. Of course, things were difficult for me at the beginning. For example, talking with people in English was hard because I was scared and didn’t have much confidence. Now it’s not hard for me. Still, sometimes I get nervous, but I have more confidence than before. I think my efforts have made my study abroad better, more fun, and more special.

Also, I realized I am blessed to have people who support me in coming to NZ. First is my family. They are most important in my life. Since I was born, they have been taking care of me. Honestly, I was not a good child and mischievous, so I have got them into trouble many times but they said “We’ll miss you” before I came here. I was very happy to hear that. My parents paid much money which made the study abroad for me possible. I appreciate that. I’m grateful to Jin-ai Girls’ High and Education Focus, too. There are another 9 Japanese students at HGHS. Almost all the students came to NZ with their schools’ support. I thought Eiryu has a good support for students, perhaps more than other schools.

Now I have great teachers and friends at HGHS. My friends said “I don’t want you to go back. You should stay here!” or “One day I’ll go to Japan to see you.” Also my teachers said “I’m going to miss you. We can still keep in contact after you go home” They always make me feel happy. So I was very excited to go to school. I have a great host family, too. My favorite time is talking with them. When I’m feeling down, they listen to my story deeply and support me. They make me laugh everyday. One day, I was sad because I thought about the day I leave. They said “You can come back whenever you want. In the future, you can come with your husband and children. Then we can make the children stand in front of the garage and take a picture. We can also chuck them into the pool.” It’ll be a very fun time.

I really appreciate the people who have supported me. I love them! I won’t forget this experience ever. I hope I can come back and meet them again 

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Miyu


こんにちは!調子はどうですか?私のこと覚えていますか?とにかく、自己紹介をしたいと思います。私は美優です。ニュージーランドでは、ヘイスティングスガールズハイスクール(略称 HGHS)に通っています。もう 残り3週間だけになりました。4月書いたエッセイでは 私の取ったクラスについて書きました。今回は、私が留学で学んだことについて書きます。

ちょうど2年前、私は仁愛女子高校の英語留学コースに入ることを決めました。日本にいた時、ニュージーランドでは毎日を楽しく過ごせると思っていました。また留学は充実したものになるとも思っていました。先輩方は「留学は今までで一番良い経験になったよ」と言い、「先輩方の英語が上手なのは留学をしたから。だから私も英語をうまく話せるようになる」と思っていました。しかしそれは大きな誤解でした。実際は、私がもしニュージーランドで頑張らなければ、 日本にいた時とほぼ変わらないない日になります。でも 私はそれを望んでいません。また私の家族、特に私の両親もこの留学がうまくいくことを望んでいます。なので私はたくさん挑戦をしました。もちろん、始めは私にとって大変な事がたくさんありました。例えば英語で人と話す事が怖くて自信が持てませんでした。今は、そんなに難しいとは思いません。まだ時々、緊張する時がありますが前よりも自信を持てるようになりました。私は努力がこの留学をよりよく、より楽しく、特別なものにしたと思います。