From NZ (Hina)


Kia Ora. How have you been? I’m Hina and I go to Bream Bay College (BBC) in Ruakaka as a year 11 student. It’s getting cold in New Zealand. My breath is steamy in the morning, so I feel winter has arrived. I guess you are happy that it’s getting warm in Japan! From now on, I would like to talk about my important people who support me, school events, and a sport which I’m playing. 


Firstly, I’ll talk about my host family. I’m living in Mangapai with two host mothers, a Spanish girl, four dogs and two chickens. Both of my host mothers are teachers, so they tell me a lot of things which are related to NZ and wisdom to live, and they help me learn English. They support me a lot when I’m in trouble. They give me some advice and think of solutions with me. I really appreciate their help and I can’t thank them enough with words. The girl from Spain, Luna, is a good friend of mine and I respect her so much. I can’t believe that she is the same age as me because she is mature and independent. She has such a nice personality and she is loved by everyone. Before I got used to life in NZ, she told me how to do all the housework, introduced me to her friends and invited me to join her group at school.  When I couldn’t understand her English, she was very patient and told me in an easier way. Also she always gives me courage and energy. Luna is very important to me, but she is going to go back to Spain next month. I’ll be very sad and I’ll definitely miss her. 


Secondly, I’ll talk about some school events. I’m taking dance class and fortunately I have already experienced two dance performances. Both performances were held in this term, so term 2 is a dancing term for me:))) The first performance was Te Tuinga, which is a dance stage show at school. It was awesome. In my dance class, we were preparing some dances for Te Tuinga. I could get closer and closer to my friends through practice. I actually danced four stages!! We created all the dances by ourselves and it was challenging for us, but we cooperated with each other and performed good performances. Some of the dances were related to Maori, so it was a good opportunity for me to experience Maori culture. I was nervous at the beginning, but my friends came to watch my performances and screamed my name, so I enjoyed dancing so much. The second one was Show Quest, which is NZ’s biggest performing art, music, dance and drama. In my school, students in year 12 and 13 organized the show and many students from year 7 to year 13 students joined it. The theme of our dance was “vote for women.” Through dance, we expressed the story of how women fought against society in the era when women had fewer rights and sought rights that were equal to men. There was an accident before the performance. On the day of the performance, one of the girls in our team suddenly wasn’t able to dance at the actual performance.  The leader asked me to play her role as well as my own. I had to do it without any practice, so I was very nervous and felt pressured. But I was able to do it well thanks to the support from my friends. When I finished the performance, I was so proud of myself and the Show Quest team. The memories of both dance performances are irreplaceable for me. 


Next, I’ll talk about table tennis which I’m playing in town. I’m a member of Northland and my teammates and I are practicing hard to make it to a national competition. My coach and teammates are really nice and I love my team. We went to Auckland and played matches for three days and it was a great opportunity because there were a lot of top level players and I was inspired by them. It was an obviously precious experience which I couldn’t experience if I were in Japan. 


I’ve spent about five months here, and I can’t believe how quickly time passes. For the past five months in NZ, I’ve gotten to know who I am and I’ve noticed how immature I am in many aspects including my English skills and my life skills. So, I’ll try my best with positive thinking and an industrious attitude because I will never have the same opportunity again to live in NZ as a high school student. I am grateful to the people who have given me such a great opportunity to study abroad in Japan and all the people who support me now. 


Thank you for reading.  











次に学校行事についてです。私はダンスの授業をとっていて、幸運なことに、2つのダンスパフォーマンスを経験しました。2つとも今学期にあって、この2学期は、私にとってダンスの学期です。 1つ目のダンスパフォーマンスはTe Tuinga と呼ばれる学校でのステージです。最高でした。私のダンスクラスでは、Te Tuinga に向けて準備していて、練習を通して友達とさらに仲良くなることが出来ました。私は、4種類のダンスをステージで踊りました!私たちは全てのダンスを自分たちで創作したので難しかったですが、協力することが出来たのでいいステージになったと思います。いくつかのダンスはマオリと関係していてマオリの文化を感じるいい機会でした。私は最初緊張していましたが、友達がみんな見に来てくれて、私の名前を叫んでくれていたので、とても楽しむことができました。2つ目のダンスパフォーマンスはショークエストと呼ばれるニュージーランドでいちばん大きな美術、音楽、ダンス、演劇の大会です。私の学校では、7年生から13年生までが参加する大きなパフォーマンスで、12年生と13年生がパフォーマンスを運営しました。私たちのダンスのテーマは、「女性への投票」でした。女性の権利が低かった時代に、女性が不平等な社会に立ち向かい、男性と平等な権利を掴み取るというストーリーをいくつかのダンスで表現しました。実はパフォーマンスの前に事件が起きました。1人の女の子が急に本番のパフォーマンスに出られなくなり、リーダーから私が自分の役をやりながらその子の代役もやることに頼まれました。それは一発勝負だったので緊張とプレッシャーがありましたが、友達からのサポートのおかげでうまく踊り切ることができました。パフォーマンスが終わった時、私はショークエストのチームのみんなと自分をとても誇らしく思うことができました。両方のダンスパフォーマンスは私にとってかけがえのない思い出です。