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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2018/11/16

Hi guys! How have you been? It’s Momoka. Nine months has passed since I came to New Zealand. Time has gone so fast and unfortunately I have to go back to Japan next week. So in this essay I’d like to share about my life in New Zealand.

I go to Te Kuiti High School and I take Carpentry, Social Studies, English, Hospitality, Maori, Math, and ESOL.To be honest during term 1 I had been wanting to go back to Japan because I couldn’t make close friends and I couldn’t understand what was going on in the class. I felt lonely and everything was hard for me at school.  However, at that time some of the students told me “Your English is really good and you are so funny!” These words from them gave me confidence and so I’ve started to try to talk with more and more people. I appreciate them for making my school life way better. There are many differences between New Zealand and Japan, so sometimes it made me surprised and confused but now it has become normal for me. One of them is when students see their friends, they nod their heads and raise their eyebrows. I had no idea what people were doing. These differences are interesting for me because I had never learned that from the textbook in Japan, so I’d recommend people go to another country.

 I didn’t play any sports at school, but instead of that I really enjoyed going out with my host family.  They love to go out and have fun, so at the end of every month, they have already decided plans for the next few weeks. In the holiday I had plans for almost everyday. That’s sounds so crazy doesn’t it ! During summer most weekends I went to the lake and I tried wakeboarding and biscuiting. Of course, it was my first time so I crashed again and again. Seriously I thought my neck was going to come off. Anyway, it was so fun going out with them and every time they made me experience new things also thanks to that I´m not scared of trying new things anymore!  I think I spent most of these 10 months with them. When I was upset, they listened to me a lot and gave me advice. For me they are like a real family. Now you know how much I love them.

One day I had a quite bad day. I messed up at school, and some of my stuff had broken at home so I was just depressed. At that time my host mom told me “That’s ok Momoka. It may be a bad day for you, but it’s not the worst day for you. If you keep depressing it would be a worse day. However, if you think, I couldn’t do well but next time I won’t make the same mistake or I’m lucky because my stuffs have broken but I can fix it or I can get more cool one, like this. That makes feel you better.”  She is totally right and from that I’ve learned the importance of taking things from a different perspective. When I made mistakes or I couldn’t do well , I always got angry myself or really depressed. However, by taking things from a different perspective I feel comfortable and I can work hard again. “Don’t make a worth by myself” These words from her became really important for me.

Finally, I appreciate my family for letting me come to NZ.  Coming to another country for 10 months was a big challenge in my life. If I wanted, I could be a normal high school student in Japan but if I didn’t come here I couldn’t experience such a great time and meet great people. I think I made the best choice. I’ll miss here, my host family, and my friends so much.

Thank you for everyone who is supporting me here and from Japan. I have had such a great time. I’ll never forget to be grateful to these people and I’ll keep working hard from now on. I’ll see you guys soon!

Lots of love

Momoka Noji




学校ではスポーツをしませんでした。その代わりにホストファミリーと出掛けるのをとても楽しみました。 彼らは外に出かけて、楽しい事をするのが大好きなので月末には次の数週間の予定が決まっています。とてもクレイジーですよね。ホリデー中はほぼ毎日予定がありました。夏の間はほとんどの週末に湖に行ってウェイクボーディングやビスケッティングに行きました。もちろんそれらは初めてだったので何度もクラッシュしました。冗談抜きに首が取れるかと思いました。彼らと出掛けるのはとても楽しく彼らは毎回私に、新しい経験をさせてくれます。そのおかげで新しい事に挑戦するのはもう怖くありません。この10ヶ月のほとんどを彼らと過ごしたと思います。私が落ち込んでいると話を聞きアドバイスをくれました。私にとって彼らは本当の家族のような存在です。もう私がどれだけ彼らを好きか分かりますよね。



ニュージーランドでそして日本から沢山のサポートしてくれてありがとうございました。 とても素晴らしい時間を過ごす事ができました。みんなへの感謝を忘れずこれからも頑張ります。すぐに会いましょう。


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