From NZ (Haruna)


Hi! How are you guys? I’m Haruna. I go to Tauraroa Area School in Maungakaramea. I have been enjoying NZ’s life. I’d like to talk about my good memories. 

  First, I’ll introduce my host family. The members of my host family are my host parents and two sisters. In addition, we have two dogs, two cats and chickens. They are kind, funny and lively. My host mother likes to do gardening. Tulips have been blooming in our garden recently. My host father is always calm. He always makes me laugh by telling jokes. My twin host sisters are in the same grade as me. They are also kind. They drive to school every day. I love my host family. They like watching movies, so we watch movies every day. I like that time.

  Next, I’ll introduce to you the memories that I have made, especially one of the best ones. I went on a trip to Rotorua as a part of tourism class. Tourism is a subject where you can learn about tourism. I don’t take this class but my homeroom teacher invited me to the trip, so I joined the trip. My best friends also joined it. 

  It was a four-day trip. On the first day, we went to Rotorua and took hot springs. Rotorua is famous for its hot springs. It was a natural hot spring, and I was able to relax. On the second day, we went waterfall rafting in the Kaituna River. It was a good experience for me. After that we went shopping and I bought souvenirs. After dinner, we played golf. There were rabbits there, and I was worried that the ball would hit them. I was happy to get a hole-in-one twice. On the third day, we did Rotorua zip-line.  It was scary, but it was a very nice view. I could see the waterfalls when I was doing the zip-line. After that, we played ZORB. We went inside a big air ball and rolled down a hill. I went inside the ball with my friends. It was a lot of fun! I want to try it again. And we went to TE PUIA for dinner. We can learn about Maori culture there. We watched Haka and it was powerful. I wish I could have shown it to my family. On the last day, we went to Rotorua Skyline. We got on a gondola and tried luge. Luge is an exhilarating attraction where you drive from the top of the mountain to the bottom in a go-kart. After that, we rode a lift to the top of the mountain. In addition, I could try the sky swing. That is my favourite memory from this trip. It was so much fun. I want to try it again. I had a wonderful time in Rotorua. I can’t forget this trip. 

Finally, I’m going to return to Japan in about 50 days. I was able to have many good experiences in NZ thanks to my family, host family, teachers and friends who have been supporting me. I want to think about what I can do in the remaining time and finish studying abroad without regret.

Thank you for reading.


こんにちは!皆さん、お元気ですか。 私はハルナです。私はマウンガカラメアのタウラロアエリアスクールに通っています。私はニュージーランドの生活を楽しんでいます。楽しい思い出について話したいです。



それは4日間の旅行でした。初日、私たちはロトルアに行き、温泉に入りました。ロトルアは温泉で有名です。自然の温泉で、リラックスすることができました。2日目、私たちはカイトゥナ川の滝をラフティングしました。とても良い経験でした。その後、私たちは買い物に行き、私はお土産を買いました。夕食後、私たちはゴルフに行きました。そこにはウサギがいて、ボールが当たるのではないかと心配しました。そしてホールインワンを2回決めることができて嬉しかったです。3日目、私たちはロトルアジップラインをしました。怖かったですが、とても素敵な景色でした。ジップラインをやっていると滝が見えました。その後、ZORBをしました。大きなエアボールの中に入って転がるアクティビティーです。私は友達とそのボールの中に入りました。とても楽しかったです!もう一度したいです。そして、私たちは夕食にTE PUIAに行きました。私たちはそこでマオリの文化について学ぶことができます。私たちはハカを見ることができ、それは迫力があって、家族に見せたかったです。最終日、私たちはロトルアのスカイラインに行きました。私たちはゴンドラに乗ってリュージュをしました。リュージュとは、ゴーカートで山の頂上から下まで運転する爽快なアトラクションです。その後、私たちは山の頂上までリフトに乗りました。さらに、私はスカイスイングをすることができました。それがこの旅行の中で1番の思い出です。とても楽しかったです。もう一度乗りたいです。私はロトルアで素晴らしい時間を過ごしました。この旅行は忘れられません。