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Miyu (NZからのメッセージ)

ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2019/10/01

 Tena koe! How are you? I’m Miyu. I go to Taumarunui High School now. About seven months have already passed since I came here. The time passing is so fast. There have been a lot of happy things but tough problems in New Zealand. But I faced the problems, so I’ve been able to learn from them and from Kiwi students during these five months. Today I’ll introduce some of them.
 First, I’ll tell you about my host family. I live with my host mum, my host dad, and my host younger sister. Sometimes my host older sister who lives with my host grandparents comes to our house. My host mum is super kind and takes care of me so well. My host dad looks scary but he has the kindest heart in the world. When I cried, they listened to my stories seriously. My younger sister is funny and she tries to talk to me. I appreciate her because it’s really helpful for me to improve my English. They love food, so they tell me a lot about food and how to cook meat. Their food is beautiful. It’s like heaven. They also love rugby, so they tell the rules. It’s actually helpful because I started to play rugby, so I practice rugby with my host dad. I think my host family is the best host family in the world, ever!
   Second, I want to tell you about my school life. My school is very different from other schools. For example, the subjects, the way to take class, and classrooms. I take Math, ESOL, Science, Outdoor education, Hairdressing (Hospitality) and Vocalize. These subjects are so fun because we don’t have such academic subjects in our Japanese high school. In addition, our high school has a week-long internship. Many of students go to a shop or office to learn about a job. We can learn about jobs from experience, not only from textbook.
     Third, I’ll introduce my mates. Jessica is one of my best friends. She is from Germany. She is quite a nice and beautiful person. She is always thinking positively. One day, when I was being negative about friendship, she advised me in a positive way. She made me happy and I learned heaps of things from her. I’m glad to meet her and I think I am such a lucky person. I love her so much to be honest, but she left New Zealand the other day. I’ve felt how big her existence was for me. She wanted to stay here longer and she said “Enjoy the rest of your life in NZ.” Therefore, I’m going to try my best to enjoy the rest of my life. In addition, Matthew, Hana, James and other mates are here for me. I appreciate them.
       Studying abroad is tougher than I expected. The first three or five months were a really hard time for me. Even now, I have tough times, but my family and my friends support me. So I will enjoy the rest of the life in NZ as much as possible. Enjoy your life too!!! Thank you for reading this. Whakawhetai.