From NZ (Rino)


Hello, everyone. I’m Rino from Paeroa College. I hope this finds you well.
I’m living in Ngatea with my lovely host mum. I had a host sister living with us until the middle of February. She started to go to Waikato University from this year, so she moved to Waikato City. I miss her every day and so does my cute host cat called Evie. She is a hairless cat. And she loves people. 
Fortunately, I’m blessed with many good friends regardless of their age or nationality. I always feel lucky to have a family member who always listens to me when I am in trouble, and friends who encourage me when I’m feeling down or anxious.
Time has flown so fast. More than three months have passed since I came to New Zealand. At my school, I have experienced many events during the past three months including swimming sports day, athletics day, mufti day etc. Among these events, I’m going to talk about the school formal. It is a school-sponsored dinner and dance party for senior students. I knew that that schools in New Zealand held such an event but I was very nervous because I did not expect it to be held so soon at my host school. However, at the formal, I didn’t want to have regrets about this study abroad experience, so I gathered up my courage and asked everyone to take photos with me. By the end of this event, I had taken over 300 pictures 🙂 I will never forget this fantastic evening.
Until a few days ago, I was on the two-week school holiday. I hung out with my friends for the first time in New Zealand during this holiday. I went to Hamilton Zoo with my host mum and my two friends Lou-Anne and Rebecca. They are also international students from France and Australia. They understand best that I don’t speak English as well as native English speakers, and they don’t mind me speaking at my pace. So, I’m very comfortable with them. Also, we went ice skating with them and other international and local friends in Auckland. I ice skated for the first time, but it was so much fun. In addition, I had a lot of experiences with my family such as eating lamb and fish and chips and visiting Waikato University. Thanks to them, I had a great holiday. I hope I will hang out with my other friends during the next school holiday!
I will do my best to have more opportunities during the rest of my time in New Zealand.

Thank you for reading.