Message from NewZealand



Kia ora koutou. (Hello.) Ko Wakana tenei. ( I’m Wakana. ) Kei te pehea koutou? ( How are you? ) I’ve heard about the earthquake and typhoon. I was worried about my whanau. Hope you guys have been good. I got just a month left. That’s so sad. I’m gonna talk about some memories which I’ve had after I wrote the essay last time.

Firstly, I went to the school ball with my friends. We dressed up, got made up and went to the ball in a cool car. That night was amazing. In Japan, we don’t have the school ball so that was a cool experience. The students at Te Kuiti High School call me Wakanda(Forever). This is a character from a movie called Black Panther.

Next, let me talk about what I’ve done before. I’m on cooking duty every Thursday. And I’ve been cooking many kinds of dishes for my host family. I’ve cooked curry & rice, seafood pasta salad, tempura, okonomiyaki, monjayaki, omurice, temakisushi, pilaf, croquette, dumplings, kakiage, potato salad, hamburger steak and mac & cheese. I’ve tried some baking and sweets as well. I’ve made chocolate & marshmallow flakes, anzac biscuits, kumara tart, snow ball biscuits, brownie and parfait. Wakana can cook, it’s surprising aye!

Next, I’m gonna talk about basketball. Before going to the basketball tournaments, we had done some mahi such as tidying up someone’s garage, planting more than 200 trees, and fundraising at the Ki O Rahi competition. We could get all money that we needed to go to the tournament. Then the other night in Cambridge, I got a sprained ankle at the game and it was 5 days before the tournament. However, my ankle luckily got better quickly. That was my first injury in NZ. My coach strapped my ankle every morning. Then we had the regional tournament held in New Plymouth. We went to the restaurant and the shopping centre, saw the beach and Mt.Taranaki and enjoyed the hot pool. We made the nationals then. We participated in Schick Secondary Schools Basketball Championships 2018 held in Palmerston North. We played well there. Especially my 3 pointers…! nah it’s just a joke haha. My 3 pointers were on a highlight of day 2. I’m so happy with that. We came last, but that was a cool experience for us and I think it’s gonna pay off for the girls next year. I’m so proud of myself and my team. Our coach said so, too. We enjoyed the hot pool and sliders, shopping and the whole trip. When we came back to Te Kuiti, we were full of tiredness. However, we were feeling honor, too. Thank you all my whanau who have been supporting me through basketball. “This bond will never end.” I’m sorry for writing about basketball a lot, but basketball gave me heaps of wonderful experiences.

The last part of this essay is gonna be an appreciation. Thank you all my family, friends and teachers at Jin-ai in Japan and also my host family, kiwi friends and teachers for supporting me through this year. Without their support, my study abroad wouldn’t be a success. Thank you again and see yah soon! No reira tena koutou katoa. Thank you for reading.

Arohanui. Much love.
Wakana Omiya



始めに、スクールボール、パーティーらしきものに参加しました。ドレスを着て、お化粧をして、かっこいい車で会場に行きました。日本には、こういう機会があまりないので私にとって素晴らしい経験となりました。私の学校の生徒は私のことをワカンダ・フォーエバーと呼びます。ワカンダはBlack Pantherという映画の登場人物です。


次に、バスケットボールについて話します。大会の前に必要な費用を集めるため、車庫掃除(過酷でした)、200本以上の木を植えたり、他のスポーツの大会で食べ物を売りました。大会5日前の夜、練習試合で左足首を捻挫しました。しかし、大会に間に合い良かったです。それはNZで初の怪我でした。コーチが毎朝テーピングしてくれました。そして、私たちは大会のためNew Plymouthへ行きました。そこでは、レストランやショッピングへ行ったり、タラナキ山を見たり、温水プールを楽しみました。なんと、私たちは上の大会への切符を手にしました。そして、Palmerston Northで行われたSchick Secondary Schools Basketball Championships 2018に出場しました。そこでは私たちらしいバスケができました。特に私のスリーポイント…!嘘です(笑) しかし、私の3Pが2日目のハイライトに選ばれました。今でもすごく嬉しいです。私たちは最下位に終わったけど、コーチも言ったとおりとてもいい経験になったし来年のチームのための手助けになったと私も思います。私たちはまた、温水プールやスライダー、ショッピングそしてこの遠征自体を大いに楽しみました。テクイティに戻ってきた頃にはくたくたでしたが、その反面自分たちを誇りに思う気持ちでいっぱいでした。バスケを通してたくさんの人たちにお世話になりました。本当にありがとうございました。“この絆に終わりはない。” バスケについて長々とすみません。しかし、バスケを通してたくさんの関わりを持てたし、数え切れない良い経験ができたのには間違いありません。


大宮 和奏



Hello, I am Karin Kano. I will talk about my life in New Zealand. About nine months have passed since I came to New Zealand. A rural town that everyone knows who lives in this country, I live in Taumarunui. The city has a population of about five thousand, and most people live on farms.

First, I am going to talk about my host family. I’m staying with host father, host mother, a dog, and a cat. My host father, Rad, is good at working with machines, so recently I fixed our house’s entrance. He loves eating. He always says to me, “Hey, Karin. Do you wanna eat this one or this one?” and gives me food. He makes me fat. He has a barbecue set, so we do barbecue once a month. My host mother, Vicki, is good at baking. She sometimes makes us peanut butter cookies and scones and they are superb!! Her hobbies are sewing and gardening. She is also making scarfs and taking care of flowers in the garden. Scooter, the dog, has become attached to me, but Seamus, the cat, is afraid of me. He doesn’t come close to me. I have two younger sisters in Japan, so I couldn’t get used to the new environment at first. But we are open with each other now. We often go to our friend’s house in Auckland and Wellington to stay. They love Japanese food, so I make it for them on Saturday nights.

Next, I’m going to talk about my school life. Unlike Japan, New Zealand’s school has four terms, and there are two-week-holidays at the end of each term. We can choose all the classes that we want to take, so we don’t have compulsory lessons because our school system has changed since this year. We have only three sessions a day, and we chose and take one class from about ten classes on Thursday and Friday. What I take are art, ESOL, girls’ gym class, and OED. My favorite class is OED. OED is short for outdoor education as its name suggests kayaking, mountain biking, and snow sports. I have been taking it since term two. But honestly, I worried about mountain biking. I have been afraid of biking since I fell off and injured my head, but I regretted not to join it first term because it was full, so I plucked up my courage and tried it. I was tired by peddling more than twenty kilometers up the mountain by bike, but I really enjoyed it. In term three, I was snowboarding in the Whakapapa ski field which is the biggest ski field in New Zealand. We put onesies or summer wear on the last day.

The event that I have remembered most is the school ball. I wore a dress, put on make up, and enjoyed dancing until twelve o’clock at night. My friend’s father arranged a convertible and took us to school.
Last, I’m going to talk about my friends. There are lots of international students in my high school. Even this year, two Italians, fourteen Germans, and three Japanese students are here. I hang out with them on the weekends. My Kiwi best friend is Jessy. She loves singing, so she joins singing events. Thanks to her sharing of songs, I am able to know a lot of western music.

I wasn’t worried about life in New Zealand before coming here. But when my life started in New Zealand, I lost my confidence altogether because I couldn’t understand and listen to English. I couldn’t say “Can I have lunch with you?” with the excuse for not understanding English. However, someone told me “Nothing will change unless you act from yourself.” My mind changed. I came to try everything. I will try scuba diving next term!! I will enjoy with full effort so that I won’t regret anything.

With love, Karin



最初に、私のホストファミリーについて話します。私は今、ホストファザー、ホストマザー、犬、猫それぞれ一匹と暮らしています。ホストファザーのラッドは機械いじりが得意で、この間は彼と一緒に玄関の工事をしました。あと、食べることが大好きで、いつも私に「へイ香林、これ食べる?それともこっち?」と食べ物を与えてきます(笑)。 彼は私の太る原因の1つです。BBQセットを持っていて、月に一度はBBQをします。ホストマザーのヴィキは、お菓子作りが得意で、よく作ってくれます。ピーナッツバタークッキーとスコーンが絶品です!!あと、裁縫とガーデニングが趣味で、マフラーを作ったり、庭の手入れをしたりしています。犬のスクーターは私によく懐いてくれるのですが、猫のシェイマスが未だに私を怖がって近づいてきません(笑)。 日本では私には妹が2人いるのですが、最初は新しい環境に慣れることが出来ませんでした。でも今は打ち解けられて、休暇中はよくオークランドやウェリントンに住んでいるHFの友達の家に泊まりにいきます。2人は日本食が大好きで、土曜日の夜は私が2人に日本食を振る舞っています。




愛をこめて 香林



Hi, guys! How have you been? It’s Hinata from Te Kuiti High School. I can not belive I have only two months to go until I leave here. Time passes so fast. Today, I’m going to share my life in New Zealand. There are heaps of things that I want to tell you.

First, I’m going to talk about my loving host family. My host parents are both teachers of my school. And, I have a little host sister. My host father is quite crazy. Well, honestly he might be the craziest person I’ve ever met. I mean he has a good sense of humor. My host mother is not just a great music teacher, she is also such an amazing musician. She is good at singing. My host sister is only 3 years old, but she is so smart. She has good imagination skills, so she always tells me her stories. I love to play with her. I always talk about anything with them. When I ask for advice, they definitely give me some good advice and side with me. Also, they praise me when I’ve done something good. It gives me confidence. I appreciate that they are having me. I think you may understand how much I love them. They are such a lovely family, right?

Next, I’m going to talk about my school life and town. Te Kuiti is a pretty small town, so we don’t even have McDonald’s. See? I told you it is a small town. However, there are heaps of farms and the town is famous for sheep shearing. Also, My friends have asked me “Do you want to go hunting?” like people in Fukui might say “Do you want to go to movie? or shopping?”. Well, this is my town Te Kuiti. Next, my school life. It is pretty great at the moment. However, I did have a tough time. I had been trying to be friendly at first and then I got some friends, but I was feeling strange. I worried whether they were thinking I was their true friend. Well,I was annoyed by such a silly problem. What a shame. After that, I realized being friendly was not the same as being friends, we should be friends. So, I stopped to be modest and too polite because it was not me. I guess I was thinking too much. Then, I could open up to my friends and be frank. One day, my friend gave me a message. It said “I want you to spend the best time when you hang out with me.” Awww. I realized there was a person who really cares about me. Honestly, I was so happy. It is hard to explain that feeling. I thought I want to keep up with her and get along with her. When she comes to visit Japan, I want to take her to a lot of cool places.

Finally, I think I’m having a pretty great time here. Through the experience, I realized how much I was supported by my parents, teachers and friends in Japan. I just want to say thank you to them. I’ll never forget my memories and experiences here in New Zealand. They are surely going to be the highlights of my life. Thank you for reading my essay. See you soon!

Best wishes,


こんにちは!元気でしたか? テクイティハイスクールのひなたです。ここを出るまでにあと2ヶ月しかないなんて信じられません。時間が過ぎるのはとても早いです。今日、私はニュージーランドでの自分の生活を共有したいと思います。伝えたいことがたくさんあります。

まず、私の大好きなホストファミリーについて話します。ホストペアレンツは私の学校の先生をしています。そして、一人のホストシスターがいます。ホストファザーはかなり面白い人で 、正直私がこれまでに会った人の中で一番面白い人かもしれません。そしてホストマザーはただの音楽の先生ではなく、素晴らしいミュージシャンでもあり、歌が上手です。ホストシスターはわずか4歳ですが、とても賢いです。 だから彼女はいつも色々な話をしてくれます。 私は彼女と遊ぶのが大好きです。 私はホストファミリーと色々な話をするし、時々アドバイスを求めることもあります。 そのとき彼らは絶対に良いアドバイスをくれるし、私の味方をしてくれます。 また、私が何か良いことをしたり、頑張ったときは褒めてくれます。 そのおかげで自分により自信を持つことができます。 彼らが私を受け入れてくれたことにとても感謝しています。とにかく私がどのくらいホストファミリーのことが好きか分かったかと思います。 素敵な人たちですよね?

次に、私の学校生活と町について話します。テクイティはかなり小さい町なので、マクドナルドはありません。ほらね?小さな町だって言ったでしょ?でも、農場はそこら中にあって、羊の毛刈りで有名です。友達に 「映画か買い物にでも行かない? 」 とでも言うように 「狩りにでも行かない?」聞かれたこともあります。おもしろいですね。これが私の町テクティです。そして、学校生活について。今はかなり充実していますが、私にももちろん辛い時がありました。初め、フレンドリーにしようと心がけて、それなりに友達ができました。でも、私は本当に友達だと思われているのかと不安に思っていました。今思えばなんてくだらないことで悩んでいたんだろうと思います。そして、フレンドリーにすることと友だちになることは違うことに気づきました。私は友達になるべきだと思ったので、控えめで礼儀正しくしすぎていた自分らしくない行動をやめました。それから私は友達とより仲良くなれました。ある日、友達が「私といるときに楽しい時間をすごしてくれたらいいな。」というメッセージをくれました。そのとき、本当に自分のことを気にかけてくれる人がいたんだと思い、正直言葉にできないくらい嬉しかったです。

最後に、私はニュージーランドでかなり楽しい時間を過ごしていると思います。この経験を通して、私は親、先生方、友逹にどれだけ支えられているかを実感しました。 ただただみんなに感謝したいです。 私はこの思い出と経験を絶対に忘れません。 この経験はきっと人生のハイライトになると思います。 私の作文を最後まで読んでくださってありがとうございました。みんなに会えるのを楽しみにしています。




Hello, How have you been? It’s Riko here. I can’t believe seven months have passed in New Zealand. I want to tell you about my life here.
I live in Wanganui and go to Cullinane College. My school is not a big school. Thanks to that most of the students know each other. I take English, Health Study, ESOL and Religious Studies as compulsory subjects. Also I take Drama, Food, Maths and Photography.

My favorite class is Drama. To be honest, I didn’t want to take the Drama class because I’m not good at acting. However I really wanted to challenge myself. We normally do some games as exercises before we start our work. At first , I didn’t participate at all because I didn’t have enough confidence to do anything in front of everyone. One day, my friend said to me, “Have a go, Riko!” I thought, “Don’t say that. It could be an awkward situation!!!” Then, I tried. After that I knew how much fun it is to participate in the game. I really appreciate my friend encouraging me to do it. I used to assume that I couldn’t do things before I even tried.

Through this experience, trying everything, it was my first step to find my new self. Now I have the confidence to say, “ I’m a part of the drama class.”
On the other hand , I still struggle with some classes. New Zealand’s education system is really different from Japan’s. Here, we need to write essays to get credits. In Japan, we normally don’t do that so I still struggle. But I always ask friends or teachers so I manage to get credits, haha .
After school ,I play badminton and sing in a choir. I love both of them. This term, we have a badminton competition every week. My opponents are always strong and smash the shuttle cock, so I always lose. I’m sure my skill is improving though… My goal is winning before I leave. As a member of the choir, we have had concerts twice so far. At the last concert , I did a solo!!! I sang “Three little Maids from School” with my friends. That was the first time I have sung a solo part in my life. That was so much fun.

Next, I will talk about my family. I live with my mom, her partner Keith, and her son ,Hamish. Mom and Keith really like vintage cars, so we often go to events or rallies with their vintage car. They named their car. One of mom’s cars is called “Grasshopper”because he is bright green and light enough to hop.(according to mom, her car is a boy.) That’s why I said “he”. My mom is a teacher at Cullinane. Hamish goes to Cullinane as well. Keith is a builder. I like my brother. I don’t have any siblings in Japan , so this has been a new thing for me. Sometimes, we have quarrels. Don’t you think it’s because we are like actual siblings? Also it’s good practice to think of English words quickly to argue back with him.

Now I have adapted to my new life in New Zealand. However, I had a lot of difficulty. “ If I can speak English fluently, it’s so much easier to make friends” “If I can speak English well, I can…..” I was really impatient to be able to speak English well. But one day, I noticed I always assume all of it is because of my English skills. I changed my mind and tried harder at everything. Thanks to trying hard I have many good friends and I love my school days. I used to be stressed by my housework as well. For instance, I cook once a week at least, I hadn’t cooked anything before in Japan. At first I took such a long time to read a recipe because I don’t want to cook an awful dinner because of misunderstanding. I never stop trying. So now I know a lot of words for cooking and I can cook anything!!!

I learned a lot of things through my stay in New Zealand. I reckon my English skills are improving. Also I have acquired skills to live on my own. In Japan, I relied on my mom and dad so much. So it made everything worse. However, my mom and dad are always on my side and support me. That’s why they let me study abroad. If I didn’t study abroad, I would not have changed at all. I can’t thank my parents enough. This time, I have to repay the favor to my parents and people who supported me. All I can do is never give up until the last moment of my stay. I will carry on trying hard and have a meaningful time.
Thank you for reading this all.

Lots of love
Riko Yamada.


こんにちは、元気ですか??莉子です。 ニュージーランドに来て、7ヶ月が過ぎたなんて、信じられません。 ここでの生活について、話したいと思います。

私はワンガヌイに住んでいて、カリナンカレッジに通っています。カリナンは、大きい学校ではないので、ほとんどの生徒を知ることができました。私は、必修科目として、英語、保健、ESOL そして宗教の授業をとっています。また、ドラマ、フード、数学、写真の授業もとっています。

ドラマの授業は私のお気に入りです。実を言えば、ドラマの授業はとりたくありませんでした。なぜなら演技をするのが苦手だからです。しかし、自分を少しでも変えたいと思い、とることに決めました。私たちは 課題を始める前に いつもいくつかのゲームを準備体操のような感じでします。最初は、自分から全く参加しませんでした。クラス全員の前で、演技をするほどの自信がなかったからです。

ある日、友達が、「莉子!!行けーーー!!!」と言いました。「そんなこと言わんといて! 絶対気まずくなるやん!!!」と思いながらも、やってみました。その後、私はゲームに参加するのがどれだけ楽しいかを知りました。勇気付けてくれた友達に本当に感謝しています。このようにかつて私は、なんでもやってみる前に、自分はできないと決めつけていました。今では、自信を持って、「ドラマのクラスの一部」と言うことができます。



運動神経は良くなってきていると確信しているのですが、、、帰国する前に勝つことが目標です!!!笑笑 聖歌隊としては、今までに2回コンサートをしました。このあいだのコンサートでは、なんと、ソロをしました!!友達と「スリーリトルメイドフロムスクール」と言う曲を歌いました。ソロをするのは人生で初めてでした!!!とっても楽しかったです。

次にホストファミリーについてお話しします。私は、マザーとマザーのパートナーのケイス、弟のハミッシュと暮らしています。マザーとケイスは、ヴィンテージカーがとても好きなので、よく車のイベントに連れて行ってくれます。彼らは、車に名前をつけています。マザーの車の1つは、「グラスホッパー」(日本語でバッタ)と呼ばれています、なぜなら 彼は明るい緑色で、ポンポンッとよく跳ねるからです。(マザーによると、グラスホッパーは男の子だそうです笑笑)

マザーは、カリナンの先生で、ケイスは、大工さん、ハミッシュはカリナンに通っています。日本では、私は兄弟がいないので 自分にとって新鮮でした。私は、ハミッシュがとても好きです。たまに、口喧嘩をします。でもこれは、本当の姉弟のようだからこそだと思いませんか⁇ 彼に言い返すために、とっさに英語を考えて、言葉に出すことは、とてもいい訓練にもなっています笑笑







Kia ora! How have you been? It’s Ayana from Pompallier Catholic College. I live in Whangarei which is a very nice place. Already 8 months have passed since I came here. The time is passing so fast. I can’t believe that I have to leave here after only 2 more months. I’m really enjoying my life with my wonderful host family and my favorite friends in New Zealand, so I’d like to share my life in NZ. Are you ready?

First, I’m going to talk about my host family. There are 8 people in my host family : my host mother, my host father, 3 host brothers, 3 host sisters and one dog, who is called Alfie. In Japan, I don’t have any siblings, so I’m really happy to be able to stay with 6 siblings. My host mother works at Pompallier as a teacher, so she always helps me with my homework. My host father is familiar with trees and animals and tells me about a lot of them. My oldest host brother is active and goes running in the neighborhood. My older host brother is the funniest in the family. He always makes me smile. My younger host brother likes playing games, soccer, singing and dancing. I think he is a mood maker in the family. My host sisters like baking something, so we are baking something every weekend. Also, I cook dinner with host mother. New Zealand’s sweets and meals are very good! I can’t stop eating. That’s why I’m getting fat. When we have dinner and watch TV, it is always lively. There is no quiet time, so these times are my favorite time.

Second, I’m going to talk about my school life. I take ESOL, Math, Science, Social studies, P.E, Maori, Health, Textiles, English and Religion. Before the start of Term 3 , I was taking Drama and Wood work instead of Maori and Textiles. This school is a catholic school, so we pray every morning and every Religion class. I’m enjoying my school life now. However, to be honest, I didn’t like to go to school at first because I couldn’t understand what everyone said and I didn’t know whether I could really call my friends as friends. When I had April camp, I told everyone about my problems. And, I knew everyone had their own problems. We solved them together. Thanks to their advice, I tried talking with my friends more than before. My friends help my English every day. Thanks to them my English is becoming better and better. And, I have confidence to be able to really call my friends as friends now. But, 1 month ago, one of my friend moved to Nelson, on the South Island. It was very sad. I still miss her. When she moved, she said to me ‘’ I promise that I will go to Japan someday.’’ When I heard it, I was very happy! I appreciate having school life with them. They make me happy and give me a smile. I’m really glad to see them. They are my treasure.

Finally, I had a lot of experiences here which I can’t experience in Japan. I think these experiences can’t replace other things in my life. And, this study abroad has allowed me to change myself. I’m happy to be able to come here and study English in such a privileged environment. That is all thanks to everyone. I really want to say thank you to my family, my friends and teachers supporting me from Japan. Of course, I really appreciate my host family accepting me. I will keep challenging many things from now on and I’m looking forward to seeing you with a big smile!

Thank you so much reading my essay.

Lots of love,
Ayana Tsubouchi







坪内 彩奈