Message from New Zealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ




Hi, guys! I’m Nozomi from Cullinane College in Whanganui. Five months have passed since I came here. I feel like the time has flown. I have only another five months to stay in New Zealand, which is truly sad for me.


A coronavirus called COVID19 in NZ is going around. I was studying with the computer at home for about 8 weeks during the quarantine. I missed my friends, my teachers, even my family in Japan at that time because I felt lonely all the time. However, it was a good opportunity to build up my relationship with my lovely host family. They seriously listened to my wish that I would like to go back to school and they occasionally helped me with my assessments or tasks, which were too difficult for me to do by myself. Don’t you think they are so amazing?  


I would like to share my wonderful school life in NZ with you now. Firstly, I would like to talk about the cricket team I had joined. We have already finished all the games and had a pizza lunch, which was our prize. Playing cricket was my challenge as well as my best memory in NZ so far. To be honest, I didn’t want to join it because I’m not good at any sports, but one of my friends said, “You are joining cricket with me, right?” I thought, “Oh my gosh…She might not be my friend if I say no…What the heck!!” To my surprise, all my teammates were absolutely nice and kind to me. They said, “All good, Nozomi !!” even when I made mistakes like dropping the ball. I really enjoyed all games thanks to my teammates and cool teacher.


Secondly, I’m going to talk about my friends. I’m always with my BESTY, Karina, who is an international student from Hong Kong. I often hang out with her on weekends, consult her on some problems I face, and even argue with her. (haha) Amber and Grace are also my beautiful friends and cricket teammates. They listen to me as well, and give me accurate advice when I face troubles or cry. I’m super happy to be friends with them and I want to become better friends with them than now.


As you can see, my NZ life is filled with happiness. However, I’ve faced so many problems not only at school but also at home. One of the biggest problems I’ve faced is to have homesickness. I was terribly sad although I was doing fun things with my host family or my new friends. That was because I was always thinking about my family and my home in Japan. I cried even in front of my host family, friends, and teachers. However, I attempted to change my mind in order to succeed in studying abroad and improve my English skill. What I started, and still do, is write a journal before going to bed every night. I write down what happened, whether good or bad, in English, as well as my feelings in Japanese to get myself sorted out. It is totally helpful for my life so I will continue writing it every day.


I feel like my experience of studying abroad is definitely meaningful and valuable thanks to my host family, friends, and teachers. I will never ever slack-off on my efforts nor forget to appreciate all the people who have supported me. Thank you for reading until the end.


Kind regards,