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Kei Makino(NZからのメッセージ)

ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2019/07/12

   Kia ora. This is Kei in Taumarunui. How have you been? It’s getting colder and colder in New Zealand. Five months have passed since I left Japan for New Zealand. Time is passing so fast. I want to tell how I have been spending my life in New Zealand through this essay. I’m happy if you can enjoy my ideas.
 First, I want you know about my school, Taumarunui High School. The education curriculum of my school has changed since last year. Students need to choose their own class, so we don’t have a set timetable. In April camp, I talked about it to my classmates from Jin-ai and they were so surprised. I’m taking maths, ESOL, music (keyboard and singing), and outdoor education. Also, I’m a member of the badminton club. I didn’t play any sports recently, so I got muscle ache.
 My school is unique, but we can experience lots of adventures. I think most of you don’t know about ‘outdoor education’. If you take this class, you can go on some trips, like hiking, rafting, or caving. I went on a scuba diving trip to Whitianga in the middle of May as part of my outdoor education class. At first, I was scared to dive under the water, but finally, that trip became my treasure. It’s because I could make great friends and I could meet such lovely Kiwis in Whitianga. Our outdoor ed. teacher will plan a second scuba trip, so I hope I can go again! It’s the best attraction of this school that such a great experience can be had! 
 Second, I’ll tell you about my mate and my great friends. I’m a student of RIMU room. In the room, there is a funny advisor and powerful students. My advisor is a funny lady, but when she talks about student’s worries, she listens so carefully. I was helped by her so many times, so it is no exaggeration to say that I can enjoy my school life thanks to her. My mates are really powerful and they are always laughing and talking. The room of RIMU has complete freedom. My great friends are not in the same room, but we have lunch together. One of the girls, Annie was living in Bolivia, so she can speak Spanish, and she can snowboard. But she has never tried skiing. I, on the other hand, have never tried snowboarding, but I can ski, so we’ll teach each other on snow sports trip. Another girl, Nikita, is very good at art, especially at taking photos. She took my photo once. It was a good photo, but my face was so funny. When I stay with them, I can talk naturally. They laugh at anything, and they ask me questions sometimes, so it’s easy to talk to them. I’m glad to have such great friends.
 When I just came here, I didn’t wonder if I could make friends. But I could make just a few, so I want to try to make more friends. My English and communication skill are still not good, but my friend Christian, who I go to school with, said, “I could get used to listening to you, so your English is improving”. I was happy because Kiwis admit my English is improving, even if I don’t realize yet. I want to keep trying so that I can realize it, too. In the end, I’m very lucky to be a student of the English study abroad course. I can feel so because of my family’s and teachers’ great support. I want to tell them thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for reading. See you in November!
                                Aroha nui,
                               Kei Makino

                                牧野 花泉