From NZ(Mako)


Hello, everyone! I’m Mako. How have you been? I go to Tauraroa Area School in Whangarei as a year 12 student. These days, hopefully, I’m getting used to the lifestyle here little by little. Although it still feels hard quite often because of my lack of English proficiency, all of my host family members always take great care of me.  Also, my friends at school give me heaps of hugs when I look worried. My host family and friends make me feel that I want to do my best every day. Today, I’ll introduce my host family and one of the classes that I’m taking at school.  
Firstly, let me tell you about my host family, my host father, mother and two sisters.  There are also three dogs, two cats, about 500 cows, nearly 200 sheep, three horses and 11 chickens. You can imagine how huge the farm is. Honestly, I can’t remember all of the places on the farm because it’s too huge. I often go and help them with their farming tasks. Of course I cannot do tricky farm jobs, though. Here in New Zealand, I can have lots of experiences that I’d never imaged in Japan so I love to do them so much. My host family is very funny, close to each other and noisy in a good sense. They quite often tease me and make me laugh. I’m trying to tease them back nowadays. However, at first, I thought I had a few problems with my host family. Then, I told my honest feelings to my host mother. She listened to me carefully. I think I was overthinking at that time.  
Secondly, I’ll introduce one of the classes, drama, which I’m taking at my school. Everyone knows that normal schools in Japan dont offer a drama class so I’ve got interested in the class. In the drama class, we actually perform dramas. In term 1, we acted out Shakespeare. It was written in old English so apparently it was hard even for native English speakers to understand the script.  It was even harder for me and it took me ages to translate and understand it. In the drama, I acted as a drunk man and sang in front of the large audience!! I was pretty nervous but I was able to make many good friends through practicing the drama, couching each other and discussing how to perform our drama better. Ive come to love playing dramas after taking this class so I recommend that Japanese schools should introduce drama class.    
To be honest, trying new things, going into a community that has already been formed and not being able to understand what other people are talking about are all scary and it takes courage. However, Ive learned how important it is to try everything even though I am freaking out inside. I couldn’t have realized the importance of being courageous to try new things if I had stayed in Japan. I appreciate the support from my lovely family and all the people who cheer me up while studying abroad I thank them very much for everything. I am very lucky to have this wonderful opportunity.  I have already spent more than three months here. I have only seven months left before going back to Japan. I feel time is flying so fast I’m going to do my best to improve my English by talking with more and more people and trying lots of new things 

Thank you for reading my essay.    
Lots of love, Mako