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Hello, everyone!!  I’m Ryoko from Cullinane College in Whanganui.  Almost eight months have passed since I came to New Zealand.  The time has passed so quickly and I am surprised that I only have two months remaining.  As many of my friends mentioned in their essays, this year, the covid-19 has been going around all over the world.  As schools in Japan were closed for about 3 months, schools in New Zealand were closed for about 2 months.  It was a little bit unfortunate that we had to stay at home for one fifth of our New Zealand life, even though I really enjoy the new culture and relaxing life in New Zealand.  Today, I want to share my happy memories and my opinion about cross-cultural understanding with you.

In term2 and term3, I joined a badminton club.  We have practice once a week and we have competition once a week with other high schools in Whanganui.  At first, I was worried about joining the sport club because I am not so good at badminton and I knew that many kiwi students are good at playing sports.  To be honest, the first few times, it was not easy for me to enjoy badminton because I was tired of talking with many new people and playing games with them.  However, little by little I was able to make some new friends through playing the games.  Now, I enjoy talking with them and I like having practice and competitions every week.  I wish this club would continue until the end of the year but this club finishes at the end of term3.  I think I will join another sport club in term 4!!

August 30 was my birthday and I had a special time with my host family and friends. On the day before my birthday, I went to a restaurant with my friends to have a birthday lunch.  We talked a lot and we went shopping after that.  They gave me lovely birthday presents and cards.  On my birthday, my host family held a birthday party for me and their niece’s family came to the party.  We ate fish and chips and rolled sushi, which was a wonderful collaboration of New Zealand culture and Japanese culture!!  My host family gave me a Harry Potter card game and Eeyore’s onesie.  I use that onesie every night as my pajamas!  It was a really wonderful birthday and I won’t ever forget this memory.

While I am in New Zealand, I have learned how fun it is to live in a new culture and how difficult cross-cultural understanding is.  Before I came here, I had been abroad twice and I stayed for one week each time.  Through these experiences, I came to like staying in a different culture and learning new cultures. However, by staying in New Zealand more than one week, I have learned that if I really want to know about their life, culture, or people in the country, I need to stay at least half a year.  When we stay in a foreign country for one week or so, we can only know about that country’s wonderful points.  It is not easy for many people to accept the whole new and different culture.  By staying in New Zealand for about eight months, I was able to have so many more real experiences in New Zealand.  Besides, I’ve found unique points of Japanese culture, which I wouldn’t have learnt if I hadn’t come here. I was really lucky to have this experience at this age.

I have a lot more things to tell you about my New Zealand life but it would be too long to write them all here, so I will tell you all the happy and wonderful things in two months when we see each other again.  

Lastly, I want to thank all the people who have supported my studying abroad,  my family in Japan, my host family, all the teachers and all of my friends.  I will try to enjoy myself and learn as much as possible for the rest of two months. 

Thank you for reading!!


みなさん、こんにちは。 ワンガヌイにあるカリナンカレッジに通っている涼子です。 ニュージーランドに来てから8ヶ月ほどが過ぎました。時間が経つのは早く、あと2ヶ月しか残っていないことに驚いています。私の友達がエッセイで書いているように、今年はCOVID19が世界中で流行しています。日本の学校が3ヶ月間休校になったように、ニュージーランドでも約2ヶ月休校となりました。私はニュージーランドの文化とのんびりとした生活をとても楽しんではいますが、やはり留学生活の5分の1を家で過ごさなければいけなかったのは少し残念でした。今日は、私の嬉しかった思い出と、文化理解に関する意見を皆さんにお伝えしたいと思います。










Hi, everyone!  I’m Airi and I go to Hauraki Plains College ( H.P.C. ).  How are you doing? Recently, I heard the news that the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing in Japan. I’m away from Japan so I’m a little worried about you guys. Meanwhile, in New Zealand we now rarely hear about people infected with coronavirus, and I live a relatively safe and very enjoyable life.  (Suddenly, on August 11, it was announced that Auckland will go into lockdown for three days since four new cases of community transmission were confirmed on that day after 102 days without any. The rest of the country, including where I live now, will go into level 2.)  Anyway, today, I would like to share my school life with you.


My host school, H.P.C. has students from year 9 to year 13 and there are more than 750 students in total. There are 4 terms a year and the 1st and 2nd term are semester A and the 3rd and 4th terms are semester B.  We change our subjects in semester A and B. My favorite subject was art which I took in semester A.  In this class, I met Emma, who is very good at drawing, and Mr. Harmzen, who is a wonderful artist and the teacher of the class. Originally, I was not good at art nor loved it, but I learned a lot of techniques from them.  I concentrated on each work and spent a lot of time on them.  Mr.Harmzen really loved my works and he gave me excellence mark every time.  He said that I’m one of the most talented students in the class.  Also, he always makes a joke, telling me to move to NZ to take his art classes.  Last week, he invited me and Emma to the special art class for only 20 students from year 11 to year 13.  He gave us the opportunity to meet a NZ artist and watch his painting demonstration.  I had a wonderful time and I learned more deeply about art.  He is my favorite teacher and the best artist ever.


In the first few weeks of my school life, I made friends Marianne, Rosanne, Vanessa and Logan. They are interested in Japan and we met for the first time in Japanese culture club.  Now, they are my best friends and I always hung out with them and their friends. We often talk about India, which is the country Marianne and Rosanne come from and Japan.  We have fun talking about random topics as well.  Sometimes I quarrel over trivial things, but I love them.  Since term 2, I have been a member of the badminton club with Marianne and Logan.  The people in badminton club are so nice and on the first day of its practice, they very kindly taught me the rules and how to play badminton.  When I hit a good shot, they say to me, “Nice Airi!  You already improved so much”. Thanks to them, I really love the badminton club and Tuesday and Thursday, when we have badminton practice, are my favorite days in a week.  I will enjoy playing badminton for the remaining 3 months.


Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity for my family.  August 12th is my birthday and I’ve turned 17 years old.  Every year on my birthday I get some presents from my family, but this year I wrote this essay as a small present from me to my family.  I thank my family for always supporting me, for having given me this opportunity to study in NZ, and for everything.  I will spend a meaningful time here in New Zealand, appreciating this precious opportunity that my family has given me.


See you all in November and thank you for reading!




皆さん、こんにちは!ハウラキプレインズカレッジ(H.P.C. )に通っている愛理です。お元気ですか?最近日本でコロナウイルスの感染者の数が増加していることを耳にし、日本を離れている私は少し皆さんのことを心配に思っています。一方、ニュージーランドでは現在、コロナウイルスの感染者のニュースを耳にすることはほとんどなく、私は比較的安全でとても楽しい生活を送っています。(8月11日、オークランドをロックダウンにするという報道が突然なされました。102日ぶりに4人の市中感染が確認されたからです。私の住んでいる地域を含め、他の地域は警戒レベルが2になります。)何はともあれ、今日は、皆さんに私の学校生活についてお話したいと思います。

私が通うH.P.C. には9年生から13年生、750人以上の生徒が通っています。1年間に4学期あり、1学期と2学期は A学期、3学期と4学期は B学期となっており、A学期とB学期で教科が変わります。私が一番好きな教科はA学期でとった美術のクラスです。このクラスで、絵を描くのがとっても上手なエマと、素晴らしいアーティストであり先生のハームゼン先生と出会いました。もともと美術が得意でも大好きでもなかった私ですが、彼らから多くの技術を学びました。私は一つ一つの作品に集中し、たくさんの時間を美術の作品に費やしました。先生は私の作品を本当に気に入ってくださって、私にエクセレントの評価を毎回つけ、私はこのクラスで一番才能のある生徒の一人だと言ってくださいました。また、先生は私に、先生の美術の授業を受けるためにニュージーランドに引っ越してきて、といつも冗談をおっしゃいます。先週、先生はエマと私を11年生から13年生の20人の生徒だけが参加した美術の特別クラスに招待してくださいました。私たちはニュージーランドで活動する一人のアーティストとお会いし、実際に彼がペインティングする様子を拝見する機会をいただきました。私は素晴らしい時間を過ごし、美術の技術をより深く学ぶことができました。ハームゼン先生は私の大好きな先生であり、史上最高のアーティストです。

この学校に通い始めてから数週間目で、私にはメリアン、ロザーン、ヴェネッサ、ローガンという友達ができました。彼らは日本に興味があり、私達は日本文化部で出会いました。今、彼女たちは私の親友で私はいつも彼女や彼女たちの友達と一緒にいます。私達はよくメリアンとロザーンの出身地であるインド、日本についてや、他愛もないような話をしてよく笑います。たまに些細なことで喧嘩をすることもありますが、私は彼女たちが大好きです。2学期からメリアンとローガンと一緒にバドミントンクラブに入りました。バドミントンクラブのみんなはとてもいい人たちで、最初、初心者の私に優しくルールや方法を教えてくれました。私がいいショットを打ったとき、「ナイス 愛理!とっても上手になったね。」と言ってくれます。皆のおかげで私はバドミントンクラブが大好きで、練習のある火曜日と木曜日は私の一番好きな曜日です。私は残りの3ヶ月、バドミントンを楽しみます。









Hi, everyone!!  I’m Mina Fukuyama from New Zealand.  I attend Pompallier Catholic College as a Year 10 student.  Nearly seven months have passed since I came here. I can’t believe that I have already been here for seven months!!  I’m really enjoying my NZ life.  Today I’d like to share some things about my NZ life with you.


I’m living in Whangarei, which is near the top of New Zealand.  Around my house spreads big and beautiful farmland.  There are a lot of animals such as cattle, horses, chickens, pigs…  Also my host family breeds some animals and my favorite are the calves.  My host family have five calves and they often go to calves to give them milk.  One day I helped them.  These calves always really want to drink milk quickly. However, the milk hadn’t been prepared yet, so I had to put my hand in their mouth.  I was afraid of it at first, because I had hated animals before I came here, but I tried it with a lot of courage!!  They were sucking my hand as they suck their mother’s breast.


Moreover my host family has two big dogs and three cats, too.  They are very curious pets.  They often pick up dead animals and bring them into my house.  I have seen them holding the dead animals in their mouths many times.  Can you believe that???  Through these experiences, I’ve come to like animals more than ever.  I can touch all animals now, of course.  What’s more, even if I am licked by animals, that’s fine!!!  These experiences were so good for me.  If I tell that to people who know that I hated animals, they will definitely be surprised!


Next, I’m going to tell you about my school life.  I’m a member of Year 10.  My classmates are younger than me (they are 14 or 15).  I couldn’t get along with them for the first two weeks.  It was because I couldn’t understand what they said.  To be honest, I didn’t want to go school.  I spent the lunch time crying with Saya, who is the other student from Jin-ai.  It was really painful that I had to go to school.  


After term 1, however, I made new friends!!  Now I spend time with three Kiwi friends and a girl who moved to NZ four months ago from England.  They are interested in Japanese and Japanese anime!!  They often ask me to write my favorite Chinese characters or Japanese letters on their legs with a pen.  When I write their names on their legs, they really like it all the time.  Moreover they give me a big hug when we see each other at school.  I’m really glad that I was able to meet them during my study abroad!


At the beginning of July, I talked with my classmates through Zoom because the April camp, which was to be held in April, was cancelled because of Coronavirus.  Also our teacher couldn’t come to NZ for an inspection in March.  So, she gave us an opportunity to talk to each other.  I asked my classmates for advice about my concern of how to improve my English.  Some of them gave me good advice.  Following their advice, I’ve started to write my journal every day and read ‘Read Theory”, which is the website to read English passages.  Although we talked only for a short time, I spent a wonderful time with them.  This opportunity was helpful for me.


There are so many things that I want to share with you, but I can’t write all of them. For the last seven months, I have had not only fun times but also hard times.  Whenever I faced problems, I solved them by myself.  I should never give up at this moment.  To my surprise, I have only another three months to study here.  I will keep challenging myself and I want to improve my English more.


Finally, I’m grateful to my parents and teachers who have supported my experience of studying abroad.  I have gained a lot of precious experiences and I have done my best so I will have grown a lot and become a more mature person in November.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone in November.  Thank you for reading!!!


Lots of Love

Mina Fukuyama












7月の上旬にZOOMを使ってクラスメイトと話をしました。4月に実施される予定だったエイプリルキャンプがコロナウイルスの影響で中止になりました。また、3月に担任の先生が視察に来ることもできなかったので、先生がお互いに話す機会を与えてくださったのです。そこで私は自分の悩んでいること(どうしたら英語力が伸ばせるか)について相談しました。クラスメイトはいいアドバイスをしてくれました。私は今、クラスメイトのアドバイスを受け入れ、毎日ジャーナルを書くことと、Read Theoryという英語の文章が読めるサイトの英文を読むようにしています。クラスメイトと話せたのは短い時間でしたが、素晴らしい時間を過ごすことができ、私にとっていい機会だったと思います。







福山 未奈



Hi everyone. I’m Moe. My classmates have posted essays about their lives in NZ. However, today, what I’d like to share with you is not about my life, but my opinion about a topic which has been actively covered in the media not only in New Zealand but also all over the world. Please read my essay below.

“Black Lives Matter.” Have you guys heard of this phrase? I often hear this phrase these days. In America, the people who oppose discrimination against black people have raised their voices. Their voices are becoming more urgent year by year.

On May 25, 2020, a policeman killed a black man, George Floyd, kneeling on him for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the street. He was handcuffed and lay prone on the ground. The scene was filmed by a 17-year-old girl who was a passerby. Mr. Floyd repeated, “I can’t breathe” over and over again. However, the policeman did not change his mind. Passersby attempted to stop the policeman, but he didn’t stop it. On arriving, a doctor put Mr. Floyd on a stretcher, but he was already dead.

What does the phrase “Black Lives Matter” mean? It is an anthem, a slogan, a hashtag and a straightforward statement of fact. This is not a new movement. The movement started in 2013 in the USA. In that country, many black people are killed and they are twice as likely to be killed by police officers as white people. According to a 2015 study, African Americans died at the hands of the police at a rate of 7.2 people per population of one million.

Do you know the phrase “All Lives Matter?” It is used by many people on Twitter and Instagram in the same way as “Black Lives Matter.” However, “All Lives Matter” is problematic. At first, “All Lives Matter” sounds like we are all in this together. Some people are using this phrase to suggest that we should join and stand together against racism. But the problem is that the phrase takes focus away from black people. The people who use “All Lives Matter” have to understand that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that nobody else matters.

Abusing black people just because they are black, or throwing the N-word, which is a discriminatory word against black people, is obviously racism. Black people are still suffering from these direct acts of discrimination. However, at the same time, they are struggling with a different kind of discrimination, “institutional racism.” It means that a black person is born as a black person and the subsequent life automatically becomes unfavorable because of people’s subconscious stereotypes. This problem seems not to be direct discrimination, and it’s very difficult to eliminate.

Slavery continued for over 250 years in America. It is finished, but discrimination hasn’t gone away. Many black people are being killed every year by police and civilians who have guns. Here’s a similar story to Mr. Floyd’s. A black high school student went to a convenience store to buy juice. However, on the way back, he was shot dead as “suspicious”. Ordinary daily life is regarded as “suspicious” and “dangerous” because of stereotypes and institutional racism and black people are easily killed.

Nelson Mandela says, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. “

I think the first step to combating racism is listening to each other, no matter who you are and no matter who you are talking to. You should listen and try to understand other people’s points of view. You need to see things from different perspectives. By doing so, you’ll find something new. We must not discriminate against black people because we were born in the same world and we are living in the same age. If you hold prejudice, please take an interest in this topic. There is nothing more important than creating an equal world in which black people don’t have to be afraid to walk along the road, or to go shopping.

Thank you for reading my essay.

Moe Yamazaki














Hi, I am Kyoka from Central Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. How have you been? A pandemic virus, Coronavirus is going around at the moment, which is unprecedented. I hope you are all good although we are in a hard circumstance. In New Zealand, though there are still some restrictions, I am really enjoying my life. Here, I would like to share my New Zealand life with you.
First of all, I am going to write about my host family. I have two mothers, Kerry and Tammy, an older sister, Devon, Nana, Aunty, three big dogs and one chubby cat. I now live with Kerry and Devon. They are all approachable, and I enjoy spending time with them.
In late March, the New Zealand government declared for everyone living in New Zealand to stay home in order to keep us safe from Coronavirus, which is called a lockdown. During the lockdown, my host sister, Devon, was considered as an essential worker and she worked, so I spent most of my time with my host mother, Kerry. The lockdown lasted for approximately eight weeks. I felt as though the lockdown was a much shorter time than actually eight weeks, and I’m sure it’s because of Kerry. We cooked, knitted, watched TV and went for a walk with our dogs together. We did more things than I have just mentioned, but I can’t write all of them here because there are too many. By doing those many sorts of things, we kept ourselves busy and productive. Also, we talked a lot and got to know each other. When I had a problem or a concern, she gave me good advice. Besides, when I was crying, she gave me a hug, saying “I’m giving a mama hug.” She has absolutely become my second mother. I appreciate her from the bottom of my heart.
Secondly, I am going to write about the drama class that I take at school. I have just done a solo performance in front of audience recently, which was really rewarding for me. I played the role of a ghost, Hamlet’s father. Traditional English is used in the story, Hamlet by Shakespeare, which made it obstinate for me to pronounce words and memorize lines. My teacher also said that I was learning the third language. I didn’t have any confidence in English and acting, and I was introverted about performing in front of people. So, before the actual performance, I was extremely nervous, and I was about to cry, actually. When I stood on the stage, my mind went blank. But I was able to accomplish the performance till the end with a minor prompt from my teacher. After the performance, my classmates, teacher and host family came to hug me, and they said “You were amazing!” I had heaps of feelings at that time, but I felt a sense of achievement the most.
To be honest, the reason why I chose drama class out of a list was not that I actually wanted to perform a role. I chose it just because most of my seniors from Study Abroad Course used to take it, and they recommended it to me. So, I didn’t even know whether I would like acting. But now, it is one of my favorite classes, and I want to try a different performance again.
I have four more months to study here. I’m surprised because the time has flown so fast. I will not stop trying, and I want to go back to Japan without any regret. Thank you for reading till the end.

Lots of love,
Kyoka  Hamada