Message from NewZealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ

From NZ(Runa)


What does studying abroad mean to you? I suppose most people think it is for acquiring language skills, learning other countries’ cultures, or making new friends. In fact, I had thought in that way about studying abroad before I came here. However, throughout my nine-month-stay here, my assumptions about study abroad life totally changed. It is a wonderful opportunity to notice what could be difficult to learn if you keep having a normal life in your own country. Today, I’d like to share the difficulty that I experienced here and the values that I gained.
To begin with, I’ll talk about the biggest difficulty that I faced. Frankly speaking, it was communicating and making friends. To be honest, I thought it would be easy to make friends on the first day, but life was not as easy as I supposed. For a couple of months, I couldn’t have the good school life that I had expected. At that time, I didn’t have much confidence in my English. I didn’t dare to say something to people and I was frightened of making mistakes such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This anxiety led me to avoid communication, making me shy, and keeping me distant from other people. However, an encounter with some friends made me change myself. I met with them for the first time early in term 2. I still had some fear about talking to them, but I tried to talk with them with a bit of courage. I asked them, “Is it okay to hang out with you guys in the morning tea and lunchtime?” and then they said, “Sure!” When I heard this, I felt like I was released from some pressure that I couldn’t see. Since that day, my school life has changed dramatically and now I look forward to spending time with them every day.
Next, I’ll talk about two values that I gained here. One is that knowing myself well relates to having a better life. As you know, I struggled to make friends for the first few months. However, at the same time, I could learn about myself. Throughout this difficulty, I realized how shy and weak I was. I once again understood that I was super shy even though I had already known that I was shy since I was in Japan. However, I’ve overcome the difficulty. I’ve come to be more sociable and be able to show my true self not only to my friends but to my family as well. The other value is that studying abroad is a chance to know how much I am supported by the people around me. Sadly, when I was in Japan, I didn’t think about this because I had thought that it was normal. However, I missed my family and friends in Japan for the first few weeks, and at the same time, I noticed how much I was supported and cheered by people around me such as my family, friends, and teachers. I appreciate their support so much. Before I left Japan, my family and friends gave me letters and said to me, “Read them when you feel negative or have some difficulties”. When I was losing myself, these letters made me positive and gave me confidence and courage. I’ve noticed that people around me are a really important presence in my life throughout this experience.
What can be gained through studying abroad is different for each person. Of course, through my experience of studying abroad, not only could I improve my English, but also I could gain really important mindsets and values for my life. It’s not too much to say that studying abroad has been a huge experience for me and is a turning point in my life. I hope that I can make use of what I’ve gained here in my future life.
Thank you for reading my essay and I hope this essay will help people who have an interest in studying overseas:)))

みなさんにとって留学とはなんですか。言語を学ぶ機会、他国の文化を知る機会、または海外の友達を 作る機会と答える方が多いかと思います。実際、私も NZ に来る前はそのよう考えていました。しかし、NZ で9ヶ月以上生活してみて、自分の価値観が 180°変わり、留学は私が思ってもいなかったことに気づけ た素晴らしい機会だと思うようになりました。今日は私が体験した困難と私が得た価値観、考えをシェア できたらいいなと思います。
まず初めに私がはじめに直面した一番大きな困難について話します。単刀直入に言うと、コミュニケー ションをとり、友だちを作ることが難しかったです。正直に言うと、学校生活が始まる前、私は登校初日 に友達が作れるだろうと考えていました。しかし現実はそれほど甘くはなく、数カ月間、自分が思い描い ていた学校生活を送ることができませんでした。その頃、私は自分の英語力に自身がなくミスを恐れてコ ミュニケーションをとるのをためらっていました。この文法であっているのか、この単語で正しいのか、 うまく伝わるのか、このような不安が私を人見知りにし、他の人と距離をとってしまっていました。しか し、ある出会いが私の留学生活を大きく変えてくれました。それは大切な友達たちとの出会いです。term2 のはじめの頃に彼らと出会いました。はじめは話すことを恐れていましたが、少し勇気を出して話しか け、「一緒にモーニングティーの時間や昼休みを過ごしてもいいか」と聞くと、快く「いいよ」と言って くれました。それからの学校生活は一変して毎日が楽しくなり、休み時間が待ち遠しくなるほど友達と過 ごす時間が好きになりました。
次に NZ での生活を通して学んだことを2つお伝えします。1つ目は、自分のことをよく知ることがより よい生活につながるということです。先ほども話したように、最初の数か月、私は友達作りに苦戦しまし た。しかし、それと同時に自分自身のことをよく理解できたのだと思います。この経験を通してどれほど 自分がシャイな性格で弱いのかを知りました。日本にいる時から自分はシャイだとわかってはいました が、NZ にきてから自分がどれだけシャイなのかを改めて実感しました、しかし、この困難を乗り越えたこ ともあり、友達にも家族にも少しずつオープンな性格になったのではないかなと思います。そしてもう1 つは、留学は自分を支えてくれる人の大切さにも気づく機会になったということです。日本にいる時当た り前すぎて実感できませんでしたが、いざ NZ での生活が始まると家族や友達が恋しくなり、多くの人がど れだけ自分のことを応援してくれているのか、支えてくれているのかに気づきました。感謝しても感謝し きれないくらいです。実は出国する前、NZ で辛いことがあったら読んでねと家族や友達から手紙をもらい ました。実際にホームシックになり自分自身を見失いかけていた時にその手紙を読みました。これらの手 紙を読み、頑張って楽しもうと心を切り替えることができました。この経験を通して、周りの人々の存在 は大きく有難い存在だと気づきました。

From NZ (Haruka)


Hi guys, how are you? I’m Haruka. I go to Cullinane College as a year 12 student in Whanganui. I can’t believe that 9 months have already passed since I came here. I don’t have much time left here. That’s very sad.

  I’d like to talk about my life in NZ and what I learned through my experience of studying abroad.  First, I’m going to share my school life in New Zealand because I’m really enjoying school life. Our school is small and there are not many students, so everyone gets along and they are friendly to each other. I’m so happy to go to this school. My favorite classes are food class and sports studies. I had wanted to take these classes since I was in Japan. In food class, I made many kinds of lasagna, sandwiches and salad. Also, sometimes the teacher gives us opportunities to make chocolate brownies. I really like to chat with the members of the food class. In the sports studies class, we sometimes have practical lessons. We played rugby, ki-o-rahi, murder ball (only with girls), and long ball so far. I am happy to play New Zealand’s sports. I like break time as well. We have break time twice a day. I play four square with my friends and sometimes some boys join us. It’s quite fun. I think there is no wall between girls and boys. They are so friendly.

  Second, I would like to talk about what I have learnt in New Zealand. I have learnt about the unique culture of New Zealand and differences between New Zealand and Japan. I was able to find the things I had never noticed before in Japan and I’ve come to be proud of being a Japanese. When I asked people in New Zealand about their impression of Japan, they think that Japanese people are very polite and respect each other. Since I was born and raised in that environment and taught manners from childhood, I took it for granted. Also, they think that Japan is clean, that Japan’s toilets are superior, that food is great and that unique Japanese buildings are attractive. Once again, I think Japan is an amazing country. On the other hand, I can also see some disadvantages of Japan. For example, Japanese people are not confident in ourselves. Another example is that we are too shy and it’s considered that it is a virtue not to be too straightforward when telling our opinions. On the other hand, most people in New Zealand seem confident and they’re dignified. Also, I’ve realized that they talk to me like a friend regardless of age, even when I meet them for the first time. I love such Kiwi people.

  I’m glad to be able to study abroad.  This is a major experience in my life at my age. While studying abroad I have not only made fun memories, but also faced difficulties. However, I overcame a lot of challenges and went through a lot of experiences. That’s why I can enjoy my life in New Zealand now. I am proud of myself for having made the decision to study abroad and experienced New Zealand culture firsthand. These experiences will be my treasure and an asset in my life. I appreciate my parents for paying a lot of money for me. I definitely will miss New Zealand. However, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next month.      

Thank you for reading my essay.   







From NZ(Ami)


Hi guys! I’m Ami. How have you been? I go to Pompallier Catholic College as a year12 student. It’s still chilly in NZ but I feel summer in the air. I can’t believe that I’m going to go back to Japan in a few weeks, and I’m so surprised how quickly the time has gone by.

I live with my host mother, father, two host sisters and a dog. My host mother has a lovely smile, and my host father is an interesting person who likes to tell jokes and watch rugby. My host sisters are fourteen and twelve years old. They are cheerful and always help me, and they are very good host sisters. Thanks to them, I can live an enjoyable life here in NZ. To be honest, I think it took me longer to warm up to my host family compared to the other students because I was over-concerned around them  and wasn’t able to be myself. I kept a distance from them unconsciously in my heart. I really wanted to get to know them, but I didn’t know how to shorten the distance with my host sisters in the first few months. However, I tried to answer their questions with longer answers, not just with a few words. Also, I tried to talk about many things and ask questions actively.  Moreover, I increased the time doing something together to shorten the distance. It was not easy for me to have younger sisters because it was my first experience. But I was very happy that they depended on me and talked to me happily. I feel glad that I can spend my limited time in NZ with them. I like talking with my host family the best while having a meal at dinner time. They introduce me to many people, take me to various places and give me delicious meals every day.

When I went to my host school for the first time, I was so nervous, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do well from that day on. And it was hard for me to make new friends. I had a lot of difficulties and felt frustrated because I didn’t understand what the teacher and students around me were saying. I needed the courage to ask questions at first, but when I asked questions to them, they taught me kindly until I could understand, so I could get over it. Even now I sometimes need their help.   I’m grateful to them for always supporting me and telling me what I don’t know.  At school, I have had new experiences.  For example, I study Christianity, I played netball, and I joined some unique school events that I can’t experience in Japan.   I could make lots of memories here.

I think everything is hard when studying abroad and I think that fun and happiness will come after overcoming them finally. Especially, I faced difficulties such as language and conflict with myself. I got homesick in the first few months, and I had to get over many things.  However, I have grown mentally, and I feel more grateful to my host family, friends and the environment around me. I’m so happy to meet new wonderful people here.

Finally, I’m so thankful to the people who support me such as my family, host family, friends and teachers. I’d like to spend the rest of my time abroad without regrets. Thank you for reading!

Lots of love,







From NZ(Rei)


Hello, everyone! How have you been? I’m Rei from CHBC (Central Hawkes Bay College) as a year 12 student. I can’t believe that about nine months have already passed since I came to New Zealand. I’m really enjoying my New Zealand life with my host family and friends, so today I’m going to talk about my life in NZ.

First, I’m going to talk about my host family. I’m living in Waipukurau. It is such a small town. I’m living with my host father, mother, brother, two dogs and three cats. I also have four host sisters, but they are living in different places, so I only see them occasionally. They are so kind and funny and they are like my real family. I like to spend time with my host family.  For example, I enjoy talking, watching rugby and playing sports with them. They make me happy and we are always laughing.

Second, I’m going to talk about my best memory in New Zealand. I have so many memories with my host family and friends. But I’ve chosen one memory about school ball. It is one of the school events and it’s like a dance party. We need to wear a dress or a suit. Before the school ball, I went to my friend’s house to put on makeup and do my hair. It was a lot of fun. We talked so much and made dumplings. At the school ball, I was dancing and singing with my friends. It was amazing! We took so many photos. It was the first time in my life that I went to a party, so it was a very good memory.

Third, I’m going to talk about my friends. Fortunately, I was able to make friends on the first day of school. Her name is Libby. She is in the same mentor class as me and my first friend. She is nice and kind. During the interval on the first day, I had no idea what to do or where to go, but she found me, and she said to me, “I can’t leave you alone!” and then she took me to her group. My second friend is Kyla. She is a year 13 student, but we take tourism class together. My first class was tourism, and she talked to me, but now we are separated into different classrooms by grade, so I’m sad.  My third friend is Zyra. She and I take physics together. This is the most difficult class for me, so she always helps me.

I feel so blessed to be able to come to this town and attend this school. I’m so happy to be able to spend time with my wonderful host family and friends. I’d like to express my thanks to them. I’d like to spend the rest of the month without regrets. I would like to thank my parents for giving me this great opportunity to study abroad.

Thank you for reading.






最後に、私の友達についてお話しします。幸運なことに私は学校初日から友達を作ることができました。私の最初の友達はリビーという同じメンタークラスの子です。彼女はとても素敵で親切です。学校初日のインターバルの時間に、私はこの時間に何をすればいいのかどこに行けばいいのか何も分かりませんでした。しかし彼女がそのような私に気づいてくれ、「 あなたを一人にしておけない!」と言って彼女のグループに連れっていってくれました。私の2人目の友達はカイラです。彼女は13年生ですが私たちは同じ観光の授業を受けています。私の最初の授業が観光で、彼女が私に話しかけてきてくれました。しかし今は学年ごとにクラスが分かれてしまったので悲しいです。私の3番目の友達はザイラです。彼女は同じ物理の授業を受けています。私が受けている授業の中で一番難しいのがこの物理の授業です。だから私がわからない時に彼女はいつも助けてくれます。



From NZ (Haruna)


Hi! How are you guys? I’m Haruna. I go to Tauraroa Area School in Maungakaramea. I have been enjoying NZ’s life. I’d like to talk about my good memories. 

  First, I’ll introduce my host family. The members of my host family are my host parents and two sisters. In addition, we have two dogs, two cats and chickens. They are kind, funny and lively. My host mother likes to do gardening. Tulips have been blooming in our garden recently. My host father is always calm. He always makes me laugh by telling jokes. My twin host sisters are in the same grade as me. They are also kind. They drive to school every day. I love my host family. They like watching movies, so we watch movies every day. I like that time.

  Next, I’ll introduce to you the memories that I have made, especially one of the best ones. I went on a trip to Rotorua as a part of tourism class. Tourism is a subject where you can learn about tourism. I don’t take this class but my homeroom teacher invited me to the trip, so I joined the trip. My best friends also joined it. 

  It was a four-day trip. On the first day, we went to Rotorua and took hot springs. Rotorua is famous for its hot springs. It was a natural hot spring, and I was able to relax. On the second day, we went waterfall rafting in the Kaituna River. It was a good experience for me. After that we went shopping and I bought souvenirs. After dinner, we played golf. There were rabbits there, and I was worried that the ball would hit them. I was happy to get a hole-in-one twice. On the third day, we did Rotorua zip-line.  It was scary, but it was a very nice view. I could see the waterfalls when I was doing the zip-line. After that, we played ZORB. We went inside a big air ball and rolled down a hill. I went inside the ball with my friends. It was a lot of fun! I want to try it again. And we went to TE PUIA for dinner. We can learn about Maori culture there. We watched Haka and it was powerful. I wish I could have shown it to my family. On the last day, we went to Rotorua Skyline. We got on a gondola and tried luge. Luge is an exhilarating attraction where you drive from the top of the mountain to the bottom in a go-kart. After that, we rode a lift to the top of the mountain. In addition, I could try the sky swing. That is my favourite memory from this trip. It was so much fun. I want to try it again. I had a wonderful time in Rotorua. I can’t forget this trip. 

Finally, I’m going to return to Japan in about 50 days. I was able to have many good experiences in NZ thanks to my family, host family, teachers and friends who have been supporting me. I want to think about what I can do in the remaining time and finish studying abroad without regret.

Thank you for reading.


こんにちは!皆さん、お元気ですか。 私はハルナです。私はマウンガカラメアのタウラロアエリアスクールに通っています。私はニュージーランドの生活を楽しんでいます。楽しい思い出について話したいです。



それは4日間の旅行でした。初日、私たちはロトルアに行き、温泉に入りました。ロトルアは温泉で有名です。自然の温泉で、リラックスすることができました。2日目、私たちはカイトゥナ川の滝をラフティングしました。とても良い経験でした。その後、私たちは買い物に行き、私はお土産を買いました。夕食後、私たちはゴルフに行きました。そこにはウサギがいて、ボールが当たるのではないかと心配しました。そしてホールインワンを2回決めることができて嬉しかったです。3日目、私たちはロトルアジップラインをしました。怖かったですが、とても素敵な景色でした。ジップラインをやっていると滝が見えました。その後、ZORBをしました。大きなエアボールの中に入って転がるアクティビティーです。私は友達とそのボールの中に入りました。とても楽しかったです!もう一度したいです。そして、私たちは夕食にTE PUIAに行きました。私たちはそこでマオリの文化について学ぶことができます。私たちはハカを見ることができ、それは迫力があって、家族に見せたかったです。最終日、私たちはロトルアのスカイラインに行きました。私たちはゴンドラに乗ってリュージュをしました。リュージュとは、ゴーカートで山の頂上から下まで運転する爽快なアトラクションです。その後、私たちは山の頂上までリフトに乗りました。さらに、私はスカイスイングをすることができました。それがこの旅行の中で1番の思い出です。とても楽しかったです。もう一度乗りたいです。私はロトルアで素晴らしい時間を過ごしました。この旅行は忘れられません。