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ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2019/05/13

My Message from NZ

Chieko Ibe

Hello! How are you? I’m Chieko from Tauraroa Area School. Three months have passed since I came here and only a few days ago I had April Camp. It was great because I could meet my classmates. I felt that some of them had grown up so much since they were in Japan. I was impressed with the fact that no one laughed at other people’s problem. I’m really lucky to have such friends. I respect them and thought, I should try harder and harder at everything. But that’s a conversation for another time. 

In this essay, I first want to introduce my school. Actually, my host school, Tauraroa Area School is a new school for Jin-ai. None of my seniors went to this school, and I didn’t have exact information about it. So, I was little bit nervous. But I want to tell that this school is so nice!! Our school has from year 1 to year 13 students. It is from kindergarten children to high school students in the same school. So older students are very kind and caring. This school is like a little family and I really love that. What is more, our school has a relaxed manner, so the students’ personalities have no end. .

Next, I’ll introduce two of my top-quality friends. I’ve made unique, funny and lovely friends. First, my friend, who is a boy, is like a girl. He always talks with girls and he likes boys. The first time I met him, he was holding a sunshade and talking with girls. So my first impression of him was very unique and I never saw a boy like him, so I got interested in him. I tried to talk with him, and I realized he is so funny and gentle. The other day, we played volleyball outside and it was a sunny day. One of my friends threw the ball to him. But he didn’t catch it and this ball hit his head. Everyone laughed and asked him why he didn’t catch the ball. He answered while laughing, “It’s because the sun said to me, ‘Hello!!’” This time’s his face and movements were soooo funny! At this time I came to really like him. Also, he is good with his hands, so he sometimes does girl’s hair very cute. Therefore he is very popular with everyone.

Another of friend of mine is a girl who always asks me, “Chieko! Do you have food !?”. She is always hungry and asks everyone the same question. Her family is mixed with Cambodia and China and Indonesia etc… and she can speak four or five languages. She is very bright and cheerful. On my first school day, she talked to me and I was so happy. Recently she consulted me about love. She has liked the same boy for two years! I advised her, “You sometimes romp too much. It is good but how about being more like a lady?”  She answered “It is good, but I want to make everyone smile.” I was really surprised and impressed. She is one year younger than me. I really respect her. What do you think about my great friends?

I’m very lucky to be a student of the Tauraroa Area School. And I want to say thanks to my family and teachers. My English is not good, but I feel certain I have grown in many ways. I want keep trying harder. Thank you for reading!

                                                                                Love and hugs,




このメッセージでは、まずは学校の紹介をしたいと思います。実は私のホストスクール、タウラロア・エリア・ハイスクールは新規の学校で、この学校に行かれた先輩が私にはいませんでした。なので詳しい情報は一切なく、私は少し不安でした。しかしその時の私に言ってあげたいです。タウラロアは本当に素敵な学校だと!!うちの学校にはyear1から year13の生徒がいます。日本でいうと、幼稚園児から高校生までが同じ学校に通っていることになりますね。だから高学年の生徒たちはとても優しくて、面倒見がいい人が多いです。この学校は学校全体が小さな家族のようで、私はそんなところが大好きです。さらに言うと、うちの学校とてものびのびしているので生徒達の個性はとどまるところを知りません。(笑)