Message from NewZealand



Hi guys! How have you been? It’s Momoka. Nine months has passed since I came to New Zealand. Time has gone so fast and unfortunately I have to go back to Japan next week. So in this essay I’d like to share about my life in New Zealand.

I go to Te Kuiti High School and I take Carpentry, Social Studies, English, Hospitality, Maori, Math, and ESOL.To be honest during term 1 I had been wanting to go back to Japan because I couldn’t make close friends and I couldn’t understand what was going on in the class. I felt lonely and everything was hard for me at school.  However, at that time some of the students told me “Your English is really good and you are so funny!” These words from them gave me confidence and so I’ve started to try to talk with more and more people. I appreciate them for making my school life way better. There are many differences between New Zealand and Japan, so sometimes it made me surprised and confused but now it has become normal for me. One of them is when students see their friends, they nod their heads and raise their eyebrows. I had no idea what people were doing. These differences are interesting for me because I had never learned that from the textbook in Japan, so I’d recommend people go to another country.

 I didn’t play any sports at school, but instead of that I really enjoyed going out with my host family.  They love to go out and have fun, so at the end of every month, they have already decided plans for the next few weeks. In the holiday I had plans for almost everyday. That’s sounds so crazy doesn’t it ! During summer most weekends I went to the lake and I tried wakeboarding and biscuiting. Of course, it was my first time so I crashed again and again. Seriously I thought my neck was going to come off. Anyway, it was so fun going out with them and every time they made me experience new things also thanks to that I´m not scared of trying new things anymore!  I think I spent most of these 10 months with them. When I was upset, they listened to me a lot and gave me advice. For me they are like a real family. Now you know how much I love them.

One day I had a quite bad day. I messed up at school, and some of my stuff had broken at home so I was just depressed. At that time my host mom told me “That’s ok Momoka. It may be a bad day for you, but it’s not the worst day for you. If you keep depressing it would be a worse day. However, if you think, I couldn’t do well but next time I won’t make the same mistake or I’m lucky because my stuffs have broken but I can fix it or I can get more cool one, like this. That makes feel you better.”  She is totally right and from that I’ve learned the importance of taking things from a different perspective. When I made mistakes or I couldn’t do well , I always got angry myself or really depressed. However, by taking things from a different perspective I feel comfortable and I can work hard again. “Don’t make a worth by myself” These words from her became really important for me.

Finally, I appreciate my family for letting me come to NZ.  Coming to another country for 10 months was a big challenge in my life. If I wanted, I could be a normal high school student in Japan but if I didn’t come here I couldn’t experience such a great time and meet great people. I think I made the best choice. I’ll miss here, my host family, and my friends so much.

Thank you for everyone who is supporting me here and from Japan. I have had such a great time. I’ll never forget to be grateful to these people and I’ll keep working hard from now on. I’ll see you guys soon!

Lots of love

Momoka Noji




学校ではスポーツをしませんでした。その代わりにホストファミリーと出掛けるのをとても楽しみました。 彼らは外に出かけて、楽しい事をするのが大好きなので月末には次の数週間の予定が決まっています。とてもクレイジーですよね。ホリデー中はほぼ毎日予定がありました。夏の間はほとんどの週末に湖に行ってウェイクボーディングやビスケッティングに行きました。もちろんそれらは初めてだったので何度もクラッシュしました。冗談抜きに首が取れるかと思いました。彼らと出掛けるのはとても楽しく彼らは毎回私に、新しい経験をさせてくれます。そのおかげで新しい事に挑戦するのはもう怖くありません。この10ヶ月のほとんどを彼らと過ごしたと思います。私が落ち込んでいると話を聞きアドバイスをくれました。私にとって彼らは本当の家族のような存在です。もう私がどれだけ彼らを好きか分かりますよね。



ニュージーランドでそして日本から沢山のサポートしてくれてありがとうございました。 とても素晴らしい時間を過ごす事ができました。みんなへの感謝を忘れずこれからも頑張ります。すぐに会いましょう。


野路  桃花



Hi, guys! How have you been? It’s Yuna from Hauraki Plains College. I can’t believe how fast time flies, and only got a week to go before going back to Japan. Life in New Zealand is relaxing and I really enjoying the different life compared to Japan. In these few ten months, I’ve got quite a few lovely memories. Today, I’d like to share some of them talking about my life here.

To begin with, let me talk about my host family. I have mom, dad and sister in my host family. They are lovely people to stay with and I always have a fulfilling time with them. We value the time we spend with each other and we usually like to go for a drive on the weekends. Once in a while, they took me to some places driving a long way. I’ve been to Cape Reinga, Tane Mahuta, Mt Maunganui and many other places. I bet, you would be taken aback if you learned how many hours it took us to get there, but it took about 9 hours driving. We stayed at the motel for a night and it was a wonderful two-day trip for me. We also like to eat and I’ve been trying a lot of Kiwi food. Once when I had big feast with my host family’s relatives, we had paua, raw fish in coconut cream, fried bread, boiled up oyster and all sorts of food there. Then, one lady who was sitting in front of me, said, “Oh man, you can eat a lot. You can eat anything too. I better eat mine before you eat all.”That was a funny memory for me. As you can see, yes, I’m a big eater now since I’ve been in New Zealand. Anyway, my host family are Maori people, so I also experienced a lot of Maori traditional stuff such as “Hangi” and “Tangi”.Both these are special occasions for all Maori people.”Hangi”is a traditional food which is cooked in a pit dug in the ground. We have all sorts of meat for hangi, like pork, lamb, beef and chicken. We also have many root vegetables such as

kumara. The food is in the ground for about three hours and the result of this long process is tender, off-the-bone meat and yummy vegetables, all infused with a smoky, earthy fragrance. I really love the smell of it. One of my memorable experiences is “Tangi”.It’s a traditional Maori funeral held on a Maori house, called “Marae”.I know it doesn’t sound fun, but inside of the marae is filled with a warm atmosphere when having the rite, I could feel it. My host family has a large extended family, so we go to tangi quite often. We say farewell to the deceased with speech making and song and Maori language is commonly used during the whole rite. At end of the rite, we all visitors and relatives hug each other by giving a kiss on each cheek. It represents we are all a part of a big family. When I go to Tangi, people do it to me every time just like I was their family. They say to me “Kia ora, thank you for coming. It’s nice to see you.” I thought “What lovely people they are.” I like how they warmly welcome me, even though it is their first time to meet me. That’s my reason why I like to go to tangi. I really like to meet many people now, not only at tangi but in my everyday life, and it was a privilege to meet a lot of lovely people in New Zealand.

Well, I was eager to talk about my school life here, but it will be bit long, so maybe I had better wait till I go back to Japan,eh?.haha I can’t stop talking once I started to taking. Anyway, I’m so excited to meet all of you guys and talk more in a week.

Lastly, these 10 months has been one of my most memorable periods of my life. I’ve experienced heaps of things here. Including difficult times, I can proudly say the time I spend in New Zealand was absolutely awesome. I’m so appreciative for all the support from Japan, organising and encouraging me. I can’t say thank you enough. I only got a week, but I will enjoy the rest of my life here.

Thank you for reading my essay and see you very soon in Japan.


Yuna Matsuura


こんにちは! お元気でしたか?ハウラキ高校の由奈です。 どのくらいの時間が過ぎたか信じられず、帰国まで一週間しかありません。 ニュージーランドの生活はのんびりしていて、日本と比べて本当に楽しかったです。 この十ヶ月で、素敵な思い出ができました。私の留学生活についてお話したいと思います。

まず、私のホストファミリーについて話しましょう。私のホストファミリーはお母さん、お父さん、妹です。彼らはとても素敵な家族で、互いに一緒に過ごす時間を大切にし、週末にドライブに行くのが好きです。彼らは私を遠くまで連れて行ってくれました。Cape Reinga、Tane Mahuta、Maunganui山などに行ってきました。そこに着くのに何時間かかったかを知ったら驚くと思います。車で約9時間かかりました。一晩モーテルに泊まり、私にとって素晴らしい2日間の旅行でした。私たちは食べるのも好きで、私NZの食べ物をたくさん試してきました。ホストファミリーの親戚と大宴会をしたとき、私たちはパウア、ココナッツクリーム入り生の魚、揚げたパン、茹でた牡蠣、などあらゆる種類の食べ物を食べました。そして、私の前に座っていた一人の女性が、「あら、あなたはたくさん食べるのね。しかも何でも食べる。あなたに全て食べられる前に、自分の分を食べてしまわなきゃ!」と言いました。それは面白い思い出です。ご覧のとおり、NZに来てから私は食欲旺盛になりました!私のホストファミリーはマオリ族で、「ハンギ」や「タンギ」などのマオリ族の伝統もたくさん体験しました。これらはすべてマオリ族の特別な行事です。ハンギは地面に掘られた穴に、豚肉、羊、牛肉、鶏肉、そしてクマラ(さつまいも)などの根菜も入れる蒸し料理です。約3時間地面に埋めた結果は柔らかい肉やおいしい野菜で、燻製で自然な香りです。私は本当にその匂いが大好きです。私の思い出に残る体験の一つは「タンギ」です。マラエというマオリの集会所で行われる、伝統的なマオリの葬式です。楽しいとは言えませんが、儀式の間はマラエの中が温かい雰囲気に包まれます。私はそれを感じることができました。ホストファミリーは親戚が多いので、タンギに行くことがよくあります。スピーチと歌で死者に別れを言い、葬式の間はマオリ語が頻繁に使われます。儀式の終わりには、すべての訪問者と親戚がお互いの頬にキスをしてハグをします。それは私たちがすべて大家族の一員であることを表しています。私がTangiに行くと、彼らは私が家族の一員であるかのように、毎回ハグやキスをしてくれます。そして私に「キオラ、来てくれてありがとう。会えてうれしいわ。」と言ってくれます。 私は「彼らがなんて素敵な人達なのか」と思っていました。彼らが初対面でも私を暖かく歓迎してくれる方法が好きです。それが私がタンギに行く理由です。私はタンギでだけではなく、日々の生活の中でも多くの人々に会いたいと思っています。ニュージーランドでたくさんの素敵な人と出会えた事は私の特権でした。

ここで学校生活について話したいと思っていましたが、長くなるので帰国するまで待った方がいいでしょう(笑) とにかく今は皆さんに会い、もっと話をすることをとても楽しみにしています。

最後に、この10ヶ月は私の人生で最も記憶に残るものです。 ここで多くのことを経験しました。 辛かった時期も含めてNZで過ごした時間は素晴らしいものだったと胸を張って言うことができます。日本からのサポートや励ましてくれたことに感謝しています。どれ程感謝しても、したりません。残り一週間ですが、残りの留学生活を楽しみます。





Kia ora! It’s Rin Imai from New Zealand. I’ve been here for about nine months, thinking that my precious time in New Zealand has passed so quickly. I’ve got nice friends around me, many experiences that I can do only in New Zealand and some achievement. In this essay I will be talking about what I have done in New Zealand so far.

Before I started staying in New Zealand, I never knew what “Netball” was, as it’s not very popular in Japan. It’s similar to basketball but each player can move around only within an area of the position. When I first played netball, I was struggling not to get out of my area. But the more I played, the more fun I had. As my host sister was chosen as a captain of our team by my host mother who worked so hard for our team as a coach, I totally participated with the netball team having no difficulties. We won as many times as we lost. And it is one of the best memories in my stay in New Zealand. I got a trophy for “Most Improved Player” but I am unable to bring it back to Japan, so I will most likely be given a medal for memories.

Since I’ve been playing drums for a long time, I wished to join musical events as a drummer. And it came true! I joined Smokefree RockQuest, which is a rock music competition held in New Zealand once a year. There were three bands joining it from Bream Bay college, and two of them went through to the regional final. It was a nice opportunity to enjoy playing music with people in New Zealand. On the day that we got to perform our song, I was so nervous but one member of another band encouraged me, and finally we performed our songs very well.

Next I’m going to write about the time I went to the South Island. My Jin-ai classmates and I met at the Auckland airport, and left for the South Island. We visited lakes, Milford sound, Queenstown and so much more. My best memory at the South Island trip is when we had steaks for dinner in Queenstown and salmon bowl in a Japanese restaurant. I got some souvenirs, and stayed up most nights talking a lot with my friends. All of my classmates looked fine, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Auckland airport on the 17th of November.

I’ve had lots of experiences in New Zealand. Some of them are sad, but most of them are great and amazing. Now I’m excited to see my family and friends in Japan and I would like to say thank you to them for everything they have given me. I have no regrets about choosing to stay here!

Kind Regards
Rin Imai


こんにちは!ニュージーランドにいる今井 凜です。ここでの貴重な時間が過ぎるのは早いなあと思いながら早くも9か月も過ぎてしまいました。友達、ニュージーランドでしかできない経験、達成したことがたくさんあります。このエッセイには今までにしたことについて話したいと思います。

ここに来る前は、”ネットボール”というスポーツは日本であまり有名でなかったので知りませんでした。ネットボールはバスケットボールに似ていますがポジションごとに決まった範囲でしか動けません。初めてネットボールをしたときは、私の範囲から出ないように奮闘していました。より多く試合をするたび、楽しさは増していきました。私のホストシスターが、私のチームのコーチとして貢献してくれたホストマザーによってキャプテンに選ばれたので、私は何の苦労もなくチームと一緒に練習することができました。私たちは勝った回数と同じくらい負けました。あと私の一番の思い出の一つが、Prizegivingで”Most improvrd Player”のトロフィーをもらったことです。ただそれを日本に持って帰れないのですが(笑)代わりにメダルをもらうことになるでしょう。

長い間ドラムを叩いてきたので、ドラマーとして音楽のイベントに参加することを決めていました。そしてそれは実現したのです!私は一年に一回ニュージーランドで行われるロックミュージックの大会”Smokefree RockQuest”に参加しました。私の学校から3つのバンドが出場し、そのうち2つが地域決勝まで行きました。これはニュージーランドの人たちと音楽を楽しむ良い機会でした。私たちが演奏するその日は、私はとても緊張していましたが、ほかのバンドの人が励ましたくれたので、演奏はとてもうまくいきました。



今井 凜



Hi guys! How are you doing? Do you remember me? Anyway, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Miyu. I go to Hastings Girls’ High School (HGHS) in New Zealand. I have only 2 weeks left. In April, I wrote an essay about the six classes I took. In this essay, I’ll write about what I learnt from my study abroad.

Just 2 years ago, I decided to enter Eiryu-course in Jin-ai Girls’ High School to go to NZ. When I was in Japan, I was thinking everyday it was going to be very exciting, and the time studying abroad would be fulfilling. My senior students said “It was a great time of my life!” and I thought, “they can speak English well because they went to NZ. So, I’ll able to speak English well too.” However it was a big misunderstanding. In fact if I don’t work hard here, the days will be just as they were in Japan. However, I do not want it to be like that. My family also hopes it goes well, especially my parents. So I tried lots of things here. Of course, things were difficult for me at the beginning. For example, talking with people in English was hard because I was scared and didn’t have much confidence. Now it’s not hard for me. Still, sometimes I get nervous, but I have more confidence than before. I think my efforts have made my study abroad better, more fun, and more special.

Also, I realized I am blessed to have people who support me in coming to NZ. First is my family. They are most important in my life. Since I was born, they have been taking care of me. Honestly, I was not a good child and mischievous, so I have got them into trouble many times but they said “We’ll miss you” before I came here. I was very happy to hear that. My parents paid much money which made the study abroad for me possible. I appreciate that. I’m grateful to Jin-ai Girls’ High and Education Focus, too. There are another 9 Japanese students at HGHS. Almost all the students came to NZ with their schools’ support. I thought Eiryu has a good support for students, perhaps more than other schools.

Now I have great teachers and friends at HGHS. My friends said “I don’t want you to go back. You should stay here!” or “One day I’ll go to Japan to see you.” Also my teachers said “I’m going to miss you. We can still keep in contact after you go home” They always make me feel happy. So I was very excited to go to school. I have a great host family, too. My favorite time is talking with them. When I’m feeling down, they listen to my story deeply and support me. They make me laugh everyday. One day, I was sad because I thought about the day I leave. They said “You can come back whenever you want. In the future, you can come with your husband and children. Then we can make the children stand in front of the garage and take a picture. We can also chuck them into the pool.” It’ll be a very fun time.

I really appreciate the people who have supported me. I love them! I won’t forget this experience ever. I hope I can come back and meet them again 

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Miyu


こんにちは!調子はどうですか?私のこと覚えていますか?とにかく、自己紹介をしたいと思います。私は美優です。ニュージーランドでは、ヘイスティングスガールズハイスクール(略称 HGHS)に通っています。もう 残り3週間だけになりました。4月書いたエッセイでは 私の取ったクラスについて書きました。今回は、私が留学で学んだことについて書きます。

ちょうど2年前、私は仁愛女子高校の英語留学コースに入ることを決めました。日本にいた時、ニュージーランドでは毎日を楽しく過ごせると思っていました。また留学は充実したものになるとも思っていました。先輩方は「留学は今までで一番良い経験になったよ」と言い、「先輩方の英語が上手なのは留学をしたから。だから私も英語をうまく話せるようになる」と思っていました。しかしそれは大きな誤解でした。実際は、私がもしニュージーランドで頑張らなければ、 日本にいた時とほぼ変わらないない日になります。でも 私はそれを望んでいません。また私の家族、特に私の両親もこの留学がうまくいくことを望んでいます。なので私はたくさん挑戦をしました。もちろん、始めは私にとって大変な事がたくさんありました。例えば英語で人と話す事が怖くて自信が持てませんでした。今は、そんなに難しいとは思いません。まだ時々、緊張する時がありますが前よりも自信を持てるようになりました。私は努力がこの留学をよりよく、より楽しく、特別なものにしたと思います。







Hello guys!! How have you been these days? I am Miyu and I am living in Kerikeri. It is already October at the moment. I can’t believe that I have been spending time here. Also, I still can’t believe that I am going to go back to Japan in a couple of weeks.

Well, I am going to talk about my school life and sports. I am enrolled in year 12 at Kerikeri high school. I take six subjects which are Math, Biology, Photography, Hospitality, PE and ESOL. My two favorite subjects are Hospitality and PE because I love cooking and playing sports.

My favorite dish that I have made is “Asian pork salad “which was an assessment dish. It was easy to cook but difficult to arrange, so I worked hard to make it excellent. It was so hard for me to read a recipe before I started cooking at first, so I always got stuck.

PE is so much fun for me because we play some games which I have never played. New Zealand is famous for rugby so of course we play it, but we usually play ‘’touch rugby’’ which is an easy version. Kiwi students are very good at throwing the rugby ball but it is not easy for me, actually….🙄 Up to now, we have played touch rugby, netball, hockey, basketball, football and universal ball. I have a reason why I like PE besides that I like playing sports. When my classmates and I are playing sports together, I think we can build a good relationship between us and it is a good way to get along with each other as well.

Next I am going to talk about sports in New Zealand. Kerikeri is where recreational activities in the sea are popular, especially sailing. In fact, New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world at sailing. So there are some International students who came here mainly for sailing. On every Friday International students do “Academic Plus” for the whole day. We can choose from sailing, surfing, mountain biking, golf and horse riding. I chose surfing in term one and it was the first time in my life for me. We had two instructors and they taught us how to catch a wave and stand on the board. I was swallowed up by the waves many times and I was afraid of catching a wave actually…😂 But my skill grew each time I did it. It became one of my best experiences in New Zealand.

Lastly, I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in November!!!

Take care! See you soon..



こんにちは! お元気ですか? 未有です。ケリケリに住んでいます。 今はすでに10月で、まだ数週間後に日本に帰るとは信じられません。
学校生活とスポーツについて話しをします。 私はケリケリ高校で12年生に入学しています。数学、生物、写真、ホスピタリティ、体育、ESOLの6科目を履修しています。お気に入りの科目はホスピタリティと体育です。なぜなら私は料理やスポーツが大好きだからです。
私が作った好きな料理は試験だった “アジア風豚サラダ”です。 調理は簡単でしたが盛り付けが難しかったので、優れたものになるよう努力しました。 最初は料理する前にレシピを読むのはとても難しかったです。
体育はしたことのないスポーツをするので、とても楽しいです。 ニュージーランドはラグビーで有名なのでもちろんラグビーもしますが、普段は簡単なバージョンである「タッチラグビー」をしています。 キウイの生徒はラグビーボールを投げるのがとても上手ですが、私にとっては簡単ではありません….タッチラグビー、ネットボール、ホッケー、バスケットボール、フットボール、ユニバーサルボールをしました。 私はスポーツをするのが好きだということ以外に私は体育が好きな理由があります。クラスメートと一緒にスポーツをする事で、私たちは良い関係を築くことができ、仲良くなれるからです。
次に、ニュージーランドのスポーツについてお話します。 Kerikeriは、マリンスポーツがさかんで、特にセーリングが有名です。 実際、ニュージーランドは世有数のセーリングの国でもあります。 ここでセーリングをするために来た留学生もいます。 毎週金曜日、留学生は1日を通して「Academic Plus」を行います。 セーリング、サーフィン、マウンテンバイク、ゴルフ、乗馬の中から選ぶことができます。 私は第1学期にサーフィンを選びました。私の人生で初めてのことでしたが、 私たちには2人のインストラクターがいて、どのように波に乗り、ボードに立つかを教えてくれました。 私は何度も波にのまれ、波に乗ることを恐れていました…😂しかし、私の腕前は毎回伸びていきました。 ニュージーランドでの最高の体験の一つになりました。