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Kiho (NZからのメッセージ)

ニュージーランドからのメッセージ 2019/10/01

 Hello! I’m Kiho Shintani.
I’m attending Otamatea High School, with only two and half a month of living in NZ left to go. I really feel time flies. I have had a lot of experiences while I have been studying in NZ. I have had a lot of fun times, but I have had hard times as well.  I would like to share how I overcame those times when it was hard.
 I had finished my one-week life in Rotorua and I would start going to Otamatea High School in Maungaturoto, where I go to now. The first day, I wondered if I could participate in school life in NZ. I was excited, but I was worried. When I entered the classroom with my courage plucked up, it appeared that my classmates looked mature for their age, and honestly, I remember I was scared of them. However, one of my classmates talked to me in the last class on that day. She had a conversation with me gently even though I couldn’t understand English. I thought I could become a good step to a better school life.
 After it had been a month since I started school, it was hard for me to keep up with them in the class and I couldn’t understand completely, so I couldn’t know what I should do. I had asked a nearby person every time when I couldn’t understand something in the class. There was a girl that especially teaches me gently in the class. It’s easy for me to ask her if I couldn’t understand, so I positively sat next to her, and I asked her every time. However, one day, when I asked, she made a deep sigh “ha—” with a disgusted face. She always had a smile every day, so I hadn’t seen that face before, so I was really shocked about it. I’m not good at making friends, so I didn’t meet people who I could call friends, even after one month. She was my hope and I really wanted to be friends. I would not be able to ask classmates if I couldn’t understand and I stopped smiling because of that incident.
 When it term 2 starts I set a goal to befriend my classmates. For that, I started having lunch with year 12 students same age as me at first. When I ate with them, I was having fun and I couldn’t stop smiling. I learned important things from this experience. It’s “smile.” When I make a smile, I feel naturally happy, even when I am sad. Which one do you want to meet: a friend who is always happy or who never does? You want to become friends with people who smile, don’t you? A smile is awesome, isn’t it? In actuality, when I smile, people I know and even strangers say “Hi!!” with a smile. If you want, you should try it!! haha 
 Now I can have a good overseas life in NZ, thanks to my family and my teachers in Jin-ai Girls’ High School.
 Thank you for reading! I hope this essay will be helpful for someone. 
Love and Hug, Kiho