Message from NewZealand

Kiho (NZからのメッセージ)


 Hello! I’m Kiho Shintani.
I’m attending Otamatea High School, with only two and half a month of living in NZ left to go. I really feel time flies. I have had a lot of experiences while I have been studying in NZ. I have had a lot of fun times, but I have had hard times as well.  I would like to share how I overcame those times when it was hard.
 I had finished my one-week life in Rotorua and I would start going to Otamatea High School in Maungaturoto, where I go to now. The first day, I wondered if I could participate in school life in NZ. I was excited, but I was worried. When I entered the classroom with my courage plucked up, it appeared that my classmates looked mature for their age, and honestly, I remember I was scared of them. However, one of my classmates talked to me in the last class on that day. She had a conversation with me gently even though I couldn’t understand English. I thought I could become a good step to a better school life.
 After it had been a month since I started school, it was hard for me to keep up with them in the class and I couldn’t understand completely, so I couldn’t know what I should do. I had asked a nearby person every time when I couldn’t understand something in the class. There was a girl that especially teaches me gently in the class. It’s easy for me to ask her if I couldn’t understand, so I positively sat next to her, and I asked her every time. However, one day, when I asked, she made a deep sigh “ha—” with a disgusted face. She always had a smile every day, so I hadn’t seen that face before, so I was really shocked about it. I’m not good at making friends, so I didn’t meet people who I could call friends, even after one month. She was my hope and I really wanted to be friends. I would not be able to ask classmates if I couldn’t understand and I stopped smiling because of that incident.
 When it term 2 starts I set a goal to befriend my classmates. For that, I started having lunch with year 12 students same age as me at first. When I ate with them, I was having fun and I couldn’t stop smiling. I learned important things from this experience. It’s “smile.” When I make a smile, I feel naturally happy, even when I am sad. Which one do you want to meet: a friend who is always happy or who never does? You want to become friends with people who smile, don’t you? A smile is awesome, isn’t it? In actuality, when I smile, people I know and even strangers say “Hi!!” with a smile. If you want, you should try it!! haha 
 Now I can have a good overseas life in NZ, thanks to my family and my teachers in Jin-ai Girls’ High School.
 Thank you for reading! I hope this essay will be helpful for someone. 
Love and Hug, Kiho  






Miyu (NZからのメッセージ)


 Tena koe! How are you? I’m Miyu. I go to Taumarunui High School now. About seven months have already passed since I came here. The time passing is so fast. There have been a lot of happy things but tough problems in New Zealand. But I faced the problems, so I’ve been able to learn from them and from Kiwi students during these five months. Today I’ll introduce some of them.
 First, I’ll tell you about my host family. I live with my host mum, my host dad, and my host younger sister. Sometimes my host older sister who lives with my host grandparents comes to our house. My host mum is super kind and takes care of me so well. My host dad looks scary but he has the kindest heart in the world. When I cried, they listened to my stories seriously. My younger sister is funny and she tries to talk to me. I appreciate her because it’s really helpful for me to improve my English. They love food, so they tell me a lot about food and how to cook meat. Their food is beautiful. It’s like heaven. They also love rugby, so they tell the rules. It’s actually helpful because I started to play rugby, so I practice rugby with my host dad. I think my host family is the best host family in the world, ever!
   Second, I want to tell you about my school life. My school is very different from other schools. For example, the subjects, the way to take class, and classrooms. I take Math, ESOL, Science, Outdoor education, Hairdressing (Hospitality) and Vocalize. These subjects are so fun because we don’t have such academic subjects in our Japanese high school. In addition, our high school has a week-long internship. Many of students go to a shop or office to learn about a job. We can learn about jobs from experience, not only from textbook.
     Third, I’ll introduce my mates. Jessica is one of my best friends. She is from Germany. She is quite a nice and beautiful person. She is always thinking positively. One day, when I was being negative about friendship, she advised me in a positive way. She made me happy and I learned heaps of things from her. I’m glad to meet her and I think I am such a lucky person. I love her so much to be honest, but she left New Zealand the other day. I’ve felt how big her existence was for me. She wanted to stay here longer and she said “Enjoy the rest of your life in NZ.” Therefore, I’m going to try my best to enjoy the rest of my life. In addition, Matthew, Hana, James and other mates are here for me. I appreciate them.
       Studying abroad is tougher than I expected. The first three or five months were a really hard time for me. Even now, I have tough times, but my family and my friends support me. So I will enjoy the rest of the life in NZ as much as possible. Enjoy your life too!!! Thank you for reading this. Whakawhetai.






Kureha (NZからのメッセージ)


  Hello!! I’m Kureha. Through studying abroad, I could experience and learn about heaps of things. I’ve had as many difficult times as fun times, but recently I’ve been enjoying life in New Zealand very much! I would like to tell you about my life here and what I have learned.
   My host family is warm and brings me a number of new experiences. It is actually quite rare when we have nothing to do on weekends, haha.
   I go to Pompallier Catholic College. My friends are so kind and I can always be really happy. I often hang out with them during weekends. In my school, there are various events and all of them made me so excited.
   The other day, I made a presentation about the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in front of the whole school. It was a big challenge for me, so I was quite nervous. However, after the presentation, not only my friends but also the principal and unknown students told me that it was so good. Surprisingly, one of the teachers clasped both my hands and said, “It’s a great achievement. I was impressed because this is the first time that Japanese students have stood up and given a presentation in this way. We’ll continue to do it.” I was really happy and the day gave me the fullest sense of achievement. I’m so glad to have taken action by myself and my goal came to fruition. Also, I’m going to join the International festival next month, so I’m really excited. Not only did I learn things about New Zealand, but also I was able to notice new aspects of Japan.
   In addition, I’m doing lots of volunteering. At school, I’m a member of a volunteer group. I went to a hospital and gave Easter eggs to children. Also, I helped to sell cookies, brownies and sausage sizzles for fundraising at lunchtime. I donated the money that I raised to the Cancer Society and did some activities there. I could have a good time. I asked my dean and started volunteer work at the Hospice Shop since the last holidays. The workers are quite nice and I can communicate with a wide age group of people, so I’m really enjoying it.
   At first, I couldn’t challenge myself because I was afraid of failure and I gradually lost confidence. However, I supposed that if I continued like that, I can’t change anything and there would be no reason that I came to New Zealand. That’s why I communicated with lots of people. I talked about my anxiety to trusting people and I realized that I was always looking for the reasons why I couldn’t do something. I didn’t figure out how I could do better until later on. It actually changed my way of thinking and attitude. I could be positive thinking and active.
   8 months have already passed. I reckon the time was precious for me to face myself seriously. I have only 2 months left, but I still have a lot of things that I would like to achieve, so I’ll keep doing my best until the end. Finally, I really appreciate those who support me from Japan and here in New Zealand.
Thank you for reading!!
Best regards,

Kureha Miyamoto

  こんにちは!!くれはです。この留学を通じて、私はいろいろなことを体験し、沢山のことを学ぶことができました。楽しい時間と同じくらい多くの困難がありましたが、今ではニュージーランドでの生活をとても楽しんでいます。 ここでの生活と私が学んだことについてお話ししたいと思います。




Hi! I’m Erina from NZ. I’m going to Bream Bay College as year 11. Almost 7 months have passed since I arrived in NZ and we are halfway through term 3. I can’t believe that I have spent 7 months here already! In this essay, I want to talk about the greatest moment which I had in term 2.
On May 7th, we had a big event called Show Quest. It is a dance competition and we compete at the quality of dance with other schools. For the competition, year 13 students choreograph the dance. Any student who wants to dance in Show Quest can join in. I like dancing, and I thought this was a great experience to get to know Kiwis, so I decided to join. At the first practice, I was nervous because I hadn’t joined in such a big dance event before, but year 13 students taught us gently and the students were kind, so I could relax and enjoy the first day. We had practice on Monday after school and on Sunday for about 2-3 hours. As we practiced our dance, the choreography changed a lot and became a better performance. One time we had to relearn one whole dance, but we practiced hard to win the competition.
The Show Quest was held in Whangarei, which is about 30 minutes away from our school. We had time before the show started, so we went to town, watched other school’s rehearsal, and practiced our dance. The funny thing was when all school students who performed in the show gathered to have a meeting in the hall, a famous song was playing. Then, most of the students in the hall started singing along. I knew that song also, so I sang the song with my friend. I felt the sense of the unity even though there were students from different schools. It was a funny and touching moment. At dress rehearsal, we ran through the whole dance 3 times. Sadly, it was not the best practice, and we had some collisions in the dance. I almost fell upon one girl’s head! So, I was worried about the show, but because of these faults, we worked hard to find the solution for them. We continued practicing after the rehearsal. At 7:00 pm, the show started. Our dance was the last performance. We were so nervous before the show, but on the stage, we brought our hearts together and we tried our best as a team. It was many times better than the rehearsal’s dance. And finally, we got 1st prize! We got 8 other prizes, too! I couldn’t believe it. We shared jubilation as a team. It was a fabulous moment. Our dance is on YouTube, so why don’t you watch our amazing dance? I’m sure you will be impressed.
There are so many things that I want to tell you, but it’s too much to write here, so that’s all for this time. Through these 7 months, I have had many hard times, but also had so many fun times and experiences that I can’t experience in Japan. I’m so sad and I can’t believe that we have only got 3 months left to spend time with the wonderful family and friends here. I wish I could stay longer… But, with appreciation, I want to keep challenging myself by trying many things to make my study abroad a more wonderful experience. I want to make the best memories with my amazing family and friends.

Thank you for reading!



 こんにちは! NZに留学中の村北絵梨菜です。私はブリームベイカレッジに11年生として通っています。知らないうちに早7ヶ月がたち、3学期の半分も過ぎてしまいました。こんなに7ヶ月が一瞬で過ぎたように感じたのは初めてです(笑)。今日は、2学期にあった心に残る出来事について皆さんにお話ししたいと思います。   
そして午後7時、本番が始まりました。私達の順番は最後でした。発表までみんなで凄く緊張していましたが、ステージの上ではチームで心を一つにし、ベストを尽くしました。生徒1人1人の思いがたくさんこもった、練習の何倍も良いダンスだったと思います。そして、なんと私達は優勝しました! また、私達は8個もの賞もいただきました。みんなで喜びを分かち合った最高の瞬間でした。私達のダンスはYouTubeで見れるのでぜひ見てみてください! きっと感動します。







Kia ora! I’m Haruna. I am happy to be able to have Kiwi experiences in New Zealand that I could never have in Japan. For example, Kapahaka, netball, snorkeling, tramping in a mountain, staying in snow, and canoeing. Also, I am enjoying English conversation little by little.
I have been blessed with wonderful kiwi friends in NZ and enjoying time with them every day. My friends here are unique and always make me smile. Today, I want to share how unique they are!
Sometimes, people speak to me in Chinese, assuming that all international students are Chinese. Then, I want to tell them that all Asians are not Chinese, saying “Don’t judge people by their appearances.” However, I did that to others too. There was a girl who always glared at me so I felt scared of her and I never talked to her. But when I lost my way at school, everyone passed me by except her. She helped me. She wasn’t glaring at me after all. She was just worried about me. Also, when a teacher explained something, that girl asked me, “Have you understood that?” and then explained it to me many times. She also coached me how to row the canoe on the Sports Leadership class trip so that I could go in the right direction. I have learned not to be so quick to judge. From then on, I have realized she is a nice girl and we are good friends now. She cares about me even now, and talks to me a lot and invites me to many activities.
One day, my friend said to me, “Your smile is shining like a sun for me and your smile makes me happy every morning.” She hugs me and does a throwing kiss when we find each other. I get energy from my friends, too!!! I didn’t speak English well when I got here, but because of my loyal friends, I am gaining confidence with the language. I don’t want them to worry about me, so I keep in mind to make a smile enough to give them the energy to go on. I’m glad I started making this effort in Japan. I am helped by them many times. The other day, a boy in my class asked me why I don’t speak English well. At that time, my friends stood up for me and answered him “So what? Can you speak Japanese?” Thanks to them, I am getting to talk to him little by little, and the relationship with him is alright now. I understand through these things how important friendship is for my learning and my experience here.
 I am so happy to meet so many good kiwis at this school. They give many kinds of experiences and opportunities, and they give the courage to take a step forward. I love how they support me when I have troubles and when I get worried. I am here only a few more months, and I am already feeling sad about having to leave them. So I am enjoying school life with them even more, knowing I will soon be leaving.