From NZ (Mayu)


Hi, everyone! How have you been doing? I’m Mayu and I’m a Year 12 student in Pompallier Catholic College. It’s been almost two months since I came to New Zealand so far. My school is a really good school, and I have already made a lot of friends and I am becoming more friendly with my host family. So, I would like to introduce my host family and friends.

My host family is really kind and funny. In addition, the family structure is similar to my actual family in Japan, so it’s very cozy. I live with my host mother, host father, two younger host sisters and one dog. My host mother is kind, and she cares for me a lot. She plays softball in a local team, and we sometimes go to watch her softball tournament. She has a cheerful personality, and she has a lot of friends. She often takes me to meet her friends. My host father is funny and he always tells jokes and makes us laugh. He also likes to move his body, so he plays a lot of sports as his hobbies. He sometimes takes us to play golf and other sports. One of my host sisters is two years younger than me but she acts older than me because she cares for me a lot and teaches me many things. I like to take a walk around the neighborhood with her and our dog while we are talking. My other host sister is four years younger than me and she is as cute as my actual sister in Japan. She likes to sing and listen to music. She always gives me a hug when she leaves home to practice her sports. However, my host sisters fight with each other almost every day. Especially in the morning, they often fight about small things, and it makes my host mother unhappy and sometimes I also get involved in their fighting. So, we are all in a bad mood in the morning. But when we meet at school or after school, we wave and talk to each other, and we naturally go back to a good mood. Interestingly, in Japan, I always fight with my sister before we go to school, so it’s an integral part of my daily life and I’m very comfortable living with them.

Thankfully, I’ve already made a lot of lovely friends. So, I really like to spend my time with them during break time and after school. Especially, I would like to introduce my best friend, Sophie. She and I met on my first day of school. She talked to me in the first music lesson. I’m really happy to have met such a wonderful friend so soon. Since then, we have been good friends. I also have another special friend, Brenda. She is also a girl who came to New Zealand to study and she is from Brazil. We met on a school bus. She asked me with a smile if it would be O.K. to sit next to me, so I said “of course” and tried to talk with her. At first, I didn’t know that she was also an international student, but we talked a lot on the way to school and we got to know each other by the time we arrived at school. Since then, she has been my good friend to talk with in English. She is also studying English, so we can feel free to talk with each other in English without being afraid of making mistakes and we can enhance each other through our daily conversations.

Like this, I have been able to have a wonderful time in in NZ. I really love people around me and I’m full of gratitude to them. I’m really looking forward to spending more time with such wonderful friends and host family in this great environment from now on.


Thank you for reading.


みなさん、こんにちは!お元気ですか? 私はマユです。Pompallier Catholic Collegeの12年生です。ニュージーランドに来てからほぼ2ヶ月が経ちました。私の学校は本当に良い学校です。私はすでにたくさんの友達ができ、私のホストファミリーとの仲もさらに深めることができています。私のホストファミリーや友達を紹介したいと思います。