From NZ (Haruka)


Hi guys, how are you? I’m Haruka. I go to Cullinane College as a year 12 student in Whanganui. I can’t believe that 9 months have already passed since I came here. I don’t have much time left here. That’s very sad.

  I’d like to talk about my life in NZ and what I learned through my experience of studying abroad.  First, I’m going to share my school life in New Zealand because I’m really enjoying school life. Our school is small and there are not many students, so everyone gets along and they are friendly to each other. I’m so happy to go to this school. My favorite classes are food class and sports studies. I had wanted to take these classes since I was in Japan. In food class, I made many kinds of lasagna, sandwiches and salad. Also, sometimes the teacher gives us opportunities to make chocolate brownies. I really like to chat with the members of the food class. In the sports studies class, we sometimes have practical lessons. We played rugby, ki-o-rahi, murder ball (only with girls), and long ball so far. I am happy to play New Zealand’s sports. I like break time as well. We have break time twice a day. I play four square with my friends and sometimes some boys join us. It’s quite fun. I think there is no wall between girls and boys. They are so friendly.

  Second, I would like to talk about what I have learnt in New Zealand. I have learnt about the unique culture of New Zealand and differences between New Zealand and Japan. I was able to find the things I had never noticed before in Japan and I’ve come to be proud of being a Japanese. When I asked people in New Zealand about their impression of Japan, they think that Japanese people are very polite and respect each other. Since I was born and raised in that environment and taught manners from childhood, I took it for granted. Also, they think that Japan is clean, that Japan’s toilets are superior, that food is great and that unique Japanese buildings are attractive. Once again, I think Japan is an amazing country. On the other hand, I can also see some disadvantages of Japan. For example, Japanese people are not confident in ourselves. Another example is that we are too shy and it’s considered that it is a virtue not to be too straightforward when telling our opinions. On the other hand, most people in New Zealand seem confident and they’re dignified. Also, I’ve realized that they talk to me like a friend regardless of age, even when I meet them for the first time. I love such Kiwi people.

  I’m glad to be able to study abroad.  This is a major experience in my life at my age. While studying abroad I have not only made fun memories, but also faced difficulties. However, I overcame a lot of challenges and went through a lot of experiences. That’s why I can enjoy my life in New Zealand now. I am proud of myself for having made the decision to study abroad and experienced New Zealand culture firsthand. These experiences will be my treasure and an asset in my life. I appreciate my parents for paying a lot of money for me. I definitely will miss New Zealand. However, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next month.      

Thank you for reading my essay.