Message from New Zealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ




Hi, guys!  What’s up!  I’m Mitsuki and I go to Central Hawks Bay College. 

My classmates, including me, have been working on a research project in New Zealand.  We are supposed to decide our own individual theme and do some research.  Then we are going to make a presentation after we go back to Japan.  Today I’m going to tell you a part of my research project, which is about New Zealand English.

One of the subtopics of my research project is about words.  When I was learning English in Japan, many of my teachers spoke to us in American English.  However, people in New Zealand speak New Zealand English and there are many unique words used here.  Below is the list of the words that I often hear in New Zealand.  I wonder how many words you understand.

  ・Kiwi(s) – New Zealander(s), Kiwi bird(s) or Kiwi fruit(s)

 ・togs – swim wear

 ・Chur – Thank you

 ・jandals – sandals

 ・tea – dinner

 ・gum boots – rubber boots

Not only do I often hear these words, but also I do use them when I talk with kiwis.  When I heard “jandals” for the first time, I was able to guess that the word meant “sandals.”  However, I wondered why they used “jandals” instead of “sandals.”  Now I think it is like how I use Fukui dialect when I talk to my family and friends.  For instance, people in Fukui say “kazenetsu” instead of saying “kounaien” for cold sores.  “Jandals” is the way Kiwis refer to sandals in New Zealand.  Some of the words above, such as “Chur” and “tea,” are also used in the U.K. 

Next, I’m going to teach you some other Kiwi words which I learned by doing my research.

・Barbie – BBQ 

・bach – vacation home 

・munted – broken 

・stocked – happy 

・smoko – brake time 

There are lots of shortened words such as Barbie in New Zealand.  “Bickie” is another example and it means “biscuit.”  Some of the words listed above are also used in Britain and Australia as well.   However, “munted” is used only in New Zealand, so only New Zealanders or people who have learned New Zealand English can understand this word. 

When I started living here, I couldn’t understand what other people were talking about at all.  However, now I enjoy talking with my friends.  I am so stocked to go to Central Hawke’s Bay College with my lovely friends. 

I hope you’ve learned something new in my essay.  When I make a speech of my research project, I’m going to talk more about New Zealand English, such as the history of New Zealand English and its accent. 

Thank you for reading.










・gum boots-ゴム長靴





・munted - 壊れた

・stocked - 幸せな

・smoko - 休み時間