Message from New Zealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ




Hello, everyone!!  I’m Ryoko from Cullinane College in Whanganui.  Almost eight months have passed since I came to New Zealand.  The time has passed so quickly and I am surprised that I only have two months remaining.  As many of my friends mentioned in their essays, this year, the covid-19 has been going around all over the world.  As schools in Japan were closed for about 3 months, schools in New Zealand were closed for about 2 months.  It was a little bit unfortunate that we had to stay at home for one fifth of our New Zealand life, even though I really enjoy the new culture and relaxing life in New Zealand.  Today, I want to share my happy memories and my opinion about cross-cultural understanding with you.

In term2 and term3, I joined a badminton club.  We have practice once a week and we have competition once a week with other high schools in Whanganui.  At first, I was worried about joining the sport club because I am not so good at badminton and I knew that many kiwi students are good at playing sports.  To be honest, the first few times, it was not easy for me to enjoy badminton because I was tired of talking with many new people and playing games with them.  However, little by little I was able to make some new friends through playing the games.  Now, I enjoy talking with them and I like having practice and competitions every week.  I wish this club would continue until the end of the year but this club finishes at the end of term3.  I think I will join another sport club in term 4!!

August 30 was my birthday and I had a special time with my host family and friends. On the day before my birthday, I went to a restaurant with my friends to have a birthday lunch.  We talked a lot and we went shopping after that.  They gave me lovely birthday presents and cards.  On my birthday, my host family held a birthday party for me and their niece’s family came to the party.  We ate fish and chips and rolled sushi, which was a wonderful collaboration of New Zealand culture and Japanese culture!!  My host family gave me a Harry Potter card game and Eeyore’s onesie.  I use that onesie every night as my pajamas!  It was a really wonderful birthday and I won’t ever forget this memory.

While I am in New Zealand, I have learned how fun it is to live in a new culture and how difficult cross-cultural understanding is.  Before I came here, I had been abroad twice and I stayed for one week each time.  Through these experiences, I came to like staying in a different culture and learning new cultures. However, by staying in New Zealand more than one week, I have learned that if I really want to know about their life, culture, or people in the country, I need to stay at least half a year.  When we stay in a foreign country for one week or so, we can only know about that country’s wonderful points.  It is not easy for many people to accept the whole new and different culture.  By staying in New Zealand for about eight months, I was able to have so many more real experiences in New Zealand.  Besides, I’ve found unique points of Japanese culture, which I wouldn’t have learnt if I hadn’t come here. I was really lucky to have this experience at this age.

I have a lot more things to tell you about my New Zealand life but it would be too long to write them all here, so I will tell you all the happy and wonderful things in two months when we see each other again.  

Lastly, I want to thank all the people who have supported my studying abroad,  my family in Japan, my host family, all the teachers and all of my friends.  I will try to enjoy myself and learn as much as possible for the rest of two months. 

Thank you for reading!!


みなさん、こんにちは。 ワンガヌイにあるカリナンカレッジに通っている涼子です。 ニュージーランドに来てから8ヶ月ほどが過ぎました。時間が経つのは早く、あと2ヶ月しか残っていないことに驚いています。私の友達がエッセイで書いているように、今年はCOVID19が世界中で流行しています。日本の学校が3ヶ月間休校になったように、ニュージーランドでも約2ヶ月休校となりました。私はニュージーランドの文化とのんびりとした生活をとても楽しんではいますが、やはり留学生活の5分の1を家で過ごさなければいけなかったのは少し残念でした。今日は、私の嬉しかった思い出と、文化理解に関する意見を皆さんにお伝えしたいと思います。