Message from New Zealandニュージーランドからのメッセージ




Hi!  I’m Momoka.  I live in Taumarunui, which is in the King County.  My town is blessed with nature and there are rivers and mountains.  I think the area those mountains cover is larger than the town.  I have experienced lots of activities in nature.

I’m going back to Japan soon.  I still can’t believe it!  I feel time has passed very rapidly.  I feel my 10-month-long-term overseas study program was very short, but I’ve made a lot of memories during my New Zealand life.

First, I’m going to talk about my school.  I go to Taumarunui High School.  I think my school’s system is different from other schools’.  We take 4 classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  One class is 70 minutes long.  I thought it was long at first, but I don’t think so now because I enjoy taking classes.  On Thursdays and Fridays, we don’t study academic subjects.  Instead, we can choose to do a lot of activities such as outdoor sports, cake decorating, making food, making costumes, drama, Maori culture, Japanese, art and gym.  I often joined outdoor sports.  I went mountain biking, kayaking, tramping and skiing.  It was so hard for me because I hadn’t done most of them before.  For example, before I went tramping, I thought I could enjoy walking, expecting to see beautiful views and take pictures.  However, I had to walk much longer than I had expected.  I actually walked about 20 kilometers in 5 or 6 hours.  In addition, the weather wasn’t good each time we went, so I always got wet.  No matter how hard the tramping was, I didn’t think I wanted to change it to another easier activity because I wanted to lose the weight I’d put on and because it helped me build up my strength.

Second, I would like to talk about my friends.  I had never worried about making friends in Japan, so I thought I would be able to make friends quickly in New Zealand as well.  I was wrong.  After I started my school in NZ, I tried to make good friends, but it was difficult.  Although I had some students to be with, I couldn’t talk a lot with them.  Also, even when I talked to them, I couldn’t understand their English.  Honestly, I was not enjoying my school life.  One day when I was about to start giving up, something wonderful happened.  I met a new student who had moved from Australia at lunch time.  I wanted to make friends with her, so I spoke to her.  From that day, my school life changed.  Now, I have a lot of fun!!  I really think I made a good choice.  I was right to speak to her.  She is so kind and interested in Japan, so I often talk about Japan with her. Thanks to her, I’ve gained confidence and I can talk to many people now.  I’m glad that she is my best friend.  She often says she would like to go to Japan as an exchange student like me.  I really hope to see her in Japan again one day.  I love her.

Next, I’m going to talk about my host family.  My host family members are my host father, mother, two sisters and two cats.  My host father likes talking, so he teaches me a lot of things.  I’ve learned about NZ culture, food, rugby and trucks.  Thanks to him, I’ve got lots of knowledge.  My host mother is good at cooking.  I love her food.  Before I came to New Zealand, I thought I would miss Japanese food, but I don’t miss it.  I think when I go back to Japan, I’ll miss her food.  My older sister is one year older than me, so she is like my friends.  I often talk with her at home.  She is very funny. When I’m sad, she makes me smile.  I love her very much.  My younger sister is always cheerful.  She loves playing and she makes a story and acts out all the characters by herself.  I like watching her performing her original stories.  She looks like a small actress and she is cute.  My host family treat me as their real family member.  Of course, I behave like they are my family, too.  They are a great host family for me.  When I come back to New Zealand in the future, I would like to see them.
Reflecting on this year, I believe that I was right to decide to belong to Jin-ai’s study abroad course and come to New Zealand.  It is because I’ve noticed a positive change in my character and I’ve come to appreciate the support of many people.  I’ve learned countless things throughout this year.  If I hadn’t come to New Zealand, I wouldn’t have noticed all the important things and I couldn’t have changed myself.  I really think I’m blessed with the people who are around me.  I have just one more month left, so I would like to spend a great time with people I love.

Thanks for reading.

Big love,

Momoka Ito