Message from New Zealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ




Hi, I am Kyoka from Central Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. How have you been? A pandemic virus, Coronavirus is going around at the moment, which is unprecedented. I hope you are all good although we are in a hard circumstance. In New Zealand, though there are still some restrictions, I am really enjoying my life. Here, I would like to share my New Zealand life with you.
First of all, I am going to write about my host family. I have two mothers, Kerry and Tammy, an older sister, Devon, Nana, Aunty, three big dogs and one chubby cat. I now live with Kerry and Devon. They are all approachable, and I enjoy spending time with them.
In late March, the New Zealand government declared for everyone living in New Zealand to stay home in order to keep us safe from Coronavirus, which is called a lockdown. During the lockdown, my host sister, Devon, was considered as an essential worker and she worked, so I spent most of my time with my host mother, Kerry. The lockdown lasted for approximately eight weeks. I felt as though the lockdown was a much shorter time than actually eight weeks, and I’m sure it’s because of Kerry. We cooked, knitted, watched TV and went for a walk with our dogs together. We did more things than I have just mentioned, but I can’t write all of them here because there are too many. By doing those many sorts of things, we kept ourselves busy and productive. Also, we talked a lot and got to know each other. When I had a problem or a concern, she gave me good advice. Besides, when I was crying, she gave me a hug, saying “I’m giving a mama hug.” She has absolutely become my second mother. I appreciate her from the bottom of my heart.
Secondly, I am going to write about the drama class that I take at school. I have just done a solo performance in front of audience recently, which was really rewarding for me. I played the role of a ghost, Hamlet’s father. Traditional English is used in the story, Hamlet by Shakespeare, which made it obstinate for me to pronounce words and memorize lines. My teacher also said that I was learning the third language. I didn’t have any confidence in English and acting, and I was introverted about performing in front of people. So, before the actual performance, I was extremely nervous, and I was about to cry, actually. When I stood on the stage, my mind went blank. But I was able to accomplish the performance till the end with a minor prompt from my teacher. After the performance, my classmates, teacher and host family came to hug me, and they said “You were amazing!” I had heaps of feelings at that time, but I felt a sense of achievement the most.
To be honest, the reason why I chose drama class out of a list was not that I actually wanted to perform a role. I chose it just because most of my seniors from Study Abroad Course used to take it, and they recommended it to me. So, I didn’t even know whether I would like acting. But now, it is one of my favorite classes, and I want to try a different performance again.
I have four more months to study here. I’m surprised because the time has flown so fast. I will not stop trying, and I want to go back to Japan without any regret. Thank you for reading till the end.

Lots of love,
Kyoka  Hamada