Message from NewZealand



Hi guys, how have you been doing? I’m Kana. 5 months has passed since I have came to NZ. It has gone really fast and I can’t believe it. I’d like to write about my NZ life.

First, I’m going to talk about my host family.I have a mum, dad, two older sisters, and one cat. However one of my host sisters is living in Auckland to study at University, so we can meet just sometimes. They are really lovely, kind, and funny people. In Japan, I have two younger brothers, and I have always wanted to be the youngest, so I’m really happy:) My host sister and I do lots of things together. For example, shopping, baking and walking. My host mum is a kind woman and she always asks me if I am happy or comfortable. Dad is always working hard and sometimes says funny jokes. Also they are good at cooking, so I can’t stop eating and my weight is getting fat…hahaha. However sometimes mum and I go to walking. I know I should do it everyday…

Anyway, they give me lots of new experiences. Moving houses was one big experience for me because I haven’t moved houses in Japan. For the open house we dressed up the old house and cleaned everywhere in the house every week. In Japan I didn’t like cleaning and my room was always dirty, but I learned how good it felt after cleaning. Secondly, I want to share about my school life. I go to Pompallier Catholic College. To be honest I didn’t like the school at first because I couldn’t understand what teachers said, also I couldn’t enjoy conversations with friends. I was always hesitating with everything because I didn’t have any confidence not only with my English, but also with my race. I’m Asian, so people don’t want to talk with me. I know I have to speak in my mind. This situation was like this for the whole of term 1.

However the April camp gave me much courage and confidence, then after term 2, I tried talk to other people at lunch time, and spoke with friends and teachers in the class. Then little by little it was getting better, moreover I could go movies with my friends after school! When my friends asked me, I was really surprised and so happy!!
Next, I’d like to write about a word which I can’t forget. One day, my host family and I climbed Rangitoto in Auckland. It was not easy for me and I felt very tired. After that I asked my host sister “Are you tired?” Then she answered “Yes, but I want to challenge myself, so it’s good.” When I heard this answer, I remembered why I wanted to come to NZ, and that my goal was to study abroad.

I have had lots of good experiences in NZ. I really appreciate my host family, friends and teachers. Also I‘d like to say thank you to the people supporting me from Japan. The rest of my NZ life will be over in just 4 months, it’s not long so I’d like to keep challenging myself!!
Thank you for reading.

From Kana










Hey guys, have you been well? I am Yuuna. I go to Central Hawke’s Bay College. I live in Waipukurau which is a small town but people are really kind and funny so I’m happy to spend time with them. Five months have passed since I came here. The cold wind is blowing every day so I cannot live without a fire place. Today, I’d like to share with you my life in New Zealand.

I want to write a lot, but I’ll focus on my school life. At school I am taking Math, geography, music, PE, ESOL and English. All of them are one hour classes and we take five subjects every day. However, only Thursdays, we have an assembly so we have four classes. In Geography, I went on a trip with my classmates and thanks to it, I’ve talked with them more than before. Honestly, I sometimes cannot understand what we are doing in class, but I ask my classmates and they can teach me in detail about it. Before, I could understand calculation questions in Math because they were easy for me, so I helped my classmates. I think it is a good way to solve lots of questions with them and an opportunity to build good relationships, too.

However I was really worried about my school at first, because I did not have any confidence about my English and myself. My English is poor, I couldn’t continue talking with my friends well so I thought it was a nuisance for students in New Zealand. Also I assumed that I was a very bashful girl. I always ran away from talking with them and a couple of months passed quickly. I really thought it is not good and I cannot leave this condition as I am.

Then I took some action. I used lots of time but I talked to my friends. Actually, I joined April Camp with my half of classmates after Term 1. Then I noticed all of us had our own troubles and we have to solve them using our own ability. When I talk with my friends in New Zealand, I always ask some questions. All of them are easy questions but I’ve tried to continue our talking. At first, I got nervous so my legs were shaking uncontrollably when I talked with them. However, now I enjoy talking and laughing with them. I have now got a little bit more confidence to talk with my friends.

I realized that I was too worried about my failures. Honestly, we must have a lot of failures and troubles in our study abroad life in New Zealand. I actually had them many times. I knew what I should do, but I didn’t take any actions. Then I always deeply regretted my inactions. I forgot to laugh and enjoy myself heartily. However, I lead my happy life in New Zealand now because I’ve found the best way for me to change my being shy. I really appreciate my friends, teachers and family who are supporting me gently. Also I’m so happy to spend time with my nice host family. I’ll do my best with my big smile. I believe if we try hard at everything, we’ll be able to have awesome experiences and memories in New Zealand. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,
Yuuna Nishikawa









Hi guys!! How are you doing? I’m Himawari. I attend Otamatea High School. I live in Mangawhai Heads which is a really good place. In my case, I can go to the beach by walking from my house, so we go there to swim even when it’s cold. We are crazy.(haha) Anyway, I want to share my NZ life with you.

First, I’m going to introduce my wonderful host family. My host family members are host father, host mother, younger host sister, one big dog and one parakeet. My host father was a chef, so the dishes and desserts made by him are very tasty and I’m looking forward to dinner every day. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting fat. My host mother is a teacher at primary school. She teaches me English and I sometimes ask her some questions about English. When I say something, if my sentence is wrong, she tells me the correct sentence because I’m poor at grammar. My host sister is funny, so it’s fun to be together and she teaches me English as well. Especially, I like to walk the dog with her because I can talk about various topics with her. Also, she is interested in Japan, so I am asked about Japan by her. They are so kind to me. Thanks to them I can spend a great time in New Zealand. Then, I had one more host sister who is from Germany. She went back to Germany at the end of June, so I really miss her.

Second, I want to write about my classes. I’m taking music, P.E, tourism, Sports Leadership, math, ESOL, and English. My favourite class is Sports Leadership which is similar to P.E but I think it is harder than P.E. For example, we do tramping, training and so on. However, we are usually playing sports and I can play them which I can play only in New Zealand, so some of them I had never seen before. Also, sometimes I’m scared when I’m playing because most of my classmates are boys which means so violent but it’s good because everyone is playing hard and I’m enjoying them.

Third, I noticed some important things, so let me write about them. At the beginning I couldn’t say anything from myself anywhere and in addition, I had thought that people didn’t want to talk to me and I didn’t want to be spoken to by them. However, I felt that situation was painful because I knew that I had to say something from myself and it couldn’t go on like this in my mind but it was very hard for me to summon up the courage. Those time were so hard. I didn’t want to go to school because even if I went to school, I didn’t have any happy times. That period wasn’t ever short. It happened to make me aware of an important thing. It was not a big thing. When I had the ball while playing basketball in class I heard ” Go!! Himawari!!” from my classmate. When I heard it, I was so glad. However, I had never talked with him before. At that time, I noticed that I was building the emotional barrier by myself. It was good incentive for me. Then, I became positive to talk little by little. Even now, talking is not easy but that’s especially why I have to talk more, so I’ll do my best from now on, too.

Finally, I’m happy to have come to New Zealand. I have a very good host family, friends and teachers. It’s thanks to my teachers and my family in Japan that I’m living a privileged life, so I’m thankful for my family and my teachers in Japan. Thank you for supporting me from Japan. I’ll have lots of issue from now on as well but I have to overcome them and I want to grow up. “I won’t give up on myself!”.

Thank you for reading my essay through to the end.

All my love, Himawari Azechi











Kia ora koutou! Ko Wakana toku ingoa. Hi, guys! I’m Wakana. I’m living in Te Kuiti with my wonderful host family. Te Kuiti is a small town and a part of Waikato. I’m enjoying my life here in New Zealand. I’d like to share my life with you guys. Are you ready for reading? It’s still the beginning.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my usual life. There are five people in my family now. My host father, Glen is working at Te Kuiti high school and he is my engineering teacher. He almost always cooks dinner. He loves fishing, so we sometimes go to Kawhia which is located on the west coast of North Island. My host mother, Kim is working at Piopio primary which is 20 mins away from Te Kuiti. My host brother, Chris is a year 9 student of Te Kuiti high school and he plays soccer and hockey. My host sister, Laura is an exchange student from Brazil and she is staying with us until the end of next holidays. Chris has a sister who is going to uni in Auckland and he also has a brother who is farming away from home. Each family member has different jobs on each days. There are cooking dinner, washing dishes, drying dishes, washing and hanging out clothes, folding clothes and the others.

Next, I’d like to talk about my school life. We leave home at half past 7, because Glen has to get to work early. I’m taking ESOL, Maori, PE, English, carpentry, engineering and tourism. I’m happy taking these classes because I have to take math, biology, social studies etc in Japan. We sometimes play basketball at PE class. When I make a shot, everyone says “nice shot” and “money” to me. At the break, I hang out with friends and we talk about sports, singers, and so on. I speak slowly and I’m a bit worried about my English, but they try to understand me. To be honest, it was difficult to make friends to hang out with in term 1. However, after finishing the April camp, I tried to hang out with a lot of friends, so I can enjoy my life now. I’m playing basketball with wonderful and funny Kiwi mates. I can say that basketball has been a part of my life, so I’m really happy playing here as well. We have two games a week. On Tuesday, we play at the stadium in TK. On Wednesday, we go up to other towns to play and we go to KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and so on for dinner. This is why I’m getting fat haha. We have the regional tournament on September. When we have an away game in Japan, our parents pay the cost, but in NZ, we have to get money by fundraising, selling lotto tickets and doing hangi. I have one thing that I was surprised about. We have to wear a mouthguard to play basketball. Honestly, it’s uncomfortable. I just joined the kapahaka and hockey teams, so I wanna enjoy communication with my teammates, too.

I have a lot more that I want share with you guys, but considering the length of this page, I have to finish here. No reira, tena koutou katoa. Thank you for reading.

Aloha whanau. Love.
Wakana Omiya


こんにちは、皆さん!和奏です。私は、テクイティに素敵なホストファミリーと住んでいます。テクイティは小さな街で、ワイカト地方の一部です。私は、ニュージーランドでの生活を楽しんでいます。皆さんに私の生活を共有したいと思います。準備はできていますか? まだ、始まったばかりですよ(笑)  


次に、私の学校生活について話したいと思います。グレンの仕事のため、私たちは家を7時半に出ます。私は、ESOL(留学生のための英語)、マオリ、体育、英語、大工業、技術、観光学の授業をとっています。私はこのような授業を受けられて嬉しいです、なぜなら日本では数学や生物、現代社会などを受けなければいけないからです。私たちは、ときどき体育でバスケをします。私がシュートをきめたとき、みんなが「ナイスショット」や「マニー」と声をかけてくれます。休み時間には、友達と試合の話や歌手の話などをして過ごします。私は自分の英語に自身が持てなくゆっくりと話しますが、私の友達は私の会話を理解しようとしてくれます。正直に話すと、一学期は一緒に過ごす友達をつくるのに苦労しました。しかし、キャンプを終えて私はたくさんの友達と過ごすようにしました。そのおかげで今、楽しめているのだと思います。私は、面白くて素敵な仲間とバスケをしています。バスケットボールは私の人生の一部だと言えるほどしてきたので、ここでもバスケができてとても嬉しいです。私たちは、週に2回試合があります。火曜日の夜はテクイティにあるスタジアムで、水曜日の夜は他の街まで車で移動し、KFCやマクドナルド、ピザなどを夕食として食べます。これが太る原因です(笑) 私たちは、9月に大会があります。日本で遠征があるときは私たちの両親が費用を払ってくれますが、ニュージーランドでは自分たちでロトチケットを売ったり、ハンギ(マオリ伝統の料理)をしたりしてお金を集めます。一つ驚いたことがあります。それは、バスケをするときにマウスガードをつけなければいけないことです。正直に言うとつけ心地が良くないです。私はカパハカとホッケーを始めたばかりなので、これからチームメイトと良いコミュニケーションをとれるといいです。


大宮 和奏



Kia ora! How have you been? It’s Sakurako from Bream Bay College. Three months have passed since I came here. Time is passing very rapidly. I’m having a really great time with my favorite host family and favorite friends in New Zealand. There are a lot of things that surprised me, for example we cannot put money into most ATM machines. Anyway, in this essay, I’d like to talk about my life in New Zealand.

Firstly, I’ll talk about my amazing host family. I stay with my host father, my host mother, one older host sister and one younger host sister. Also we have four cows, two rabbits, one dog, one cat and a lot of chickens. My host family loves music, which is why they always listen to music instead of watching TV and also they have good taste in music. I love music too, so I ‘m so happy to listen to music every day, every time. They are very busy every week so I need to make dinner at least once a week. Sometimes I make Japanese food like curry and rice, sushi, korokke and so on. It’s pretty hard to decide what I want to make for dinner, but it’s also fun. My host mother and sisters make many things as well and those things are so delicious for that reason I can’t stop eating.  

The next thing is about my school life. I take Geography, PE, Math, Business, English, ESOL and Dance classes. We have to do our assignment tasks for every subject and of course I need to write in English so it’s still hard still now. I like class time, but I like break time more than class time because I can hang out with my best friends. I always hang out with seven girls and two of them are international students from Germany.They are so kind, funny and crazy, haha. However, the two German girls will leave here about two months later. It’s really sad for me because they gave me a confidence and taught me English. So recently, I hang out with them quite often not only at school, but also on the weekends. I will probably miss them very much after they leave here. Now, I like my friends and school very much. But actually, I really didn’t want to go to school during term one because I couldn’t talk with my friends so I felt lonely and I felt like I was just following them. When they talked about something I just listened them to their conversations. Of course I knew I have to talk with them in my mind, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have any confidence then. But now I can talk with people in New Zealand. I changed my mind after the April camp with other Jin-ai GHS students. At the camp, we shared our lives in New Zealand and got really good advice from Mrs. Oi. I learned everyone was in similar situations and we tried to find solutions for it. From term two, I started to talk with people much more than I did in term one. My English is not perfect and I make mistakes many times, but if I try to keep up with people’s conversations and try to speak, they try to understand what I want to say. So I love my life in New Zealand now.

 My host family, friends and teachers in New Zealand are as wonderful as my family, friends and teachers in Japan. My English is not so good so far so I have heaps of difficulties even now and things can be hard. I’m so so happy to come to New Zealand. By the way, I’m deeply thankful for my family, friends and teachers supporting me from Japan. Besides, I really appreciate my host family for having me. I have so many people who support me from Japan and New Zealand. I’ll keep trying many things from now on and I want to see you guys with a big smile about six months later. Thank you very much for reading.

Lots of love,









水谷 桜子